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13th October 2012  Magnificent Seven Old West  - Reaching For The Stars Series  And I Know I've Done Wrong  Ezra/Hughes Brothers  Pre C/E

Ezra rode in silence as his horse matched Chris Larabee’s black stallion. Chris Larabee was a man that kept his own council, and he could imagine the thoughts that must have been going through his head, it wasn’t every day that you decided that you have feeling for another man. Deciding and acting on them where two different things, going out to the ranch, Ezra hoped Chris would finally get to acting on them. But he knew that he couldn’t push him, or else Chris would shy away from him. So for the moment he was content to allow him to take his time. Suddenly Chris pulled his horse up, and turned on him.

“What’s going on with you and the brothers?” The question came out of the blue, and for a moment Ezra was caught off guard.

“Mr. Larabee, you finally speak.” He drawled, “I thought you said that you had seen us. I would have thought that was self evident.”

“Smart mouth all you like Ez,” Chris said his green eyes raking over him. “You’re fucking those boys.”

“So it starts.” Ezra said.

“And what do you mean by that?”



8th August 2012   Human Target story The Bogeyman Part Two  Main Characters Chance, Guerrero, Winston

Two days later

Martha had just finished her breakfast, smiling and chatting with her daughter; she was trying her best to think of this as nothing more than a normal day.  But she knew difference, today she would present her evidence to Sarah Freeman, her supervisor, she had no doubt in her mind that a court case would follow. The ramifications of what she found in the company accounts would lead to serious criminal charges being leveled against senior members of the firm. It was obvious to her that only high level manipulation of data had allowed the thefts to go undetected.

Her cell phone rang, she looked at the caller ID, and saw it was Chance, “Good morning Mr. Chance,” she stopped in mid-sentence, “of course come straight over, I’ll give you the address… Oh you already have it, how…never mind. I’ll see you in twenty minutes then.”

She ended the call, “Mom are you okay.” Her daughter asked, concern written across her face.

“I never told Mr. Chance, my address, it was safer that way, it was one of the rules that Chris,” she added “my Christopher Chance had told me, to do if I was ever dealing with Guerrero. So how did he know?”



18th July 2012  Human Target Story The Bogeyman Part One  Main Characters Chance, Guerrero, Winston

2006 (Present Day)

The door on the elevator closed behind Winston, as he left, and the newly named Christopher Chance, leaned back, in his chair, his hand hovered over the whiskey bottle, and then dropped away.

He looked round the warehouse thoughtfully, and shook his head, this had been old Chances home as well as his office and yet there was nothing here, not photographs, nothing personal, nothing to mark it as a home, it was as if the man never had a life outside of his business.  What a way to live?

 But then ruefully Junior found he had to concede the point that his own home was no different. He had brought it through a third party to hide it from the Old Man, picking it out online, and had even paid for an interior decorator to dress it, using money from an off shore account, one less link to the house. He had thought he was buying himself a home, all he was buying was bricks and mortar. 

Only, even that was lost to him to him now, he had been too smug, yeah to smug and too arrogant to think that he could kept that place a secret from Guerrero, he should have known better. 

It had been a hell of a shock to find Guerrero standing in his house, in a house that was supposed to be so way off the grid it was invisible.

More surprisingly, Guerrero a man with a reputation for never hesitating on a hit, had actually entered the house without a gun in his hand, Guerrero it seemed had come to talk



2nd May 2012 White Collar/Human Target Cross Over (Sequel to Every Mother's Son) Every Man's Brother  General fiction Main characters Neal Caffrey, Guerrero

January 24th, 2004

Church of the Sacred Heart

San Francisco

Amy Fielding and Harry Fuller had both led good lives; they were retired but unable to turn their backs totally on work. So Amy, a teacher all her adult life, still found time to fit in a few hours a week helping special-needs children with their reading and writing. Harry, a law professor, still kept his hand in helping a local protest group keep on the right side of legal as they protested local environmental issues. They had met at one of the group meetings.

So two lonely people had become first friends and then lovers, with Harry moving in to share Amy’s home, in what they laughingly called living in sin. Now, finally, after a year, they had decided to tie the knot.

Harry Fuller—for once dressed in a morning suit instead of his usual old tweed jacket—found himself standing in church as the wedding march started to play, and he turned to look down the aisle to see Amy, dressed in peach and white, coming towards him on the arms of her sons.

