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This story is in response to a challenge by one of my readers. A crossover in the GDP AU.

Warning for adult words and situations.

Throwback part one



The Loft

Blair was awake by 6:00 am. He eased out of bed, started to dress, and collected his backpack. He knew that Miss Simonds the librarian would be in place at the University Library by 7.30 am. He had joked with her that it must be the only early bird library in the country, but she had just smiled, and said as long as the students were willing to get up that early she did not mind.

He had his hand on the doorknob when, "And where do you think youíre going Sandburg?"

With an oath Blair turned around, and forced a smile. "The work of a student is never done, I have some references to look up. Sorry to wake you man." He kept his tone light. As he watched, the Sentinel dressed only in a pair of navy boxers, come down the stairs, a sleep mask hanging around his neck.

For a moment Jim just stood there, his eyes raking over the younger man, his senses opening up, wrapping them around Blair. His head tilted to one side and he inhaled, he could not smell any trace of food or coffee on him, his Guide had not eaten. //Feed the Guide.//

When the Sentinel came towards him Blair took a step back, trying to keep the distance between them.

"You didnít eat this morning," it was not a question, it was an accusation.

"Er, never eat, way over rated man."

When the Sentinel leaned past him Blair kept himself very still, the hand brushed his arm, as Jim took his wallet from out of the kitchen drawer, selected a $20, and pushed it into Blairís hand. "You eat breakfast, I am not having my Guide collapse in public."

"Er, Jim thereís no need for that, and get real man, youíre not my Sentinel."

When he saw Jimís eyes flash at him, with an anger that buffeted his barriers, he took the hint, closing his hand around the money and pocketing it. //The Sentinel feeds and protects his Guide.// Blair silently intoned. There was no doubt about it; Agent James Ellison was courting him.

"You going out like that?"

//GreatÖ now he doesnít like my clothes// "I would have gone in the nude but they wouldnít let me in the library. Of course this is what Iím wearing." Blair let a little of his frustration show. If he were late, he wouldnít get a private reading room.

Jim was looking him up and down critically. His Guide was feisty but he needed to understand who was in control here. "Stay." The command was snapped out at him.

"I am a man not a dog Ellison." Blair turned on his heels and started towards the door.

"Stay Sandburg."

"Woof woof, Ellison IÖ" Blair did not get any further, when he was spun around and caught hold of.

"When I say stay, you stay." There was a pause, and at that moment they did not need words. It was as if they came to an understanding and Blair felt the shift in the man, as if a shutter dropped down over his eyes and he was looking at something older, and dangerous. Blair did the only thing he could; he dropped his head forward, in the universal language of submission. Then he felt the Sentinelís fingers feather lightly brush his face, and the word whispered on a breath "mine." Then louder.

"You have to understand Guide who you belong too, otherwise another might try to claim you. Today they will know, and walk lightly around you." His hand moved to curl around the back of Blairís neck; the pressure was increased enough for him to feel it. "Stay Guide." Then just as quickly the hand was gone. Blair remained perfectly still, raising his head slightly so the he could look though the veil of his long hair and watch the Sentinel. Not seeing Jim made him nervous.

When the Sentinel returned it was with a sweatshirt, the one from last night, "Look up Guide."

Blair did as he was told, except anger and resentment burned deep inside of him, he was no oneís pet, or their slave, but he knew which battles to fight and which to give in on. The Sentinel took the sweatshirt and shook it out, then taking it wiped it around the back of his neck and across his bare chest, all the time his eyes never leaving those of his Guide. He wanted to make sure there was no mistake. Blair would bare his scent.

//Heís scent marking the sweatshirt. Heís marking me with his scent, laying claim to his property//.

When it was offered to him he did not hesitate, he took it.

And he got the feeling that he would not be allowed to leave until he had put it on. With a sigh he dropped his bag to the floor, slid off his jacket, and reached for the sweatshirt, only to be halted. With a shrug he also removed the flannel shirt and then pulled the sweatshirt on over his t-shirt. It was much too large and came down to his mid thigh, not exactly a fashion statement, but it was a statement all the same. A statement of ownership.

"I checked your schedule Chief, youíre finished at 12.00 today, Iíll pick you up then."

"No need, Iíll take my car."

"Didnít I tell you? I had you car towed. Itís in impound." The voice sounded all too smug. "Guides donít drive or own cars, remember Sandburg."

The anger that Blair had been holding back exploded, and he swore, "Listen you knuckle dragging caveman," he took a step forward and stabbed a finger into Jimís chest to make his point. "I am not one of your GDP pet Guides. I do not kneel. I donít worship at the alter of the god all mighty Sentinel, you over-sensed throwback. That is my car and I use it when I want. Now get on that phone and get it released, before I zone you."

"Guide, youíre mine! The asshole that slashed your tires is going to know that. He has attacked others and carved them up. I donít want you going anywhere that I havenít sanctioned. I pick you up, and I drop you off. Understand me, Guide. And if that prick tries to take you Iíll kill him." His voice dropped lower to almost a rumble, "And never threaten me, you would not like the consequences."

//Protect the Guide; hell the man was living the ancient creed//. Blairís mind was whirling. But that did not make it any easier to stomach.

Blair was caught off guard and pushed back against the door. A hand fisted in the front of the sweatshirt, trapping him. Jimís other hand circled his throat. Then with the firm pressure of his thumb, Jim pushed his face to one side, and scented at Blairís throat, letting his teeth scrap across the skin, not enough to break it, but enough for Blair to feel.

Instead of pushing the larger man away, Blair caught his shoulders, trying to pull him closer. His nails scored red lines across the Sentinelís bare shoulders, then he looked up into Jimís eyes. There was a fire, a hunger burning in them. He tried to look away but he was drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Hooking his hand around Jimís neck, he tried to pull even closer.

There was a low chuckle from deep in the Sentinelís chest, as he said "Now we know where we are Sandburg, youíre mine. You just havenít been claimed yet." It was a declaration of ownership.

Only then was he released, and Jim turned on his heels, heading back to his bedroom, his territory, with never a backward look.

It took all of Blairís will power not to follow the man upstairs to take his place in his Sentinelís territory. Blairís fist hit the door hard, the pain braking through the primal pull of Guide and Sentinel.

All Blair knew was that he had to get out of there fast. Picking up his bag, he raced out of the building. He only felt safe when he was on the bus to the University. It was then his mind began to take in just what had happened at the Loft.

//Heís on dampers, so he canít bond//, Then the other little voice put in, //What if he doesnít take them? Heís going to go crazy when he finds out your pathways are gone.// Blair bit his lip, //The man was a bastard, but he was going to have to call him, this was fast getting out of control//.

He shrugged out of the sweatshirt, and stuffed it into his bag; he just couldnít deal with this now. It promised something that he could never have.

He was still lost in thought when he came up the steps to the Library. Miss Simonds greeted her favorite student with a bright smile. She looked liked the archetypical librarian, with gray hair pulled back in a bun, her pearls and twin set, but it hid a keen mind and a sharp sense of humor, as well as a taste for the most outrageous rock and roll.

"Your usual room is ready for you Blair, and I put a cup of hot chocolate in there for you." She liked to look after him. Something about the young academic called out for him to be cared for.

Blair gave her a quick thank you as he took the stairs two at a time. He went into the Sentinel reference section, and after a few minutes found the book he was looking for. It was leather bound journal that, unlike a lot of Burtonís work, was pretty much forgotten, as it dealt with the rare Dark Sentinel, and most of the lore he had uncovered was dismissed as dangerous fiction.

He turned the pages quickly looking for the section he needed, he read for 30 minutes and then put the book down, it was worse than he had thought.

Blair tugged the cell phone from his backpack. He ignored the mobile off signs, and dialed the number from memory.

"Brackett." Blair paused then snapped, " Shut it and listen, Jim Ellison is courting me."

He made a disgusted noise, "Itís nothing like that. A Dark Sentinel, in the time of the Ancients, had to prove that he could look after his Guide. They would offer a dowry to the family of the Guide. But if the Guide refused that, the Sentinel would then start to court him, offering food, warmth, and protection. Ellison has already started, last night he gave me a sweatshirt. Look man, you know that there is no way I am going to bond. If this gets out of controlÖ"

Blair paused, "No, you listen to me! Fuck the mission, I am not going to get mauled by an out of control Sentinel again."

Then he added, "And donít ever call me that again." With a stab he disconnected the mobile, then just sat looking at it. He should never have gotten involved in this mess. He reached up and rubbed his eyes. "There has to be a better way to live than just surviving."


Cheyenne Mountain

Stargate Command

10:00 am

Dr. Daniel Jackson looked at the sea of faces around the conference table as he continued his lecture, "as to the number of the Stargates on earth? We have what could be a second Stargate, it was found in Egypt in the early 1930ís. But it possibly was erected when the first one was lost in the Antarctic."

"That is not to say that it is the only one. We know from evidence that the Russians have one that was found in Siberia. They have been using it for the last two years, without us knowing. Since we havenít met any of their teams, they must be working off another set of coordinates."

General Hammond asked, "When Captain Carter and Colonel OíNeill were sent to the Ice Stargate, if I remember right, you found out about it by the minor earth tremors when it was activated. Why havenít we noticed that with the Russian Stargate?"

Daniel was almost bouncing, "Good question. I believe that the Russianís powered up their gate quickly, cut the time needed to bring the gate to full power, then opened and closed it down, allowing only enough time for their team to enter and exit. If we arenít using our gate the odds are nothing would register. Itís only when the two gates are activated nearly together that itís detected, if they activated together the first one would get the worm hole and the second an engaged signal for want of a better word."

