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Pre-Magnificent Seven x Sentinel OW AU 

Warning for adult language and situations, very intense sexual Sentinel bonding .

C/V, E/V, C/V/E,  C/V/E/B

Main characters Chris, Vin, Ezra and Buck

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Story continues from Part one

Thunder Point.


The Saloon

Ezra Standish was sat near the window, a cigar burning in his hand, the smoke lazy rising up, he looked at the burning tip of it, and then pressed it to the side of his arm, just inside the elbow, and he gritted his teeth against the pain. Then he eased back into the chair, the tension gone from his body, the pain had been a release for him, a cleansing, of his soul. He looked down at this arm; there was a burn for each fuck, his own personal tally of shame.

Not shame at fucking a man, but being forced to cater to the perverted pleasure of the mayor, and the others that White lined up for him. One thing Ezra knew he would never get away, White charged him for his poker table, and the room, each day the amounts were added to the tally, for each two steps forward he took to freedom, he took one step back.


But the truth of the matter was that unarmed and without a horse, Ezra knew he wouldn’t get far if he ran, and no one in the town would help him.  White had said that as long as he earned his money at the poker table and serviced the mayor he was guaranteed a place at the saloon and Marcus Quinn wouldn’t get his hands on him. But Ezra was a realist sooner or later Ford would get fed up with him, and he would be forced into the tented town, and either bad drink, disease or a drunken John would kill him.   


Suddenly, Ezra was jarred from his thoughts as he  felt something, it was like the pressure when a thunder storm was building, in the air, the breath caught in his throat, and before he realized it he found himself at the window. Looking down into the street he saw the three horse men riding into, he took a step back, but as one, the three men looked up at this window it was as if they knew he was there.

He breathed one name “Tanner,” he recognized the ex bounty hunter and was shocked when the man raised a hand and tugged the brim of his hat in a salute to him, then guided his horse towards the livery stables. The pressure seemed to be building behind his eyes, pain splintered through his head, and Ezra’s knees buckled and he pitched forward onto the floor, his head seemed to him to be on the verge of exploding, then he began to vomit, and his body went limp.




The Saloon

Down Stairs


Frank Schultz was a big man, he towered over most mere mortals, and his large fists kept the customers and staff in order, and at the moment he was guarding the stairs.  He had only just begun to explain the delights the saloon could offer when he was cut off in mid-sentence.


“I heard about a gambler.”


“Standish is $5  a fuck,” Frank forced a smile, showing his broken teeth. His eyes flicked over the three men for the first time in years he felt stomach churning fear, he was a good head taller than the man in black and out weighted him by at least 50 pounds but he was getting a bad feeling about this. Frank found himself stumbling over his words, “Standish is real good, I broke him in myself, tight ass and a sweet mouth on him. I,” he came to a halt, and took a step back.


“Easy Chris,” the biggest of the three men cautioned.


“Chris,” Frank this time really looked at the all black clothing and suddenly he knew who he was looking at. “Chris, L  L Larabee,” Larabee was a cold blooded killer, and if he wanted Standish, he could have him, White didn’t pay him enough to stop the man in black going up those stairs, and if his friends wanted a piece of the gambler as well, hell they could just go ahead and have him. There was no way he was going to mess with Larabee, because the gun man wouldn’t trade punches with him, Larabee’s hand would just flicker down to his gun, and he would be dead.


“Standish, which room,” the voice was as cold as the grave, and the green eyes of the man in black seemed to burn straight through him, he shifted uneasily and then stepped aside.


“The money?”


Larabee’s lips twisted into a parody of a smile, “I never pay for something that belongs to me.” Then the gunman was brushing past him and was gone.




Ezra moaned, as his eyes flickered open, the light was too bright, and when he tried to move his head, pain lanced through it and he found himself retching again. There was a sudden pounding on the door, and then it exploded inward, through his distorted vision he saw three shapes coming towards him, he flayed at them with his hands, but they caught hold of him, and he was lifted up, and onto the bed. Hands on his clothes, but any attempt to push them away was countered by a strong grip on his wrists. Angry emotions battered him, and Ezra could only let go and let himself drift back into the welcoming embrace of darkness.


The next thing he knew something cold and damp was being wiped over his face and neck, and he slowly cracked open his eyes, this time the room was in darkness, he couldn’t prevent a sigh from escaping.


“How you feeling Ezra,” the gambler recognized the rasping Texan accent, it could belong to only one man.

“I have felt better Mr. Tanner.” In the gloom, Ezra could now make out the ex bounty hunter, the dark shadow was Chris Larabee, the other man he didn’t know. Vin Tanner came closer, and sat down on the side of the bed, his hand hovered for a moment as if the man was unsure and then Ezra felt the  tracker’s calloused fingers stroke his arm, the touch feather light. Ezra tried not to flinch, but the Texan must have felt it because the gambler could see him frown.


“It’s okay Junior, Standish isn’t used to you, once we get him out of here, he’s going to be alright.” The unknown man said, as he loomed over the bed, causing Ezra to pull away, unable to stop the moan of pain as the sudden movement caused pain to slice through his head.


Tanner turned on the other man with a snarl, and started to power up off the bed when the black shadow detached itself from the corner chair, and clamped a hand onto the tracker’s shoulder and forced him down.


“Easy Vin, Buck doesn’t mean any harm.”

Ezra saw the way that the man, it had to be Larabee, calmed the tracker down. “I am not going anywhere gentlemen” the gambler managed to grate out, “Mr. White will not allow it.”


Vin Tanner and Chris Larabee exchanged a look, which sent a cold shiver down Ezra’s back, it was then that he realized that White might be the least of his troubles. He didn’t have a great deal of experience with sentinels, but he could feel the wildness in Tanner, and the darkness that was emanating from Larabee, he was looking at the worse of their kind, a feral and a predator. Ezra let his head roll back on the pillow, as the pain increased; it was Larabee and Tanner that was causing it. Ezra swore softly, he tried not to flinch as Larabee and Tanner placed their linked hands on his shoulder, their emotions where pounding through his mind. He did the only things he could, he reached out, with one hand he caught Tanner’s wrist with his other Larabee’s , and pulled them closer. Then he opened his mind, his breath began to come in quick pants as he tried to work through the pain as he mentally juggled their emotions, it didn’t matter that Ezra had never been properly trained, instinct took over.


Buck eased out of the room, and took guard outside the door.


Ezra could feel their connection it was fragile, but it joined them, the pain in his head faded and he looked up into their faces, his life was changed forever he was now a guide. He released his hold on their wrists, and then began to unbutton his shirt, but his hand was caught.


“Once we join there’s going to be no going back Standish.” Chris said levelly.


Suddenly the enormity of what he was going to do crashed down on him. Ezra pulled free of Chris and managing to get a foot and hand up to push Vin away from him, sending the feral flying backward off the bed. Vin hit the floor with a loud bang, rolled and came back up again, the expression on his face one of need, the cobalt eyes burned with liquid fire, as he openly scented Ezra, his eyes raking across the gamblers body, as he stalked towards him.


Ezra knew he had to get out of there, what the hell he had been thinking of, he had seen guides, shackled emotionally to their sentinels, did he really want that, he could look after himself, he didn’t need anyone. Slowly he gathered himself up, ready to fight tooth and nail if the feral went for him. But there was no need, the Alpha took charge.


Chris looked up to the heavens, and shook his head, “pups”; the fault was his he had forgotten that Vin had never had a guide because of his feral nature. His mate must have been hanging onto his self control with his fingertips and had just let go. Damn they would need to take this more carefully than he had thought, he could smell the fear pouring off Ezra, he frowned as the connection between was slammed shut. But first things first.


“Buck get in here.” Even as he spoke Chris moved in between their soon to be guide and the feral. “Get Standish out of here.”


The feral snarled at the predator, his lips pulling back over his teeth, his hand moving towards the mare’s leg.


Buck swore, as he all but pulled Ezra from the room, clutching the guide in one hand as the gambler scooping up his  coat and hat as he was pulled out,  once in the corridor  Ezra pulled free from him, “Standish, stay here” Buck ordered.


There was a loud crash, “shit,” Buck swore, he had to get back in there before the predator and feral tore each other apart. Buck ploughed back into the room.