On Amy’s left was Neal, or rather—as he was christened—George Jr.; he had first met Neal the day before, and he had been impressed by the young man. Neal was 23 years old, good looking, with Amy’s slender build, dark hair, and ready smile; he had found Neal very charming, intelligent and devoted to his mother.

Amy told him that Neal was an artist and art restorer; if that was correct it certainly paid well—Harry could recognize a Savile Row suit when he saw one.



15th March 2012 New Human Target Story set in the 'Ryan Exchange AU'   Every Mother's Son  General Fiction - Main Character Guerrero

When an elderly couple are threatened they go to the one person that can help them...
Amy looked up from the screen of her laptop and saw Harry stood in the doorway and smiled for the first time that day, “It’s getting out of control Harry and we need to tell him, he’ll know what to do.”She looked down at the email on her laptop and pressed send, and leaned back in her chair, and softly under her breath said, “I just hope I’ve done the right thing.”


5th March 2012 New 'White Collar' Story  Ghosts of  the Past General Fiction - Friendship Neal and Peter. Warning for trigger themes of bereavement, self-harm and alleged suicide attempt

Peter pulled up outside of the mansion and looked up at the front door; Neal was running late—so what was new, Peter mused. His knock was answered by the housekeeper; he knew that June was away visiting her son and his family, so he just nodded at her in passing and took the stairs up to Neal’s apartment.

He knocked on the door; there was no answer, and he tried again harder. “Come on, Neal get the lead out; we're already running late.”  Again there was no answer. Peter frowned, pulled out his cell phone and hit the app on it that showed Neal’s location; the small triangle was superimposed over the house.

Neal was at home all right; Peter tried the door—it was locked. He called out for the housekeeper for a spare key, but when he didn’t get a reply he took a breath, mentally sent an apology to June, and shouldered the door open. He looked around and then in four strides was kneeling down by Neal's side; the younger man was sprawled on the floor, blood pooling under his body.

Quickly Peter felt for a pulse at Neal’s throat, and only then did he release the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Neal was alive. He rolled him onto his back; as his body flopped over he saw the bloody wrist and a knife that had been trapped under his body.

Grabbing one of the kitchen towels, Peter used it to put pressure on the wound as he called 911. “Neal, what have you done?”


15th January 2012  New 'Human Target / White collar' Crossover story in four parts  The Ryan Exchange Part One   The Ryan Exchange Part Two   The Ryan Exchange Part Three  The Ryan Exchange Part Four


San Francisco

Christopher Chance looked at himself in the reflection of the window: his dark hair was now shot through with gray, and there were more lines on his face than he cared to remember, but he was still in good shape given his 62 years.

But Chance was aware that he didn’t have much longer in the field; he was slowing down, and that could get him killed. Close personal protection was a young man’s game; he had taken on the mantle of Christopher Chance in the 70s, when the previous Christopher Chance had found him, a good cop in a bad situation, drinking himself into an early grave.

That Christopher Chance had offered him a way to find redemption, and had passed on the creed that he lived by: “no one deserved to die,” along with his name when he retired.

Thirty-four years on, he liked to think that he had made—like the others Christopher Chances before him—a difference. But how long could he continue to do this job?  He needed to find himself a replacement, but where and who?

Just then his thoughts were interrupted as the young secretary came out of the office. “Mr. Pucci will see you now, sir.” She led him in, closing the door behind him as he entered.

Chance looked around the office critically, almost bored by its ostentations; if this client thought he was going to be impressed, he would be sadly mistaken. The man might be richer than Solomon but he was still a man with a problem, and rich or poor, that was where he came in.

The client was at least straight to the point, “As my associate told you, there has been an attempt on my life; I have reason to believe that they will not stop until I am killed, so it is only a matter of time before they are successful.

"I accept threats like this; it is the price for doing business in some of the places that my Foundation works. But they could target my future wife. I need them stopped,” Marshal Pucci said.


21st December 2011 New 'Human Target' story TEAM BUILDING: A CERTAIN TYPE OF HELL  Main Characters Guerrero, Ilsa, Winston, Chance  General Fiction

Winston came out of the building, he had had another of his on-going argument with a food stealing sociopath of a former assassin and so was pleased to see the black El Dorado pulled out of the parking area that took up the ground floor of the warehouse, now perhaps he could get some work done.

