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Senior Sentinel Prime Christopher Andrew Larabee had read the law to the shocked and stunned members of the Denver clan, after he had defeated Sentinel Prime Ryan to take it over in time honored tradition. Ezra was all too aware that if he hadn’t stopped him Chris would have killed Ryan, and at that moment Vin would have killed  Ryan’s second in command, removing any threat to Chris’s challenge, before it was allowed to happen.

The dark bond was running through them, it was there but not yet fully formed, and Ezra mused if this was only a fraction of its power, what it was going to be like when it was at its full strength was realized in the final stage of the bond. Already he had noticed differences, Vin had as feral sentinel fast reflexes, but now they seemed to be notched up even higher, the same with Chris, he could feel the power building as his alpha took on a role that seemed like Vin’s to be hardwired to his very soul. 

Slowly he leafed through the journal on the desk, it was a report by Dr Blair Sandburg of the University of Cascade, Washington, it argued the reality of the dark bond, and documented evidence of his own dark bond with his sentinel. The doctor was clearly into meditation and spiritual shamanism, well he could always talk that through with Josiah, the profiler and ex preacher would give him and insight into that area of it, but the more he read it the more Ezra wasn’t that sure about the importance of it. Sandburg was very much a shaman that came thought what if the nature, the true nature of the guide influenced the form of the final stage of the dark bond.  Then each dark bond would be taking on an identity of its own. Ezra got up and poured some of the excellent malted whiskey into a glass, and took a few minutes to gaze through the window at his three sentinels working out at the corral with a new stud stallion they had just brought, and for a moment the scene wavered like a road on a hot day, and they changed, giving him a glimpse of dark long clothes, a sword strapped to Vin’s back and at the hips of Buck and Chris, and then just as suddenly it was gone. Ezra shook his head, and went back to the journal, and flicked through a couple of chapters until he found the page, he read quickly and then sank down in the chair, and looked up to the heavens, what the hell had he gotten himself into.


Coming out of the ranch house, Ezra found he was immediately pinned by three pairs of eyes, and was mentally buffeted by the sensory scans of the three men. “Mr. Larabee it seems I was remise and left a file back at the office,” he shrugged “I will only be an hour at the most.”

“No problem Ez, I’ll get my jacket.” Vin drawled and stripping off his gloves as he started back to the ranch.

“No need Mr. Tanner, just a quick.”

“Vin goes.” Chris ruled and his tone was that of the alpha.

“Mr. Larabee the clan was left in no doubt as to what you and Mr. Tanner would do if I was hurt in anyway by them; I think I will be lucky if any of them come within twenty feet of them. I happen to know that Mr. Wilmington wants to check up on Mr. Dunne, why not kill two birds with one stone.”

Chris seemed to consider it, “Okay Buck, it’s your watch.”

“The watch has been passed and taken,” Buck intoned, Ezra could feel the concern for him crackling between the three sentinels, and were as he was frustrated by its confinement, he could understand Chris needing him protected until he was sure that there would be no clandestine challenge to his authority, and that was colored in the formal words used for his protection.


Federal building

Ezra watched as Buck was waylaid by one of the secretaries a middle aged lady, that was the  think about Buck he loved all women, no matter their age, size or color he adored them, and would happily chat away with them. Giving his watch dog a wave of the hand Ezra started towards their office and then cut off down a side corridor and hit the elevator call button. All the time he kept breathing slowly, any hitch in his heart beat and Buck would be barreling towards him. Quickly he stepped in the elevator and hit the eight floor button, Judge Travis’s secretary was surprised to see him, but he was past her and through the door before she could s top him.

He saw the judge start “what the hell” and the older man grabbed for some photographs he had laid on the desk, but not before Ezra saw a glimpse of naked bodies. “What do you want Agent Standish?” The judge snapped at him.

“There is a sentinel situation that will need your assistance.”

“Then what can I do, you’re the expert or so you told everyone.”

“I never said I was an expert judge, but I am their guide. There is a sentinel state which is rare, only one other documented case has been recorded 100 years, it’s known as a dark bond, for that reason I need to take Chris, Vin and Buck away from this environment.”

“Our sentinel medical.” The judge now showed his concern.

Ezra cut him off, “it is not a medical situation, nothing that nature can not cure, with time, I would request that team seven is taken off active duty for the next three weeks, during which time I will have this situation in hand.”


“With due respect Judge Travis, if you check subsection 7889 of the Guide Emancipation Act of 2008, you will see that a guide had overall responsibility for his sentinel’s health both physical and mental welfare, I would not like to cite this act but if must be.”

“I am quite aware of the Act, Standish, I had Mr. Norton review all relevant legislation regarding yourself and team seven.”  Ezra saw the way that the judge tapped his fingers on the desk, “Dr Morgan has been concerned that you have not had time to blend with your sentinels and had suggested that you to one of the sanctuary camps.”

Here it comes Ezra thought, he would stick his heels in and tie himself to the ranch before he went to one of the sanctuary camps, it was as if the judge sensed it because he added “It seems that team seven missed the last team bonding event” there was a slight smile on the word bonding as the judge added “excuse the pun it wasn’t intended. You get Chris on the team bonding week and get him to attend the temper management talks and you will have your time Standish.”

Ezra smiled and he saw the effect it had on the older man “I already have the paperwork here Judge, it just needs your signature.” Oh the judge might think that he could manipulate them, but he was a rank amateur where Ezra was concerned.

As the judge  read the through the pages Ezra gently opened himself up to the old man’s emotions, embracement, and guilt clung to Travis’s mind, there was also fear, not an emotion that he associated with the judge. Then he heard Buck’s bellowing voice in the outer office “Mr. Wilmington.” Ezra had just said the name as the big gamma came stalking in.

“What the hell Ez, I.” Buck trailed at a halt as the judge scowled at him. “Sorry Judge” he added quickly

“Your papers Standish.”

“Thank you for  your assistance in this matter Judge.” Then turning on his heels Ezra left the office pocketing his papers, with Buck on his shoulder, the moment they were out of the judge’s office Buck was on him, he was all but physically picked up and manhandled into the stock room.