The sound of feet pounding on the stairs made Ezra pull back into the entrance to the backstairs, he watched Frank and two more of White’s bully boys, coming up the stairs. He had just got the perfect diversion; quickly he took the back stairs down to the rear of the saloon, and into White’s office. He had been in there enough times, scratching an itch for White to know his way round, to find the hidden safe. White might have thought it was secure, but Ezra didn’t even break a sweat opening it. From it he removed his note of credit, and his guns. Fifteen minutes later Ezra was saddling the big man’s grey horse, leaving fifty dollars pinned to the back of the stall, then kicking the horse in the sides he exploded out of the livery and headed for the main road out of town, never looking back.




As Buck entered, Chris was just managing to duck under a blow from Vin, and bury a fist into the feral's stomach, and followed it with a jab to the jaw, that brought Vin crashing down onto the bed. Then Chris was on top of him, before he could escape using his full weight to pin the feral down, even as the younger man thrashed around trying to unseat him. The cuff round the head was hard, but the feral didn’t give up, just snarled some of the foulest curses Chris had ever heard. The anger was building in the predator; his mate was out of control.


It was then that Frank and the two men burst into the room, and faced a pissed off predator and enraged feral.




Whiskey drummer Alan Holland heard the noise, hell he would have had to have been deaf not too. Carefully he pushed the door of his room open, in time to see the door down the hall way open. Frank, the saloon’s enforcer was on all fours trying to crawl out of the door, suddenly his legs must have been grabbed and he went down head first on to the floor and was dragged back inside, his fingers clawing at the floor, the door slammed shut again.

When it started to open, Holland closed his door quickly, he heard foot falls, they paused outside of his door, and he felt the sweat break out over his body he was scared to death, his heart pounding away in his chest, then the footsteps started all, and down the stairs. It was many long minutes before Alan Holland bucked up the courage to open his door, and creep out, there were bloody smears on the wooden floor, and he followed them back to the room. Timidly he raised up a hand, and pushed the door to the room open, and stepped into the room, then bolted out of it, and threw up onto the floor. What he saw that day would live with him until the day he died, no human could have done what he had seen, when the sheriff found him, and he was huddled in the corner near the stairs, his arms wrapped round his knees shaking.




Buck stood in the livery stable, hands on his hips, “that little bastard, he took Granger,” the big man crunched the bank notes up in his hand. Then he turned to look at Vin and stabled a finger at him, “You track him down, Vin, and then keep out of the way, that two faced gambler is going to learn all about keeping his hands to himself.”


“Going to claim him Bucklin,” there was a lethal edge to the softy said words.

Buck looked from feral to predator, and smiled, careful not to show his teeth to them.

“No I am going to let you boys have that pleasure, I am just going to sit back and watch the show.”




Clear Ridge


The last four days, Ezra had kept moving, wanting to get as much distance between him and Quinn, White, and the sentinels, finally he decided to rest, and Clear Ridge looked as good a place as any. As he rode into town he didn’t see the man stood at the entrance of the hotel.


Ian Worth, lit his cigar, he looked like a wealthy business man, not the professional anthologist that he was in reality. He had taken a Time Wave through to the Old West, and was monitoring the tears in time what had caused an alternative history to unfold. The bearded, portly man, watched the gambler with interest, if he played his cards right he could rid the time line of Ezra Standish.  His wife Ella had because of her obsession with Chris Larabee, created the original Magnificent Seven. He had begged her to leave Larabee alone this time, let him have his family, because without their death, he would stay on his ranch, and the time line would be dormant.


But she had to interfere, and send Larabee off on this current timeline, Ian had no illusions, Ella loved him because of the money he had, and his almost supernatural ability to invest in new money spinning enterprises, such as gold and silver mines. Ezra Standish, the gambler had dropped off Ian’s radar a few months ago, and then it was just pure dumb luck that he was running across him now. A smile touched his lip, and rubbed his beard through fully, Standish wouldn’t get out of Clear Ridge alive.




The next morning two miles from Clear Ridge


Buck was getting towards the end of his tether, he wanted his horse back, and Ezra bonded, then maybe he could get himself some peace and quiet. A fine stake and good women, or maybe a fine woman and a good stake, either way he was, oh hell, they were at it again. Vin had pushed his luck, and the Chris was hell bent on putting him in his place.  


The blankets were spread out, Vin was pinned under the body of his alpha, the younger man was struggling violently to free himself from the strong grip that was holding him in place, as his alpha nibbled and bit at this throat. Finally Vin’s body went still and his head dropped back exposing the full column of this throat, as he submitted fully to Chris.

Chris then rolled them over, so that Vin was resting on his chest, his eyes never breaking locked gaze with Chris, Vin pushed himself up so that he was straddling the lean body of his alpha. Then moving slowly, Chris’s hand holding his hips firmly, he

 lifted himself up, and then impaled himself on his mate, Vin’s breath coming in short pants as he took the predator deep into his own body. The predator’s hands  caressed Vin’s hips, then one hand moved up to stroke his flank the moving across his chest to tease this nipples, rubbing and plucking them into hard nubs of flesh. Vin needed to move, but the hand on his hip held him in place, as he submitted to the control of his alpha. He closed his eyes as the sensations over powered him, then the predator’s hand left his nipple and began  to stroked  Vin’s hard cock, rubbing the sensitive head, with its own pre-cum. 


“Move, make me cum,” the words were a softly voiced command. A shudder ran down Vin’s body, in a reaction to them, he began to move with the  grace of the wild animal that he was the glowing flames of the fire flickering light over his body, rising and falling grinding himself on the hard column of flesh that impaled him. He eyes closed tightly, as he fucked himself on his alpha, angling his hips to try and take his alpha deeper inside of him. The brush of the cock head against his prostate made him scream the sensation was over powering, he did it again and again, riding on wave after wave of pleasure. The hand on his cock was light, carefully calculated to stop him from coming, as the same time as tantalizing him. Then suddenly Chris began to thrust up against him, his eyes flew open, and he looked down into the glowing green eyes of his alpha. They now moved together as one, the pace increasing as Vin rolled is hips forward, so that Chris was hit his pleasure spot, with each thrust, he threw his head back and screamed as he body arched back, spraying his seed over Chris’s chest, as he come down grinding his ass onto this mates cock, the predator roared as he came his seed exploding into the hot, tight ass of his lover. The cry was one of pleasure and of possession of his young feral mate.


Chris reached up dragging Vin down on top of him, as he  bit down hard on Vin’s neck  the energy of their connection burned through him, his whole body shuddering, as felt them joining together  mind, body and soul.   Vin leaned his head  to rest on his alpha’s shoulder, as the younger man’s body relaxed and his breathing began to calm, the predator hands gently fondled the ferals lack cock, as he nuzzled at his mates jaw and neck, riding the emotions that looped between them, turning them back on the feral so that along with his touch he was increasing the connection between them, as he nipped at the Vin’s jaw, reveling in each whimper and moan of pleasure that he heard come from his soul mate’s mouth


 Still inside of his mate the alpha hardened, and he eased Vin forward, the younger man pulled off him, his face showing that he mourned the loss of his alpha cock, even as he moved onto his hands and knees, his head dropping down, to hang between his arms, firm hands moved over his body stroking his chest, tugging at the hard nipples, making him moan low and sweet, as the hands on his body avoided the one area he craved the touch. His breath exploded from his mouth as a strong calloused hand took him, pumping him slowly, teasingly him erect, at the same time as he felt the alpha push into him; the feeling of being filled was not just of the body, but of the mind, of finally being made whole. He moaned louder, his head rising up and his eyes fixing on those of his gamma, he saw no disgust or shame, just understanding. Then at the first thrust his head dropped and he began to move pushing back settling into the rhythm his lover set. They moved slowly, this time the initial frenzy of their coupling was replace by a steady loving, as Chris Larabee claimed his lover Vin Tanner,  determined to show Vin, how much he loved him



The Blue Bird Saloon


Early Evening

Ezra sat at the table, and flipped the pasteboard cards in an arch, one landing in front of each for the men seated round the poker table. A good professional gambler, Ezra already had the men typed, there was the local businessman, decent suit, boiled shirt, and then the kid, early twenties, didn’t know how to really play, but had money behind him. Two local ranchers, and a whiskey drummer, it was the drummer that worried him, at the back of his mind he had the feeling that he had met the man before.