Taking his pen he plotted the two Stargates, the U.S. at Cheyenne Mountain, and the Russian Gate, "But we are forgetting the Antarctica gate. Now we know that the NID were using it until it was shut down, but I have reason to believe that the gate is still active. You see last night I picked up two signatures. So the question is who now has the Antarctica gate? Because the more gates that are being used the more chance we have of an accident happening. We have seen in the past what happens when an outside power source becomes lock into an active gate, it keeps it open, drawing more and more power. There is not only the risk of an explosion that could rival an atomic bomb, if the conditions are right. There is also the threat that Reetou, the out of phase terrorists could come though their Stargate. Also which planets are they visiting are they like the NID stealing technology, because if they are, we could end up fighting more than just the Goaíuld.

General Hammond collected his files. "Thank you for explaining the situation Doctor, I have some phone calls to make."

Colonel Jack OíNeill waited for the others to leave the room before he put down the papers he had collected on pretext, and crossed over to Daniel Jackson. Danny had done well, he could smell the fear that was running off the younger man, he knew it had nothing to do with the briefing he had just given, and everything to do with the fact that Colonel Patterson of the Air Force Guide Program was waiting in the White Room, for his meeting with General Hammond. Daniel was terrified.

Jack closed the distance between them, moving right into Danielís personal space and rested his hand against the back of the blond archaeologistís neck. He felt the flinch, but didnít move his hand; because he wasnít the cause of it. It was the memories that Pattersonís very presence had churned up in the hyperactive mind of his Guide.

A smile touched his lips, showing the real Jack OíNeill and not the Air Force Colonel, as he felt Daniel lower his barriers at his touch, the submissive behavior of the Guide to his Sentinel. Allowing him to be shielded. Then there was the nudge of Danielís mind as it touched his, and his smile broadened. He was greeted with a shy smile. Their bonding was new, and their friendship even newer. It had been brought about in the worst possible situation, but against the odds it was working out well. Jack felt honored to have this intelligent young man as his Guide. Like this, when the two of them were alone, Jack could openly show his affection for his Guide.

He knew that he had been lucky to get Daniel; it had taken all of General Hammondís pull to secure him from the Air Force Guide Program. The AFGP made the GDP look like saints. Bringing Daniel into the SGC had saved him from the degradation of being a rogue Guide. Daniel was able to use his brilliant and quirky intellect, instead of being denied his career by a draconian law that said he was nothing more than a Sentinelís tool, one step above a slave.

Jack allowed his pride in his Guide to show, "You did well Danny."

"I just hope that General Hammond realizes just how dangerous this is. If the people who took the gate keep on using it, we could have serious problems."

For a second Jack just looked at his Guide, his hand tightened fractionally on Danielís neck, and he saw the way his Guideís eyes dropped. His Guide had lied. He had heard the increase in his heartbeat. He debated pushing Daniel to see if he could get the truth.

Just then the door opened, Jackís hand dropped away and he carried on as if he hadnít heard anything. Mentally he made a note to talk about this later.

"Donít worry; the General knows what heís doing."

"Just like when he put us together to bond, I sure as hell did not want a Guide especially an over-intelligent geek."

"But we suited each other." Daniel put in softly.

"Yeah, we did." Jack chuckled "Now you need to bond." 

As they talked an airman came in to remove the coffee pots and mugs, Jack ignored him, as he repeated "Daniel you need to bond." He saw the hot flush that flooded Danielís face as the airman smirked. "Get out and collect those later."

"Yes Sir." The Airman made a point of closing the door behind him.

Jackís voice took on a more formal tone, "Daniel, look at me." He could see that his Guide was looking just at the door where the man had left. "Tell me what you want."

Daniel took a deep breath and it was almost a physical effort to put it into words. "Jack I need to bond."

The Sentinel gently patted Danielís shoulder, "You did well Daniel."

He knew all to well how the archaeologist was embarrassed by his needs as a Guide, he would push himself to overload rather than ask. One more severe overload, and Dr. Frasier would call in an AFGP Trainer. So this was one habit, Jack was going to break. For all his nervousness, Daniel was responsive and active in the bond. He just had to understand; that it was not a sign of weakness, just a mutual need. The Sentinel needed it just as much as the Guide did. The last thing he wanted was the AFGP to ever have an excuse to get their hands on Daniel again.


Hargrove Hall

Rainer University

11:00 am

The car that pulled into the parking lot just along from Hargrove Hall was a beaten up clunker. Not one single person stopped to look at it, and that was the way the driver liked it. Under the hood the car had a pursuit engine that would leave a Porsche standing still, but it was hidden well. The driver looked at himself in the rear-view mirror, then rubbed a hand across his face. He needed a shave, but the powers that be had dispatched him post haste once they had heard the contents of Sandburgís phone call. At 6 feet, Lee Brackett was good looking enough to turn the heads of quite a few women, and he had used it ruthlessly in the past.

But today he just wanted to mingle in, see Sandburg, and get the hell out of there. If there was one place he could not stand, it was Rainier University. The place reeked of Sentinels, and it turned his stomach, he did not like the idea of them sniffing around his property.

He collected a small flat packet off the car seat, pushed it into his pocket, and headed off towards the library. Brackett took the stairs two at a time, his head tilted to one side. He detected the scent of Sandburg, and with a shadow of a grin he headed towards the study area. Knowing Sandburg he would have a room to himself, which meant a door that locked, and it had been a long time. The grin broadened as he increased his pace.

Lee Brackett saw a young woman coming out of the room, gave her one of his killer smiles just because he could, then stepped inside the room. Liking the way her heartbeat increased and the edge of pheromones on her scent.

For a moment he just leaned against the door, and viewed the man in front of him critically. "Well Sandburg, I am here. I hope youíre satisfied, I have better things to do than drag my ass down to Cascade."

Blair looked up from his work, he had already known who was there before he had even heard or seen him, as he had felt the vibration across his barriers. His voice took on a wintry tone, "Just remember who youíre talking to Mister Brackett, before I have that same said ass, kicked out."

"I would like to see you try Sandburg," Lee closed the distance between them. Even as Blair got to his feet Brackett lunged, catching the smaller man by the front of his shirt and jacket and pushing him up against the wall with a bang.

//What the hell is it with Sentinels and pushing people against walls?//

"Mind the threads man." Blair snarled as he brought his knee up hard. Brackett had anticipated the move and it harmlessly thudded into his thigh, shy of its target. Using his weight and expertise, Brackett had Blair pinned. Their eyes meeting from only a matter of inches. Brackettís brown ones amused and needy. Blairís flashing with anger.

Forcing Blairís head to one side, Brackett leaned in and inhaled at his throat, taking the scent deep into his lungs, letting it flood through him. It only made Blair struggle harder. Lee pulled him forward only enough to thud him back against the wall, "Still Guide." It was the growl of a Sentinel.

When Blair refused to be still, Leeís free hand dropped low and squeezed hard. A hiss of pain broke from Blairís mouth, and he had to bury his face in the Sentinelís shoulder to prevent crying out aloud.

He knew all too well what this was, Lee wanted to make sure that he was aware of who really had the power here.

"I can take you any time Sandburg, remember that." Then with an arrogant snarl he dropped Blair and let him fall back to the floor, just as he detected the edge of pheromones to the Guideís scent.

A Guide by their nature was needy, and all you had to do was punch the right button. And Sandburg had always been a sucker for the Neanderthal Sentinel, the knuckle dragger. He was looking for someone to protect him. It was only a matter of time before he fully understood that the only person that could do that was Brackett. He chuckled with amusement, the quickest way to get Blair bonding was to push him up against a wall and take his options away from him. His scent was heavier and earthy, Sandburg was going into heat.

Brackett made his voice harsher and coarser. "But then you were always easy Sandburg; maybe you should just roll over and let Ellison have you. Make the mission a lot easier, after all."

Blair fought to keep his voice level and pushed his barriers up to shield himself from the emotions of the man opposite him. "You know damn well that I canít bond, my pathways are fried. And now I have a Dark Sentinel that is showing all the symptoms of wanting to bond, and you know how dangerous that can be. Or you should, you were there. I nearly died once at the hands of bond frenzied Sentinels, and I have no wish to do that again. So you tell HIM, that I will do my job, but I am not going to bond, and if Ellison steps out of line and I canít control him, I am out of there. Now do you have what I need?"

Lee Brackett face took on a smug look, //Protest all you like Sandburg, but I can smell your need.//

He tugged the flat pack out of his pocket. "Dr. Black said that this would work, theyíre a powerful dampener that will keep you from going into heat. You take two before you go to bed, and then one every 6 hours. The good doctor has given you a months supply."

"Not a drug patch?"

"No, he thought the Sentinel might detect it. But then like you said, your pathways are fried anyway, so this is more like bolting the barn door after the horse is gone. Even if you go into heat you canít follow it through."

He held the pack out, "But of course if you allowed Dr. Black start the treatment again, if it was successful, then you could be bonding for real, and that would do your career a boost. Instead of being a crippled flake you could take your place where you belong."

"Yeah, and who would I bond with Mr. Brackett?"

The Sentinel closed the distance between them, right into Blairís personal space. Lifting a hand, he lightly stroked the side of Blairís face, the back of his fingers across his jaw, the pads of the fingers lightly trailing across his lips and eyes. "Mine, Sandburg, and together there is no one who could stop us."

Blair tugged the pills from the Sentinel and stepped back, "In your dreams Brackett. No way, man. Ever."

For a split second he saw the anger in Leeís eyes, then the emotion was clamped back. "Just time Sandburg, thatís all it takes, is time."

