Chapter 15/?

“Actually, I’m IA of North America.” Answered Vince. “I bet you want to know how that happened? See I’m the Shield to the High Senior Sentinel/Guide Prime of North America, which gives me a lot of leeway. It also allows me to investigate anyone I want in North America. See clan law supersedes regular law.” Vince explained, giving Stockwell a superior smile.

“I don’t know what to tell you, but he did see a judge.” Answered Stockwell.

“Ok, who’s the judge? I’ll see him.” Asked Vince.

“Why are you so interested in this case?” Inquired Stockwell.

“Because the boy who was bashed is now a guide and his lover is his Sentinel; which makes this a clan matter.” Vince answered, as he stood up.

“What do you mean this is a clan matter?” Stockwell asked, becoming worried.

“Well after the bashing the High Senior Guide Prime felt Justin come on-line and he wanted to meet and find out what happened.” Vince answered.

“What’s going to happen to the boy?” asked Stockwell.

“He will be tried by the clan for attacking a guide.” Answered Vince. Before leaving Vince then turned around, “I should warn you that the High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America is going to come and see you.”

“Vince, that man was homophobic in the worst possible way.” Sarah said, as they walked out.

“I know his heart spiked every time we talked about Justin and the bashing.” Vince answered, as they got into the car.

“What’s going to happen to Stockwell?” Wondered Sarah.

“Right now we can’t do anything.” Answered Vince.

“But if we find out that he told his people not to investigate the attack and leave it alone, then he will be dealt with.”


GDP Headquarters

12:00 p.m.

It was an hour later when Vince and Sarah arrived and were meet by Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards, “What did you find out?”

“Nothing satisfactory, but I have the *feeling* that Stockwell is hiding something.” Vince answered, as they walked into the headquarters.

“Well Jim found out something very interesting.” Said Edwards.

“What?” Vince asked, as he sat down and pulled Sarah down with him.

“It seems that the clan here doesn’t get their Senior Primes by battle, but by age.” Edwards answered, with a smile.

“What the hell does that mean?” Asked Vince.

“It means that this clan picks their leaders by their age, not by strength.” Answered Edwards.

“What did Jim do?” Inquired Sarah, quietly.

“I don’t know yet, but I do know something interesting that happened.” Announced Edwards.

Before Edwards could answer, Sarah stiffened for a second, “Justin was having sex and he opened his pathways and all the guides felt what was happing.” Sarah said, in a small voice.

“Sarah did you fell what the other guides felt?” Vince asked, trying to control his temper.

“Just for a second, before Blair blocked the pathway.” Sarah answered, while hiding her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Vince asked, trying not to raise his voice.

“Because, I didn’t know what was happening.” Sarah answered, in a shy voice.

Turning toward Edwards, “What happened with David?” Inquired Vince.

“He got the full force of Justin’s feelings; which caused him to go down.” Edwards answered, as he took David’s hand.

“Did anything happen to you?” Sarah asked, a shy voice.

“I lost control of my senses for about a minute and so did the rest of the Sentinels.” Answered Edwards.

“Is Justin going to be in trouble?” Asked Sarah.

“No, Blair is going to teach him how to control his abilities so he doesn’t loss control again.” Answered David.

‘That’s good.” Said Sarah.

“Where’s Jim now?” Asked Vince.

“I don’t know, let me call him.” Edwards said, as he took out his cell phone. Dialing Jim’s number, “Hey, where are you now?”


Jim’s Trunk

12:00 p.m.

At the same time, Jim Ellison and Brian Kinney were driving towards the GDP, when his phone range, “Ellison.” Answered Jim.

“Hey, where are you now?” The voice said, on the other end.

“We’re headed toward the GDP.” Answered Jim.  “Edwards, where are you now?”

“I’m at the GDP along with Vince.” Answered Edwards.

“Good, we’ll see you there.” Jim said. “Could you send David and Sarah too Blair, he might need their help?”

“I don’t mind sending David, but I don’t think Vince will send Sarah.” Said Edwards.

“Let me talk to Vince.” Said Jim.

“Yea.” Vince said, as he took the phone.

“I would like for you to send Sarah to Blair so she and David can help him with Justin.” Said Jim.

“I’m not sending her there….”

Before Vince could finish, “Vince, nothing is going to happen to here.   Blair is there.” Said Jim.

“Fine, but if anything happens to her he’s a dead man.” Vince answered, in a tight voice.

“Only if you could get through his Sentinel.” Jim said, with a laugh.

“Very funny, but I mean it…”

“Nothing is going to happen to her.” Jim said, before Vince could finish his sentence.

“Ok, I’ll send her over.” Vince said, before hanging up.

“Why are you sending the other guides there?” Inquired Brian.