Alan Holland, gathered his second card, and shifted uncomfortable in his chair, he had been in the poker game before Standish had joined it, and had lost too much money to want to back out of the game. But he found it hard to look Standish in the eye, knowing the kind of man he was. He remembered all too clearly another saloon one where when he had turned down one of the saloon girls, she had offered him Standish for a $5 a night fuck, anything goes. Alan remembered all too clearly his own indignation that such a creature should be allowed to practice his unnatural trade. Now here he was, how many more would he drag down to his level.

Throwing his cards down he got up and drained his whiskey, “gentlemen” he addressed the table and then walked away to stand at the bar. He was joined fifteen minutes later by the kid, he watched as the younger man tossed back a double whiskey.

“How much did you lose”?

“$250,” he looked up from contemplating the counter top, “I don’t know what the hell I am going to tell my father, I was suppose to use that money to buy cattle from  McAllen tomorrow. What am I going to do”?

Alan Holland didn’t look at the younger man, “What if I could get the money back for you, speak to Standish.”

There was a long pause, and the young man looked hopefully. “You think you could do it.”

“I can try.”  Alan waited until the game broke up, and approached Ezra, “Mr. Standish, can I have a word with you,” the whiskey drummer said nervously.

Ezra nodded to a corner table, collected two glasses and a bottle from the counter and followed Alan across.

The whiskey drummer waited for Ezra to be seated and then looked round and leaned forward, “Mr. Standish, I know what you are.”

“I am a gambler Sir” his lips twisted into a smile “a rather good one.”

“Your” Alan took a drink of whiskey and put the glass down with a hard rap, “a whore, Mr. Standish, I will tell.”

Ezra’s eyes were ice cold, and Alan ground to a halt, and swallowed hard, “I was at the  saloon, I saw what you did, you give that man his money back, and I won’t tell anyone.”  He started to lean back, only to have his cravat caught hold of and he was pulled forward, there was a click and he found himself looking down the barrel of a derringer.

“You do not threaten me, I won that money fairly, if he couldn’t afford to lose it he shouldn’t have been playing, walk away from this, while you can.” Ezra released him, got up, snagged his bottle of whiskey and walked off without looking back.

Alan sat there, trying to calm his breathing, he looked towards the counter the young man was gone, it didn’t take him long to find out who it was, hell he was the mayor’s son, twenty minutes later he was knocking on the front door of the mayor’s house.

When the mayor opened the door, he was flanked by his good friend Ian Worth, together they ushered Alan Holland into the house.




The mayor came into the saloon, the mob surging round him, he made straight for Ezra, the gambler was sitting playing solitaire and drinking a cup of coffee. Ezra was just getting to his feet when a giant of a man wearing the leather apron of a blacksmith blindsided him, hitting him harder than he had ever been hit before, to the cheering of the men, his legs buckled. His body hit the table sending it flying as he slide to the floor; the mob threw the furniture out of the way. Nothing would be allowed to get in their way. Ezra managed to pull the Remington, as he hit the floor, but a kick send it sailing from his hand.


Enraged the mob swarmed over him, all he could do was curl himself up into a ball, and try to protect his head, and his stomach, as fists and feet pounded into him.  

Suddenly the people stepped back, and Ezra  was seized, from where he lay on the floor, he just managed to get a foot into one of the men’s face, causing the man to fall backward blood gushing from a broken nose,  when he was clubbed down, and for a few second he blacked out.  Coming round Ezra, tried to struggle free as he was held down, as the men ripped his jacket open, and began tearing his pockets as they searched for the money. Ezra managed to bang the metal carriage strapped to his forearm and the derringer came out, and he fired, the bullet ploughed into the ceiling, as his wrist was caught and the gun wrenched from his grip. A hard back handed blow across the face, knocked his head into the floor, and everything went dark. Men where tugging at this boots, one came free and there was a cheer of triumph as they found his money. 


Then the men were reaching for him again, and Ezra was hauled to his feet, and dragged out of the saloon, and into the street, all the times fists thudded into him, the mob was jeering at him, there was cries of “hang the bastard,” it made  Ezra struggled violently he was beaten hard across the head and shoulders. Blood was running down his face from his nose, mouth, Ezra was choking on his own blood. Then there was the unmistakable smell of hot tar, as the man in the leather apron came towards him carrying a bucket of hot tar. Ezra struggled harder, he had seen what had happened to another gambler, the man had died from the tarring and feathering, because he became racked with fever and pain and no one would help him, for a drifting gambler it was as good as a death sentence.


The blacksmith held the bucket up, making a show of what he was about to do, Ezra managed to get a foot free and kicked him hard in the groin. The blacksmith doubled over the bucket falling from his hands, making some of the men crowd jump back to avoid the burning tar.  Slowly the blacksmith straightened up, one had pressed to his groin, his face a mixture of pain and anger, the blacksmith pushed away the hands of the men trying to help him and snarled “turn the bastard round,” the man ordered. In one stride he was behind Ezra, and snatching knife off one of the cowboys he slashed Ezra’s jacket and shirt from neck to waist, not caring that he left a bloody cut in the gamblers skin. Then turning round he lifted up the bucket, and with a gloating look to the crowd that had suddenly gone silent he poured the boiling tar over the gambler’s back.


Pain exploded through Ezra, he screamed and screamed, the pain just didn’t stop, and his skin was on fire, he struggled like a mad man trying to break free from the hands holding him, but in the end all he could was give into the black void that offered an escape from the pain. The mob was baying for Ezra’s blood, they wanted more, they wanted to see him suffer, so he was dragged to the horse trough and his head was repeatedly ducked into the water, to bring him round, then he was dragged back and the tar was poured on this chest. His scream was cut off as he blacked out, he never saw the blacksmith raise the bucket and prepared to pour it over his head, or heard the bullets that drove the mob away from him.



Ezra came round, pain knifed through his body, and he couldn’t stop the cry of pure agony being wrenched from his throat. Then hands supporting his head, and a cup was pressed to his mouth, the liquid was bitter. Ezra tried to push the cup away, turning his face from it, the movement was too much for the injured man and he passed out.


Chris Larabee sat back in his chair, and put the cup down, the doctor, Vin had dragged out from his house, had reluctantly helped them. He had removed the tar, and with it sections of the gambler’s skin, leaving behind raw flesh. He had warned them that Ezra might die, that a fever would take hold, and the weakened man would succumb to it.  But Chris wouldn’t believe that, and the doctor had shrugged and given them a bottle of laudanum, grease, bandages and cooling powders, and left. For the next three days, the sentinels had cared for their guide, pouring water and broth into his mouth, and cleaning him as he soiled himself, battling against the fever, finally it had broken, and the doctor has finally conceded that Standish might survive.




Five days later

Ezra opened his eyes, and closed them quickly, everything seemed much too bright, and the pain had faded to a dull roar, his mouth tasted like a parrot cage. He frowned, he was propped up by pillows, when he moved he had to bite back, the cry of pain, he breathed quickly to try and ride through it. Hands shaking he clutched at the bed clothes, it was then he felt them, unlike the last time, there was no pain, just a warm glow that settled in his body. Slowly he raised one hand, biting his lip, to keep that hand steady, “Mister, T a   a  nner,” his voice sounded parched and weak. The tracker came  of the darkness, and knelt down by the side of the bed, he reached out and took his hand,  and with his other hand, using the lightest of touches  he stroked Ezra’s face, his finger tips brushing against the stubble on the gambler face . 


“Welcome back Ezra” it was said with feeling, people could lie, Ezra knew that, but the emotions that were pouring off the tracker could not be faked. The feral sentinel was projecting his concern for him, his need for him, and his growing primal anger at the men that had done this. It was then that Ezra knew what had to be done, he squeezed the feral’s hand, as he turned his face so that his lips brushed the palm of the sentinels other hand. It was the first time he had showed any submission to the feral, and then Ezra closed his eyes and let himself drift into sleep, knowing that he was safe.


Two hours later, Chris came into the room; he had gone to get something to eat and was bringing some food back to his lover and their guide. He paused in the doorway, Vin was settled on the floor, as close to their guide as he could get his head resting against Ezra’s thigh, eyes closed fast asleep.


Ezra opened his eyes the pain was coming back, but he needed to speak to Chris Larabee first, “You have to get me out of here Mr. Larabee.” Ezra took a couple of steadying breath, “Mr. Tanner.”  He was beginning to lose his battle against it, “he will kill them.” Stretching his fingers he managed to just, lightly stroke the Vin’s jaw, the feral, in his sleep, rubbed against his hand, before settling.