The car went past him, and onto the next junction, the lights turned from red to green but as soon as Guerrero’s car passed the traffic light, all the other lights went green, and his car was t-functioned by another vehicle. The impact spun the El Do round, just as it was hit again.

Winston swore and began to run, he was no sprinter, but concern drove him on, his long legs eating up the distance. He was in time to see a van, pull up, the side door pulled open, and two men jumped out, they dragged an unconscious Guerrero from the wreck of the El Do, and throw him into the van and pull away in a squeal of tires. Doing the only thing he could he opened fire on the fleeing van, but the van was moving too fast.

Winston leaned forward, hands on his knees, trying to pull the air into his lungs, he was badly out of breath, he pulled the cell phone from his pocket and rang Chance, “Chance it’s Winston, someone just grabbed Guerrero.”



20th December 2011  New 'Human Target' story The Winston Contract    Main Characters Winston,  Guerrero, Chance. General Fiction

When Winston left work early to get the drink he so desperately needed to get himself through the rest of the day, he had no way of knowing that events had been put in motion that would change his whole life.

They had arrived in the shape of a pain in the ass ADA. The man was different than the other lawyers he had met, he actually had a sense of humor, and when he had heard that his first name Laverne, the ADA had just said straight-faced “call me Connie.”

Yeah, he could actually get to like that guy. It was only later that he found out  that the same man was a hell of a lot more dangerous than a suited pencil pusher of a lawyer. The way he had taken the protection team out, told its own story, a story that screamed a professional.

So it was that man that was to become the catalyst of what was going to happen next in the Katherine Walters case and indirectly, the man that was going to change his life.


20th December 2011 New 'White Collar' story  The Nature Of The Beast  Main Characters Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, and Elizabeth Burke

Vampires and werewolves had come out from the darkness during the Second World War, when a greater evil had threatened the world. Like humans, they had chosen sides, but once the war was over, the lid was off Pandora’s Box, and the knowledge of their existence couldn’t be taken away.

Werewolves needed to protect the pack, which meant they had joined law enforcement and search-and -rescue; vampires disappeared back into the dark, moving like shadows through society. The most powerful of the werewolves were the Grand Lupines, or Great Wolves, which had three forms: man, wolf and man-wolf; they were the Alphas. There were only two ways to become a werewolf: to be bitten by a werewolf during the full moon, or to be born into a werewolf family.

Vampires came in two species: the Dark Vampire, who were immortal, could change into wolves, and had to sleep the day through, rising only at night, before returning to their resting place at dawn;  the Day Walker, who could eat food and drink, but needed a small amount of blood to survive, as they took some nourishment from the food they ate.  But to walk in the sunlight took a lot of their energy so if they were denied blood, they would just like their dark brethren be consumed by the sunlight and burned to ash.  Day Walkers were not immortal they just aged very slowly and were unable to change their form.

Prison Paranormal Detention Center: When supernatural creatures had first become known, the problem was what to do with them if they broke the law. Some had argued that they should be executed, but wiser heads had argued that it should be, as with humans, the final penalty. The Paranormal Detention Center had been created to contain them: the supernatural’s were kept in a suspended state, conscious but unable to move or speak, living in a nightmare world where their own bodies were their prison. A supernatural in prison had fewer rights than a dog in the pound; Amnesty International was fighting for their rights but it was a slow process.

The supernatural is no longer unusual; it's commonplace, and with it comes with its own variations of crime.


14th October 2011  Three New Short Stories by Susan - These follow on from Beat The Drum Slowly  this series of short stories have been entitled "Reaching for the Stars Series." Because both characters are reaching for something that they don't think they can have.

Play The Pipe Lowly   Main Characters Chris and Ezra

Ezra Standish sat at the poker table, his cards face down, a pile of money in the center, facing the last of the card players, the rest had thrown in their hands, now it was one on one.

The man facing him was younger than him wearing a brace of guns, one of which he kept tapping when he played, it hadn’t taken Ezra long to notice that he did it at a critical point in the game, and just as night followed day, the other player would throw in his hand. Now there was at least $150 in the pot, and just the two of them facing off.


