Forced FED    29/12/2010   Implied relationship C/V

Forced FED 2   12/2/2011  Implied relationship C/V


Catch A Falling Angel  29/12/2010  Neal Caffrey implied OMC non-con

Flip Side of the Coin    29/1/2011  (continues from Catch a falling angel) C/V/E

A Gathering of Fallen Angels   14/3/11  C/E  V/N  Bonding C/V/E/N

Deadly Gifts         18/2/2011  Standalone Story in the Forced Fed AU   General Story, warning for language


Mirror Image         23/5/11   pre N/P/E  m/m


The Different Present  July 1st 2011   N/P/E   N/OC non con implied.

A Different Past And Future  July 4th 2011  N/E/P (implied).  N/P


White Collar Pre-series AU

Copyright to Murder     August 12th 2011  Main Characters Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and Elizabeth Burke

General Fiction, with one very mild implied Neal/OMC incident. Hurt/comfort


No One Deserves To Die  26th August 2011 Human Target General Fiction  Main Characters Guerrero, Winston, Ilsa, Chance.



Stand And Deliver    July 10th 2011 Pre-OT3 main characters Neal, Peter and Elizabeth.



The Nature Of The Beast   20th December 201 Main Characters Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, and Elizabeth Burke.