Chris poured a little of the laudanum into the glass, and added some water, supported Ezra’s head so that he could drink it.

“Ezra you’re in no condition to move, if.”

“I will not lose what I have now,” he carded his fingers through the unruly long hair of his feral sentinel. “If you do not help me, then I will do it myself.”

“Standish,” there was the warning to the tone, the growl of the alpha, but Ezra ignored it, and yawning wide as the drug took its hold on him.




The wagon was old but serviceable, and Buck had carried Ezra and placed him inside, after they had heavily sedated him. As they left town, the people had turned away from them, not wanting to catch the eyes of the gunmen. Chris handled the reins, while Vin sat by his side, his mare’s leg in his hand, at the ready, with Buck riding point, ready to protected their guides. They had only been out on the trail for two days when Ezra’s fever had returned, and they had been forced to get help.

The ranch was just across from the small stream, and when the rancher heard the horses splashing through the water and the rattle of a wagon, he had come out on his porch, a scatter gun in his hand.


Dan Carson, told his wife to stay back inside, he knew gunmen when he saw them, and the one in black, looked dangerous, then his gaze landed on the man next to him, and his grip tightened on the scattergun.

“What do you boys want,” Dan said.


“Water if you can spare it.”


Carson appreciated the courtesy, they could see the stream, but instead of just taking it, had asked.


“Come on in, there’s a trough for the horses and a hand pump, help yourselves.”

The wagon jolted and Ezra cried out, the rancher started towards it, and then froze, as he looked down the barrel of a gun, hell the man in black was fast. Dan lowered the scatter gun, “easy mister, sounds like you need more than just water, my wife does her fair share of healing, and she might be able to help.” There was a long pause, and then Chris nodded.


Mrs. Liz Carson, had once been a stunning woman, but the harshness of the life she lead had leeched out her beauty, but she had a good heart, and immediately insisted on Ezra being brought into the her home.

Her horror at seeing the condition that Ezra was in had hardened into a determination that she was not going to allow this young man to die. 

Liz shook her head, as she saw the laudanum, “We don’t need that, Mr. Larabee, it causes more problems than it solves, now we need to get the fever down, but first we need to get these burns dressed.”  Picking up the bottle the doctor gave them she tutted, and then went to the kitchen and took down a big jar of molasses, coming back into the bedroom, she saw the look the gunman gave her. “This is what my mother taught me Mr. Larabee, and it does work; now I am going to need your help. While the gunman supported the injured man, she covered Ezra’s back with a thick layer of molasses, immediately he began to rest easier. Liz smiled, and gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, and then saturated cotton batting and while Chris held it in place she wrapped it round his chest. Finally Chris lowered him back on the bed; his hand brushing the gambler’s forehead, the fever was still taking hold of him. They were going to be in for a long night.


Early Morning

Ezra’s eyes flickered open, and he licked his parched lips, and frowned as he focused on the wooden wall, slowly he rolled his head to the other side, the last thing that he remembered was riding in the wagon. Buck Wilmington sat sprawled in a rocking chair, the big man’s head was thrown backward and he was snoring gently.  Right near the bed was a small table and on it was a small glass jug of water, it looked so good.


Ezra tried to call out to Buck but his mouth was too dry, he could stop a moan as he reached out. Buck came awake, and was immediately by his side, he reached out a hand and brushed Ezra’s forehead.

“Your fever’s broken Ezra, you certainly had us worried for a while.”


“Your horse.”


“Got him back, we’ll talk about that later, once you’re fit.”


Ezra’s concern was the feral sentinel “Mr. Tanner.”


“Vin’s resting next door.”


“Did he.”


“Junior is still pissed off at them” as he spoke Buck poured a glass of water, “But we got him out before he went after them.” Buck eased the gambler up and coaxed him to drink, “slowly does it, don’t want it coming back up again.”

Finally when he was sure that Ezra had drunk his fill, Buck eased him back down. Then fussed round making sure that the injured man was resting comfortable.

“You need anything just give me a call.” He started towards his chair and then stopped, and turned back, “You did good back there Ezra, only a true guide would have risked their lives to protect their sentinel, like you did when you told us to leave Clear Ridge to protect Vin from what he would have done to those people. You did real good Ez.” Then winked at the stunned man, and gave him a grin.

Ezra slowly he opened his mind, and he felt them, the feral, the predator, and this gamma. Bonding, that one through dominated their minds, along with the need to protect and care for him. He was going to have to think on this, he didn’t expect that. It was humbling to know that these men had cared for him. These men, all but strangers to him had cared for him, fed and watered him, and took care of all his bodily needs, and all because he was a guide, no he corrected their guide. He would have to think on it. With a yaw he let his eyes close and a soothing healing sleep to claim him.



Ezra woke to the feeling of uncontrollable aggression, it rolled over his mind, like barred wire tearing at this flesh, it could be only one man Chris Larabee his alpha. In this state a predator alpha would kill anyone that stood in its way, Ezra struggled to clear his mind, his sentinels needed him.  It was then he heard the low growling give way to soft breathless moans. In the half light Ezra saw them the predator was seated in the chair, the feral was on his knees, his face pressed to the  older man’s groin, his mouth wrapped round the predator, sucking on him, as the predator’s hands held his head, the tapered fingers running through the long hair, as he encourage the feral. The predator’s eyes suddenly fixed on him, and it almost drove the air from his lungs the intensity of the look, ignited a heat in his battered body. When with a barely suppressed roar he tightened his grip on the ferals head and began to thrust finally coming hard, the feral didn’t fight the grip, taking all that he was given. The predator sank back on the chair, as the feral leaned back, the limp spent cock slipping from his mouth; he quickly licked the older man clean, and then sat back an almost shy smile on his face. Chris leaned down caught Vin’s hand and pulled him into his arms, and kissed him, deepening it as if he couldn’t get enough of his soul mate. Ezra watched as Chris reluctantly let Vin ease down to sit on the floor, one arm wrapped round his alpha’s leg his head resting against Chris’s knee, as Chris petted his hair. The aggression was gone now, replaced by contentment, and peace.


He let his head drop back down on the pillow, and closed his eyes, tears beaded them, the  emotions coming off the two men was something he had never had, their love was total and unconditional. This was what they had wanted to give him, but he had run, because the feral had frightened him and he couldn’t believe that anyone would want him.  But they had come for him; they had cared for him when he couldn’t even wipe his own backside, no one had ever done that for him before, without there being a price, now he was ready to make the commitment to them. Next time he wouldn’t run. Ezra sensed the feral leaning over him, and then soft lips kissed his eyes, sweeping away the tears, with cat like licks before lightly brushing his lips in a chaste kiss, but Ezra tasted his alpha on his ferals lips, Ezra was unable to stop a pained whimper, as his need to join with them was almost physical then he opened his eyes and looked up into the face of his feral, the predator stood by his side.


Slowly he raised a shaking hand, his finger tips brushing his feral’s face, Vin leaned into the touch, his eyes closing as he basked into the touch of his guide and Ezra knew that there was nothing to fear now.



 Ezra yawned and winced at the pain in his back, a firm hand supported his head, and shoulders and he was coaxed to drink a little of the herb fusion that Mrs. Carson had made for him. He saw Vin glance back to his Chris, and the small nod of the head. Ezra was eased back on the bed and then Vin carefully joined him, reaching out and pulling him gently against him, holding him close so that Ezra could rest against his lean body, he felt protected and loved, dipping his head slightly, Ezra pressed a kiss to Vin’s throat, and then drifted off to sleep, lulled by the steady sound of his sentinel’s heart beat.


When he opened his eyes again, the feral and predator was gone, and Buck Wilmington was again sat in the rocking chair, his head thrown back snoring softly, the noise was soothing and Ezra drifted back to sleep

It was two days later that Ezra allowed Chris to help him into the wagon, Dan Carson had refused any offer of money but did get a promise, if he ever needed them, the four of them would come, in the lawless times they lived it was a favor that he would not call on lightly.




