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Magnificent Seven Modern AU

Deadly Angel Part One   Warning for adult language and situations, m/m (C/V/E/) and sexual bonding

Deadly Angel - Part 2   Warning for adult language, adult situations and m/m sex and sexual Sentinel bonding. (C/V), (C/V/E), (B/E).

Love & Honour (Epilogue to Deadly Angel C/V/E/B) Main characters Chris, Vin, Ezra, Buck - Warning for adult situation and language, M/M and Sexual Sentinel Bonding.

Judge Not - Deadly Angel  Chris/Vin,  Buck/Ezra,  Vin/Ezra,  Ezra/self,  Vin/Charlotte &Richard (implied), Ezra/Charlotte (implied)

Darkest Bond   C/V  C/E  V/E B/E Main characters Chris, Vin, Ezra and Buck.

Reaching A Balance  C/V/E  adult situations,