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       Learning Curve         

In a future where guides are little more than slaves, one man decided to make a difference.

Sentinel 101

Sentinel Primer

The Elevator   26.09.01  H/C

Living With the Past

A Little Knowledge 27.03.01

Outside Looking In

Happy America's Day

Forget Me Not.

Sentinel Sanctuary

Be Sure Your Sins 10.12.01

Be Sure Yours Sins 2  20.08.02

Sentinel Conference

All Things Come Around.

Rainier University- Part One

Rainier University- Part Two

Rainier University- Part Three

Echoes Of The Past  30.09.01

Buried in the Past Part One: Instincts

Buried In the Past Part Two- Digging Up The Past 12.02.01

The Making Of A Dark Guide 25.05.01 Adult Language & Situations

Holding A Mirror Up To The Past   21.02.03

Sentinel Christmas 10.12.01

Destiny 05.07.01 Adult Situations

Christmas Wish

Fevered Dream  20.03.04        

The Woman  22.11.04

My Name Is James Ellison. I am a Sentinel     28.04.04

My Name Is Blair Sandburg

Learning Curve

Learning Curves, Lesson One- New Beginnings

Learning Curves, Lesson Two- New Friends

Learning Curves, Lesson Three- First Night

Learning Curves, Lesson Four- Birthday

Learning Curve;The Reclaiming  22.01.02