His big gamma was in his face, one large hand wrapped round his throat pinning his head to the wall, the other balled up in this shirt, Buck was growling as he spoke “what the fuck are you playing at Ez doing a runner on me.”

Ezra raised a hand slowly; his eyes fixed on Buck’s face, and lightly began to trail his fingers up and down Buck’s alternating between finger tips and the back of his fingers, from cheek to jaw. “I am sorry that I caused you any concern Mr. Wilmington, but as guide I must always do what I think is best for my sentinels.” As he spoke he opened his mind and allowed his emotions to cocoon Buck’s mind allowing the gamma to feel the sincerity behind his words.

Slowly Buck eased his grip and he stepped back, and shook his head, “don’t do that to me again brat, or you might not like what happens next.”

Ezra’s mouth dropped as he saw in his mind’s eye what Buck would do to him, “You wouldn’t dare Mr. Wilmington, Mr. Larabee wouldn’t allow it.”

“Ez” Buck said as he raised an eyebrow “He’d hold you down.” Then his eyes flicked down and he grinned broadly.  Ezra felt his face flush as he knew that his sentinel was inhaling the scent of his involuntary arousal, and a big hand lightly cupped him through his pants. Before he could splutter a reply, he was pulled into a toe curling kiss and then was being manhandled down the corridor and into the elevator.  


Ezra came into the ranch house with Buck trailing behind him, then headed into the den, Buck suddenly laughed out loud as he saw what was happening. Blocking Ezra so that he couldn’t back out, Chris was with Vin. The young feral was naked on the couch, one foot was flat on the floor, the other was hooked over the top of the couch’s low back, and he was wide open. Chris was still fully dressed and he was moving with hard thrusts into the hot heat of his mate’s body, Vin was clutching at his alpha’s shirt with one hand, with his other he was clinging white knuckled to the cushion of the couch. Vin’s head was thrown back on the arm of the couch his eyes closed his mouth open as he was panting and moaning.

 Chris suddenly gave a loud toe curling groan his hips jackknifing into Vin with hard fast thrusts as he shot his seed deep into the body of his mate.  Then he sank down onto Vin’s body, Ezra had gripped hold of Buck’s arm as the emotions threatened to overload him and he felt the tears welling up, in reaction to what he was feeling. Chris lightly kissed Vin’s closed eyes and then smiled as Vin still breathing heavily opened them and looked up to him with a shy smile on his face. It was too much for his alpha and he claimed Vin’s mouth with his own, as his body kept the younger man pinned to the couch. Ezra could feel Chris’s emotions of love and fierce possession of his feral lover, and the need for Vin to feel his weight, a physical sense of domination; Chris broke the kiss and then eased his lax cock carefully out of his young lover, his face showing concern when he winced. “You alright Vin” he whispered against his young feral’s ear, and saw him give a nod, and then he kissed him softly.

“Back early” Chris mused as he zipped his tight black pants up, but didn’t bother with his black shirt, which was open, and they could see the bite marks on his chest and throat.

“Hell Junior don’t we feed you enough meat,” Buck drawled at Vin, light heartedly as at the same time he admired the body laid out in front of him.  It was then that Ezra heard the growl low and deep throated, and saw that Buck immediately dropped his gaze, as Chris vocalized his ownership.  Vin pulled his legs up so that he was sat with his back to the arm rest, one leg tucked under him, more at ease naked that a lot of people fully dressed. Ezra didn’t like to think of how he gained that ease.

“Yeah sort of Chris,” Buck said knowing his old friend wasn’t going to like this. “Seems that Ez and the judge got together.”

Ezra was suddenly pinned by Larabee’s infamous gaze, “and why would you do that Standish.”

“You must have felt the change in the bond Mr. Larabee I have been speaking to Mr. Sanchez” there was nothing Ezra mused like spreading the blame especially since the hapless profiler was not there at the moment. “It is the dark bond as I have explained to you, and which you have decided to ignore.” Ezra couldn’t stop the sensor from his voice. “Well I have talked the judge into giving us three weeks off to adjust to this bond.”

“You what,” Chris was on his feet, and the look on Vin’s face wasn’t too inviting either great he had managed to piss of his predator alpha and his feral in one fail swoop, great going Ezra.

“What do you know about this Buck” Chris demanded.

The big gamma threw his hands up, “don’t blame me this time stud, old Ez gave me the slip, but you’re going to love this.”

Ezra put in levelly “We need to spend a week up in the mountains to bond, and then I have agreed to us, going to on the team building course.”


“And who the fuck made you boss, Standish” Chris was on him before he had a chance to react, the hand round his throat was tight but Ezra didn’t pull back and he didn’t blink he met the cold ice green eyes head on.

His voice was level “You did Mr. Larabee when you made me senior guide prime or was that just for show.”

Chris was breathing hard, his anger close to the surface, Ezra felt the fingers flex on his throat, “Sneaky bastard” Chris snarled breathed.

“So I have been told Mr. Larabee.”

“Your idea the team building?”

“The judge was talking about a sanctuary camp,” Ezra allowed himself a theatrical shudder, “such uncouth places, temperance I believe.” He allowed himself a smile as he saw Chris suppress a shudder, his alpha had his drinking under control but he still liked  a glass of whiskey, and a week of temperance was going to be trying at the best for his volatile alpha. “So I allowed him to think the team building was his idea.”

Chris relaxed his hand, and Ezra felt the back of his alpha’s fingers caressing the underside of his jaw, so he dipped his face so that Chris could rub his jaw and cheek.

Only then did Chris’s hand dropped away, and he turned back to Vin, “We’ll talk later Ez,” and he went over to his mate, bending he caught his handsome face in his hand tilting it up so that he could kiss him, before pushing him back down onto the couch, Vin’s legs uncurling and spreading as at the same time he tugged his alpha so that he settled between them.

Ezra turned caught Buck’s arm and pulled him out of the room, “We’ll talk about the anger management course later.”

“THE WHAT,” Chris exploded but before he could pull away, Vin had took advantage of break in concentration and had him pinned on his back on the couch and was straddling him, his hands pressing his shoulders into the soft cushions, as he ground down on his cock through the denim jeans the blond alpha was wearing, as Chris’s anger was forgotten.