“To help Blair teach Justin how to control his abilities.” Answered Jim.


GDP Headquarters

12:30 p.m.

Once Vince hung up he turned toward Sarah, “I want you and David to go to where Blair is and help him with Justin.” Vince said, in a soft voice.

“Will Edwards let David go?” Asked Sarah.

Turning toward Edwards, “Well, are you letting him go?” Inquired Vince.

Looking at David, Edwards sees the determination in his eyes, “Yea, he can go.” Answers Edwards.

“I want you to go with someone who will protect you.” Said Vince.

“Vince we’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Sarah said, before she and David walked out.

Just as Sarah and David walk out of the GDP headquarters Jim drove up.

“Be careful and call me when you get there.” Said Jim.

It was thirty minutes later when David and Sarah arrived at the loft. As they where walking up the stairs they passed a man going down.

//Wow she’s hot. I would love to get into her pants. // Thought the guy.

 As Sarah and David received these thoughts, David was going to attack the man, but was stopped by Sarah who knew that the guy could beat David up. They just continued to walk up the stairs. When they reached the loft. David was about to knock when Blair’s voice in his head told him to come in. When David and Sarah walked in they saw Blair and Justin sitting on the floor meditating.

Without looking up, “I want both of you to join us.” Blair said, in a quiet voice.

      Knowing not to argue with Blair, Sarah and David both sat down and began to meditate also. Five minutes into their meditation Sarah and David began to feel different, and when they opened their eyes they saw that they were in the spirit world.

//Hello, young ones. // A voice said, behind them.

Turning around they saw an old Indian man standing there.

//Hello, may I ask who you are? // Asked Sarah.

//I am the guide of the forest, but you can call me Incacha. // Answered the guide.

//May I ask what you guide. // Sarah asked, in a quiet voice.

//I guide those that come here for their dream quest or who wish to know about their past. // Answered Incacha.

//What do you mean our past? // Inquired David.

With a smile, //everyone who is part of the Panther Clan has a past with the Dark Sentinel and Guide. // Answered Incacha.

Turning toward Sarah, //Sarah, did you know this? // David asked, in an amazed voice.

//Yes, I had a dream about Jim and Blair in their old life. I was there and so was Hunter, who we learned was the Shield to B’ian. // Replied Sarah quietly.

//Do you know what your name was? // Asked David.

//No, I never heard it spoken. // Answered Sarah.

//Your name was S’iana and Vince’s’ name was Va’ince. //Blair said, as he walked up to them.// Following Blair was Justin who was wearing native attire.

//How do you know this Blair? // Inquired David.

//I am not Blair; I am B’ian his dark side. // Answered B’ian.

//What’s going to happen now? // Asked Sarah.

//Now, you will learn about your past and connect with your dark sides.//Responded B’ian.

//Do you know what my name was? // Inquired David.

//No, but we will learn it today. // Answered B’ian.

//Can I ask how we are going to learn? // Asked David.

With a smile on B’ian’s face, //I want you to all sit down, and I’ll show you. // B’ian answered, as he sat down. B’ian then crossed his legs and began to chant.

            Looking at each other they all shrugged sat down and then crossed their legs and began to chant themselves.  As they were chanting they all began to see different things in from their past life.

12:30 p.m.

            Meanwhile, Jim, Vince, and Brian were at the GDP head quarters going over everything Brian knew about Chris Hobbs and what Vince had learned about Jim Stockwell.

“So, what can you tell me about this Hobbs kid?” Inquired Jim.

“He’s a homophobic little prick.” Answered Brian.

“I know he’s homophobic, but what else can you tell me about him?” Jim asked, again.

“I don’t know, but I can always ask Daphne.” Answered Brian.

“Who’s Daphne?” Asked Vince.

“She’s Justin’s best friend and they went to school together.” Brian answered, as he took out his cell phone.

“Daphne.” Daphne said, as she answered the phone.

“Daphne, this is Brian I need a favor.” Said Brian.

“Sure anything Bri, what is it?” Asked Daph.

“Could you come over to the GDP headquarters, I need to ask you a question.” Answered Brian.

“Sure, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” Daphne answered, before hanging up.

“She’ll be here in 30 minutes, and we can ask her about Hobbs.” Announced Brian.

“Good, let me tell the guards to show her in when she arrives.” Jim said, and picked up the phone.

1:00 p.m.

            Thirty minutes later, Daphne arrived at the GDP and was shown to the Sentinel suites. As she walked in Daphne saw that Brian wasn’t alone, there were two men with him, who gave her the impression that they meant business.

“Jim, Hunter this is Daphne Chandler. Daph this is High Senior Sentinel Prime Jim Ellison and Shield Sentinel Vincent Hunter.” Introduced Brian.

