Love and Honour (Epilogue to Deadly Angel).

Warning for adult language and situations, m/m (C/V/E/B) and sexual sentinel bonding.

Special thanks to my beta Sarah, and to Texaries for the title banner.

Disclaimer on part one Deadly Angel.

The job had been a hard one and Team Seven was back at the Larabee Ranch, licking their wounds. The bruising they had received was a small price to pay for the fact that a young child now slept safely back with their mother after taking down a cult.

Buck Wilmington sat on the porch of Chris Larabee’s ranch, his feet resting on the rail, and took a sip of his whiskey. He now had a pack; something that he had never through he would ever have, when Sarah and Adam Larabee had been murdered. As Gamma, his job was to look after the pack, nurture the pups, and keep the balance. But something was missing; it was like an itch he couldn’t scratch. Suddenly, he had the sensation of being watched.  Turning his head slightly, he saw Vin Tanner leaning against the upright post of the porch.

Vin was a Feral Sentinel, a former Fallen Angel, now their sniper and weapons specialist, and the soul mate and lover of the Pack’s Alpha. It was this last that Buck found hard sometimes to understand.

Chris had been straight; he had met and married Sarah, an attractive and loving Guide, and he had had a child by her.  Until their lives had been blown apart by a car bomb that had robbed him of his family. Now he had claimed as his soul mate and lover Vin Tanner, the lithe, scruffy Texan that had dramatically entered his life just a scant few weeks ago.

But he had never seen Chris so happy and for that he would be forever thankful to Vin Tanner.

“Hi Junior, what can I do for you?” Buck smiled warmly at the younger, smaller man. Vin had taken two bullets to his vest as he had pulled the child they had rescued to him, turning so that the bullets hit him in the back as he shielded her.  Badly bruised, the hospital had given him some heavy-duty painkillers and the kid was floating.  He was swaying to music only he could hear. Vin tilted his head to one side and studied Buck closely.  “Why didn’t you want to fuck me?” he said, a puzzled look on his handsome face.

Buck had been taking a sip of his whiskey, and suddenly inhaled it the wrong way.  Choking and fighting for breath, he didn’t need reminding about the fact that he had woken up in bed with Vin and had nearly taken him in his sleep.  He still had nightmares about that.

Finally he managed to draw breath.  “Junior, you need to give a guy a bit of a warning before you say things like that.”

“So, why didn’t you, Buck?” Vin’s blue eyes bore into the older man. Then, his voice went soft.  “Don’t you like me, Bucklin?”  As the slender Texan seductively straddled the older man in one smooth, practiced motion, Buck’s hands went to Vin’s hips to support him.  The younger man’s arms went round Buck’s neck as he rubbed his face against the big man’s jaw and ground his body against Buck’s groin.

It was then that Buck felt it; a cold chill down his spine, he could only turn his head slightly to see Chris standing there, the aura coming off the Predator dark and forbidding. Then, Chris reached out, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist and nuzzling the side of his neck. Vin made a soft mewing noise as the connection between the soul mated Predator and Feral flared and Vin could feel his mate’s mind touch his, the warmth of their love flooding through him.

“It’s alright, Vin.” Chris spoke softly, his hands caressing and reassuring his young lover as he calmed him down.

“Buck, get Ezra.  He’s working late, but we need him here now.”  When he drew Vin up off Buck, the younger man plastered himself against the lean body of his Alpha, rubbing up against him, one hand snaking down to touch him. Catching the hand, Chris brought it up and lightly kissed the fingers, and walked his lover to their room.

In a very short time Chris had come to realize that Vin had unpredictable reactions to medication.  The doctor had meant well, but the damage had been done, and all they could do was be here for him while Vin crashed and burned.


Ezra dropped his briefcase on the table.  “Mr Wilmington, I was told that Mr Tanner was all right, and-”

“Vin is in with Chris.”  He nodded towards the bedroom. “Ez, he’s flying as high as a kite, he ….. Vin tried to seduce me, wanted to know why I hadn’t fucked him that time in bed.”

Buck rubbed his face, shaking his head.  “What’s wrong with him?”