Outside of the den, Ezra grinned at Buck, “it seems now have the ranch to ourselves and I believe that you were going to show me the errors of my ways” he sent the mental picture he had conjured up back to the gamma.

Buck smirked as he received it and then catching Ezra by the hand dragged him to his own room.


Later in the family room

“Anger management course,” Chris was muttering under his breath.

“I downloaded the seminar outlines for you Mr. Larabee.”

“Ez you’re not being helpful,” Buck warned.

“Here it is” he hit the print button. “The anger cycle had three main phases: the problem, tension building and honeymoon phase, there are ten steps to breaking these phases.” Ezra started to read the top line only to have it grabbed from his hands by his alpha, which balled it up and stalked out of the room.

Ezra looked up to the heavens, oh the joys of sentinel ownership and took off after him.

Chris had been his ornery self when he had caught up with him, a defense mechanism that Ezra had discovered quickly, for a long time all Chris had had was his anger to keep him grounded and sane, and Ezra still remembered with a cold heart how Chris a few weeks after they had come together had told him of the nights he had sat in the den or on his bed with a picture of his wife in one hand and his gun in the other. Wanting to end his life and join his beloved family, only to find something that brought him back, one time the phone ringing and Buck’s voice on the other end, another time his bleeper going off, people needing him, but whatever it was it had brought him back from the brink. Then Chris had said looking up into his eyes, Divinity come into his life, naked and abused, and they had had such a connection that he knew that this was his soul mate. Divinity’s true persona had emerged after they bonded for the first time and Chris had felt at peace, that his life was now coming complete again. But what had shocked Ezra was when Chris had then reached out to him, and opened his heart and mind and Ezra had known what he meant to his alpha and been humbled by it.  

So when Chris had snarled at him to fuck off and leave him alone, and stalked off the bath room door almost rocking on its hinges in his anger. Ezra shook his head and allowed Chris to go, reluctantly he returned to the family room, and made himself comfortable on one of the couches, Vin came in and Ezra smiled and held out a hand to him. Vin was wearing only a black dress shirt  that finished mid thigh, inches short of being decent.  Pulling his hand Ezra got him settled next to him and then coaxed Vin down so that he was resting with his head cushion on his lap. Lightly he stroked Vin’s face and shoulder, through the link he could feel the feral basking in his touch, for too many years Vin had been denied any sort of loving touch that like this Ezra felt humbled that like Chris, Vin opened himself up to him.


Vin had been the first to leave the family room, he had yawned, and stretched cat like in his deadly grace, kissed Ezra, then gone to Buck, the big man had wrapped an arm round his waist and pulled him onto his lap talking softly to him, allowing the feral to rub his face against his, as he got up, he patted his bare ass affectionately as he left the room.


Ezra came into the master bathroom, one of his favorite places in the ranch. Chris was laid comfortable in the bath a smoking cheroot in his hand, flicking the ash into a soap dish, soaking, totally at ease. The smile on the Chris’s handsome face as he looked at him ignited the heat in his body; slowly his eyes never leaving his alpha’s Ezra undid the tie on the bathrobe and let it slide slowly down his arms and pool on the floor at his feet. Chris didn’t break contact eye contact with him as he said “get your ass in here Standish.”

The bath was deeper and wider than a normal bath and Ezra easily knelt down, straddling  his alpha’s lower thighs, the warm water was like a sensual caress on his skin, he leaned forward and kissed Chris lightly, a mere brush of his lips, as strong hands clasped his hips and pulled him close, the feeling of wet skin on wet skin, was almost more than he could stand, he hooked a hand behind Chris’s neck and pulled him so that he could deepen the kiss, tasting the whiskey and the bite of the cheroot in the alpha’s mouth. Chris broke the kiss one hand pressed against his chest, Ezra moaned softly as his alpha’s thumb pushed against his nipple “Turn round Ezra,” Chris ordered and Ezra didn’t hesitate to obey, easing down to sit between his alpha’s long legs his back resting against his chest.


He felt Chris’s hand stroke his lower stomach under the water, his fingers tips tracing across his skin, with a sigh Ezra leaned his head back so that it rested on this alpha’s shoulder, he rolled his head slightly so that he could press a kiss to Chris’s jaw. He felt Chris lift one of his legs and then the other so that they where resting on his alpha’s muscular thighs, so that he was spread wide, it was then Chris switched on one of the jets and Ezra arched as the bubbled hit and churned the water between his splayed legs, but the arm that wrapped round his waist held him in place as Ezra cried out.


“Like that Ezra.” Chris snarled against his ear, and through their bond Ezra could feel the dark emotions of the dark bond come towards the surface. It was then Ezra was shocked to realize that he was piggy backing his sentinel’s sense, as it played havoc with him. Everything that Ezra felt was being magnified ten times over, it was a sweet torture. Chris could read his body, through his senses and through their mental link, and the chuckle in his ear made Ezra start as he felt teeth graze his ear lobe and the lightest of nips, and the breath caught in his throat as he heard the chuckle against his ear, it was as sexy as hell and evil as sin, and Ezra felt his cock was going to explode.  When he dropped his hand to find his own relief, his wrist was caught and pinned to his chest, “that’s mine Ez, don’t you forget” the possessiveness in those growled words made Ezra even hard if it was possible. It wasn’t just the words it was the emotions that underscored them that he belong to Chris, mind body and soul.

Chris reached for a flannel and began to wash him, taking his time over his chest, teasing his nipples into hard peaks, before swooping the flannel down his chest to his belly and inner thighs, ignoring the one place that Ezra wanted to be touched, it was then Ezra understood, Vin his other sentinel kept trying to feed him, Chris was grooming him, it was primal behavior, it was as if they were following the report he had read to the letter. Then Chris’s wrist bumped his straining cock, and he couldn’t stop from uttering a loud groan.

Lips brushed the side of his face, and the flannel was dropped to rest on his belly as Chris raised a hand to card his fingers through his hair, a soft smile lit up Ezra’s face, his alpha was drawn to his hair, the colors and texture of it.