Blairís voice dropped to the kick ass tone of a dominant Guide, "Donít forget who youíre talking to Mister Brackett, I have the final say. Not you." His eyes flashed and the anger he broadcasted lashed around the Sentinel, like stinging wasps. Brackett had forgotten the man was a projecting empath, and that Blair was not afraid to use it. But it just made the meal all the more spicy, no one had ever recorded a bonding with a projecting empath, but the locker talk was it was a ride to remember, and he was going to be the man to do it, he vowed. But for the moment he had to play by the little freaks rules. But one dayÖ

"Okay, okay, Sandburg, Sir." He made the sir almost an insult. "I brought the files that you requested, on the other diggers. The most important one is Daniel Jackson, Doctor of Archaeology and Egyptology." He heard the way Blair Sandburgís heartbeat increased. "You know him donít you?"

Blair reached for the disk, "Daniel and I are old friends."

"Then youíll be interested to know that Daniel Jackson has bonded. They might want to know why you did not report Jackson, after all you did room with him for two years at the U."

"Still playing your games Brackett? You knew he was my friend before you asked the question, you must be slipping. Yeah we are friends, and we did some mutual empathy bonding, to keep him from coming on line. Danielís not that strong empathically, he would be a border line case."

"Sure, anyway Daniel Jackson is now online fully, and is rated on the empathic scale as an 8. His file is a little murky, a bit like yours Sandburg. All I could find out it that heís bonded and branded to an Air Force Colonel Jack OíNeill. The Colonel was retired and then came back active. They by the way are going to be your main competition for the artifact, so when you play bond buddies with Jackson, remember to keep your mind on the game."

Blair ignored the jibe and asked, "Danielís Sentinel, is he an Alpha Sentinel?"

"No, heís a beta Sentinel, only three enhanced senses, sight, touch and taste, the others are just above normal. But heís strong enough to shield Jackson. Pity we did not know about Jackson earlier, he would have made a good bond mate for Craig, forming one of our teams."

Blair shook his head, Craig was a border line psycho, and the thought of Daniel being put with the man made him run cold. Brackett was a mean son of a bitch, but he wouldnít hurt for the sake of hurting. He would do it because there was a reason, a lesson that had to be learned. But Craig would hurt because it made him feel good; thank god the man had been taken down.

Blair managed to suppress a shudder as he could feel Brackettís emotions leaking through his barriers, he wanted more information, but he would be damned if he gave him it. But then maybe he was already damned.

He watched as Brackett looked around the room, and then moved the desk to one side. He began to loosen his tie and remove his jacket. Brackettís need to bond was starting to batter against Blairís barriers, and he felt his own need to connect. They couldnít bond, he was crippled, but he could feel the togetherness of the bond, a soothing almost seductive pull that brought Sentinel and Guide together.

Brackett inhaled the scent coming off Sandburg and smiled. The Guide would come to him, and he would be gentle, they both needed to take the edge off their mutual needs. Later Sandburg would learn the good manners that every Guide learned. He might be exempt, but the idea of the high and mighty Sandburg on his knees at his feet gave Brackett a rush of superiority that ignited his need to bond, bringing it to fever pitch.

When he came to Blair, he had no need to force the bond; Blair was willing to do anything to take away the loneliness that Brackett felt vibrating through the smaller man. Even as they surface bonded he could smell the silent tears that had rolled down the pale face, and inside him he felt a tenderness that was alien to him, as he gathered Blair to him.


Afterwards Blair felt the same empty hollow feeling in his chest that always followed a mock bonding, and it was with an physical effort that he pulled himself up into a sitting position and reached into his backpack for a bottle of mineral water.

Brackett stood by the door, checking to make sure that no one was hanging around outside, he grinned down at Blair. That had been good, but then it always had been with Blair, he was unpredictable in the bond, and that made it interesting. He watched as Blair tugged his shirt collar up to hide the bite mark to his throat, his mark, and his property. He almost laughed as the younger man took out the pills he had given him and popped the blister pack, and knocked back two of the yellow tablets. //If only you knew Sandburg, if only you knew//.

Lee pulled the door open and then looked back over his shoulder, as the Guide got to his feet, "Iíll be in touch Sir," he made the title a mockery, "and next time Iíll take longer." Then he was gone.

Blair quickly crossed the small room, closed the door and leaned his head against it was if he could block out what he had done. His head was spinning, he felt disgusted with himself for giving into the base needs of the inner Guide, all he had to do was go through with the mission, and he had his ticket out of here. After this he was free of the GDP and they would burn his record, and he could get on with his life.


12.00 (Noon)

The Library.

Jim was stood on the bottom step of the Library; he looked up at the impressive building from a bygone era. Simon had called him in to his office 40 minutes ago. The Captain had offered him one of those revolting coffee mixes, then sat him down and told him bluntly that if he did not stop growling at the other members of the Shadow Force, he would have to put a muzzle on him, and to get off and find his Guide.

So thatís how he found himself stood outside of the library, counting down to the minutes when his Guide would come out of the building. Already he could hear his heartbeat, and then when the door to the library opened his scent hit him in a wave, and he instinctively wrapped his senses around Blair. The kid was bouncing down the steps.

Blair grinned at him broadly, "You know man the mean and moody look really goes down big time with the ladies, way to go big guy." When he saw the look his Sentinel gave him he nodded towards a knot of grad students who were all but stripping the Sentinel with their eyes. He took a risk and patted the broad chest in front of him, but before he could make contact, his wrist was caught hold of. The grip was firm, but not crushing. Then with total disregard to the people around him the hand was lifted to his Sentinelís face, and the man sniffed at him, and Blair could see the anger building in the blue eyes, as he caught another scent.

It had to be Brackettís scent, //I am screwed,// was all Blair had time to think, when he felt the emotions of the big man in front of him buffet him like a gale. Blair tensed as a hand went around his throat, the fingers flexed. Jim could not go primal out here in front of everyone, could he?

Then the Sentinel seemed to reel, as he was flooded by fear, it came off his Guide in waves, and in that moment the green eyed monster vanished, and all he could feel was the need to protect his Guide.

It did not matter that Blair was not bonded to him, all that mattered was this was his Guide to care for, and when he was ready Jim would claim him.

Releasing the wrist he began to run his hand over the smaller body, his touch calmed Blair, and with it the scent of fear faded.

It was only then that Blair risked putting up his hand, and laying it flat against the Sentinelís broad chest. He could feel the body heat through the thin shirt, and when he crunched his fingers slightly, so that he was rubbing against the material. He could have sworn that he could hear Ellison purring.

Jim spun around fast, Blair off balance landed on his backside on the ground, as he saw the look on the Sentinelís face. It had gone from peace to war in a split second, as he heard the voice of the other Sentinel.

"Enjoy him while you can Sentinel, he is mine, marked and claimed."

With a roar the Dark Sentinel issued his challenge, his eyes fixing on the other Sentinel, when Brackett took off. Jim took the most direct route, which was right across the Deanís prize garden, as he hurdled the low hedge.

Blairís gaze followed the direction that Jim was heading and saw Brackett disappear down the side of one of the buildings. Getting to his feet, he tried to follow, if Ellison caught Brackett someone was going to die.

As it was, Brackett only just made it to his car, for a big man the black dressed Sentinel moved fast, and the GDP Captain was beginning to regret goading the man. With a snarl of frustration Jim stood with his hands on his knees as he took in large lung full of air, and it was then he saw the cigarette butt on the ground. Picking it up carefully inside his handkerchief, he took a sniff of the cigarette, Sure enough; the manís scent was on the cancer stick.

He heard Blair coming up behind him; he did not even have to turn to know it was the Guide. His Guide. Then his nose twitched, the scent that he had smelt on Blair, it was the same scent as on the cigarette. As he turned up the dials, he could smell the faint scent of linkage, Blair had been bonding with this person, and the anger began to rise like a black mist.

When he turned toward Blair, he saw the look of fear, and the Guide took to his heels.


Blair took to his heels, one look at the Sentinel coming at him, and he was gone. In the Guide classes they had been taught that a bonded Sentinel would not harm his Guide, he would discipline them, but no more than a father would a wayward child. But this was not his Sentinel, and without the bond there was not the same mechanism, the Sentinel failsafe. And at the back of his mind a voice scream, and he is a Dark SentinelÖrun!

"Freeze Sandburg," the voice was barely human.

Blair put a spurt on, as he muttered, "Sure when hell freezes man."

Even as he got away he could hear the Sentinel roaring.


Blair had not slowed until he was well clear of the Library, he began to circle around, towards his office, and it looked all clear.

"Hi Blair."

"Molly. I am just on my way to the office, I..."

Her voice dropped and she caught his hand. "Blair, there is a guy waiting for you. Heís kinda uptight, right, looks like heís going to need major dental work soon."

"All black clothing?"

"Yeah, thatís the guy."

"Right, if you see him, donít tell him youíve seen me."

"Major problem Blair? I can call security."

"Leave it Molly, heís a Sentinel, and I so donít want to see him at the moment."

"Sure," Molly was all to aware that Blair was a Guide, and she could understand his reluctance to see a Sentinel, and especially that one. He looked mean, pity he was such a hunk.

Jim Ellison stood at the window of Blairís landing, as he looked down at the girl student talking to his wayward Guide. He could easily hear the exchange. Blair was running out of options, and that would mean the only place he could go to was the Loft, and there Jim would catch his prey.

But in the meantime he would let him run.


