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Sentinel Stand Alone Stories


 The Chronicles Of Officer Doyle          Ghoul Central        Throw Back     What If? Story


Angel Of Death Part One   25.01.01

Angel Of Death 2   05.06.01  Adult language h/c and implied m/f

Angel of Death Elilogue 28.01.02  Implied adult situations

Ships That pass In The Night   27.02.01

My Guide Has Fleas  10.12.01

Sentinel Corp  02.06.02  Based on the AU created by Rogue This story is a general story, but is based on Rogues stories which are slash

Werewolves of Cascade

Persian Mummy

Thief Taker  H/C and adult lanuage  27.03.03

Games People Play

Riding The High Toby    8/11/05

Nothing Is What It Seems

A Matter of Trust


The Chronicles Of Officer Doyle

The Bet  29.01.01

The Bet 2  25.05.01

Ghoul Central

Ghoul Central  06.09.01

Ghoul Central 2 08.03.02


Throwback Part One  02.04.02

Throwback part 2     23.04.02

Throwback Part 3    11.06.02  Warning for some adult language, and intense bonding.

What If ? Stories

Children Of The Blood