It was now two months after the attack, his skin was scarred but healed, and he knew that he could no longer put off the bonding. In the two months, he had gotten used to Vin, the quiet Texan, often spoke no more than a handful of words in a day, but had wicked senses of humor, and would stand up face to face with Larabee where any sane man would have run for the storm shelters. Vin was a good man, and would be a good sentinel but a wild one. Chris Larabee was a formable, darkly intense, and totally ruthless, the perfect predator sentinel, but instead of finding it constricting he felt protected for the first time in his life. Buck Wilmington was a caring man, but god help the person that hurt what he considered his. This was his pack, and suddenly that word didn’t seem as frightening.




The Town of Blue Creek was quiet, it would start to pick up at the weekend when the cowboys came in, but for the moment it was the peaceful haven that the sentinels wanted for their guide.


So that evening Ezra had faced down the three sentinels and said in a level voice even as their eyes seemed to burn through to his very soul.


“I will bond with you.”  Then he had hurried out of the room, as he had felt the relief radiating from the men. Lost in thought he was walking down the darken street, when he realized that he wasn’t along, he turned quickly but could see no one. When he turned back, he jump back a step, Vin Tanner was stood in front of him. The blue eyes burned hot and the smile was promised what was to come.

Ezra dived down the alleyway, and found himself entering the side entrance of the Livery. Vin was only a step behind him and Ezra found himself backed into the horse’s stall, by his feral sentinel.

“Now Mr. Tanner, as much as I appreciate your attention, I don’t think that Mr. Larabee will like it if you start without him.” He watched as the feral didn’t break stride.


“Chris, don’t have a problem with this Ez, knows I have to be close ta you.”  Vin moved so that one hand was pressed against the wall of the stall, at the side of Ezra’s head, his other hand lightly touched the gambler’s face.


This side of the feral was a revelation to Ezra; he could see the need burning in the blue eye as Vin fought to keep his emotions in check. Then he remembered what Chris had said, that Vin had never bonded, that few feral ever find a guide willing to take them on. It was almost painful to see the way that Vin was waiting for rejection, to have his very nature thrown back in his face.


It was then Ezra knew what he had to do, he could calm the feral just as the feral in his turn had calmed the predator. He was all too aware that time was running out for him, the bond was coming, and rather than running he had to control it. Carefully so not to spook the feral he raised his own hand, and gently stroked Vin’s jaw with his thumb, and when the feral lowered his face so he could scent at this palm, Ezra closed his eyes, and no longer tried to block Vin’s emotions. The feral needed to bond, to bury himself deep inside of him, and to make the connection of mind and body. But this wasn’t the place, but the feral needed something from him, a pledge, to make up for running out on them. The predator had given him a second chance, but the feral by his nature needed more than words it needed actions.


Slowly Ezra sank down to his knees in the straw, and reached out, he stroked up the inside of Vin’s thigh from knee to groin, the groan from the feral was deep throated, and seemed to reach down to Ezra’s very soul.  He looked up and smiled as he saw that the feral was now bracing himself with both arms against the back of the stall, as his hips pushed forward trying to maximize the touch of their soon to be claimed guide.


Ezra cupped the feral through his pants, he could feel how hard he was, he spoke softly to Vin, reassuring him, with words as he undid the button of his pants and eased him out. Leaning forward he blew across the straining cock, Vin bucked in his hands, the moan became a choked back howl, as the gambler swallowed him to the root, his hands gripping Vin’s hips. He began to work on the feral, alternating licks with deep throating him, and soft sucks, the feral was shaking in his hands, just as Vin climaxed he pulled away from Ezra and came splattering his seed over the wall of the stall, as he collapsed against it.

Ezra got to his feet, brushing off the straw and then coming behind Vin wrapped his arms round his waist, and lowered his head onto his back, “You didn’t have to do that Mr. Tanner.”


“Chris is the alpha he takes you first,” Vin said, his face solemn, and then he pulled Ezra into a hug, as he lowered his head to rest it against the gambler, touching foreheads with him.


Ezra patted Vin’s back, and then he eased away from him. “I think we should find Mr. Larabee,” he started towards the door of the livery and then turned back, a smile twitched his lips, “I should close the stable door Mr. Tanner, I don’t think that Mr. Larabee would like you advertising the goods so to speak.” He touched his hat with two fingers and whistling headed back towards the saloon. Vin swore and buttoned up his pants and quickly followed his guide.


As they got close to the saloon they could see Chris Larabee stood leaning against a post, smoking one of his habitual cheroots, as Buck finished off his mug of beer.

Ezra strode past them, and into the Saloon, heading for a poker game, when a big hand caught his elbow and spun him round, and he was firmly taken up the stairs to his room.


“Mr. Wilmington there is no need for this; I assure you that I am going to bond.”


“Heard it before Ez I think we should talk about it, seeing as you’re getting skittish again, and I don’t think the boys can go through that again.” 


Buck followed the gambler in the room, “This ain’t just fucking you know that Ez its bonding, your pack Ez, and you have to start thinking as pack. All of Buck’s movements were slow and steady, as he reached out to calm the younger guide.


Ezra looked at him thoughtfully, “Mr. Wilmington I have to leave town.”


“Ezra you can’t run, Vin will hunt you down. Hell even I can smell his scent on you, no one escapes from a feral and a predator. All your do is put them into a bonding frenzy.”


“I am not trying to run, Mr. Wilmington, but I cannot bond here.”  He paused, “A saloon is not the place that I choice,” a small smile touched his lips, “and I believe that it is the guide’s privilege to choose the location for the bond. So Mr. Wilmington, you will tell Misters Larabee and Tanner that I will meet them at our last camp site, but I would prefer that you give me an hour’s start, I have preparations to make.” He took a deep breath, “There I will bond, giving up myself to them, one heart, one mind, one soul. Just give me an hour Mr. Wilmington.”




Ezra was  in front of the campfire, he had stripped naked, the blankets he had used to make a bonding nest, were new, but the blanket that he had wrapped round him belonged to his alpha.  The bottle of whiskey was he held loosely in his hands, was not for him, but for his sentinels a gift, along with the food he had laid out. He had thought he had more time to plan, but Vin’s condition had deteriorated fast than he had thought. That was why Chris had sent Vin to him, an unvoiced message that the time to bond was close.


He didn’t have to hear the horses to know that they had arrived; he could feel them, like a fire in his blood that ignited in his belly, making him achingly hard, his sentinels the only men that could do this to him.


Slowly Ezra got to his feet, hands by his side; the anger was coming off the sentinels like a wave, as they stalked towards him. Buck followed, behind them and favored him with a grin and a shrug.


Ezra was a proud man, he had been independent nearly for the whole of his life, and had bent his knee to no man and had accepted no master. He had been beaten within the inch of his life once for refusing to admit to cheating when he hadn’t, he had survived being tarred. But now he had to submit, to his alpha, to open his mind, his body and soul to another, and there was no turning back. Once done, he would never be alone again, these men would know his innermost thoughts and emotions and that for Ezra was more frightening than any physical pain. When Ezra reached his hand out, he saw his hand was shaking, he clenched his fist and hit his hand against his thigh to still the tremor, he tried again, this time his hand was rock steady. 


Ezra reached out with his mind, he sought out Chris the first connect was feather light, like a finger tip caress, trying to defuse the aggression. Chris cocked his head slightly as he nodded to Vin to go forward, as he lifted a hand to rub his temple, then his eyes had flared with a yellow light, the color of old gold, his lips pulling back into a snarl as he realized what Ezra was doing.  Ezra couldn’t help a smile, if the predator thought he could scare him, he was wrong, the formable shields that the predator possessed had opened to him, and he saw the true heart of the man, and there was nothing to fear there.  He turned his attention to the feral, as the younger man took his hand and drew him close, his mind connected with Vin, “Easy Mr. Tanner, I am not going anywhere, I am here for you.”


The voice he heard in his mind had the same rasping accent as the spoken voice, but there was a hesitation to it. “Don’t want to hurt you Ez, can’t hurt you.”