The Loft

"Information is power, and I need power." Blair mused out aloud, a habit that had driven more than one roommate crazy, especially at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

His fingers ran over the computer keyboard. Raising one hand, and massaged at the crick in his neck, his back was also starting to register its displeasure of when he had landed on his butt on the steps. Blair was all to aware of how lucky he had been. The first thing all Guides were taught was never run from a Sentinel in the primal mode, because they will run you down. He mused that the instructors who had said that had never seen a Dark Sentinel bearing down on them.

Being in a hurry he had left his laptop at the loft and so had returned to the apartment. It was bound to be the last place that Ellison would look, and by then he might have the information he needed. He had to find a way to control the older man. He cursed Brackett in several languages, dead, alive and alien. Brackett must have said something to get that kind of reaction from stoic Ellison, but what?

Leaning back in his chair he rubbed his neck again. What could he have said? And it was then he sat upright again with a start. Jim had been courting him, and in that line of thought would consider Blair his property, Brackett must have challenged him, and then of course he must have reeked of the manís scent. So Jim had gone max BP. //Sure and when he finds out youíre crippled and canít bond, then heís going to tear you apart.//

With his back to the door Blair did not hear it open, close, or the silent figure that moved across the room.

A hand dropped onto the nape of his neck, and Blair was off the sofa and across the room.

"Sandburg." Jim said the name sharply, and then added softly as if talking to a skittish colt, "Itís okay Chief, I did not mean to scare you, and I wonít hurt you." Slowly he inched forward. He continued in a reasonable tone, "All you have to do is tell me who he is, and heíll be removed. Youíre mine Chief, and no one is going to get in our way."

Blair shook his head, and he saw Jim pull back from him, as he had projected his emotions, fear and anger had pinned the Sentinel like a spike cutting him. But with a shake of his head, Jim started forward again, keeping it even slower, but cutting Blair off so that he couldnít escape.

"Back off Ellison."

"I wonít hurt you." Jim reassured the younger man, he could scan his Guide, vitals were all elevated, the man was scared.

"You will. You want to bond and I canít bond. Understand, I am crippled. My pathways are fried, no input, burned to a crisp! What donít you understand about that statement?"

"You bonded at the library."

Blair shook his head, "Mock bonding. I can connect, but not deep enough to fully bond, it helps." He let his eyes slip from those of the Sentinel.

"Blair." Jim said the name gently but with enough power to make him look up, and he offered the younger man his hand. For a long moment he waited, his hand hovering in mid-air, and then it happened, Blair reached out, the tip of his fingers just grazing the Sentinelís palm.

Jim forced himself to stand still. His Guide had to come to him, if he grabbed him, then Blair would run. He had to know he would not be hurt. Very slowly Blairís hand moved in to his.

Through the connection Blair could feel the Sentinelís emotions, they swirled around him, the need to bond was strong, and his breath caught. But the need was tempered with something he had never felt before, compassion, but no pity. Ellison was a cold, hard man, with very strong barriers and ideas of privacy, but at the same time, he would never force a Guide.

"Chief, donít think, just look at my face, and let your barriers go."

He felt the slight pulling away, but Blair did not break contact, and gradually Jim could feel more of Blair joining him, the brush of another mind in his head. Only then did Jim gently pull the Guide to him, wrapping one arm around his waist. Moving his free hand up to slowly rub and caress Blairís neck and face. Finger tips stroking over lips, and eyes, and cheeks, feeling Blair move into his hand to maximize the touch, his body, swaying to brush against him.

The air began to thicken with the scent of linkage. Jim could taste his Guide, he pulled the scent deep into his lungs, his senses began to tighten around the Guide that he held, and the brush of his hand against Blair skin was like static electric.

Blair buried his face against Jimís neck, and he groaned as a bolt of pain flashed through his pathways. For the first time in three years he felt something, it was like liquid fire, he opened his mouth to scream, as one by one each pathway was being torn open, like a bleeding wound. His scream was muffled against the Sentinelís neck. Which resulted in him being pulled tighter into the hold.


The first thing that Blair registered was the feeling of being cared for, and then a surge of aggression, centered around Jimís need to protect. He was in the early stages of bonding; it was the only thing that could describe what he felt. This was not a mock bonding, but the real thing. His body tensed, then he felt a warm hand gently rubbing his back, he slowly opened his eyes, tilted his head to look up into the face of the Sentinel that held him.

James Ellison, the manís face was no longer stoic, there was a look of peace, and of contentment. Seeing that he was not in any danger of being pushed away, Blair yawned and nestled his head back down against Jimís shoulder. His head was hurting, and he could feel a wave of nausea hit him. The hand moved to lightly massage his forehead and face, easing the pain.

"Sleep Blair."

Everything told him he should leave, but he felt so wiped that he just closed his eyes, "Bossy Sentinel."

His Sentinel shook slightly with a laugh, and he was swept up and into his Sentinelís arms.


When Blair returned to the land of the living he was laid on the sofa, his head resting in the lap of his Sentinel, the man was gently massaging his forehead, easing the tension in him.

"What happened to you Chief? Who hurt you?" Jim felt Blair tense up. With a sigh he reached down and coaxed Blair up to rest against his chest, tucking the curly head under his chin.

Timidly Blair reached an arm around Jimís chest and hung on.

This time he didnít push. Blair had to tell him in his own time, to force him would achieve nothing. He had to see that he could trust his Sentinel to protect him, even if it was from himself or his memories.

After what seemed an eternity Blair began to speak, his fingers tightened on the linen shirt, as if needing to hang on to something or someone.

"I was at a mixer at Rainier, and something went wrong, the Sentinels went primal, and attacked. A couple of them managed to get some of the Guides out, but I was trapped with another Guide. They tore at us, tried to bond." Blair shuddered, his breath starting to come in quick harsh breaths.

Blair clung to Jim tighter, as if frightened that those Sentinels would come back for him. For a while Jim thought that Blair wouldnít talk again, and then with a shuddering breath he continued, "They were in a bonding frenzy. I felt as if my head was being torn apart, and that is the last thing that I remember. I was in a coma for a while and when I came out they said that I was fried, the other Guide died. Now I can never bond or be claimed."

Jim smiled softly, and cupped Blairís face, his thumb brushing over the lips and jaw, secretly pleased as Blair dipped his head slightly under the touch. "Youíre already claimed."

"But we havenítÖ" Blair waved his hand in the air as he tried to put it into words. "I canít."

"Blair, I could feel your pathways opening up, theyíre like raw wounds now, but soon they will be open enough. When youíre ready I will claim you."

Blair shivered at the tone, not with fear, but with excitement.

"And no one, least of all the bastard that did this," Jimís fingers tugged the collar of the shirt down, to expose the bite mark of Lee Brackett, "will ever try to take you from me."

Jim felt the projected emotions hitting him like a scorching desert wind, the need to be taken and possessed, to be owned. He had to clamp down on his own emotions; he couldnít take the Guide now, no matter how much he was in heat of bonding. Because that would mean hurting Blair, and he couldnít do that to his Guide.

Jim eased down into a more comfortable position, taking Blair with him, and gathered his soon to be Guide close to him, under his soothing hands he felt the younger man fall asleep, drained by the events of the day.

Only when he was sure that Blair had entered deep sleep did Jim carefully get to his feet, supporting the younger man against him while he changed his hold, and swept him up into his arms, then took him up to his territory. He laid him down on the bed, then bent and removed the sneakers, and made him comfortable before pulling the blankets over him. He paused only long enough to run a soothing hand over Blairís head, a smile touching his lips, Blair was in his territory, a first step.

Now he had to find the threat to his Guide and neutralize it, he had a name now.


Headquarters of the Organization.

Control was the mind of the Organization, and formed the center of the building. There, each of the ships entering orbit around earth were brought in by ground control. But Agent Ellison ignored the operators focused on their screens, he was looking for one person, she had just started her watch and was the only person that could give him the information he needed. He took the elevator down three floors and then headed for the Computer Data Department.

Joan Reilly was working on the computer when she smelled the Danish and looked up, "Hello Soldier, what can I do for you?" She smiled warmly, "And how are you doing?" She noticed the change in the man. But then she had one enhanced sense, and that was enough to note the other scent that marked him. //So some Guide has got close enough to mark you, luckily lady.//

"I need you to do a search for me, off the record."

"Okay, give me what you have." She paused and put a hand out for the Danish. After taking a bite, her fingers started to dance across the keyboard.

"The name is Blair Sandburg, he was at a GDP mixer which went bad. There was an attack, can you find the file?"

"GDP," she grinned "theyíre arrogant bastards, they think theyíre so clever with their encryption, itís actually childís play, well for this child."

Looking up and seeing the Jim Ellison expression she apologized, "Sorry Soldier." She could remember all too clearly his offer to wash her mouth out with soap next time she swore, and the guy would do it.

Some times it was hard working when youíre 13 years old. She had been rescued by Ellison after she had been kidnapped, hence the nickname Soldier. Her talent had lain in computers and the Organization had never turned any recruits down. Computers were her life, and here she got to play with the biggest and the best, and best of all she wasnít considered a freak.

Jim drifted over and poured himself a cup of coffee and took a drink, savoring it. "Still putting the vanilla and egg shells in it."

"Itís the only way to brew, my mum told me that." Then her attention switched back the computer screen, "Right, now there is no record of a Blair Sandburg at any of the mixers."

"He lied?" Jim was puzzled; he should have felt that through the link.

"No, there was an incident, this must be the one, it happened on the 18th May, a group of Sentinels, 8 of them went primal, and two did not, they managed to get 7 of the Guides out of it, along with a GDP Captain, the man sealed the rest of them in the room. Of the 4 Guides that where trapped, two of them died and two of them went into a coma, near death when they got to them. It appears the Sentinels there were still trying to bond to them". Joan looked puzzled, "wait up Solider the math doesnít work out does it".