Ezra’s cool hand reached back and his nails lightly and trailed down his sentinel's side. "Keep with me, Chris." The words, said softly, but anchored the alpha stopping him from being lost in the moment.

Chris pulled back from the void and for a moment hesitated, and then buried his face into the side of his guide's neck, where the scent was the thickest. Ezra reached up and hooked a hand behind Chris’s neck as the emotions flowed , tightening the bond between them, as he pulled Chris’s  head down against the side of his neck.

Ignoring the murmured protests, Ezra managed to break free and turned in the tub, kneeling and straddling Chris’s thighs so he was facing him. Seeing the bottle of his favorite bath gel, he reached out and then keeping eye contact with Chris, poured it onto the flannel and then began to work it across Chris’s shoulder, then down his arms to his hands, in long firm strokes, Ezra smiled as Chris closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the side of the bath, he was all but purring under his ministrations.

Ezra’s attention had wavered, and when he was pulled forward he gave a yelp of surprise, his water slick body, slid down the soaped one of his sentinel’s, his cock grinding against Chris’s, making him cry out, as he ended up   with his face just above the water level, his face almost buried in Chris’s groin. . His own body resting between his sentinels legs, one of which curled around him pinning him in place across the back of his own legs. Chris’s hand was in his hair, the fingers pressing his head down so that his alpha’s erecting was bumping his chin and then his lips. The sentinel began to massage the back of Ezra’s neck and head encouraging him to take him in his mouth. Ezra tilted his head slightly to look up at Chris, he could feel the need vibrating through the body that held him, and as it ignited and began to burn the sentinel, Ezra willingly gave himself over to the same need. He opened his mouth and took his sentinel in, sucking softly then increased the pressure, through their link he could read Chris’s needs, against and against his took the older man to the edge and then pulled back,  through the bond he knew that Chris was close to his release. Somehow he managed to pull free, rise himself up  and using one hand held Chris in place as he lowered down, filling himself with Chris’s cock until he was seated against him. For a long moment Ezra just sat there panting as pain and pleasure waged a battle through his body. He was grounded by Chris’s hands stroking his hips, calming him. Then Ezra began to move as he rode his alpha, the pressure of the warm water against his skin as he moved was like hundreds of hands stroking his body, as it push up against his balls ever time he lifted himself up and came down hard, his eyes closed and Ezra gave himself over to instinct as the sensual dance as he raced his sentinel to completion. Chris came hard inside of him his alpha’s hands clamped onto his hips, holding him in place as Chris thrust up and fast, the explosion of warmth through his body trigger his own completion.

Sated his body collapsed forward  his head dropped down onto his alpha’s stomach, as he tried to catch his breath, the feeling of being loved and cherished washed through him, as he head and face were softly petted. Chris drew him up so that he was resting against his chest, tucking his head against his throat as he just held him. How long he laid like that he didn’t know, but then Chris was getting them out of the bath, and into the bedroom, still wet Ezra found himself on his back in the middle of the master bedroom. With an indigent snarl, Vin rolled off the bed, and stalked towards the door, trying to brush off the water that had splattered on him. Ezra lay on his back propping himself up on his elbows, he took in the serious bed head, of his young feral “Like that you look cute Mr. Tanner.”

“Cute” Vin turned on his heels hands on his hips,” “Ain’t no woman Ez” he snarled at him.

Ezra moved his head as he looked at this feral, the handsome face with the vivid blue eyes, then down the lithe body of his feral, its sleek muscles, its flat stomach, and the nest of crisp curls that surrounded his lax cock. “Oh I can see that Mr. Tanner, cute my mistake.”

Vin nodded and huffed as he turned to the door. Ezra waited a heartbeat and then added “I meant your more adorable Mr. Tanner.” Then he grinned wide as the door was slammed shot that hard it rocked on the hinges.

Then everything was forgotten as Chris’s hand to the center of his chest pushed him flat on the bed, holding him down as Chris loomed over him, and then slowly he lowered his head and snuffled at his throat. It was then that Ezra realized what his alpha was doing he was mapping him, Chris started with his face fingertips lightly brushing his eyelids and then lips. Then Chris nuzzled at his neck, sniffing and tasting as he slowly began to move down his guide’s body, every inch covered with taste, touch and scent. The bond between them was throbbing like a living force it was, and Ezra was finding it hard to keep focused. All it took was  for him to reach out and Chris would catch hold of his hand, plant a kiss or a nip to the palm, and then Chris would start the process again. While he was mapping him Ezra felt Chris’s body moving to hold him in place, just enough weight not to squash him, but enough for him to feel the domination of his alpha, that he could only move if his alpha allowed it. But to Ezra’s total surprise, instead of feeling trapped, all he could feel was being one with his alpha, then it was as if his mind was melting as Chris worked is way down his body a nip to his hip, then his belly, inner thighs and without warning his alpha swallowed him, and all Ezra could do was throw his head back and scream as he felt as if his mind and body was melting under the intensity of the sensations of hand and mouth. When Chris entered him for all the fever pitch of emotion that was running through the older man it was with a tenderness that few people other than Vin got to see, and he Ezra felt the love echoing through their bond, no one could lie in the bond, and when he came shouting his name, Ezra felt himself come so hard he the world round him greyed out, only to come to a few minutes later held tight in Chris’s arm, with strong arms wrapped round him, soft kisses pressed to his face and jaw. He was home, the only home he wanted, their minds now entwined as they communicated without the need for words. The intensity had burned out, leaving Ezra a mellow bond, the living force that joined them. Ezra’s face rested against his sentinel’s throat. He was cherished, loved and protected, when he felt the need of his alpha building again he spread his legs for him, and welcomed him into his body, thrusting in counter point as Chris took him, slow and with such love, that tear came to his eyes, only for them to be kissed away, the speed of his thrusts increasing until Ezra was lost in his over load of pleasure and Chris his rock, his grounding.


Three days later

The Ranch

Team seven had been called out to the ranch, Ezra stood in front of them, “as a pack it is important that all of us are together for the dark bond”. He threw up a hand to stem the sudden explosion of noise as everyone began to talk together; all too aware of the look he was getting from the silent Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner. “Don’t worry you will not need to be present for the actual bond, but close by, so that you can watch over us”.