“Mr Tanner is a Feral; his emotions have been repressed by those barbarian handlers from the Fallen Angels, and when he made a connection with Chris, they bonded as lovers and Sentinels-” He broke off as he heard a loud moan from the bedroom, and the slap of flesh on flesh. “It is no secret that my joining with my Sentinels,” there was a pride as he said that one word that Buck couldn’t fail to miss.  “Our joining is of the mind, body and soul, and is for the ages, Mr Wilmington.  My opinion is that where you have your connection with Mr Larabee that predates his joining with our young Feral, you have yet to join with either Mr Tanner or myself. In his drugged condition, Mr Tanner was trying to find out why you didn’t take advantage of him.  Given his regrettable past it is understandable and we are doing our best to rectify it.  But, Mr Tanner believes that sex is required when there is any form of intimacy between us.” 

There was a sadness to Ezra’s voice.  “We will make him understand, Mr Wilmington, that there is a great difference between mindless sex and joining with someone that loves and respects him.” 

“Ezra.”  The call came from the bedroom; the young southerner slipped into the room, the door closing behind him as Buck took his place as Gamma, guarding the Predator and his mate. 


Ezra was immediately pinned by two sets of burning eyes. The Predator had the Feral on all fours and had mounted him, thrusting into the tight young body as he re-enforced his dominance over the Feral.  The Predator’s lips pulled back over his teeth as he growled, deep and throaty at Ezra, a warning to him of his ownership of his mate. Then, he began to move again, thrusting in and out as he worked towards his climax, riding his mate hard, encouraged by the Feral pushing back, countering each of the Predator’s thrusts with a backward thrust of his own.

On the verge of coming, he paused, his face showing the pain it was causing him to halt, and he reached out a hand to Ezra.  The Guide had stripped quickly and, kneeling by their sides, allowed the Predator to grip his hair and pull him into a shattering kiss.

The Feral was moaning with pleasure, starting to become pain, as the need to come burned through him, but he had to hold back for his Alpha. Ezra reached under the Feral’s body and fisted him, beginning to stroke him, and the Feral’s groans became more vocal as Ezra joined the empathic link that was looping between the two men, boosting it, feeling their passion igniting into a white-hot flame.

“Come for me, Vin,” Ezra breathed.  “Come now.”  He pushed through the link and the empathic push sent Vin over the edge.  He came hard, with a cry that seemed to come from his very soul.  At the same time, Ezra pushed Chris so that his Alpha climaxed with his young lover.

The two men collapsed onto the bed, Chris rolling onto his side and pulling Vin against his chest so that the younger man was spooned against him, his hands stroking his chest and stomach, gentling him. Ezra, still kneeling, leaned down and kissed both men, as he soothed them with his touch. 

He felt a hand stroke his thigh, gently, almost reverently.  He knew without looking that it was Vin.  The young Feral was always almost shy when he was with him and wanted to bond, it was as if he was afraid he would hurt him. Ezra caught the hand and then, lifting it, stroked the long, tapered fingers and the calluses on them from using the weapons that this soft-spoken man was so expert at using. Then, he licked at the fingertips, and smiled as he heard the low throated growl from the Predator mirroring that of the younger Feral. The need to join as Sentinels and Guide was close, and his body would be the conduit for it.

He had heard a lecture once by Dr Sandburg, and the young man had put forward an idea that had been beaten down by the other academics that the reason there were no temples for Sentinels, only for Guides, was that the Guide’s body was a living Temple to the Sentinel and it was there that they worshipped. Having been taken by his Sentinels, he could now believe that; the sterile bond of other Sentinels was a mockery of what he had. He gasped as a firm hand began to fondle between his legs.  He parted them to allow the hand to touch him, deeper, stretching him.  The breath began to catch in his throat.

Ezra was drawn down; the Alpha preparing him, moving him onto his back as the Feral moved between his legs, lifting them so that he could enter their Guide. The Feral leaned down as he nipped at Ezra’s inner thighs, sharp flares of pain quickly soothed with a lick of the Feral’s tongue as the Alpha moved to sit behind Ezra, lifting his head to rest on the Alpha’s lap so that he could see everything that the Feral was going to do to him. The Alpha was using his hands to pin Ezra’s arms down so that he couldn’t touch himself.  The Guide began to whimper, his usual eloquent words became lost in his need for release.

As the connection between the three of them increased, Ezra’s head began to roll from side so side as he took on and fed back the emotions from his two Sentinels, only the now gentle touch of his Alpha keeping the empathic Guide from overloading.