“You will not hurt me Vin, I am your guide, let me lead you,” Ezra   leaned into him, and rubbed his face against Vin’s jaw, he could feel the wildness that was part of his nature, Ezra soothed Vin, balancing the predator and the feral. “Trust me,” he breathed the two words out loud. Ezra  tilted his face so that his lips brushed across the tracker’s mouth, as with his other hand Ezra pushed the slouched hat off Vin’s head so that it hung by its storm strap on his back, as Ezra buried his finger in the long hair, anchoring the tracker, as he increased his kiss, his tongue pushing into the warm cavern of Vin’s mouth, the kiss deepening, as he let he blanket drop to the ground, and pressed his naked body up against his feral sentinel, “trust me with your heart, and your soul Vin, I will not let you fall,” he still felt the hesitation in his feral. “Trust me” he pleaded this time he felt Vin’s mind slowly open to him. He rewarded him with another kiss, “Pleasure doesn’t have to be paid in pain, Vin.” he reassured the younger man.


Ezra lowered his other hand, and gently felt the feral through his pants, stroking and petting him, the  growl was low and deep throated and even as it sent a shiver down him,  he felt the sexual heat burn through his mind,  it made Ezra so hard that he thought he was going to explode. Then he felt Chris press up against him, and nuzzle at his throat, one hand gripped his hip, the other hand took his cock, even as he felt the predator press against him hard enough for him to know that he alpha was aroused, in his head it was fire and ice, his knees buckled under the two way assault of mind and body.


But Vin’s hand was gripping his other hip, and he knew that his predator and feral would never let him fall,  as Vin broke the kiss to nuzzle at Ez’s throat, his hand replacing the predator’s on his cock.


 Somehow Ezra found the words to admonish his predator, “Mr. Larabee, will you desist from sniffing my neck, and,” he broke off with a yelp as the  feral nipped his throat and the predator his shoulder , and the predators  questing finger brushed over his center, pressing against it but not opening him


Ezra came hard, his cum spraying over his belly, and his feral's hand, his knees gave and he would have fallen again if he hadn’t been held, Chris’s sexy rough chuckle in his ear shook him to his very core, their thoughts in his mind was like molten lava, images flashed before his eyes of what they wanted to do to him, with him, for him to be held, bent and taken repeatedly as each joining sealed their mind bond until they where one with him.


Chris’s voice was in his head as the predator for the first time spoke through their link, “Ez you still with us.”


But Ezra was trying to get his breath back under control , he closed his eyes, and felt hands on his body, stroking and caressing him, a mouth it had to be the feral was nuzzling his chest, licking and sucking his nipples, foundling his limp cock. Ezra felt himself arching forward, trying to increase the sensation, of the feather light sentinel touch that was starting to drive him mad with need. Hands caught him and he was gently manhandled into the nest of blankets, and onto his back.

Yes Chris I am here, how could I sleep through that,” Ezra reached out blindly to try and touch his sentinels, his eyes suddenly flew open, as he felt the cat licks to his inner thigh and long lick up his  cock.


The feral was now naked and on all fours straddling him, Vin’s head was down, then he looked up, the look in the blue eyes took Ezra’s breath away, as in his mind Ezra could see the feral’s past the rejections and abuse he had suffered as a child, the tough life he had lead, that had aged him mentally long past his physical years.


You are no longer alone Vin, you are part of us, and we are part of you” Ezra reassured him, pleased to see the trust that now shone from those blue eyes.

Reaching out Ezra slides his fingers into the long hair, and tugged it gently, and the feral crawled up him, his lithe body, and heavy cock rubbing against him, leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum on his belly, its contact became a sweet torture for the gambler. Closing his eyes, savoring the touches, Ezra focused and through a swirling mist he saw himself, face flushed with need, lips parted as he panted, as he looked through the eyes of his feral, suddenly he heard his name called in that rasping Texan accent and opened his eyes and was back to the present.

“That Mr. Tanner  was certainly different, you are a man of many talents,” Ezra laughed softly, making sure that Vin knew it was not at him, his reliant self controlled, deadly feral was not sure of people, he had been alone too long, but that would change he would never be cold or hungry again if one Ezra P Standish could help it.


The feral was knelt over him, his heavy encouraged cock swaying just above Ezra’s lips, the gambler hands reached out to rest on the feral hips, caressing his skin lightly, as he tipped his head up to meet the proud column of flesh. His tongue flicked across the straining length, once, twice, little licks, as he needed the smooth skin of Vin’s hips, he could hear the feral moaning, a primal deep guttural noise that made Ezra so hard it was hurting him. The thought of this wild, dangerous man, this feral sentinel wanting him, was almost too much for him, Ez wanted to give him pleasure, wanted to feel him, no to feel him and his alpha take him

Whereas the feral in his mind was fire, the predator was Ice.


“You sure you want this Ezra” Chris asked, the man pushing past the predator, Ezra rolled his head so that he could see the blond man knelt behind the feral. That moment consideration meant the world to Ezra, he knew that if he wanted Chris would stop but he didn’t want that. His mind was already blending with theirs and the point of no return had been reached.


Do it Chris now.” Ezra’s mind rolled over Chris’s letting the other men feel what he was feeling, that his need to join was just as great as there is.  He heard Vin groan and press against his mouth, as he took him; he felt his legs being pushed up, so that the soles of his feet flat rested on the blanket, then his knees were parted.


Chris lifted his head from where he was fondling his guide, and checked the sentinel net he had thrown round the three of them, no one had entered that area, and his guide was safe, his head snapped round to look at Buck, but the gamma was sat peacefully at the fire, on guard.  The predator’s attention returned to the guide and his whole world seem to constrict to the guide’s center pulsed under his finger tips, in time to the beat of his heart. Chris removed his hand dipped it into the goose grease, and then pressed his finger against their guides centre, pushing into him making the smaller man jolt, taking the Feral deeper into his mouth, a moan from Vin was both vocal and vibrated through their bond.

Ezra increased his sucking, and felt a flush of pride as his feral arched and thrust into his mouth, he could feel a building of heat at the pit of his stomach, and the deep throat moans of his feral made Ezra increase his tempo, working to  bring the feral off.


 He felt the explosion of heat in his mind as the feral was building towards his climax, Vin’s words in his head where jumbled as the younger man lost his words, as his emotions got the best of him, Ezra didn’t need the words, he understood Vin perfectly, the strands of emotions he felt were intertwined they were of love, a need to protect him, sexual excitement, tempered with a weariness that all wild animals had of being hurt.  Chris ran a soothing hand over his soul mate’s back, calming him; bring him back down from the edge, speaking softly to him “Slow cowboy ease Vin.”  Even as he teased Ezra’s hole, now pushed inside of him and twisting his fingers, and the gambler groaned against the tracker’s straining flesh, his tongue flicking over the sensitized head making Vin throw back his head and howl. Without any conscious through, Ezra began to suck him to the same pace as those tantalizing fingers, pushed in and out of his pulsing center, yet refused to touch the sweet spot inside of him.


Then with a smile that was as sexy as it was evil, Chris suddenly twisted his fingers deep inside of Ezra, as the three fingers began to fuck him, roughly, Ezra tried to angle his hips to meet the questing fingers to take them deeper inside of him. Then Chris moved his hand again, and hit the sweet spot, making Ezra howl as he thrust down on them, sucking harder, the connection between the three men snapping and firing, as Ezra toppled over the edge as he climaxed, his mind overloaded by the emotions of his sentinels the mingling of fire and ice, feral and predator.



Ezra came round to a nip on the throat; the feral was laid down now propped up on his elbow, looking down at him. Bending the feral leaned down again and licked where he had nipped him and nuzzled against his throat then followed the jaw line to just belong the ear. The rasping Texan accent was soft against his ear “Bucklin said you where tense, you better now.”


Ezra raised a hand and lightly petted Vin’s head and shoulder, “Mr. Tanner, I am so far from tense, you would not believe it,” and chuckled softly.


“Ezra,” Chris was laid on the other side of him.


“Better than fine Mr. Larabee,” Ezra said, with a yawn, as he rolled his head to look at this predator, at the same time tipping his chin to allow Vin more access to his throat.


