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The story starts around the time of “A Little Knowledge, and continues on the story curve from “Be sure your sins,” it is a standalone story, but to fully enjoy it I would suggest reading the other stories  first.


Be Sure your Sins 2

GDP Series


The GDP Correction Facility

Cadet Training Programme.


GDP Cadet Sian Bahn was in her mid-twenties; she removed her black forage cap and smoothed her short blond hair down, and gave Roger Franks a smile. He had been trying to get her to go out with him for the last three weeks and she was enjoying the chase, she had decided to string him along for another week before allowing him to take her out. She pointedly ignored the look that Dave Lash gave her; the man was always too keen, too clingy for her liking.  Automatically she excluded the other female cadets, she only saw them as competition. She had an above average intelligence and she knew it. She had looks, and a body the guys would kill for, so she did not need female friends. As far as she was concerned they were jealous of her.  After all they couldn’t boast that their uncle was the right hand man of Dr Claydove, the director of the Institute of Sentinels and head of the GDP, and through her family connection she was guaranteed a plum GDP posting when she was finished.  It just annoyed her that she had to attend the classes. If you had pull why not use it?


Both of her parents were GDP and just glad that her rebel phase was over. She had even gone so far as to join the Guide Liberation Army to get back at them. But now that she was back in the fold they would do anything to please here, and daddy had already spoken to Uncle Daniel.


With a groan she realized that Cadet Lash was about to try and take the seat near her, so when Rosemary Farmer slid into it for the first time she was pleased to see her.  Usually she had no time for the girl, but now she was actually pleased to see her.


Today’s lesson was one that actually interested her. They were actually going to get to see a rogue guide receiving training, and for once she had studied the course notes.  Sian opened her notebook, folding it back so she could lean it on the GDP Manual and make her notes.


Her attention fixed onto Sentinel Prime Mark Hudson, now there was a sentinel, good looking, strong, and a body that would not stop. She tuned out Rosemary and admired the man, pity about the non-fraternization rule between trainers and cadets. Reluctantly she tuned into Rosemary, as she was gushing about how noble he was devoting his life to helping rogue guides.


“Bet he’s a real gentleman.”


“Sorry Sian, did you say something.”


“No just thinking out aloud.”


Just then the lecture started, the rogue guide was brought in, and she leaned forward to get a good look at him. She ignored some of the crude remarks from some of the other students and the laughter that greeted them. As they commented on his naked leashed body.


Rosemary nudged her “He’s nice looking.”


“The guide? For gods sake Rosie you getting a taste for rough trade?”


Lash leaned forward, “Ted Ward told me all about him. You know he swings both ways. He came onto me in the van, the little perves been pawing his own sentinel during the bond, worse kind of …” He never got to finish as Mark Hudson started his lecture.


None of them saw the GDP Commander slide into the back of the lecture gallery and take a seat.


Sian took notes and asked questions as the rogue guide was put through his paces.


Then suddenly his sentinel burst in. One look at him, and wow, there was something so primal about him, that made her lean even further forward.  The controlled violence got her heart pounding, as she imagined him in the bedroom, and her as his willing prey. 


Then her academic brain cut in, the one she tried to ignore, and a thought began to form, why not study the Sentinel Prime condition, no one had done that for a thesis subject, and the topic she had chosen was much too dry. 


At the back of the gallery the GDP Commander got to his feet, he had seen enough.


24 hours later:


Sian came in to the office of Lieutenant County, and saw Rosemary Farmer at work inputting file details; the rest of the office was deserted. She knew that at 10.00 am, the Lieutenant was out on her home visits.


“Hi Rosie,” Sian made her voice friendly, she smiled //pathetic she was actually pleased to see me.//  Aloud she said, “So they have you crunching the keyboard.”


“It’s not too bad, but the computer went down yesterday, and I have a back log to process.”  She blushed as her stomach rumbled. “What can I do for you Sian?”


“The notes for old frosty lecture on the Guide feeding program, mine were lost when they went through the washing machine, could I borrow yours.


“Of course.”


“Look why don’t I carry on while you get a sandwich.”


“Thanks I won’t be long, and I’ll make you copies of the notes.”


Once the door was closed Sian cleared the screen and punched in:




Search not found.