He cried out as the Feral filled him, not from pain, but from the need he had felt, the pleasure at being filled and feeling whole again, as the unconditional love of these two men flooded through him.  The Feral was a skilled lover, and even at the height of passion thought only to bring pleasure to the man he was servicing, alternating hard and soft thrusts that prolonged their lovemaking until he brought Ezra to a climax, and allowed himself to let go, as with one final thrust he came hard into the body of his Guide.

Ezra’s cum splattered the Feral and over his own stomach.  Ezra’s body went limp as he tried to breathe, his heart beating fast as he felt his Sentinels soothing him. A brush of lips to his forehead, and then his eyes opened and the breath caught as he felt the swipe of a tongue over his belly, then another.  The Alpha and Feral were licking him clean of the cum that pooled on him, as they took him into them.

Ezra felt tears prick at his eyes and he allowed them to fall unashamed as he reached down, his fingers entwining through the blond hair of his Alpha and the brunet hair of his Feral. His and only his.

From outside of the door Buck breathed a sigh of relief.  The three had bonded and were once again one. He heard his name called, and went in, locking the door behind him.  Alpha and Feral reached out to him; he came close, looking down at the sated Guide.  Vin got up with a pure, feline grace, the sleek muscles of his lithe body rippling as he went to Buck. 

Reaching up, he kissed him on the neck and nuzzled against him.  Buck smiled and wrapped an arm round his waist, allowing his hand to drop cupping his ass. Buck knew that Vin was in the Divinity mindset as he began to undo his shirt and slide a hand in to stroke his chest. Looking towards Chris, he saw that the Alpha was watching with a tolerant look on his face. It was only when his hand slid under the waist band of his pants that Buck caught the questing hand, pulling it back out and placing a kiss on the palm.

“It’s okay Junior, I get the idea,” he said, kindly.  He knew how damaged Divinity was; it was a miracle that the young man was as well balanced as he was.  His soul mate Chris Larabee and now Team 7, the Larabee Hunting Pack, were working together to help Vin past his conditioning. It was difficult, Divinity found it hard to understand the difference between sex and lovemaking and could not understand why Chris was gentle and tender with him, rather than just throwing him over the bed and fucking the hell out of him.

Like now.  Buck knew he had to be gentle, and the Feral pup brought out all the maternal instincts of a Gamma Sentinel in the notorious ladies man.

Buck was brought back to the present by a nip to his throat.  “Okay, Divinity, I am paying attention.”  He smiled down at the smaller man as he felt the lithe body press up against him, rubbing against his crotch.  A highly sexual man, Buck began to harden. He looked at Chris and saw the nod.  He knew that he could never take Divinity; the Feral allowed and trusted only one man to take him and that was his Alpha, he would fight to the death now, prepared to die rather than let another take him. But this was pack bonding, and when Vin sank gracefully to his knees, Buck’s breath began to come quicker.  Tapered fingers unzipped him, and Vin began to fondle him before leaning forward and taking him to the root.

Buck’s hands went into Divinity’s hair and began to caress his scalp and shoulders.  For Buck time seemed to stand still; the kid was amazing, he could do things that even the most expensive working girl Buck had had could never do. As that thought came to Buck it was as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown over him, and he went limp. He looked down into the puzzled face of Divinity.

Easing Divinity to his feet, Buck brought him into a full hug. “Don’t you want me?” There was an almost lost quality to Divinity’s voice.  He had spent the last year being stripped and having his mouth and ass plundered by countless numbers of men, to have one react as Buck did puzzled him. “Don’t you want me?” he said again, panic now beginning to enter his voice, and his hand tightening on Buck’s shirt. Chris got up and walked over, slipping his arm around Divinity and Buck, and Buck knew what he had to do.  This was bonding the pack together.

“A man would have be blind not to want you, Vin.”

“Divinity.” Chris corrected, knowing what his young lover needed at that moment.  Only the Fallen Angel/escort was present.

“You’re a fine man Divinity and-” he stroked Divinity’s lips with his finger as the young man caught hold of it, sucking as he looked into the warm brown eyes of the Gamma, then released it to nip at the palm of his hand. The breath caught in Bucks throat.  “A man would have to be made of stone to not want you.”  Divinity melted against him, his hand dropping to gently fondle Buck again, and then Buck understood. 

