Title: Midnight Kiss


Author: Joan Z

Fandom :The Sentinel

Genre: Slash


Pairings/Characters: Blair,Dom/Jim,sub
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: Don/sub oral sex
Acknowledgments: In answer to PEJA’s mid night kiss challenge
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, I am only keeping them alive in our hearts
An: Chapter 1 was posted to Yahoo Groups last year. As I was not a member of this group at that time I am posting it here now.

Happy New Year, Enjoy

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2006 New Year, New Beginning


 Jim looked around the loft. The scene was set. The table looked lovely. The ivory colored tapered candles were ready to be lit, the good silverware had been polished to perfection and the new wine glass markers were attached to the wine flutes. They were done in silver, a panther for him and a wolf for Blair.


Blair would be home any minute and Jim turned up his hearing to listen for him. He paced a bit then made him self sit quietly and rehearse the evening ahead. When he heard Blair get off the elevator and walk down the hall Jim quickly lit the candles and hit the remote; soft music and the glow of candlelight filled the apartment as Blair entered.


“Woah” Blair said. “Was I supposed to get a room tonight, Jim? Because I don’t remember us discussing that you were having someone over.”


“Let me take your coat, Chief,” Jim said. “It’s just the two of us tonight; my way of apologizing for all the times I’ve been a bastard to you this past year.”


“You’re apologizing?” Blair asked as Jim took his coat.


“Yeah, Chief, I am. I’m sorry. I just want us to start the New Year with a clean slate.”


“If you think hanging up my coat, soft music and candlelight will change things,” Blair said, “you’re wrong. I’m not going to cave. You’re my sentinel and I take that responsibility very seriously. I can’t force you to take my guidance; but I’m not going to follow you around like a homeless puppy either.”


 “I know you have my best interests at heart,” Jim said. “I’m sorry if I made you feel otherwise.”


“Isn’t that how the arguments always begin,” Blair said. “ ‘I know you think it’s for the best, Chief, but…’”


Jim sank to his knees in front of Blair and looked up at him, “I am truly sorry for any hurt I have caused you, Blair. I know now that I was wrong, you’re the guide and I’m your sentinel. Please forgive me.”


“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jim?” Blair asked.


“I’m apologizing.”


“On your knees?”


“I need you to know I’ll do whatever it takes for you to know this is real. You won’t hear the word “but” from me tonight unless it’s to compliment you on your ass.”

There he had said it. It was finally out in the open. ‘Oh, God, PLEASE, I need him so much. Please don’t let it be too late… or too soon,’ Jim silently prayed.


Blair laughed, “You’re going to compliment me on my ass; you Mr. Sculpted Muscles?”


Jim sat back on his heels; he had faced all kinds of danger in his life, now it was time to face the man he had come to love, “Is that so hard for you to believe?” Jim asked in a soft voice.


“I’ve never asked this of you, for you to be on your knees to me,” Blair said.


“I’m glad you haven’t because now you know I give it freely. Sentinel to Guide; I’m yours.”


Blair gave soft moan, anyone but a sentinel would have missed it. “Please get up, Jim. I’m not sure I can deal with this right this minute.”


“Sure, Chief,” Jim said as he stood up. Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll get dinner on the table.”




Blair stood in the shower letting the warm water run over him. His mind raced trying to catalog and organize the events of the last year and how they related to the scene that greeted him when he got home tonight.


This last year had been hell in many ways. Blair had felt an increasing sexual pull toward Jim; and then there were the dreams. They had become more frequent and sensual, Jim kneeling to him; Jim taking him into his mouth; Jim’s moans as Blair entered him. Blair tried to hide it from Jim; he did his best to keep the guide/sentinel relationship professional, but that’s what made it hell. The relationship was meant to be spiritual and denying it was causing Blair a lot of pain. ‘Well,’ Blair thought, ‘Jim has opened the door, it’s time to bring all these feelings out into the light.’ Blair knew, as he toweled off, that tonight would be a new beginning. Either he would be an Alpha Guide or he would walk away from Jim and no longer be a guide at all.




Jim poured the wine and handed the glass to Blair. “This is new,” Blair said. “This wolf engraving is beautiful.”