Search Ellison James Joseph


She dropped the file box on the screen and clicked send to, then typed in her email address, and hit send. A copy of the file was on its way. Quickly she paged through the file and found the link to Guide Blair Jacob Sandburg’s file, and brought that up.  Then sent that report on its way.


Once that was done, she brought the original file back up and began to input the data as she had promised.


When Rosemary came back she made a few minutes of small talk, then left. On the way out of the building, she crumbled up and threw away the copy of the notes. Now all she had to do was retrieve the reports.


In her room in the GDP Cadet dorm, she opened her laptop, accessed the internet and began to read her e-mail. Both files had made it safely.


Opening the first one gave her a guilty thrill as she began to read the life story of James Joseph Ellison.


Suddenly there was a heavy knock on the door.


Part Two

Ranier University

Six months later


Sian Bahn was working on her Masters, and there was the problem. She was seated opposite her tutor and by the looks of it he was about to trash the first chapter of her dissertation. 


Dr Woodward, flipped through the pages of the chapter again, Sian had potential but no discipline.  “Your idea is basically sound, but, you have to back it up with research work,” he made the one word stand out. “At the moment any committee member could blow you straight out of the water. Facts and research you must have them. It’s no use having a good style if there is no substance to it. Have you made any effort to find a sentinel and guide pairing that would agree to your documenting them? You do realize that you are talking about the bond, the most private and sensitive part of the whole sentinel and guide relationship.”


“But I believe that my findings.” Sian cut in trying to make Dr Woodward see her point.


“That is not good enough Sian, you have to back it up in black and white with facts. Now both your parents are GDP, surely they can find.”


Sian cut in, “No, when I tried to broach the subject with my mother, she told me straight off that no sentinel would agree to me photographing and recording them during the act of bonding, and certainly not to wiring them up like lab rats. Those were her exact words.  If my own mother says that what chance do I have with someone else?”


“Then Sian you may want to look at your outline again.  Now I am sorry but I am over seeing some lab tests for Blair.”


“Sandburg, he’s a guide isn’t he.” Sian curbed her tone, she was not a GDP cadet here, and she did not want to alienate the doctor.


“He is a TA and a doctorate student, his other career is as a guide.” Dr Woodward smiled, “now if you would excuse me.”


“Could I observe the tests please?”


For a moment Woodward paused, “Well, Carol called in sick today and she was going to help us, and you do have lab experience,” he paused for Sian it was the longest seconds of her life. “I am sure that Blair will appreciate the help.” 




Sian was clutching her books as she watched her prey. He bounced along, hands flying in all directions, by his side walked his sentinel.


The man’s hand suddenly lashed out and his prey skipped out of the way with a chuckle and a beaming smile.  She caught the look on the sentinel’s face, he was laughing as if it was the best joke ever, and boy he had a killer smile. He caught his guide and pulled him close as he ruffled the long curls with genuine affection.


Then together they mounted the steps of Hargrove Hall.


Somehow she had to get close to these two, if she was going to get her evidence for her thesis.


She checked the video camera that was hidden in her bag; although the tape would be illegal she had high hopes of recording them bonding.  The tape itself had value and would be of use in getting some legal footage that she could use.


When the GDP Correction Officers had entered her room and confiscated her laptop with the stolen personnel files on it, she had thought that her career was over, but Uncle Daniel had pulled a few strings. She’d been put on serious probation and had lost one year’s worth of credits.  When *the commander* had come along, she had jumped at his offer. If she was successful she would have the evidence for her thesis, and be reinstated with all of her credits.  What had shocked her was that Rosie had been the one to betray her to her placement boss.  The little creep had noticed that the alert flag was flashing. It had been easy for her to backtrack which files had been accessed, and then she had pressed the panic button.


Sian knew she would get the last laugh though. When Rosemary was floundering in records, she would have a plum position with Uncle Daniel then see who was laughing last.




The Sentinel testing labs at Hargrove Hall, were the envy of the GDP, Blair has booked them two weeks ago when he had first put the idea to Jim. Much as he had expected Jim backed off, with a grouchy “I am no one’s lab rat Sandburg,” but slowly he had agreed to the tests.


Blair was bouncing along by the side of his sentinel, talking a mile a minute his hands flying in all directions as he described aspects of the testing to his friend.


“See Jim, only a couple of sensor pads to check your vital signs nothing to worry about.”


“So what’s the test?”


“Now if I told you that, it would not be fair, I couldn’t get a true reading on you. Nothing painful, promise man. Trust me big guy.”