"Thatís ten Sentinels, but eleven Guides, they only have even numbers, so where did number eleven come from?"

"Good question." Joan began to page down, "Interesting, they have the names of the Guides here." She did a quick count, "Only ten names, and not the one youíre looking for. Wait a minute. They said that there was a GDP Cmdr who was badly injured in the incident, he must have been a Guide."

"The GDP donít bond like that, its all rather clinical, and."

"Soldier I can see you donít go to any mixers, there is always a Sentinel/Guide pairing on duty to oversee the event."

"I want you to do another search for me, name Brackett."

"One or two Tís."


Joanís fingers clicked over the keyboard.

"Bingo we have three, Brackett with one t first name Lynell"

"Has to be male."

"Okay, next contestant. Frank Brackett, age 63, retirement due this year."

"Next one."

"Lee Brackett, age 37, Captain GDP Unit Phoenix."

Jim knew all about that particular unit, Ďcould you access his file?"

"Sure," Joan paged down quickly, "right on, he was at the mixer."

Jim leaned back thoughtfully, another piece of the puzzle, GDP bond GDP, yet Blair was there to bond and it looked like Brackett wanted him. //Nice try kid, but you made a mistake there giving me his name.//

"Was he scheduled to bond?"

"Well he had applied for permission to bond, on the 20th April to a Cmdr Blair Jacob Sandburg. See Soldier thereís the name youíre after. Anyway, Cmdr Sandburg declined the offer." She lapsed into silence. Then added, "Jim," the fact that she used his first name showed she was rattled. "This report has an IA attachment, now I have not set any flag off yet, but when I open this itís going to be like the 4th July, so read it fast."

She clicked and opened it. Before the alarms and the back trace had started, Joan was out of the system; by the look of Soldiers face he had seen enough. Brackett had been believed to cause the situation, he had been pressing Sandburg to bond, and had been rebuffed time and time again. He had taken, they believed, a drug called XG172, which was known to remove all inhibitions. Spiking the drinks at the mixer, the drug was used to help Guides and Sentinels that had been unable to bond because of inhibitions at physical contact. The drug might have been aimed at Sandburg, but it had affected nearly all of them. Now Jim had some answers, but it opened up even more questions.

"Joan keep this to yourself, itís safer that way." He gave her a light peck on the cheek.

"Good luck with him."


"Cmdr Sandburg. Are you going to bond with him right?"

It was an innocent question that could have gotten an adult killed, but Jim just grinned. "If I have any say in the matter."


Shadow Force

Simon Banks had joined the Shadow Force straight from the police force. He had first become involved because of the arrest of a suspect who had turned out to be a Denon slime lizard. After that it had been either wipe him or recruit him. Seth had personally recruited Simon into the organization, and he had been the natural choice when the Shadow Force had been formed.

The big man settled back in his chair, took a sip of his coffee and watched his friend and best agent pacing up and down. He itched to have one of his cigars, but knew that the pleasure of the cigar would be seriously offset by the distress it would cause Jim Ellison.

"Simon, Blair is GDP. The file we were given conveniently managed to avoid mentioning that little fact, just like that he could not bond. So I want to know why, and the dampeners arenít working anymore. I can feel him Simon, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, I am locked onto him."

Simon gave a slightly winch, that was more information than he had wanted. "You did not bond with him did you Jim?" When he got no response he added more steely voiced, "Ellison?"

"No sir, we havenít bonded, but heís mine." He paused as if daring the man to contradict him.

But Simon was an old hand with Ellison, he could see the man bristling, and wasnít going to push that particular button; he would speak to Seth tonight, and see just what was going on.

"So who picked him Jim? Because I donít buy that they wouldnít know about Sandburg."

"Dr. Halliwell."

"Our Doctor Halliwell? Somehow I canít see that she would be behind this, sheís not the sort."

"Then if she isnít she might know just who is. I think we are going to have a talk." Jim put it almost pleasantly, but there was an edge to his tone that worried his boss.


Dr. Clare Halliwell was not often called to the Shadow Force office of Captain Simon Banks, she smiled politely as he stood up and shook hands. "I came right away Captain, is it Agent Ellison? He is still taking the dampeners, it can be dangerous for an offline Sentinel not to take them."

"No Doctor, Jim is taking his medication." Simon paused, "I am interested in his Guide, Blair Sandburg, and why you did not tell Jim that Cmdr Sandburg is a member of the GDP."

"Captain, I did not know."

"Nice lie Doctor, but your heartbeat is all over the place, and I can smell the fear coming off you." Jimís voice was cold and deadly, and the doctor jumped trying to stand up, only for a hand to catch hold of her shoulder and hold her down as Jim moved around.

"This had nothing to do with you Agent Ellison, I was told that Blair Sandburg was the perfect match for you. His injuries, well the doctors at the time told him that his pathways were fried; the scans all backed this up. Only over the last year his quarterly physicals have been showing something else, there isÖ," she paused as she tried to make it easy for a layman. "His pathways are regenerating again. Dr. Sandburg was not told this because we did not know if he would ever be able to bond again, and it was not thought right to build up his hopes. He is not on the active list, Dr. Sandburg was removed when he was injured, and was given paid leave, itís indefinite at the moment."

"When this mission came up he was ideal, and it was a calculation that the close proximity of an Alpha male Sentinel might trigger the opening of his pathways. With you being a Dark Sentinel, and he as a max 10, it was thought better that nature be allowed to take its course during the mission and even though he was to be a decoy only Guide that you would bond with him. A Max 10 is too important to be left unbonded. I am sorry Agent Ellison but it would be in the best interests of everyone."

"He was not told this?" Simon asked, he needed to know how deep Blair Sandburg was involved.

"No, it was thought better that he had no knowledge of this, once he bonded Agent Ellison would have full access to his thoughts."

Jimís anger was simmering; his Guide was innocent of that deception, but guilty of lying to him.

Jim leaned in close, "Heís taking these pills what are they." The words were softly said, but they had a bite to them that made the doctor pull back from him.

Doctor Halliwell looked down at the blister packet, "They would help him, usually these are given to Guides who overload, some are too sensitive, and need these to give them balance. Someone like him should not be on these." She pressed the one pill left in that blister and then looked again. "Oh my god!"

"What is it doctor?."

"These arenít the same drug, those have a QLQ on them, these have a QYQ,"

"A different brand?" Simon leaned forward slowly.

"No Captain, these are something totally different, these are used on empaths, sometimes when they reach puberty there are problems with a Guide being able to open up their pathways, usually itís a psychological problem. They are scared and freeze up inside. These pills help them loosen up, allow the pathways to open up, and help them achieve their first heat. There is no reason for someone like Dr. Sandburg to have these, it would be highly dangerous for him to take those with you around." She paused "It would cause him to have violent migraines and push him into heat, when he would be unable to back it up with an actual bonding."

She heard the low rumble and added quickly, "Not that you would try to bond with him."

"Brackett." Jim spat the name. Then to Simon he explained, "Sandburg, refused to bond with a Captain in the GDP called Brackett. The GDP IA looked into the fact that Brackett may have spiked Sandburg with a heavy dose of a happy juice, the only problem was that it got into everyoneís drinks at a mixer and the Sentinelís went crazy and he was badly injured. It seems that Brackett still has not given up on taking Blair, but I will kill him first before he lays a hand on him."

"Agent Ellison." Simon said with enough strength to get Jimís attention again. " I did not hear that."


His authority clearly voiced, Simon turned back to the doctor, "What I want to know now isÖ."


Blair awoke and then he stretched, his head felt clear and he found he could focus. He was warm and he could smell food. Rolling onto his side he looked down at bagels and fruit juice that had been placed by the side of the bed.

With a groan he collapsed back against the pillow, letting the mortification start. He could remember all too clearly what had happened. Lifting the blankets, he flushed, his clothes had been removed, and he was dressed in a pair of much too large sweats. Jim Ellisonís sweats.

His Sentinel was still courting him. He had given him clothes and food, and he was in Jimís Ellisonís personal territory. "Uh oh, it canít get any worse can it?"


Hargrove Hall.

Jim still hadnít returned home by the time Blair set off for the University. His car was still out of action, the police officer at the impound lot had refused to give it to him until he got a letter from his Sentinel. The man had all but patted him on the head. Blair still not was sure how heíd avoided decking him. He had taken his anger out on his laptop, his fingers stabbing down on the keyboard.

The door opened after a light knock.

The man who came in had blond hair that came just past his collar; he was in his early thirties handsome in a shy way, his face framed by glasses. Blair was on his feet in a second, and had the newcomer in a hug; "Itís great to see you again man." He stepped back, and then looked him up and down, and "Youíre looking well Daniel."

"Itís been a long time Blair." His smile reflected Blairís; both empaths lowered their barriers as they embraced, their minds touching, their emotions swirling around each other.

Blair could feel the change in Danielís mind, the new pathways made to accommodate his Sentinel. "So youíre bonded now".

Daniel nodded, not surprised that Blair could feel the difference. They had often mutually bonded as empaths when they had been roommates. It had allowed him to keep his barriers in place, and remain hidden from the GDP. "Heís an Air Force Colonel".

"I am so sorry." The pain in Blairís voice was very real, as he knew that would mean that Daniel was governed by the Air Forceís equivalent to the GDP.

"Itís okay Blair, Jackís a good man, and he doesnít hurt me, or try to stop me beingÖ well me. Heís a beta Sentinel, three only, but he can shield me, and I am able to do my work, thatís the main thing."