“You saying I can’t protect my guide” the Texan drawl was soft but the raspy to the voice was ice cold.

Ezra turned to face his feral, “Divinity, I don’t question your ability to keep me safe, as the shield you are my protector, but the pack must take its responsibilities it must prove that it is worthy of being pack.” Mentally Ezra exhaled slowly as he saw Vin relax under the hand of his lover and alpha.

“Buck, you’re going up there as well” JD asked, the young man had formed a very close friendship with Buck, and the older man had become an almost surrogate older brother to him, and his concern for him was plain.

It was Josiah who answered; he had sat down with Ezra along with Nathan to work through the logistics of the bond and its implications. As a former preacher and a practicing shaman he had understood the mystic references in Dr. Sandburg’s journal, and although the others might not agree they respected his viewpoint.  “JD, Brother Buck will be fine, as gamma it’s his job to be with the three of them at this time”.

 “Stable at this time”, Josiah said to reassure the young man , then added “Dr. Sandburg’s journal is the only first hand source of the  dark bond that we know of, up until the time he bonded it was thought to be  nothing more than a myth. Dr. Sandburg’s bond with his sentinel was not sexual. Senior Sentinel Prime Ellison took Sandburg as his guide again in face of opposition because of his gender, but unlike Vin, Chris and Ezra” he nodded towards them, “Sandburg and Ellison did not have sexual intercourse until the darkest bond, but in all other aspects they were a mated pair. Sex has been a corner stone of Chris, Vin and  Ezra’s bond together since they met, which I” he looked towards Nathan, “we think means they have been bonding at a lower level on the dark plain since they first met, and that it is only recently that the buildup, towards the full dark bond has started”.

JD nodded “But what did it mean when Ezra called Vin his shield”.

Josiah nodded, “Dr Sandburg has referred to the ancients in his spiritual walks, and the shield is the defender the enforcer of the clan, the second in command”.

Nathan looked towards Ezra a frown on his face, “the bond due to its rare nature means that we can’t be sure of the physical effects on the three of you. I will have enough medical equipment with me to take care of any problems that might occur the cabin is rigged with an alarm system to our cabin; if you have any problems at all Ezra you need to hit it and we’ll be  up there in 30 minutes flat”. 

Ezra didn’t say anything, but he knew what that frown was, Nathan had never out and out said anything, but he knew that the doctor didn’t like the fact he was a male guide, the fact that he was being fucked by his sentinels didn’t bother the medic, he was a companion, but the fact that he had taken the title guide, was an affront to the doctor’s sensibilities. But he knew the man well enough to know that he could trust him if there was an emergency.

Half an hour later as they were packing up the SUV, Buck was stood facing Vin down as Chris piled up the bags they were taking to the cabin.

“You don’t need the fire power Junior”. The gamma saw the change in Vin’s stance that told him that Divinity was hovering close to the surface.

“You gonna take them Bucklin”, the Texan’s voice was deceptive low, but it made the hairs on the back of Buck’s neck rise.

“Now don’t take offense Junior, Just think that if you’re bonding, you’re not going to be wanting to shoot people, hell there’s only going to be me up their besides Chris and Ez, and you don’t want to shoot old Buck do you.”

He saw the slight cock of the head, as if Divinity was thinking it over, and he remembered all too clearly his first meeting with Vin.  

Buck had waited two days, then decided to make contact with Chris while he was undercover as the Angel of Death.  He looked up and down the corridor and then knocked on the door, paused and tried the door handle.  The door gave - it was unlocked.

The next thing he knew, he was kissing the carpet with a knee in his back and a gun to his head.

“Hello, Buck.”

Lifting his head off the floor, he saw the man in black sitting in a chair facing the door, smoking one of his habitual cheroots, the green eyes evaluating him then, finally, “Let him up, Vin”.

Buck felt the gun removed.  Pushing himself up, he saw a young man in stone colored, figure-hugging jeans and a white, turtleneck sweater move round to stand just behind Chris, a 9mm Glock in his hands. Good looking, the eyes that pinned him were burning with an arctic cold flame.

Buck didn’t take his eye off the newcomer; he could feel the barely suppressed aggression pouring off the man and he knew with a sinking feeling what was looking at. “He with you?”


“And he’s...?”

“Mine,” Chris said.  He paused. “Buck Wilmington, this is Vin Tanner. Vin, this is FBI Special Agent Buck Wilmington.”

The young man’s hand came up and the gun was pointed straight at him. Buck swallowed. “Come on, old dog, I-” He didn’t get a chance to finish.

Chris’s hand pressed the gun down. “It’s all right, he’s an old friend of mine.  You can put it away.”  The gun disappeared, tucked into the waist band of the jeans.

Buck slowly released the breath he hadn’t known he was holding as he got to his feet carefully, not wanting to trigger a response from Larabee’s shadow. 

“He a cop, a fed?” Buck asked, getting the feeling he wasn’t going to like the answer, given what he had seen just minutes earlier.

“A fallen angel,” Chris said, as he looked up at Vin from where he was sitting, catching the younger man’s gaze and reassuring him. The flames in their eyes burned and arched between them.

“Oh yes, Ezra has got to meet you guys,” Buck said, as he added, “Chris, don’t tell me he’s a feral.”

“Don’t have to.  You’re the gamma, you tell me.”

“Feral.  Must be bonded otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation and my brains would be staining the carpet.” The smile Buck got from the feral was a surprise; it had a warm edge to it.  Oh, there was no mistaking that he was a very dangerous man; the feral was controlled, but, Buck sensed, not tamed. He found himself returning the feral’s smile.

The low, deep-throated snarl reminded Buck that Chris didn’t like the interest he was showing in Vin Tanner.  Frowning, Buck took a careful sniff and there it was.  The unmistakable scent of the feral underlined Chris’s own scent, they had not just bonded but mated.