Play The Death March   Main Characters Chris and Ezra  Warning Drunken attempted Non con. Implied relationship m/m

Ezra sat in the saloon, slipping his whiskey as he played cards, it was a low stakes game by his standards but as a professional gambler you had to take the small with the large especially when you’re anchored to a town, and rely on fresh blood coming in on the noon stagecoach.

Glancing across the saloon he saw Chris Larabee sat in the far corner with his back to the wall, a glass and bottle of whiskey in front of him, the was tipping the bottle a bit too much for his liking. He knew he had to do something, Larabee was in one of those homicidal moods, and with Vin and Buck out on a job, Nathan and Josiah over at the Indian camp, and it was left up to him to do something.


Take Me To The Green Valley    Main characters Chris and Ezra Warning non-com E with multiple partners, E/C emotional support, pre E/C

The morning was too damn bright, Chris Larabee growled when asked if he was alright. He pulled the brim of his hand down another inch   so that his face was in deep shadow as he scowled out across the street from his vantage point outside of the Sheriff’s office.

A tight band of pain circled his forehead, and sliced through his head behind his eyes, he had been drunk last night, off his ass drunk, and he had downed one bottle too many, as he thought back over the night he remembered being  in the saloon. He could remember Ezra being there, then only fragments such as arguing with him. He took a sip of black coffee, and then suddenly sat upright as he remembered it was almost like seeing another person, but it was him, pushing Ezra against the wall….. Getting up fast, Chris only just made it into the alleyway at the side of the Sheriff’s office when he began to throw up. He felt sick to his stomach, as he remembered when he had wanted to do to Ezra, he was drunk that was it, he wouldn’t have, no he wouldn’t have. For God’s sake he had been married, his wife he had loved her he would never have wanted to pervert that love with Ezra. It had to be Ezra, that fucking southerner has done something to him. God damn him…..




22nd September 2011  New Story by Susan  Unraveling an Enigma Human Target  Main Characters Guerrero, Chance, Winston  General Fiction

6th June 2004

George Brighton was a sixty year old, multimillionaire who guarded his privacy; one of the journalists had once said that he made Howard Hughes look like a party animal. He was in a foul mood because the DA had made him come to court, and now all he wanted to do was get back to his estate.

He saw the younger man straight away, his fair hair, and a build that said that he spent equal time in the office as he did the gym.  The man halted ignoring the people that went past buffeting him; he appeared to be looking at the building opposite them.  Suddenly he spun round, and surged towards him; before his bodyguards could react the man had grabbed him, pulling him down, at the same time the younger man gave a cry of pain and landed on top of him unmoving.  George reached for him then pulled his hand back quickly, a look of horror on his face when his hand came away wet with blood.

The hit man was out of the building and into his car by the time the first emergency siren was heard. He stowed his rifle bag in the trunk of the black 2002 El Dorado, then slide into the driver’s seat. He glanced at this watch and waited, as if on cue an ambulance rushed by lights flashing.  Reaching into the glove compartment, he pulled out a sandwich, and took a bite, savoring the taste of the meat and relish, before driving away.


26th August 2011 New Story By Susan  No One Deserves To Die  Human Target General Fiction  Main Characters Guerrero, Winston, Ilsa, Chance.

The Present

Ilsa Pucci, looked round the office, and took a deep breath, her team as she liked to call them where hurt and in hospital. Ames and Chance had both been caught in an explosion, when the enemy had triggered off some grenades. This left her, helping the one remaining injured member of the team who was currently lying on the couch, his eyes closed and to all intensive purposes asleep.

The injuries had been Ames fault as she had been trying to prove herself as a field operative, and Guerrero had taken a bullet low down on his side, which had dropped him, and from what she had heard he had then taken out the shooter, and his back up. It had also according to Winston been touch and go for a moment if he was going to add Ames to the death count. Chance had come to the rescue, but the attacker he downed in rescuing them wasn’t dead and had managed to trigger the explosion. Chance had thrown himself across Guerrero to protect him, and ended up getting hurt by falling debris. She had heard Guerrero talk about explosives before, and had the feeling that one of their early missions had gone spectacularly wrong because of them, but he wasn’t exactly the sort of person you could pump for information, so she resigned herself to never getting the full story.

It was then that Guerrero woke and she watched as he carefully and painfully got to his feet, he swayed, and she caught hold of him, only to have him take her down as he fell back down onto the couch, pinning her under him.