Daniel pushed his glasses back and looked at Blair carefully. "I heard that you were hurt, I am sorry I couldnít get to you. I would have if I could."

"Thatís in the past Danny." Blair grinned, not allowing the memories to get in the way. ,"Weíre both on the same dig, so I hear. Why donít you sit down and have a look at the preliminary reports. This dig is getting interesting, itís the first time a temple had been found in the mountains."

Outside Jack OíNeill sat down on the bench near the fountain, picked up his newspaper, found the sports section, and began to read the write up on the Cascade Pirates match. Even so he had his hearing fixed on his younger Guide. There were too many GDP around for his liking, and as he eavesdropped he resigning himself to a long archaeological bull session in the making. This Guide Sandburg seemed to talk a mile a minute, and heíd thought Danny was bad when he got going.

If he was honest Jack was not too happy about Blair Sandburg. There was something that did not smell right, the man was an alien Guide, and had just bonded. Only no one had been able to find any information on the Sentinel that had taken him. Also there were a few gaps in his record that screamed cover up to someone with a covert turn of mind.

It was then he registered someone sitting down near him on the bench. "Well fly boy, and what are you doing in my territory?"

Jack didnít bother to lower the newspaper. "I thought you died years ago Ellison."

"Well it seems that news of my demise was grossly exaggerated."

Jackís eyebrows lifted, "Ellison with a quip! Your Guide must be something if he can inject a sense of humor into you." He lowered the newspaper, folding it, then smiled, "Good to see you EL, itís been a while."

The two men shook hands, Jack looked up at the building, and the way Ellison was sitting, his head slightly craned to one side.

"So heís yours is he? Thought he had to be claimed by someone, if heís still working at the University he had to be protected, even if heís an alien."

Jim didnít deny ownership, if anything, it warmed him that OíNeill would think that Blair was his. "Heís protected Jack."

"Since Sandburg is on the list then it means youíre coming on the dig as well. That is going to make it interesting."

Jim tapped his breast pocket, "I already have my tickets. One Sentinel one dig." Jim got to his feet, "Tell your boss that I donít expect to see you there." It was not a threat exactly, but the alpha Sentinel showing dominance over the beta. "Oh and by the way, itís your choice, either pull your Guide, or put him under my protection."

With one final look at the building he walked away to his truck, he had a job to do. Jezzy Sullivan one of the Star Lizards had gotten an overdose of salt and was ready to take on the world, another day in the life of a Shadow Warrior.

He left behind him one thoughtful Colonel.


Daniel watched as his Sentinel walked up and down in the hotel room.

"Whatís wrong Jack?" He did not have to dip his empath barrier to know that there was something eating at his Sentinel.

"Your friend Blair, I met his Sentinel, and all I can say is that he must have broken a life times worth of mirrors to get Iceman Ellison."

"You know him?" Daniel leaned forward, "Come one Jack, what?" He paused as if trying to work out how to phrase it. "Whatís wrong with him?."

He knew that some Sentinels resented a Guide questioning them about another Sentinel. They thought the Guide should only be concerned with their needs. He had seen a visiting Air Force Guide knocked to the floor for questioning his own Sentinel about another of their kind.

Jack had put the man on a charge for the assault, and then stormed into the office in disgust when the man could only be censured for abusing Air Force property, and not for physical assault.

It has been a sobering example of what his own life could have been like. Jack had bent the rules for him, and the SGC in general and General Hammond in particular had backed him every inch of the way

The Generalís view on Guides was enlightened and those Guides in the SGC had been lucky, they were treated as normal members of the teams, not as an intelligent K9 unit. Most Guides worked in the first contact teams, their empathy a useful tool in working off world, and as such they were considered an important commodity.

His and their uniforms never bore the Guide flashes, and they were treated more as partners than near slaves. His bonding with Jack was personally sponsored by General Hammond.

Daniel pulled himself back from his thoughts, jolting slightly as Jack waved a hand in front of his face. "Earth to Doctor Jackson".

"Sorry Jack" Daniel gave a small shrug and an apologetic shy smile.

Jack shook his head, "As I was saying Colonel James Ellison is a Ranger, black ops, and one of the strongest Sentinels I have ever met. Our paths have crossed professionally Danny. He never wanted to bond and heís a real bastard, but heís a man of honor, and heís not an abuser."

"When I saw Blair, he looked alright, I donít think that heís in any trouble with his sentinel".

"Well we are in trouble, because Ellison is playing the Alpha Sentinel card, and there is only one way of getting him off the dig and that is to remove Sandburg."

"Jack you wouldnít, would you," Daniel was out of his chair, "please".

OíNeill added quickly "Just thinking out loud Danny, no need to get worried." He laid a calming hand on his Guideís shoulder.


Colonel Conrad Maybourne was seated in the blacked out van. The stocky Colonel, knew the he was on very thin ice. It was because of him that the NID had lost their Stargate. He had underestimated the Organization, and had been lucky not to have been killed for the error. But he had a chance of redemption, and he was not going to fail twice. No one failed the NID twice. He headphones down and smoothed his hair back in place. There was no need to look like a slob, as he was forever telling Morris and his associates. He allowed himself a momentís pleasure; it could not have worked out more perfect. Colonel, god all mighty Jack OíNeill now had one Achilles heel, his Guide, Daniel Jackson. Their old associate, Ellison, was different, the man was cold, hard and uncompromising, and put duty above everything else. As a bonded Sentinel he would have a connection with Sandburg, but he could not see him actually letting it affect him, beyond the obvious. So it was pretty clear what his options were. OíNeill would be the one to target.

"You heard the Colonel, Morris, I want Sandburg out of the picture."

"Permanently Sir?" The NID agent asked.

Maybourne considered it for a heartbeat, "No, but out of action for at least the next month. Heís Ellison property, so without him he wonít be able to function, and Ellison is too good an operative to lose."

"What about the artifact Sir?" Jefferson the other senior member of the NID asked.

"Once Jackson has it, we will take it from the SGC team. In fact Jack will give it to us, and we will put it to proper use." He added, "Now get to work Jefferson. I want you to take out Sandburg, Morris you take Rigg and make sure that when your finished Jack can see just what he will lose if he doesnít play ball with us."

When he saw the look on Morrisís face, he added, "And Morris, make our old friend Jackson welcome, itís been a while and you always knew how to look after him." Although Maybourne had smiled as he said it, that smile had cut off the instant his associates has left the van, //scum the lot of them//, and he turned back to his monitoring.


There was a knock on the hotel door, and Daniel went to answer it. A messenger handed him a small note. Jack was on the telephone to General Hammond. After reading it, he picked up his coat and hesitated over waiting for Jack to finish his conversation before asking his permission to leave. A bolt of independence shot through him, Jack said he was not his slave, or his pet. He had his own life, and that meant going where he wanted, when he wanted. All the same before leaving, he wrote a note for Jack. No good sending his sentinel into BP mode, over an academic bull session. But even so he felt a guilty as he left the hotel.

The note had invited Daniel to meet Blair at Rainier Library. There was some archive footage that he wanted him to run through before the first briefing.

Pushing the door open, he stepped inside. The room was lit but there was no sign of Blair. Suddenly he was given a hard shove in the back and staggered forward. He turned fast, only to take a blow to the face. It rocked him backward, the door was shut and the two men started towards him. Daniel was back up quickly, trying to keep the three of them in view.

All wore full-face black masks.

"Look guys, what do you want? If itís a mugging, youíre out of luck."

"Not a mugging Danny." Morris removed the mask, "So why donít you be a good little Guide and get down on your knees and show us how much you have learned. I heard OíNeill, has special needs."

"Morris." Danielís voice shook slightly and then hardened, "Go fuck yourself Morris, and keep Jack out of it." The Daniel that SGC knew started to push back, as the other Daniel, the NID Daniel, came through.

"Danny, Danny, and we came to play nice." As Rigg lunged, Daniel kicked the chair in his way, bringing him down. He picked up the lamp and swung it around. There was a sickening thud as it caught Morris in the face, and sent him down to his knees. Morris shook his head, and then spat out a tooth and blood. "Now Daniel, pain for pain."


Jefferson saw his target and began to move in on him. Then he realized that Sandburg was heading straight towards their trap for Jackson, it could not work out any better.


Blair tried the door to the room, and found it was locked. Puzzled he was turning away to get a key when he heard a loud crash. Pressing his ear to the door, Blair could hear Danielís muffled voice, then a heavy thud of a fist on flesh. Without waiting, he pulled the fire alarm. As it burst into shrill life, he backed up and kicked at the door, his foot slamming into the lock. It shook, and Blair kicked again. This time he heard it splinter. With the next kick, it flew open.

Now he was in, Blair did not have time to hesitate, he grabbed the nearest chair, and swung it like a club at one of the attackers, that had Daniel pinned down. The archaeologist was struggling violently against the groping hands. The chair knocked the man groping Daniel out, his body pitched forward onto younger man. The man that had been holding the blond archaeologists down released his hold, leaving the archaeologist struggling to free himself from the dead weight, and in one fluid motion, pull and fired a strange shaped gun. Pain exploded through Blair as he was hit by a white light, and thrown six feet backward to collide with the door frame. The man then turned to look down at Daniel, as he hissed.

"Next time Guide," and he pulled the trigger. Reaching down he caught his unconsiouse partner and dragged him off Daniel. He glared at Jefferson, "leave Sandburg, we have to get out of here now".

"But Maybourne".

"Fuck Maybourne", Morris snarled I am not losing my men for that guide, he can wait, we need to regroup, take care of the little creep later. Now lets get out of here. Between them they managed to get the injuried man out Hargrove Hall before the emergency services arrived in answer to the fire alarm.