“Whoopee, you old dog, about time.” He grinned even broader, surprised to see a blush color the feral’s face

Life bonded, Buck knew that now, but he also knew how deadly Vin Tanner was he was perhaps the most dangerous man he had ever known, but he found that Vin brought out in him a maternal instinct of the gamma. The young man had been hurt too much in his short life, Vin was damaged but functioning the only way he could, but with Chris he had found a life line and a lover that took him as he was and treasured him.

“Why don’t you leave some of the hardware at home, come on”

“Need to protect Ez”.

“The gamma’s job is to protect you, don’t want to do old Buck out of a job do you”. Buck wheedled.

“Alright”. Vin said reluctantly.

“There’s my boy”, he threw a brotherly arm round the young feral’s shoulder, and ignored the attempt to try and shrug it off, just increased his hold and hugged him close one handed as he manhandled him into his  bedroom.

When Buck rejoined them a little time later he gave a deep sigh “You know stud, it’s a miracle that boy can stand up straight the amount of hardware he’s carrying”.

“What did you get him down too”?

“Besides his skin, one Glock, a knife, bow and arrow”.  Seeing the look he got from the others Buck added, “I had to promise he could hunt, and its bow and arrow season” he gave Ezra a smile, “thinks you need red meat, worried your starve. Where the hell he got that .22 from I don’t want to know, hell stud stripping that boy for bed must be like bedding an armory”.

Chris didn’t answer just straightened up and headed into the bedroom, the door closing behind them, they continued chatting trying to ignore the rhythmical thud of the headboard against the wall.

Buck clapped JD on the back as the younger man went bright red, the kid knew that they were lovers, hell he had been undercover when Vin was working as a whore but hearing it was different, “Vin’s a mit pissed off takes his role of shield serious, needs a bit of a hard ride to take the edge off him, do them both good”.

“Sure Buck, sugar coat it”. JD hissed only for his mentor to laugh and drag him out to the kitchen to help back up some supplies.

Ezra was exhausted it had been a hard three days, keeping his sentinels round him and balances even as he felt their need for the darkest bond building, and it was with relief that they finally left the ranch. The other members of team seven would be close by, at one of the lower cabins within 30 minutes call if he needed them, but he was hopeful that he could guide them through the change into dark sentinels.

The cabin in the mountains was remote, but had all the creature comforts which Ezra approved of including a large hot tub, and large double bed, and some decent bottles of wine. But even as he explored the cabin he knew the serious purpose behind their visit. Up in the mountains there was less stimuli that could over load  the emerging dark sentinels, and out here he wouldn’t have to worry about innocent bystanders getting hurt in the cross fire. Mr. Wilmington would be tolerated given his status as gamma, but even he would have to be careful in the later stages of the bond.


Ezra had been left alone in the cabin, the three sentinels had gone out to check their territory, to make sure that it was safe for their bonding, it was no good explaining that no one was going to attack them or try to challenge their bond, it was hardwired into them, and Ezra had too many fights ahead of him to try and force the point on one that he would not win.

That evening they sat round the fire Vin was curled up against Chris, his head resting on his alpha’s shoulder while they watched a DVD, Ezra was sat at the table his card spread out playing solitaire, while Buck was sprawled in one of the other chairs. This gave him a chance to look at his sentinels. First his alpha Chris Larabee, the blond leader of team seven had a reputation that sent grown men screaming into the night, his glare should be registered as a lethal weapon, volatile in nature he wasn’t considered one of the most emotionally stable people around. Larabee was considered unfeeling with a temper that would suite a pissed off rattler, but a man that would wear black for his murdered family all his life. Mary Travis had set her cap for him, but what that woman would never understand was that Chris didn’t want a second family, who would be a pale shadow of what he had. Chris had found his soul mate in Vin Tanner, and gave to him his heart, and had all the patience in the world for his young lover. It had shocked him Ezra mused the first time that he had had the full force of Chris’s emotions turned on him, that Chris should give him his love was humbling, that he should treat a companion as a guide was unheard of, that he would  fight the sentinel prime for him was unthinkable. All Ezra knew was the he would honor his bond with Chris Larabee until the day he died.

Next he turned his attention to Vin Tanner the young Texan, was a feral, never having had a guide before, Ezra had been worried that Vin would just jump him, driven by emotions that he couldn’t understand, but in fact the young Texan treated him with the uttermost respect, timidly touching him to start with  encouraged by Chris Larabee, always looking to the older sentinel for reassurance. A trained assassin he had been a fallen angel before escaping from the institutionalized abuse that passed off as control by his handler. Memory loss had left him at the mercy of a pig called Holland who had whored him out before Chris had come into his life, and brought his memory back. Tanner was perhaps one of the most dangerous people he knew, a cold blooded killer, who was a top flight sniper. Yet when Tanner touched him it was with respect, and love.

 Finally he looked at his gamma, Buck Wilmington, the big man had never ending energy, most of which he devoted to chasing the ladies, but for Buck the ladies were revered, and treated with love and respect not just used for sex and discarded. Loyal to a fault, Buck took his role as the gamma of their pack very serious. He was an old friend of Chris Larabee’s seeing the man in black through the bad times, he should have been hostile to Vin Tanner, this fallen angel that come into his friend’s life, but Buck being Buck had taken Vin under his wing and cared for him. A good man, who had treated a companion with the respect due a guide even before he bonded to Chris and Vin. A man that Ezra was pleased to call his friend and his gamma. 

When the DVD came to an end they called it a night, Ezra waited, the bond was nearly there he expected the two to take him to their bed, but was surprised when Chris leaned over him and pressed a kiss to his forehead, and wished him good night. Vin kissed him softly on the cheek and then rubbed his face against his jaw, then turned to take his alpha’s hand as the man drew him to the bedroom.

With a bemused smile Ezra watched them go, he turned to Buck, the big man stretched, “You know what’s going on Ez”.

“The darkest bond is coming, Mr. Wilmington, according to the journal by Dr. Sandburg, the guide will have to isolate themselves and meditate, to gain a spiritual cleansing. As the sentinels instinctively withdraw  as the change comes on them”.

Seeing the eyebrow that lifted at the words, Ezra smiled, “Spiritual cleansing is not exactly my province of expertise. I believe that each guide reaches the level of bonding their own way”, he put his hand onto Buck’s arm, “when the time is right I will do right by them Mr. Wilmington.”