Turning toward Brian, “What can I do for you?” Asked Daphne.

“We want to know everything you know about Chris Hobbs.” Answered Brian.

“Ok.” Daphne said, and began to tell them everything she knew about Chris Hobbs and his hatred of Justin.

Thirty minutes later...“Daph, I think that’s enough.” Interrupted Brian.

“Ok.” Daphne said, as she smiled at Brian.

“Thank you very much Ms. Chandler.” Said Jim.

“It was nothing Mr. Ellison.” Daphne said, as she was leaving.

Turning back toward the two men, “Now what do you want to do?” Asked Brian.

“We use the information that Daphne gave us and use it against Hobbs.” Answered Jim.

“We should also try to find out more about Stockwell.

There’s just something about him that I don’t like.” Said Vince.

“Did you get something from him that set your senses off?” Inquired Jim.

“No, Sarah felt something from him, but she didn’t dare open her pathways too much.” Answered Vince.

“I guess Blair and I will have to visit Mr. Stockwell.” Jim said, with a smile.

“Do you really think Stockwell will see you?” Asked Brian.

“He’ll see us or I’ll enforce one of the clan laws.” Answered Jim.

            Just then all three Sentinels felt something happen to them, it was like their dark sides wanted to come out. At first they didn’t know what to do, but then Jim felt Blair’s dark side mingling with his.

“Wow, what just happened?” Brian asked, a second later.

“Your guides just learned about their dark side.” Answered Jim, with a hard edge to his voice.

“Is that a good idea?” Inquired Brian.

“It should make their empathic abilities a little stronger.” Answered Jim. A minute later Jim felt a pulling on his mind, //Jeme, it’s worked. They’ve all discovered their dark side.  The ritual will let them access their dark side much easer, and let the Sentinel’s feel and connect with their dark side also.” // Answered B’ian.

//Will it cost me my position? // Inquired Jeme.

//No, I can control them, and you will be able to control the Sentinels. // Answered B’ian.

//That’s good. Do you want me to pick you up? // Asked Jeme.

//Yes, I want them to show off their abilities. // Answered B’ian.

//That’s fine. While they’re bragging we’ll visit the police commission. // Announced Jeme.

//Why? // Asked B’ian.

//I want you to read him and find out anything you can bout him. //Answered Jeme.

//All right, when do you want to pick me up? // Inquired B’ian.

//How about now and the guides could show their powers, while we talk to the commissioner. // Answered Jeme.

//Ok, see you. // B’ian said, before closing off their connection.

“I just spoke with Blair and he wants me to pick them up.” Announced Jim.

“What do you mean you just spoke with Blair?” Brian asked, in a shocked voice.

“We can communicate telepathically.” Jim answered, with a smile.

“Shit, that means I’ll be able to do the same thing?” Brian asked, trying not to sound scared.

“Only if you want to.” Vince answered, picking up Brian’s heartbeat.

“Fuck, don’t scare me like that.” Brian said, as he walked away.

“Why’d you tell him that? You know that he doesn’t have a choice.” Said Edwards.

“I know, but I think he should learn it on his own.

That way he doesn’t feel like he’s being manipulated.” Explained Vince.

            As Brian was walking away from Vince, he realized that he did want to be able to talk to Justin telepathically. With that thought on his mind Brian went to talk with Jim about letting him come with him.

“Jim, I was wondering if I can come with you, when you pick up Blair?” Brian asked, as he walked over toward Jim.

“Everyone is coming, so they can learn about the dark side that’s going to come out slowly.” Jim answered, with a smile.

“Why is our dark side going to come out?” Asked Edwards.

“Because the guides dark side is now out and when you bond...yours will come out too.” Jim explained as he got into the truck.

“How will our dark side make us better Sentinels?” Inquired Brian.

“Your senses will be more sharp and you will be closer to your guide.” Answered Jim.

“How can I be any closer, I’m already sleeping with Justin.” Brian answered, with a cocky smile.

“True.  However, you will be able to fell what the others are feeling, but don’t worry you can block each other out if you want.” Explained Jim.

“So its something like a soul link?” Said Edwards.

“Yes, but its much more closer.” Answered Jim.


Just then at least twenty cars pulled up, and getting out of them were at 100 or so Sentinels.  These Sentinels are from the Jaguar clan of Cascade and they were there for the ritual to bring out their dark side.  Just as the Sentinels were getting out of the cars, more cars pull in and more Sentinels get out.

Seeing what was happening Jim went to the lead car of the different Sentinels, “What is going on?” Asked Jim.

“We heard about the ritual and would like to join.” Said one of the Sentinels.

“What is your name?” Inquired Jim.

“Sentinel Frank Clover.”