Daniel came around slowly, his eyes were misted and unfocused.

Then he felt a hand touch his face and he flinched, "Easy Danny," the hand tightened on his shoulder, and his glasses where eased onto his face. Jack was looking down of him; there was concern on his face.

"Blair?" Daniel tried to sit up only to be caught hold of and pushed back.

"Heís going to be okay. It was a stun charge. He got a larger dose of it than you did. He will feel it for a couple of days, but his Sentinel is with him, and heís going to be okay."

The Doctor was nervous. Her life had gone rapidly downhill the moment the two academics had been brought in. First the blond guyís Sentinel had arrived; the man was older with gray mixed in his dark hair, but good looking all the same. He had all but pushed himself into the examination room, and demanded a report on the blond. His face hardening as he had heard the full report of the damage.

Then if she thought he wasnít bad enough, the dark haired Guideís Sentinel had arrived, And he was mean, moody and lethal. Looking as if all he was waiting for was someone to tear apart. Following GDP protocol, Sentinel and Guide were re-united as quickly as possible.

Jack pushed against Danielís mind, for a moment he could feel the younger man fighting against it, and heard his breathing get faster as he started to panic. Jack was all too aware that Daniel would have to bond soon; his barriers had been breeched by the trauma of the assault. But he knew that his Guide, and the man he called his friend, was stubborn, he would do anything, put up with any amount of pain, to avoid bonding. Daniel was gun shy where bonding was concerned, and Jack thought soberly he had a good reason to be, given their first bonding.

The Air Force Colonel was not the most demonstrative of people, and he actually found it embarrassing that he needed to touch Daniel in public; the small touches that helped the young empath keep his barriers up.

But alone like now he could give in to his feelings, "Danny I know that you donít want to bond, but buddy youíre going to have to. If you donít want them to have to drug you up. Remember last time?"

He felt Daniel shiver under his hands, he hated having to use his past on him, but with Daniel it had to be the carrot or the stick.

"Bond." This time his Guide agreed.

"Thatís good Danny. Now just relax, and remember what we did last time." Jack looked around the room; there was a second bed for the Sentinel or Guide to sleep in so the pairing could be kept together. Leaving his Guide he tugged the mattress onto the floor, and gave a nod of approval. With the one from Danielís bed it would make a big enough bonding platform, without having to move his Guide from the room.

As he prepared the makeshift platform, he kept his senses fixed on Daniel. He could hear his breathing increase as he began to tense up; the scent of fear was souring the usual musky Sandalwood scent of his Guide. Moving slowly so as not to spook him, Jack put his hand out, and helped his Guide down. Taking off his own jacket, he placed it and his gun out of the way of their bonding, then locked the door, and looked down at his Guide. Daniel had curled up into a ball. Jack just shook his head, this was Daniel-speak for leave me alone, but he knew he couldnít.

Speaking in a low voice, soft and caressing, he lowered himself down by Danielís side. At his touch, Daniel just pulled away.

"Itís okay Danny itís okay." Jack laid down and spooned up behind his Guide, reaching one arm around the younger manís chest and pulled Danny back against him so that he held his Guide in a full body hug, all the time talking to the younger man. Dannyís mind was still locked against him, and he would hurt his Guide if he tried to push against his barriers.

This was going to take a while. How long Jack kept up the gentle words, and the soothing rubs against Danielís shoulders and chest, slowly the Sentinel felt the barriers began to fall, as the compact body began to relax.


8 months ago.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was on PTR4589 when the Stargate burst into life. He was preparing to go back through it when he heard the radio crackle, "Stargate Command is under attack, I repeat the Command is under attack by Shadow Force, go to Gate 23 and wait for further instructions."

"You heard him Danny, dial us up new home," Morris of NID grinned, the man was a cold blooded killer and did not seem at all worried by the fact they might be stuck far from home. But then, since he was facing a death sentence, it might have been seen as a plus. He dropped his hand and felt up the younger man as he started punching in the seven chevrons that would take them to Gate 23. Daniel pulled away from him, "Try that again Morris and Iíll hand you your dick in your hand." He spat the words, and Morris took a step back.

"Any time you think you can Jackson, or perhaps we should get to know you again, its been a while since you have been friendly with the boys, know what I mean."

Morris broke off as he found himself looking down the back up weapon the archaeologist was carrying, "You taught me well Morris, let your guard down and youíre a dead man."

"Back off Morris, and Jackson you have five to put that gun away or youíll do 48 in the brig."

Danielís attention never wavered from Morrisís face for a moment and then he put the gun away.

The moment the new wormhole formed, Daniel took to his heels, jumping through the wormhole. Then it was gone, leaving the NID team looking at the stargate.

When he came out, the speed at which heíd entered the wormhole sent Daniel tumbling down the length of the ramp, and he plowed into the concrete. He was unconscious by the time he hit the floor.

Colonel OíNeill knelt down and pressed his fingers to the Danielís neck. "Call Dr Frasier we have a live one here."


Dr. Frasier took her place at the table, and then using the remote switched on the camera that covered their prisoner. At 33, Frasier was good at her job, she cared for people, and sometimes it brought her into conflict with the command staff. "I have examined him, he has a bad concussion, dislocated shoulder, and ankle, there are a lot of bruises which are old, and there are burns to his back and chest." She shook her head, "Theyíre cigarette burns. There are also bite marks on his shoulder, and what I would think are scratches to his stomach and thighs. I would say youíre looking at serious sexual abuse here. There are old scars around his wrists. He has been through a lot." Janet Frasier looked at Colonel OíNeill, "and I have reason to believe that he is a empath, unbonded and unbranded."

General Hammond looked thoughtful. "Thank you doctor." Then he added, "Donít contact the AFGP yet, I want to know who he is and his life history, and where he came from."


23 hrs later

Captain Kern took his seat at the briefing, "I have run all the usual searches, and found nothing on him, but I did contact..." Kern hesitated.

"Just tell us Kern." Jack snapped, he was rubbing the fingers of his left hand, he had washed and washed it, but he could still smell the scent of the prisoner on his skin. And like an itch he could not scratch, he had found himself heading towards the room where the prisoner was being held, and the itch was getting worse.

"Sorry Sir."

"Captain Kern," General Hammond prompted.

"His name is Dr. Daniel Jackson, heís a double PhD in Archaeology and Egyptology. The doctor was evicted from his apartment after a presentation of his new ideas backfired; he was living in his car. The GDP took an interest in him after someone tipped them off he was a Guide, but before he could be grabbed, he was snatched by the AFGP, and the name I got was is Major Conrad Maybourne."

"NID." Jack breathed, "Damn I should have known. The NID must have their own gate. Permission to interrogate Dr. Jackson."

"Granted, and Colonel from what Dr. Frasier said, it appears the Doctor may not have been with them by choice, so carrot and stick. Remind him of his options"


Jack felt the barriers fall and then Danielís mind touch his. It was like a cooling breeze, and with a sigh he buried his face in the longer blond hair, inhaling his Guideís scent.

The Sentinelís hand lightly ghosted over the brand on Danielís hip, the AFGP registration number and Jackís own service number. Daniel had had to choose between bearing the brand and being allowed off planet with the SGC 1 Team, or remaining at the base. Daniel had taken the brand, as it ironically gave him more freedom even though it marked him as Jackís property. As much as Jack hated to have his mark on Daniel, at the same time, he could not help the surge of pride in his ownership in this amazingly intelligent, articulate, and caring young man. No matter what Danny had gone through, he had remained intact. It had taken some time to get past the barriers Daniel had put up because of his handling by the NID, but now the real Daniel was back. Somehow he had managed to retain an innocence and had a way of embracing the moment.

The fear that had soured Danielís scent was gone, as he began to mellow and deepen their bond. As Danielís hands moved he caught the one resting on his hip, and covered Jackís other hand and brought them back up to rest against his chest. "Jack?"

"Safe Danny, youíre safe." Through the bond, Jack made sure that Daniel knew he was speaking the truth.

"The man that attacked me, he was from the NID, Morris." Daniel shivered, "Somehow they are back."

Jack swore as he felt the bond begin to fade, he turned Daniel, and pulled him against him, so that the younger manís head rested on his shoulder. Scraped fingers caught in his shirt and Daniel pulled himself closer, as if trying to climb into his skin. Then there was a burst of aggression, and Jack found himself pushed over onto his back, and his Guide was on top of him, pinning the Air Force Colonel down. And Jack found himself nose to nose with his Guide, with a mental sigh Jack knew that Daniel was in a flashback, and it was going to be a long night.


Jim was through the door and at Blairís side; he all but pushed the nurse away. He pulled the sheet off the smaller man, and began to run his hands over Blair, trying to detect any injuries on his Guide.

Blair caught his hands, trying to still them, "Jim I am going to be alright. Tell him nurse."

"Guide Sandburg will be sore but there is no lasting damage, he just needs to rest." The nurse had been puzzled until she had looked at the notice. Sandburg was an Alien Empath, that gave him the rights of a citizen, otherwise she wouldnít have responded to his order to inform the Sentinel.

Blair felt the hands still under him, "Easy man, nothing that a few lotions, and a couple of painkillers wonít cure." Then he added, "Daniel, is he okay?"

"His Sentinel is with him, theyíre bonding,"

The response was as old as time, the guide is injured bond with the guide. This had to be stopped before it could start.

Blair shook his head, "Remember the rules caveman, I canít bond, so back off." For a split second he thought the Jim was going to try and force the issue, the eyes burned bright and then faded.

"Donít worry your virtue is safe with me Sandburg."