“I know that Ez”. Buck drew him into his arms, and hugged him, and then slowly stroked one hand down his arm, and his fingers intertwined with his, the squeeze was gentle, as Buck drew him with him to the gamma’s bedroom. Once inside Buck lifted his other hand, and stroked his face as if he was the most precious thing in the world, then leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, as his hand pulled free.

Ezra stood there the kiss never deepening and yet seemed more intimate than any searing kiss, the big hands stripped him expertly, those same hands moving over his body, not arousing him, but comforting him, Buck shed his own closes quickly and lead him to his bed.  Buck climbed in then opened his arm to him, and drew him close so that his head rested on the broad chest, his arm wrapped round Buck waist. The touch of skin on skin sent a shiver through Ezra, which was quickly soothed with a hand stroking his flank, as Buck kissed his eyes, and mouth, with a soft sigh Ezra was cuddle close, and his mind sort and found Buck’s the big man’s mind opened at his touch, and then cocooned him in a warmth his love a living force. Ezra pressed a kiss to his gamma’s chest and rubbed his face against the underside of this jaw and then he allowed himself to sleep.

For the next two days the dark bond was getting closer, Ezra could feel it in the very core of his being, on both nights the same chaise kisses and then as he lay in Buck’s arm he had heard the thumping of the head board against the wall the creak of the bed as  Chris pounded Vin into the mattress. Each morning after they left Ezra had gone into the room, and tidied up the clothes, the boxers round the light fitting in the ceiling he was sure had its own story to tell. But the destruction of the clothes told a story both men were nearly at the point of the bond. So that morning Ezra gave his gamma orders to keep them away from the cabin.

Carefully he prepared the master bedroom it was a large room, with a full length window he moved the pillows and cushions onto the floor in front of the open fire. He then went into the bathroom and allowed himself a long soak, washing his hair; he took the towel from the sealed bag and used it to dry himself. He couldn’t afford any scent on his skin, even accidental transference. Naked he padded to the fire and built it up, he could feel the sentinels coming as they cast out their senses he felt the touch of them against his mind and the almost sensual touch of their sense caressing his body. Ezra sank down onto the pillows, and waited, he didn’t have to call out them homed in on him Chris entered first and then Vin, with Buck waiting at the door.

Never taking his eyes off his sentinels, Ezra  reached out with both his hands “sentinels claim your guide.”

Chris and Vin moved slowly, the younger feral holding back slightly allowing his alpha to take the lead. Chris knelt down facing him, his head tilting up so that he could scent him, Ezra knew that he was checking him for scent, a small nod of the head showed the alpha was satisfied. Ezra deliberately kept his movements slow and easy, he reached out for Chris’s hand and then lifting it to cup his jaw as he lowered his face into his hand, his tongue flicking out over this alpha’s palm, in a sign of submission that the predator would recognize. Then taking the biggest gamble of his life he sent his own barriers crashing as an empath he  was wild open, the slightest emotion could hurt him like a blow. His breath came quicker as Chris leaned into him, his other hand move over his body sentinel light, like the touch of a feather, brushing his chest, flank, his thighs, trying to kneel still Ezra felt his body without real thought trying to increase the touch. Chris’s mind was open to him and he found himself fall deeper into it, to the very core of his being the beliefs that made him the man he was. The sheer raw powers of the predator  was like mainlining lightening, as the power ran through him, blowing his pathways open, like raw wounds, waiting for the healing force of the darkest bond.  He clutched at his alpha desperately then his grip relaxed at the feeling of protection and possession that came through the raw link, no one has ever wanted him like his alpha did, it was totally without conditions accepting him as he was faults and all. The connection deepened and he was piggy backing his sentinel’s senses.

For the new forming dark guide it was out of this world and he was reveling in the increased sensations. His alpha’s  clothing against his skin was a sweet torture against his chest and thighs as he tried to wrap himself round him, the callused hand that took his cock made him arch up crying out in  need, the breath of warm air over the sensitive tip, made him come hard, screaming his sentinels name as he came thrusting into a hot velvet soft mouth. His body went limp he rolled his head to see that his feral was  knelt by him, Vin was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, as Chris reached out and pulled his young lover close and kissed him deeply, and through the link Ezra knew that he was tasting his guide’s living essence on the lips of his soul mate.  Ezra was only just aware  of Vin lifting him up so that he was straddling Chris’s knees, and lowered him down onto the hard cock, he moaned as he was filled, he dropped his head onto Chris’s shoulder,  as he felt his feral’s body plaster against his back. Kissing his shoulders and neck as the feral reached round them and began to work his trapped cock, a firm arm wrapped round his waist and Vin was helping him move, fucking himself on the hard cock up and down, and riding his alpha, giving himself to him. Ezra’s voice was horse as he begged for his alpha to touch him, finally Chris’s hands were on him, and Ezra reached back his arm hooking Vin round the neck and brought him close.

Ezra lost control, trapped between the two sentinels, hands moving all the time over his sensitized body as he rode his alpha. Feeling their emotions, their need to take him to bury themself deep within him, their love for him was breath taking he  sent them back his own emotions, his need to become one with them, because otherwise he felt as if he would break into a thousand pieces and would never be whole with out them. He had pushed up and down forward then back trying to maximize the sensations, their clothing almost painful to his skin but needing this physical contact with them.  He had screamed only to find that he could taste their combined scent, so strong that he could have cut it with a knife.  The pathways of his mind were throbbing in time with his heartbeat. Then they had bitten him, one to the throat one to the back of his neck.  Pain sparking pleasure, he had shuddered and then blacked out  as Chris’s climax deep inside of him. Only the two Sentinel’s minds kept him from becoming lost.  Ezra was beyond coherent speech as he was eased off Chris and lay down onto the pillows, his hands clawed at Vin’s arm and hand, as he splayed his thighs trying to pull him to him,  begging for his feral to take him, knowing only that it would complete him.