“You understand that if you go through with this the new Senior Sentinel Prime of Pittsburgh will be Brian Kinney.” Said Jim.

“We usually have a battle to see who will be the Senior Sentinel Prime.” Said a different Sentinel.

‘True.”  Brian said, and then turned toward Brian.

“What do you say, will you fight to be a Senior Sentinel Prime?”

“Can I tell you after the ritual?” Asked Brian.

“Are you scared you’ll *loss?”* Said one of the Sentinels, in a condescending voice.

“No.  I don’t want to get dirty for no reason.” Brian answers, with a smirk.

2:00 p.m.

Before the Sentinel could say anything, some of them began to feel something deep inside of them stir.  The stirring was nothing that they have felt before, not even when they connected with their guides.

Seeing the looks on some of the Sentinel faces, “How do you feel?” Jim asked, with a smile on his face.

“It’s like I’ve found another part of myself.” Brian answered, with a dreamy look.

//”Ki’nnan can you hear me?”//

//”Who is this?”// Brian asked, while looking around.

//”That would be your guide Ji’an.”// B’ian answered.

//”Who is Ki’nnan and Ji’an?”// Inquired Brian.

//”Those are your dark Sentinel and Guide persona.”// Answered B’ian.

//”How do you feel?”// Ji’an asked, with anticipation in his voice.

//”I feel stronger and more connected.”// Answered Ki’nnan.

//”Now do you feel like fighting for the right to be Senior Sentinel Prime?”// Asked Jeme.

//”Yes.”// Ki’nnan answered, with a feral look in his eyes.

//”B’ian, we have to go, Ki’nnan has to get ready for his fight.”// Jeme said, before they all severed the link.

“Brian is ready to take his spot as Senior Sentinel Prime.” Said Jim.  “Who challenges him for the position?”

“I will.” A Sentinel said, as he stepped out of the crowed.

“And your name is?” Asked Jim.

“I am Sentinel Shawn Hunter,” answered the Sentinel.

“Very well Sentinel Hunter.”  Turning around and facing the rest of the Sentinels, “Everyone listen up,

Sentinel Brian Kinney has been challenged for the position of Senior Sentinel Prime of Pittsburgh.” Announced Jim.  “The challenge will take place in an hour.  It will begin when the guides get here.”

“High Senior Sentinel Prime, nothing happened to me.” Said a young Sentinel.

“What do you mean nothing happened to you?” Asked Jim.

“I didn’t fell a dark sentinel inside me.” Answered the Sentinel.

“Then you are not meant to be in any high position.” Brian said, before turning away.


Before the Sentinel could say anything, Jim turned back around and gave him a very dark look, “You will leave or I will kill you.” Jim said, in his dark Sentinel voice.

Not realizing that he could get hurt, the Sentinel attached Jim, but before he could touch him the Sentinel felt himself being pulled backwards.  When the Sentinel looked back to see who had attached him, he saw the Sentinel Shield standing there.

“You heard the High Senior Sentinel Prime, Leave.” Said the Shield.

Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to do anything with so many dark Sentinels there he left and with him left the other Sentinel who didn’t feel their dark side.

But before Jim could go on, “High Senior Sentinel Prime I challenge you for your position.” Said a Sentinel in the crowed.

“Who said they want to challenge me, step forward.” Said Jim.

That is when a young Sentinel stepped forward, “I challenged you.”

“What is you name?” Asked Jim.

“Sentinel Harry Evans.” Answered the Sentinel.

“Very well Sentinel Evans.  I except your challenge.” Jim said, as he began to get ready.

//”Jeme, are you sure you want to do this?”//Asked B’ian.

//”Yes, and it will teach the other Sentinels, not to challenge me.”// Answered Jeme.  “Are you ready.”

“Yes.” Said Sentinel Evan, in a confident voice.  But inside he was scared out of his mind.  (For some reason that Harry didn’t know, he decided to challenge the High Senior Sentinel Prime.  It felt like something deep inside him.)

Without saying a word, Jim attached the younger Sentinel and the challenge began, and it lasted for at least two minutes before Jim pinned the younger Sentinel down.

“Do you give up?” Jim asked, as he held the younger Sentinel down.

“Yes.” Whispered the Sentinel.

After letting the younger Sentinel go, Jim turned around to face the rest of the Sentinel, “As you can see, I’m still darker that all the rest of you.” Said Jim.  “*Any one* else want to challenge me?”  When no on came forward, Jim knew that he would keep his position for another year or so.  “Now that we have that out of the way, we will continue with the challenge of Sentinel Brian Kinney and Shawn Hunter.”

3:00 p.m.

Five minutes later both Sentinels were ready for their challenge.  However, just as they were about to start, GDP officers rushed the room.

“Everyone stop what ever you doing.” Said one of the GDP officer.