 The breath was knocked from her, and for a long moment nothing happened as they both got their breath back, and then slowly Guerrero raised his face from her cleavage, and she found herself nose to nose with her most notorious employee.  “Hi dude,” his smile was wicked, he was enjoying himself


12th August 2011 New Story by Susan Copyright to Murder White Collar Pre-series AU  Main Characters Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and Elizabeth Burke General Fiction, with one very mild implied Neal/OMC incident. Hurt/comfort

Peter entered Neal’s apartment, the door being unlocked; he looked around and saw that his partner stood out on the balcony, his body slumped forward as he leaned on the stone wall and gazed off into the city night. Calling out to Neal, he was concerned when he didn’t get a reaction from him. As he passed the table he saw the half-empty bottle of whiskey, and shook his head; this was worse than he thought. The sting had been straightforward, Neal had gone undercover at a private psychiatric hospital, while Jones had gone undercover at the insurance company. Between them they had caught the people behind a health insurance fraud which had cost the insurance company thousands and left patients denied the most basic treatment.

Neal had gone in as a patient, and he had expertly mimicked the symptoms needed to set himself up as a prime candidate for the fraud.  Peter had gone in as an orderly so that he could keep close to him, but it had gone to hell in a hand basket, and he had found Neal drugged and struggling violently in a straitjacket when he led the raid on the hospital. 

Peter had rushed him to the local hospital; the next 24 hours had been exhausting as Neal had detoxed from the drug given Neal’s acute reaction to some drugs, Peter had stayed by his side, refusing to leave him until he was cleared for discharge.



18th July 2011 New Story by Susan Man In The Middle  Human Target Story  General Fiction  Main Characters Chance, Winston

The last job  the team had been working on had ended up with them gaining a benefactor, Mrs. Ilsa Pucci; the woman meant well and had financed them, giving the warehouse a go over that at least made it look like a professional place of work. Any arguments that Guerrero had soon vanished when she gave him the run of an arms catalogue he was last seen drawling over a .50 caliber state of the art snipers rifle and looking forward to regular paydays with bonus’s.

Now the person that Winston had been expecting in his office had finally turned up, Ames might be in her mid-twenties but she was a brat. She liked to think she was bad to the core, lived life dangerously, but in reality she was a kid, and she could be turned round if she allowed herself a chance. Now she was in his office and he knew why.

When she had first met them she had been on the other team, and when caught had had a session with Guerrero, he had given her his talk on the five phases of fear, always a party pleaser, Winston thought sarcastically. He had then given her the option, tell him what he wanted to know or lose her finger nails or her kneecaps her choice.  She had talked, anyone in their right mind would.  But Ames had gone on to work with them, now she wanted to ask the fifty thousand dollar question it had only taken her three weeks to buck up the courage to ask was the threat real or would Guerrero have backed down if she had refused to talk, after all  they were the good guys.


10th July 2011  New Story by Susan Stand And Deliver   White collar AU  Pre-OT3 main characters Neal, Peter and Elizabeth.


London was a dangerous place to live; the smart addresses were only a stone's throw, or a wrong turning, away from the worst parts of the city. There was no middle ground.  Money was the only way to jump the social divide; it was either earned or stolen, and with employment in short supply the latter was the most popular choice.  In a city like London, if you wandered in the wrong area it was at your peril, and if you were lucky you might just lose your pocket watch, and if not, your life.

The streets were filthy and rat-ridden, and for every five buildings one of them was a public house selling its own cheap grin that could rot the brain, but for the people living in cheap dives they called home it was their own release from their misery. 

The brothels of Drury Lane were well-known and frequented by men with money, yet turn a street into Moon Street, and the price dropped the whores were cheaper and the pleasure more risky.  Another block and the price was down too; the pleasure was taken down an alleyway up against a wall.

Major Peter Burke had arrived back in England a scant five months ago, after spending the last ten years in the Caribbean as a militia officer tasked with hunting and bringing to justice the thieves that preyed on the good God-fearing people of the towns and villages.


5th July 2011 New Story by Susan  Who Do You Trust   Human Target    main characters Winston / Guerrero  General Fiction

The Present...

Winston stood there, his life was on the line, and he knew that he was going to die, as he looked at the man stood opposite him, on first glance the man didn’t look dangerous, five six if an inch, slender build, but if you looked closer you saw it. The air of menace that came off him, it was like looking at an apex predator, the ice cold blue eyes that looked at him through round rimmed glasses, the eerie smile. It made Winston’s blood run cold.


