Human Target


Who Do You Trust     5th July 2011   Main characters Winston / Guerrero  General Fiction

Man In The Middle    18th July 2011      Main Characters Chance, Winston  General Fiction

No One Deserves To Die  26th August 2011  Main Characters Guerrero, Winston, Ilsa, Chance.  General Fiction

Unraveling an Enigma  22nd September 2011 Main Characters Guerrero, Chance, Winston  General Fiction

The Winston Contract  20th December 2011 Main Charactors Guerrero, Chance, Winston - General Fiction

TEAM BUILDING: A CERTAIN TYPE OF HELL  21st December 2011 Main Characters Guerrero, Ilsa, Winston, Chance  General Fiction

The Bogeyman Part One   18th July 2012  Main Characters Chance, Guerrero, Winston

The Bogeyman Part Two  8th August 2012 Main Characters Chance, Guerrero, Winston


The Ryan Exchange Part One  The Ryan Exchange Part Two 
The Ryan Exchange Part Three  The Ryan Exchange Part Four
15th January 2012

Every Mother's Son  15th March 2012

Every Man's Brother  2nd May 2012