Ezra gave a cry of frustration as his hands were caught and held tightly in one of Vin’s and pinned above his head he thrashed trying to free himself . Using his free hand the feral cupped his face, holding his head still as  his thumb brushing almost roughly over Ezra’s full lips, he saw the shudder run through Vin as he flicked his tongue over the his feral’s thumb . He knew then that the feral had to bond on his own terms, with a twitch of the lips that was as old as sin, Ezra tilted his mouth and took Vin’s thumb between his lips, sucking on it and licking mimicking what the feral had done when he had taken him in his mouth.  That swept away the last of the feral’s control.  When confronted with his guide in the heat of the dark bond, a needy body pressing against him begging to be claimed not in words but in action, the very heart of the feral was touched. Ezra saw Vin looked to his alpha; Chris caught Vin’s face in his hands and kissed him, “take your guide Vin”.

The feral’s body moved over him, and Ezra was pulling at his shirt, needing to feel skin on skin, the feral moved only enough to shed his clothes and then naked lowered himself down onto Ezra, the touch of his skin on the over sensed guide caused him to  throw back his head and groan out loud. Then Vin began to move rubbing up against him grinding his cock against Ezra slowly as he took his mouth, in long soul searing kissed. Until finally when Ezra was begging for his touch he pulled his guides legs up round his waist exposing his throbbing hole, lightly he tapped the pucker with his finger in time to the beat of their hearts, Ezra screamed at the sensation, his hands clawing at Vin’s shoulders, arms anything he could grab, then with a low throaty growl Vin  then pushed in filling him, Ezra tightened his legs round the lithe body, urging him to move. Then all Ezra could do was hang on as his feral sentinel took him hard and fast, than slowing breaking the rhythm, before increasing the tempo of his thrust again, until finally with a silent cry he came . Ezra cried out voiced what the feral could not as they came together, then sated lay sprawled on the bed as his sentinels moved either side of him and curled round him. His barriers were back in place the dark bond was alive inside of them and would be there until death and beyond linking them together. But what he had experienced that day would live within him forever, the depth he had reached in their mind, the way they had willingly given up their privacy and for two such private men it was a humbling show of trust and love. He had felt their pain and had allowed the darkest bond to touch on those pain points and heal them, he couldn’t take the pain of the loss of his family from Chris totally, but he could ease it as for the first time through their bond he saw Sarah and Adam, good memories that had been fading overshadowed by the bad he brought back, and the three of them link together saw and understood.

Tears beaded Ezra’s eyes as he felt Chris cry as for the first time, his body heaving as  he gave away to those emotions that he had held back on the death of the family he now felt he could let go as his soul mate and guide were there to catch him. But from the sadness Ezra allowed them to see the depth of Chris’s love for Vin, a soul mate that he treasured above all others and it had allowed Vin to see that those feelings for him that Chris could not put in words were now known and accepted. Vin’s past he allowed him to see the good, he brought forward the memories of his beloved mother, but without the pain, sharpened those memories giving Vin back his past, to ease his future. Ezra eased back allowing Vin to take Chris in his arms, the young feral’s love radiated through the bond, and when Chris pushed him onto his back, Vin spread himself open for him, knowing that Chris needed, from him. “Never a substitute” Chris’s voice was choked with emotion, “need you Vin, need.” Chris broke off lowering his head to rest against Vin’s forehead, Ezra didn’t hear what Vin said it was sentinel soft, but saw him tilt his head back so that Chris could kiss him. The kiss was light and gentle, the alpha’s touch on his mate were the same as he worshiped that lithe body, through their shares link, Ezra could feel the emotions, this was not a pity fuck given to Chris by his feral, this wasn’t something Chris was doing just to make him feel good, this was establishing a new dark bond with his mate. A bond forged from their love, their passion, as their bodies joined, so their souls joined.

Buck came into the room carefully, and saw the three men curled up in front of the fire, Ezra was splayed like a living blanket over his two sentinels, one hand pressed to Chris chest the other hand clutching Vin’s hip, one legs slung over the feral’s thigh, as if he body was welded to him. Buck sat down on the edge of the bed, Ezra stirred as he sensed another sentinel, but before he could lift his head, Chris’s hand, carded through his hair soothing him, with a soft sigh he nuzzled at Chris’s chest licking at one of the velvet brown nipples, as he slipped back into sleep 

Buck picked up a bottle of whiskey from the table took a drink and then approached the threesome. Immediately he was pinned by Vin’s blue eyes, and heard the low throat growl of the feral, which died as Chris stroked his face affectionately with the back of his hand.

“Thirsty work Chris.”


Buck chuckled softly as he passed over the bottle, then reached out, “gamma, Vin ain’t going to take what’s yours” his hand stroked Vin’s thigh and hip, and patted his ass gently, before Buck slide into the bed, wrapping his arms round Vin and snuggled close to him, happy and content the gamma followed the others into sleep.  

 Ezra yawned and gave as soft groan as his body responded to the rigors of the bonding and lovemaking with his two dark sentinels. A small smile touched his lips as his hand subconsciously brushed the nip marks on his body, his throat, shoulder, belly and thighs as if needing to reassure himself that it wasn’t a dream, only then did he settle down and ease back into a restful sleep.



Judge Travis couldn’t sleep, instead he sat in his den, the photographs spread out on the desk in front of him, each one laid out in sequence, the first two focused on the handsome young man laid out for pleasure, the scarlet ropes encircled his body opening his body bending it  so that it was begging to be taken. Travis moved to the next pictures, a hooded man mounting and taking him, the young man’s head thrown back if in pain or pleasure it was difficult to tell. He turned to the other pictures, other men taking the young man in a frenzy of power and drug fueled sex and in anger he collected them back together and shoved them back into the envelope, everything in him told him to destroy them, and it would go away. But the cold logic that had served him so well on the bench told him that where there were photographs there was a digital chip. He got up and put them in his wall safe and finished the malt whiskey on his desk and went back to bed. But he  couldn’t sleep with team seven on sentinel leave it would give him three short weeks to work this out, if he didn’t not only was his career dead but he might as well be. Because of what he saw in the pictures he knew that Chris Larabee would never rest until he had justice, and once a sentinel blood oath was sworn it could only be paid in pain and death.

The end


  continues in Reaching A Balance