“Hi dude,” then all Winston saw was the muzzle flash of the gun….

Two Months Earlier...

Winston had been a cop, he had put in his twenty, but it had cost him his wife, when his drive to bring down the dirty cops in his department had become an obsession that had dominated their lives together. It had resulted in him ending up resigning and throwing in his lot with an ex-assassin now called Christopher Chance, who was attempting to redeem himself by saving people who needed help that the police were unable to give.


4th July 2011 New Story by Susan  A Different Past And Future  White Collar  N/E/P (implied).  N/P

Agent Peter Burke had finally caught, after a three year chase, one of the most infamous master con men, art forgers and counterfeiters of the 21st century, Neal Caffrey.

Caffrey was in his mid-twenties, handsome, intelligent, and with a sense of humor that had made Peter laugh and tear his hair out in equal measures. The young con man had never used violence in any of his crimes; the kid used his brain and his speed to get out of trouble, and not always cleanly. Peter knew of at least a handful of occasions when he had heard about or had seen evidence that Neal had been injured in a robbery or some transaction with a client or fence. Each time it had happened, Peter had felt a sickness in his stomach that was hard to put into words. As an FBI agent he knew that an injured Neal would be an easier target to catch, but at the same time it brought out in him a fierce protective streak that he had trouble controlling. It was an anger that made him want to plant his fist straight through the face of the men that had hurt Neal, gather him up and take him somewhere safe. It had caused him many a sleepless night.


1st July 2011    New Story by Susan  The Different Present   White Collar    N/P/E   N/OC non con implied.

BI Headquarters, New York

Diana Barrigan was an experienced agent; she had moved to Washington, DC, five months ago to take up an appointment with the anti-terrorist unit, but had moved back to New York and the job that she really loved: White Collar crime working with her boss and mentor, Peter Burke. She was all too aware of what had happened to Agent Cruz: the probie had made one too many mistakes, and the final one, she had heard on the grapevine, was encouraging a perp to shoot their convict consultant Neal Caffrey when she had been in a Mexican standoff. Cruz had gone down in Peter Burke’s eyes as not Neal-safe, and where Burke was concerned that was damning.

Peter was away from the office at the moment, going undercover in the offices of a multi-million dollar corporation in Dallas, Texas, helping out the regional office. Before he had left, he had worked with Neal on a series of high-profile cases, including nailing the elusive Dutchman; together they had brought them all to a successful conclusion, proving that Burke was right in thinking that Neal would be an asset to FBI. But that was where it had gone wrong. Once Peter was out of the city, Assistant Director Freeman had taken over from Director Hughes while the older man had been overseeing some political wrangling. Freeman hadn’t liked Neal Caffrey having what he considered free rein, and had called her and Jones into his office, leaving Neal watching them from his desk in the bullpen.


23rd May 2011 New story by Susan   Beat The Drum Slowly  General Fiction Ezra, Vin

Ezra Standish, gambler and gunman, was sat slumped in his chair, his hands cupped round a tin mug, sipping the tar like coffee; he winced at the bitter taste. Looking up at the hands of the clock as they turned, clicking loudly and relentlessly towards high noon.

High noon, and the time of the execution, when one more cheating murdering gambler would ride the rope to his death was slowly coming closer. Looking through the bars, Ezra looked beyond the jail and into the past.


23rd May 2011  New story by Susan  Mirror Image   pre N/P/E  m/m

Lauren gave a huff of frustration, and glared at the man that sat opposite her. Neal Caffrey, convicted of bond forgery, but suspected of art forgery, art theft, and multiple counts of counterfeiting. The man had no right to be sitting here in the New York office for White Collar crime; he should be sitting in prison serving out the remainder of his sentence. But no, instead her boss, Agent Burke, had taken him out of prison on a work release program; for four years he would be Burke’s consultant. Reluctantly she recognized that Caffrey was good, and that he had been responsible for helping them close some high-profile cases.