And for the first time in a long time, Blair smiled.


The bonding had been eventful. It always was when Daniel went into flashback, but it always left him shattered, and now he was sleeping, soundly curled up against Jack, his body fitting perfectly to that of his Sentinel.

Jack tugged one of the pillows closer and made himself comfortable,

He remembered all too clearly coming back from one of their missions.

It had been soon after they had bonded, and Daniel had been at the receiving end of a whiplash wormhole. The whiplash wormhole was rare, thank god, but was caused when one Stargate closed just as another opened, it cause a back wave through the wormhole, which resulted a large power surge, any travelers caught in it would be thrown through the gate at high speed, and it had caused Daniel to end up fifteen feet from the Stargate face down on the ramp, still and unmoving.

The alarm started to echo through the complex, and the SG team began to run toward the medical bay. At the door they ground to a halt, Dr. Frasier stood there, her hands at shoulder level, her voice steady.

"Dr. Jackson, please put the gun down, you donít want to hurt anyone."

"Lady you take another step near me and I will put you down. Now back away from me."

Jack moved around her, "Danny whatís wrong?"

"Morris?" The voice was well remembered, but the tone wasnít. Jack cursed it was that name the name from Danielís nightmares, and looking into the vivid blue eyes of his guide, he could see no flicker of recognition.

"Right," Jack knew he had to play along for the time being, "put the gun down, youíre safe. You were thrown from the Stargate, and took a header down the ramp. If you keep making a habit of it weíre going to have to start padding it". Jackís attempt to defuse the situation failed."

Jackson leaned back against the wall of the medical bay, "Right."

"Yeah right, so put..."

"Lesson one, Morris, put the gun down and youíre dead meat, see I remembered them."

"Sure you did Danny." Jack tried to humor him, whoever had said this to Daniel it hadnít been him.

"I donít need a doctor." He pulled himself to his feet, swayed, and then returned the gun to his side holster and pushed away.

"Donít touch me." He snarled at the doctor, "I am going to my room."

"Okay Danny." He caught Jacksonís arm as he swayed, immediately the Archaeologist pulled away, violently.

The Colonel looked towards the doctor for answers, and hurried after the younger man, with Sam firmly in tow.

The door to the living quarters was open, and Daniel was seated at the desk his head resting on his arms, he looked beat.

"Come on, you need to rest, and you need to bond." He touched an arm, and the Archaeologist suddenly pulled back, fast pushing himself away from the touch, his hand went to the middle of his back, and OíNeil found himself looking down the barrel of a backup automatic. "I told you once before touch me again and I will hand you your dick in a bag, I am not your play toy and never will be, get it. I am not interested."

"Easy Daniel, I am only concerned, no harm, no foul okay."

The blue eyes that met his looked worried as if he could not fathom it out, he started to get up, and then all the colour drained from his face and he keeled over, only the Colonels fast reaction stopped him from hitting the edge of the desk and opening his head up.

The nightmares, when they returned, were always bad.


Blair had resigned himself to the fact that Ellison was not going to leave him that night. The nurse had arranged for a second bed to be brought in and too his mortification, Jim had it attached to the side of his bed so that he could sleep close to his Guide.

//Hell I am beginning to think like that, Jim Ellison is not my Sentinel.// Blair turned his back on the Sentinel. It was then he felt the touch on his shoulder, an arm went around his waist and he was eased back. He bit back a cry of pain. The voice was low against his ear.

Jim had felt Blair tense, "I know we canít bond Sandburg, but let me do this for you, youíre hurting, just let go, and I will catch you."

With a mental sob, Blair let go, it was true, he was hurting, and the pain meds made his head clouded, and letting go was the only thing he could do. His barriers fell away.

Even as his eyes closed he felt himself being tucked against a warm body, soft but firm hands moving over his body, then when he heard the words, "Tell me where it hurts."

Without opening his eyes, Blair breathed, "Head hurts."

Jim settled him against his chest, and then a hand reached up and began to massage his forehead. The migraine began to fade, and Blair tried to bury himself inside the Sentinelís arms.

For a moment he panicked that Jim would try to push against him to force his way into his mind, tearing and hurting him. Then the logical part of his mind told him that Jim wouldnít do that to him, no matter what his need was. Without really knowing what he was doing he began to try to wrap his mind around that of the Sentinel, the need to bond was like a slow burning fire in his belly. As it caught fire and flashed into flame, it was as if Blair Sandburg was pushed back and another took his place, this other knew what it wanted, it was a Dark Guide, as rare as a Dark Sentinel, and its mate. And the Dark Guide was not going to wait to be courted, its need blasted open the last of the pathways leaving them raw. But for now that was forgotten. His hand caught hold of the short-cropped hair, and pushed Jimís head back hard, as he bit down on his throat, not caring that he drew blood, just needing to mark his Sentinel. Jim pushed him back the confusion on his face was comical to the Dark Guide. The Dark Guide wiggled and twisted until he was pinning his Sentinel to the bed.


One minute Jim had been coaxing a skittish Guide to him, not pushing to bond, only to give him protection, and then next second he had his arms full of a highly aroused Guide in the full heat of bonding.

The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Blair, the kid was not violent, just very determined to bond, for the moment he tried to ignore the hand that was pulling open his shirt to try and get contact with his skin, buttons flying in all directions.

The dark blue eyes that looked down at him had a heat burning in them, but there was something more their, something old. This was not the Blair he knew.

Blair was wiggling around on the bed trying to get close to him, to push against him, needing, craving the contact that would lead to a bond.

Jim knew he had to get though to him, "Blair look at me."

But the Dark Guide wasnít going to listen; all it knew was its Dark Sentinel had stopped him from bonding. His face lit up, "Come on man, letís bond, down and dirty, you can mash me into the mattress, I am not going to break."

"Blair." He gave him a hard shake, "you have to calm down Chief, come on deep breaths."

But his words were lost on the Dark Guide; all he could fix on was the need to bond, to finish what they had begun.

"What will it take to keep you calm and behaved." Jimís voice showed some of his frustration, if Blair had been a violent criminal he wouldnít have had a problem, but this was something totally new for him.

"Bond. Come on man I can make it good, real good." His tone dropped to the seductive call of the Guide. The one a Sentinel had to listen too. He was deliberately rubbing himself against the larger Sentinel, rubbing his scent on him, trying to force him to bond.

But Jim pulled back at the last moment. "No kid, not like this." Jim rolled his eyes to the heavens, the kid was pouting, and then he hit him with puppy dog eyes, all soft and vulnerable. Blair was going to be mortified when he came out of it, but first he was going to crash and burn. Looking at the increase in the frantic nature of his words and the way he was trying to push against him, it was going to be sooner rather than later.

"No Blair." Jim put a little force into his words.

But instead of cowering back, Blair tried to get closer. "Always wanted a strong Sentinel, one that is going to protect me. Brackett said I get turned on by Neanderthal Knuckle draggers, but Iíll have you instead. So primal, so primitive, mine."

The Dark Guide was cooing softly, rubbing his face against Jimís hand, and trying to tell him with words and gestures that he would be his. "Youíll keep me safe. No one would hurt me with you there. No Sentinels would try to take me, not even Brackett. Wonít bond with Brackett." It was stated with only child like simplicity. Blairís eyes were pleading for Jim to tell him it was true.

"Youíre right kid, you wonít bond with anyone but me. Iíll protect you."

The look he got back was blistering, but gradually the heat died, and Blair relaxed, and then the younger man managed to grate out. "Sentinel, I donít feel too good."

There was no warning, and Blair threw up all over his Sentinel, his body shaking. Jim muttered, "Crash and burn kid. Crash and burn." Pulling his Guide to his feet, Jim half carried, half dragged him into the bathroom. As he told him. "Just keep breathing Chief, nearly there." Jim only just managed to get Blair into the bathroom in time, as the second wave of nausea hit.

Later Blair wouldnít remember a lot of what happened, only that the Sentinel was there all through it, rubbing his back, and holding his hair out of the way, all the time speaking soft words of encouragement. When finally he slid onto the floor, he felt a warm cloth move over his face, and then he was gathered up and taken to bed. Time seemed to constrict, he felt a glass put to his lips and he was told to drink. Then he was gathered close, and he clung onto the one person that was his safe haven. When the command "sleep" came he followed.

Jim stared up at the ceiling, it was still light, but that did not matter; he would stay with his Guide as long as he was needed. With great care he pushed gently against Blairís mind, and got a moan of pain. He pulled back and petted and soothed the sleeping man. Blair had said that is pathways were fried, but he had felt them opening, all it would take would be time. He was not the crippled Guide he thought he was, and with the right Sentinel with him he would be all right. Brackett, Jim savored the name, if the other Sentinel thought he would have Blair he had another thing coming to him, and that was death

He had felt the change deep in his body as Blair had changed, and he had had to fight the Dark Sentinel from coming up, the other had called to him. This was more than Blair going into Guide frenzy, it was something else.

When he settled back more comfortably, with a soft sigh, Blair still with his eyes closed, all but clambered onto him, spreading himself over him like a Blair blanket.

Blair snuggled down, rubbing his face against the warm, broad chest, sliding deeper into sleep as he felt the strong arms circle him.


The doctor watched the monitors, as they recorded the activity in the two rooms. He took down a clipboard, pressed rewind the tapes spun back, interesting, the time on the tapes was identical, both Guides had become aggressive at exactly the same time within the bond. Now it looked as if both pairs had settled in for the night. He picked up his reading book, and taking a sip of his cold coffee, grimaced and went back to the story; the shark had just made its first kill.

End of Part Two.