“Vin,” Chris reached out a hand across the sated guide to stroke his mates sweat soaked body, he frowned and snagged one of the new blankets and pulled it up and over them as Vin snuggled up close to Ezra. Chris knew how cold his thin blooded Texan could get so he wanted to make sure that he was warm, he sent his thanks to Ezra for remembering that. A smile touched Chris’s handsome face as Ezra through their link huffed didn’t he thinks he knew how to care for his sentinels. Under the blanket he stroked and petted Vin, soothing him, with his hands, and mind even as he kissed Ezra. His guide’s hand cupping the back of his head, so that he could control the kiss, then Ezra broke the kiss, leaning back against the blanket as Chris claimed Vin’s mouth, in a long lingering kiss, plundering this soul mates mouth, as he dominated him, making sure that he knew that he was loved and treasured. Ezra eased out of the way as Vin was pulled over him, and rolled under his alpha, their love making was quick almost brutal as Chris pushed inside the willing body of his soul mate, the need to take him was overwhelming. From where he laid, Ezra was drawn to them, he knelt up, and ran his hands over their bodies, their emotions , of love and desire where flooding through him, the love making was silent except for their strained breathing, but Ezra could hear them in his mind, the cries and panted words of harder, faster, and their final completion, as the sank down onto the blankets. Ezra tugged the blankets from where they had fallen from their heaving bodies, and then pressed a kiss to each man in turn. “That was something gentlemen, truly inspiring.” He kissed them again, and gratefully came into their arms. 



As gamma, Buck’s job was to stand watch for them as they bonded.  He sat near the fire his hand inside his pants, as the emotions from the three men, washed over him, making him hard and he brought himself off, to release the sexual tension.  Then with a shaking hand he helped himself to the coffee and the flood that Ezra had left out for them.  It seemed that the gambler had everything under control for the moment, so he satisfied himself with keeping the three of them safe.

Because at the moment the feral and the predator were in such a highly aggregated state that anyone stumbling on them wouldn’t only get the shock of their life, but would be dead, because any strangers would be seen as a threat to the guide to be destroyed. So Buck settled down to keep his watch.



The three men slept, Ezra woke for the first time to the connection between them, and realized for the first time the reality of the bond, he would never be alone again, and he couldn’t stop the smile on his face.


The smile became mischievous as he saw Vin was awake the blue eyes still misty with sleep, firmly he pushed Vin back flat on his back  , laughing at the surprised look on his face, “What Mr. Tanner you think that I cannot take the lead, you are not the only alpha here.” He leaned in and kissed Vin, at the same time as his slide a hand down the feral’s body, brushing his nipples and rubbing him. Ezra’s coaxed his legs open, as he straddled him,  this way he was opening himself up for his alpha. With his free hand, Ezra reached back and caught Chris’s hand, pressing it to his ass, “Fuck me Mr. Larabee.”


“Formal aren’t we Ezra, considering I’ve had my fingers up your ass.”


“You have such a charming way to put it Mr. Larabee, I was hoping for something more substantial.”


“Jealous Ez” Vin drawled, laying back hands behind his head, watching the byplay with open amusement.


“Shut up Vin” the two men said it at exactly the same time, just as Vin moved his legs opening Ezra’s further.


“Mr. Larabee” Ezra ground to a halt as he felt Chris’s long fingers stroking down his crack, those same fingers slick with grease pushing back against his hole.


“Still open for me Ez.”

The gambler caught his breath as they entered his body; he began to pant as Chris began to work on opening him up again, “What’s the matter Ez, speechless.” Vin taunted as he stroked a hand up Ezra’s flat stomach, and then trailed his fingers over Ezra’s cock, tugging at it gently.


Ezra closed his eyes, as he felt his sentinel’s emotions crashing over him, as he began to move freely, wantonly on the fingers of his alpha, he linked with Vin and through his eyes he saw Chris move up behind him, preparing to enter him.

Ready Ezra” the words came to his mind, in answer Ezra moved forward onto his hands lifting his ass higher. The emotions in his head were near to bursting point, he could feel that his alpha needed to bury himself deep inside of him to posses him, was overwhelming. But at the same time Ezra could feel the predator pulling back not wanting to hurt him.


Finally the predator raised himself up, and pushed into Ezra, pausing to allow him to get use to the feeling of being filled and stretching. Until the predator was fully sheathed inside the tight hot body of their guide, he lay forward so that Ezra could feel his weight. Ezra was breathing hard, the sensation was overwhelming, but he needed more, words failed the normally eloquent southerner, and he could only answer in actions. Ezra began to rock against his alpha, still by some iron control the alpha didn’t move, and then Ezra realized what was needed. 


A groan of pleasure spilled from Ezra’s mouth as he began to thrust back in counter point to the thrusts of the alpha, at the same time allowing the rocking of his body to grin the hard cock of his feral that pressed between his legs and rubbed against his own straining cock. The pressure in his head began to build, he could no longer hold back their emotions, and he let them roll over him, three minds becoming one. Ezra was groaning his head rolling as he lost himself into the sensation, knowing that he didn’t want it to ever end, in his head the pressure was building, beyond what he had felt since their bonding had started. He could hear Vin calling out to him, and Chris his voice echoing his soul mates, as they told him how much he was loved, as they encouraged him as he writhed and ground his body trying to bring them all to their release. 


The alpha came hard flooding him with his seed at the same time as he bit down on the side of the guide throat, as Ezra came triggering the  feral, white light exploded behind Ezra’s eyes, and a searing blast scorched through his mind, igniting and joining the three of them together, as the fledgling bond was cemented.


Chris surfaced from the predator, he pressed a kiss to the base of Ezra’s neck, and then another to the small of his back, then he carefully withdrew from Ezra’s lax body. Only then did he ease Ezra into Vin’s arms, his soul mate gather their guide close tucking him against his shoulder. While Chris got up, and collected one of the water canteen and a couple of rags from his saddle bag, and padded back to the blankets. Wetting it he wiped the cum from Ezra’s body, then lovingly cleaned his mate before cleaning himself.  Only then did he settle down under the blankets, so that Ezra was sandwiched between them, as he drew Vin close to him his hand resting possessively on the trackers hip, as he leaned over Ezra’s body to kiss his lover. They could both feel the bond as a living force now, strengthening the connection the two men already had.


“Good addition to the pack cowboy” Vin drawled.


“Yeah, I think he’s going to work out real well” Chris said, and then yawned, “Never knew this bonding was so tiring,” then with a laugh he settled down to sleep. His fingers interlaced with Vin’s, the contentment came through the bond to Vin, another piece of his life had been returned to Chris, he had a guide again. Vin buried his face against Ezra’s hair and scented him, and gave a content smile, Ezra’s scent was now fused with theirs, and any sentinel would know just from his scent that Ezra had been claimed by them, tomorrow they would mark him, and the ancient ritual would be complete.



Buck moved over to Chris and knelt down, and pattered his shoulder, and when Vin began to stir, he stroked his hair, and back, pleased when the younger man calmed under his hand, then he petted Ezra a finger gently stroking his flushed face. Ezra managed to crack a eye open, and smiled to Buck, showing him that he was alright, Buck got up and went back to the fire, a happy man for the first time in three years Buck had a pack, a family again.



Ezra woke to the minds of his sentinels, the feral was buried under the blankets, Ezra could feel the weight of his head resting on his belly, a hand cupping his cock, his predator alpha was curled up round him, a arm wrapped possessively round him, his face  buried to the side of his throat. It was easy for Ezra to separate their mind in his head, Vin was dreaming, his mind a peace, but Chris as awake, the ice rather than being cold and forbidding was reassuring but he could sense the cracks in the ice, given time he would uncover the heat that lay under it.


“You’re my first guide since Sarah.” Chris said softly.


“Mr. Larabee, I would never attempt to replace her I.” He came to a halt in mid-sentence as Larabee placed a finger across his lips.


“I kinda think she would like it that I found Vin, and you, can never be the same.” Chris frowned as he felt Ezra pull back mentally from him slightly and cursed his lack of words. “I ain’t good with words Ezra, but want to you know that what I have with you both is different, than before, but I honor it just as highly. Guide Standish honored is your calling, honored is the guide in all Its form, honored is my soul mate, honored is our love.”


Ezra felt his mouth dropped open, he knew the words, all guides knew them, but to hear them said aloud and to hear them echoing through his mind, told him that Chris was being honest, and not just playing lip service to them. The predator was totally serious and that floored Ezra.  