Burke’s Crew, as Caffrey liked to call them, much to Jones' amusement and her disgust, had been working hard for the last three months, handling high-profile jobs that had started with taking down the Dutchman; she had missed that one. There had been a succession of arrests and only one high-profile failure, a particularly-nasty white collar criminal, JR Ryan; the man had slipped through their fingers, but they had gotten his brother in a sting involving a Raphael. But the underworld was talking of Ryan returning to New York with revenge on his mind.



14th March 2011 New Story by Susan  A Gathering of Fallen Angels  C/E  V/N  Bonding C/V/E/N continues on from Flip Side of the Coin

18th February 2011 New Story by Susan Deadly Gifts  General Story, warning for language  Standalone Story in the Forced Fed AU

12th February 2011 New Story by Susan Forced Fed 2  (C/V implied ) which continues on from Forced Fed 

29th January 2011 New Story by Susan   Flip Side of the Coin  (C/V/E) adult situations  which continues on from Catch A Falling Angel  

29th December 2010 Two new stories by Susan in a new category  Magnificent 7 x White Collar    We have Forced Fed  Implied relationship C/V  and   Catch A Falling Angel   Neal Caffrey implied OMC non-con  adult situations

3rd December 2010 New story by Susan this follows on from Four Corners  entitles Second Chance  in the Gambler and Renegade AU Main Characters Chris, Vin, Ezra and Buck  adult situations

11th November 2010 New story by Susan this is a follow on from Darkest Bond  entitled Reaching A Balance in the Deadly Angel AU  C/V/E  adult situations,

4th November 2010 New Story by Susan this is a follow on to  Road Travelled  entitled  Four Corners in the Gambler and the Renegade OW AU  C/V/E  adult situations,

8th October 2010 New Story by Susan posted in the Gambler and the Renegade OW AU this story follows 'The Bad Element'   Road Travelled   Main characters Chris, Ezra and Vin  C/E  adult situations,

19th September 2010 New Story by Susan posted in the Modern Escort - Sanction 7 AU Ezra Standish - Sanction 7 AU   E/OMC   E/V  V/Self  adult situations,

3rd September 2010 New story by Susan posted in the Gambler and the Renegade OW AU - this story follows 'Darkness and Light'   The Bad Element  Main characters are Vin,Ezra and Chris  adult situations,

24th August 2010 New story by Susan posted in the Gambler and the Renegade OW AU - this story follows 'The Worth Of A Man'  and precedes 'Darkness and Light'  The Hunter becomes the Hunted  Main Characters Ezra, Vin and Chris. E/V  adult situations,

6th August 2010 New story by Susan posted  in the Gambler and the Renegade OW AU – Prequel to Darkness and Light.  The Worth Of A Man  Ezra/OMC   Ezra/Vin

28th June 2010 New story by Susan posted in the Magnificent Seven X The Sentinel X Without a Trace. Wait_For_No_Man   Sequel to Tide and  Time (general fiction)  C/V  E/V E/C  B/E

29th May 2010 New story by Susan in the Sanction 7 series Vin Tanner: Sanction 7    C/V  V/B  V/OFM’s  JD/Self

1st May 2010  New story by Susan in the Deadly Angel AU Judge Not - Deadly Angel  Chris/Vin,  Buck/Ezra,  Vin/Ezra,  Ezra/self,  Vin/Charlotte &Richard (implied), Ezra/Charlotte (implied)

16th April 2010 - Original Artwork created to illustrate one of Susan's stories now for sale

16th April 2010 New banner by Susan added to the Magnificent Seven Escort AU page

12th April 2010 New story by Susan  Guardians Part 3 The Regulators - Four Corners Warning for Adult language and situations, m/m (C/V/B), (C/V) , (E/OMC rape),  (C/E)(E/B)

5th April 2010  A new banner has been added to Prisoner of Eagle Ridge - Designed and Created by Susan

                         Persian Mummy and A Matter Of Trust have both been removed as Susan is currently re-writing them

15th March 2010 New Posting Gathering Of The Pack - Part Two   Pre-Magnificent Seven x Sentinel OW AU  Warning for adult language and situations, very intense sexual Sentinel bonding . C/V, E/V, C/V/E,  C/V/E/B

12th March 2010  New Posting The Larabee Pack - The Three Faces Of The Wolf  Warning C/V, C/E implied - Story Banner Designed and Created by Susan

14th February 2010   New Posting Lies and Truths  OW AU Pre-Magnificent Seven  Warning C/V, C/E, E/V, E/Self