“Thanks, Chief,” Jim said. “It’s actually a set, I have a panther on mine.” Jim showed Blair the panther and then poured his own glass of wine, “I want to make a toast; to new beginnings.”


“To new beginnings,” Blair said.


They ate in silence, except for an occasional comment on the meal. Finally Jim could not stand it any more. “You’re very quiet tonight, Chief,’ Jim said.


“I’ve been thinking about what happened this evening,” Blair said. “We need to talk.”


“I know, Chief, and I’m ready, talk, listen, whatever you need.”


“Look, Jim,” Blair said, “I don’t know how to say this except to come right out and say it. I’ve been having feelings of sexual attraction to you and they have been getting very strong lately.”


Jim smiled.


“It’s not funny, Jim” Blair said.


“I’m not laughing; I’m smiling,” Jim said. “I have the same feelings towards you.”


“I’m not sure you do,” Blair said. “I’ve been having dreams too, and you are always in a subservient roll; most of the time on your knees. I’ve tried to ignore it. I didn’t want it to interfere with our guide/sentinel relationship but now I think that was a mistake. Pushing my feelings aside and burying them has hurt our relationship.”


“Chief I…”


“Please Jim let me finish,” Blair said. “I’ve made up my mind. I need to be an Alpha Guide. I know you’re an alpha male. And I don’t want to interfere with that in other aspects of your life but I can’t go on with the way things have been this last year. I need you to let me do my job as a guide. I need to have a physical relationship with you so that we can strengthen our bond.”


Jim got up, walked over to Blair and dropped to his knees. “I’m yours, Sandburg, if you need me on my knees then that’s where I’ll be. Just tell me what you want or what you need and I’ll be there for you.”


“Will you give me a midnight kiss?” Blair asked.


“Oh yeah, Chief, I was hoping you would ask. I’ll share my bed with you too, if you want it.”


Blair got up from the table and walked to the sofa, leaving Jim on his knees. He made himself comfortable and then called to Jim. “Come on over here, Jim, and strip for me, I’d love to get a look at those luscious sculpted muscles.”


Jim walked to Blair and stood directly in front of him as he striped. He removed his shoes and socks first and kicked them aside. Then he took off his shirt, he looked around for some place to put it but it was Blair that made the decision for him. “Drop it, Jim.” Blair knew that was not an easy thing for Jim’s military neat streak to get around but Jim extended his arm to his side and let his shirt slip off his fingers to the floor. Then he unbuckled his belt and slid off his jeans and dropped them on top of his shirt. Jim’s magnificent erection pointed directly at Blair and Blair could see a drop of pre cum glistening in the candlelight.


“Is that for me?” Blair asked.


“You and you alone,” Jim answered.


“Lean in and let me taste.”


Jim braced his hands against the back of the sofa and leaned in until his cock was nearly touching Blair’s lips. Blair gently licked the pre-cum from the tip.


“Oh, God, Blair!” Jim cried.


“Kneel,” Blair commanded, “and undress me.”


Jim fell to his knees picked up Blair’s left foot and slipped off his shoe and sock. He kissed Blair’s foot before gently putting it down and then he repeated the process with the right foot. Next he unbuttoned Blair’s shirt and kissed each nipple as he slid the shirt off Blair’s shoulders. Jim noticed the change in Blair’s heartbeat and breathing and there was a definite bulge in Blair’s pants.


Jim reached up and began to unbuckle Blair’s belt. “No kiss this time,” Blair said.


Jim nodded as he pulled off Blair’s pants and Blair’s erection greeted the candlelight.


Jim looked up at Blair and waited.


“Tell me what you want, Jim,” Blair said.  It was a test. Whether or not he stayed with Jim depended on Jim’s answer. It was a terrible risk but one he had to take. He needed to know if Jim was truly willing to let him be an Alpha Guide.


“I want to be yours,” Jim answered. “I want to be your Sentinel and I want you to guide me.”


It was the right answer and a tear ran down Blair’s cheek.


“You’re crying,” Jim said.


“Happy,” Blair answered.


“Does that mean yes?” Jim asked.


“It means yes.”


“Can I kiss you now?”


“After you carry me upstairs to our room. It will be midnight by then.” Blair said.


Jim scooped Blair into his arms, “I love you, Sandburg.”


“I love you too, Jim,”


Jim took the stairs two at a time.