Ezra was so lost in his thoughts that missed his feral waking and the breath was driven from his lungs as a warm mouth engulfed him and began sucking on his cock, he jerked back as he squawked “Mr. Tanner” in a rather higher tone that he would have managed normally. In his mind he felt his  feral panicky thinking he had done wrong quickly he reached a hand under the blanket and  wrapped his fingers in the trackers long hair, at the same time as he reassured his feral in his mind that he was not rejecting him, and welcomed his attentions, and guided his head back down. Ezra threw his head back on the blankets, as the feral put his talented mouth to work on him, his groans become louder as the predators hand found his nipples and began teasing them, assaulting his senses. Ezra came his body arching off the blankets to collapse down again, breathing hard his face flushed red as he came down from his climax, as he predator stroked his belly and face calming him, Ezra cranked his eyes open in time to see a smug Vin come up from under the blankets, licking his lip, only to have Chris kiss him, through the link Ezra knew that the two were sharing the taste of him.


“A wake up call to remember gentlemen,” Ezra said his voice a little shaky from his release, seeing the look between feral and predator, his lips lifted slightly, “I take it that this is not the end, merely an overture to the main event.”


Vin began to nibble his way down Ezra throat “what do you think Ez” he drawled.


Buck laughed “I think that Junior here is a mit hungry Ez, hope you have enough meat for him, the boy’s a regular cannibal.”


Ezra huffed back “I have never had any complaints Mr. Wilmington.”


Buck shook his head, “Lays there bare assed naked and still calls me Mr. Wilmington.”


Chris looked up at this oldest friend, “Hell Buck, I had my fingers up his ass and he still calls me Mr. Larabee what chance do you have?” then he coolly looked Buck up and down “I think that you over dressed Buck, you have a guide to claim.”


For a heart beat Buck just looked at him, then his eyes switched to Vin who had broken off from tormenting Ezra and cocked his head to one side, and nodded before diving back down to nip at his guide’s lower belly, and his inner thighs, before working his way back up to his nipples already sensitive and swollen, he blew across the wet taunt skin and Ezra shuddered overwhelmed by the sensations the feral was wringing from his body.


Buck stripped quickly and knelt by Ezra’s head, as Vin mounted their guide, under the watchful eyes of their alpha. Ezra was on all fours his head hanging down his mouth open, as he moaned as the feral took him, hitting his prostate with each thrust, his body was shaking, sweat soaked his hair, and body.


Ezra’s mind was as open as his body, he felt them all gamma, feral and predator, and their connection was strong, and pulsating in time with each of his counter thrusts to Vin hard thrusts, as he channels their emotions and looped them back intensifying them.


Suddenly the feral’s hips were gripped stopping him moving, his head snapped round, showing his teeth in a snarl, he looked straight into the face of his alpha then he understood. By strength of will he halted, his body shaking with the need to move, but waiting for his alpha. The predator, straddled Ezra’s  body, presenting his engorged cock to the feral, the feral leaned forward his mouth taking the predator, as hands older man’s hands went into ferals long hair. The alpha set the pace as he fucked his lover’s mouth, the younger man began to move in and out of Ezra in time with his alpha.  The sweat ran down the lean body of the feral dripping onto Ezra’s body,  Ezra felt as if his head was about to explode, as the pressure inside of his mind grew. Then he realized that Buck was knelt in front of him, legs spread, the big man’s hand stroking his head and shoulders, then dipping under him to rub at sensitive nipples, swollen by the earlier sucking and nuzzling of the feral. Ezra buried his face in Bucks lap, and then took him into his mouth, and began sucking him, as all three sentinels connected with him.


Ezra could feel the feral nearing his climax, the buildup in his head and in his body, then he felt Buck for the first time, the gamma was like a wave of peace in his mind, and Ezra couldn’t help smiling even as he deep throated his sentinel, reveling in hearing the bigger man moan.


The feral climaxed screaming his name, that echoed through their link even as his vocal cry was muffled by his alpha’s cock, the sensation triggering the alpha’s climax as he too called Ezra’s name; eagerly the feral swallowed all that he could give him. Ezra came hard as he felt the feral come, as he brought Buck off; the big man echoed his name.  Ezra felt their emotions, their unconditional love for him as their guide and their lover, it smashing through all his carefully prepared defenses that he had created over the years, laying all their minds open to each other. No more secrets,  and as they had climaxed the fledgling bond was strengthened  and sealed, his pack, united in his body and mind as he took their seed into him, one heart, one soul, one body.


Exhausted the four men slept their bodies intertwined together, with Ezra in their centre. Ezra had felt the men drop asleep, their minds become quite in his head, but not gone, he could feel their life force. Now and only now he pressed against the link, accessing their minds. In Chris he saw the return to the horse ranch, with Buck, the horror of the burned out building, through Chris’s eyes he watched as he alpha had torn through the blackened building timbers only to find their burned bodies. The loss of his family had nearly killed the black dressed alpha, and he knew that as long as he lived Chris would always wear black, mourning the death of his family. But with Vin, Chris had begun to live again, but that he would never live through the loss of the long haired tracker. Tears silently ran down Ezra’s face as he knew how strong Chris had had to have been to not follow his beloved family into death.


Vin he had ready seen some of his past, but before the images were weak more impressions know he could see fully, and it sickened him, as he witnessed the abuse and beatings the orphaned Vin Tanner had lived through the creation of the boy into the man he was privileged to know today.


Buck’s mind was a riot of color, his mother had been a whore, but the small family had loved, and he had grown up with a large group of aunties that had spoiled him rotten. Only then did Ezra push back across the link and for the first time the very private gambler released his own memories to his sentinels. He made no attempt to hold anything back, the good and the bad they saw, exhausted by his mental confession he drifted with them into sleep. One thing was certain life for the four of them would never be the same again.





Two days later, Ezra Standish was sat at a corner table in the local saloon, playing poker, a growing pile of coins and notes in front of him. His body was still sore from the bonding, after that mind melting bond, Buck had taken him gently as if he was made of china, as the alpha and feral had pleasured each other, before turning back to him, the memories made him smile to himself, he moved on his chair and suppresses a wince, but he wouldn’t have changed it for the world. He didn’t have to look round to know that his sentinels where close by, he could feel them, the fire that was  Mr. Tanner, the Ice that was Mr. Larabee and the peace that was Mr. Wilmington.


He was plying his trade with a group of cowboys that had just got in town off a cattle drive; they had money that was burning a hole in their pockets.  The bearded cowboy Matt Allen had been mouthy to begin with, not letting a moment pass when he wasn’t spitting some comment at Ezra. As their money slowly but shortly, started to get piled up in front of the gambler, Matt Allen was getting more and more frustrated.


Suddenly Allen exploded from his seat, pushing the table into Ezra and pinning him back against the Saloon wall. As he pulled his gun, leveling it straight at Ezra he snarled, “Cheating no good tin horn gambler, I,” he broke off as he heard a chair being kicked back and a voice low and deadly say, “Get off of him.”


“Yeah I will when he gives me my money, so butt the hell out of here.” Allen didn’t bother to turn round, confident in his friends to watch his back.


“Err Matt you best turn around,” Jeff Clark stuttered, backing away as he kept his hands clear of his gun.


Matt swore and turned, and the breath caught in his throat, there was only one gunman that wore all black, and that was Chris Larabee, standing there in the flesh and looking as pissed off as a rattler.


“He cheated,” Allen said lamely.


“Ez don’t need to cheat he’s that good,” Chris Larabee lifted one eyebrow, “you calling me a liar, mister.”


“No, err no, of course not I, err.” Allen backed away and hurried out of the saloon.


Ezra had felt the aggression pouring off his alpha, and he didn’t have to turn to know that Vin was near the bar his hand resting on his mare’s leg, Buck was over by the stairs his arm round a saloon girl his other hand on his gun. Each of his sentinels had broadcasted their need to protect him, as if they had shouted it from the rooftop. This was his family not of the blood but of the bond and of the pack, he would never be along again.


“A timely intervention Mr. Larabee, but totally uncalled for, I did have everything under control.”


Over Chris’s shoulder he saw Vin grin at him, the tracker’s hand was rested on his chest the fingers moving in time to his heart beat, Ezra looked up at Chris indigently, as he saw the smug look on his  alpha’s face, the man had been reading his vital signs.


“Sure you did Ez,” Chris drawled then to the other men he added “enjoy your game” and he headed over to the bar, his gaze running over his mate, a slight inclination of the head, and Vin drained his drink, and followed him out to the livery, Ezra caught their thoughts, it seemed that horses were far from the alpha’s mind, more in line with taking his young lover to the hay loft, while Buck took over the watch on their guide. Tomorrow they would move on, but for the moment they would enjoy what the town could give them.


The end