Chris trusted him to be gentle with his young lover, but this was something that Divinity needed.  He had bound himself to Chris as his Alpha and soul mate lover, and to Ezra as their shared Guide; now he had to bind himself to Buck, his Gamma.  Only then would the Feral be tied to the Hunting Pack, mind, body and soul.

Buck kissed the younger man lightly on the mouth, and then took him over to the bed where Ezra was now sitting propped against the headboard, one leg tucked under him.  Chris sat down next to him, his arm going around their Guide, pulling Ezra against him. As Buck sat down on the bed and Divinity knelt in front of him, leaning forward he cupped his hand around the back of the younger man’s head and eased him forward so that he could kiss him.  This time he let go of his emotions and made the kiss long and lingering so that when he broke it, Divinity rocked back on his knees.

No John had ever kissed him; most of them just wanted his mouth or ass, they didn’t even care if he came, in fact some actually beat him for cumming, not liking the idea that he could get any pleasure from the act. It was as if Buck read his mind. 

“I am not a John, Divinity, I am your Gamma.” Buck reached out a hand to Ezra and drew him close so that he knelt, leaning against Buck’s shoulder, his arms around the Gamma.  “Ezra, honoured is your calling.”  Buck kissed him lightly, just a brush of lips to his mouth. Chris moved to mirror Ezra on the other side of his oldest friend. 

“This is pack, Vin,” Chris said firmly, but his tone was gentle, reminding the Feral of who he was.  Divinity was his name, the name of a Fallen Angel, their sniper and weapons expert, but Vin was the man behind the code name and it was with that name that Chris called to him. He saw the softening of the handsome face, and knew that he had reached his lover.

Now Vin bent his head down.  Feeling the touch of his Alpha on his shoulder, he took the Gamma in his mouth.  With his hands and mouth he brought Buck towards climax; the moans of pleasure, the touch of his Gamma, intermingling with that of his Guide and Alpha to his head, shoulders, back, and throat, reassuring him and driving him on.

The circle of power that Ezra began looped through the four men as they joined, bonding the Pack into one. It was no longer just Predator, Feral and Guide, the Gamma was now merged with them.  His Sentinel powers were weaker than the other two, but then theirs was that which few could match.

He cried out as he came hard into the Feral’s mouth, making him deep throat him, but Vin didn’t fight his hold and took what he was given. Then Buck slumped forward, trying to catch his breath.

Chris bent and kissed Vin, tasting Buck on his lips, Ezra then did the same, sharing the Gamma’s essence with the Feral.

Part of Buck that had been lost when his pack of Sarah and Adam had died was healed.  He would always mourn them, but now he had a new pack, strong and healthy. When he came, his hands were holding Vin to him.  When his senses returned he panicked that he might have hurt him, only to have Vin smile up at him. Bending, Buck pulled Vin up so that he was kneeling upright and then, as if he was the most precious thing in the world, drew him up onto his lap.  Lightly brushing the sweat soaked hair from his face, he smiled at Vin, letting him see his pleasure, then slowly, allowing Vin time to pull away if he wanted to, bent to kiss him.  Buck was surprised when he did drop his head down to avoid the kiss.

“You won’t want to taste yourself.”  The rasping, soft Texan accent was the sexiest thing that Buck had ever heard, rolling over him like molasses.

“Vin, that’s the best bit.”  Then Buck kissed him.  Tasting himself on the younger man, making the kiss sweet and long until it left Vin breathless, Buck pulled back slowly.  He leaned his forehead against Vin’s and when he eased back, he was smiling.  “Junior, you are something very special.”

Then, he gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and Buck got up, taking Vin with him. 

“Don’t know about you boys, but me and Junior have a shower with our name on it.”  Then, leading Vin by the hand, he headed towards the bathroom, wondering how a wet Vin was going to taste.


That night, the four of them slept together, bodies intertwined.

It was Buck that woke first.  Carefully, he eased out from under Ezra; the southerner had some time during the night latched onto him, and was now sprawled over him like a living blanket. Buck grinned as he saw Chris had his hands full of his Feral lover. The vivid blue eyes of the Feral were open and watching him and he knew that somewhere within easy reach was a 9mm Glock. 

“Easy, Junior, just going to put the coffee on.”

Buck spoke softly, and was rewarded with a jaw cracking yawn and Vin snuggled back against his Alpha. Leaving the big man all too  aware that the watch of the pack was his.

And if he were honest with himself, Buck would have it no other way.


The end.