“Always Chief.” Jim’s hand dropped to brush his guide’s shoulder. The power of the emotions , Jim was openly broadcasting through their link, rocked the empath. The trust he had in him was breathtaking. He vowed never to let him down.


Dr Woodward smiled “Morning Detective Ellison, thank you for coming. It shouldn’t take too long, and it will help Blair with his thesis.”


“Sure,” the tone was resigned, but the eyes flashed with humor and Woodward had seen it.


“Who’s the girl? This is not a peep show.” Almost immediately a shutter dropped down, leaving only the icy cold patented Ellison look.


“Sorry, Detective Ellison, Blair, this is Sian Bahn, she is a transfer student from Chicago University. She is working on her Masters, and since Carol has come down with the flu, she’s agreed to help up. Shall we get started?”


Jim hesitated. He personally liked Carol. She had proved that she was Blair safe, and he trusted the woman. But this one was an unknown factor and he didn’t like them near his guide.  Blair saw the look, and placed his hand onto his sentinel’s shoulder. It broke the intense look that he was giving the girl; she was already shifting uncomfortably under the gaze.


“Come on big guy, let’s give her a break, its not like she’s covert GDP. You can always check her out later.” Blair’s tone was light and soothing. Then he added quickly, “Just a joke man, okay, just a joke.” He patted Jim’s back.


Blair positioned Jim in the chair; “right, what we are going to do is this, we know that you can locate me through the imprint, so what I want you to do is find me.”


Jim’s hand was lightly holding Blair’s jacket keeping his guide close to him.

Slowly Blair pulled back, breaking the contact between them. Then almost reluctantly he walked out, for a moment he leaned against the wall and took a couple of steadying breaths. “Okay, let’s do this.”


In the changing room he turned on the shower and stepped under the pounding water. He washed his hair and body, using the unscented sentinel safe soap of the GDP, then dried off and pulled open the plastic over the clothes on the bench.  Dressing quickly, he glanced across at Paul Stewart.  The other student was dressing in the clothes that Blair had carefully prepared. He had worn them for one day so they were impregnated with his scent. The student had showered to remove as much of his own scent as possible.  Now that Blair was covered by Paul’s scent, they had exchanged scent identity. Now to see if Jim could find him.


Jim was getting edgy. His senses rebelled against the sterile non-smell of his surroundings. He had reluctantly allowed the doctor to switch the white noise generator on, and blindfold him. Leaving him with the sense of smell, touch and taste to locate his guide.


The sentinel’s head tilted to one side, and his head jerked round. His bound eyes staring straight at them, as he locked on the two people who had just come in.


Dr Woodward’s voice came over the intercom, “Detective, I would like you to remain seated, but find your guide.  If you could open up your senses for me.”


Jim had to fight against the flash of fear knifed through him, as he opened up his remaining three senses, pushing the dials up, when at first he scanned the two people stood out of reach.  Immediately he locked onto Blair’s scent, //easy//, then as he raised the dial on smell, he realized that something was very wrong.  Blair’s scent to him was a ginger, musky, white chocolate scent, //yes located that, but there was more, a base line of sour lemons to it// a growl vibrated lower in his throat, //this was not Blair, it was some imitation of him.// 


Blair stood perfectly still, as Jim’s covered eyes moved towards him. This time the head tilted and he inhaled deeply, his mouth opening as he tongue flicked across his lips, //Jim was tasting the air.// 


Blinded the sentinel got to his feet, and headed towards his guide now even the foreign scent was no longer a mask, he could easily push past it. The decoy Blair stepped in front so that the sentinel reached him first. Blair’s hand shot out to pull Paul out of the way. He saw the tightening of the jaw, like this his sentinel was in no mood to play games. Without warning, Paul pulled off the tight surgical glove that covered a small cut, and ripped the band-aid off. Sian has been clear on that point, for an extra 50 he had to see what the reaction he got from the scent of blood on the decoy guide.


Sian leaned forward. This was going to be interesting, if it worked then it would put the sentinel into Blessed Protector overdrive, and there would be a need to take his guide. If the need was strong enough the bonding would be then and there. If Paul got hurt, it would be his bad luck, he had accepted the money.



The metallic scent of blood hit the sentinel, and Jim roared, tearing off the blindfold.  Now searching for his guide, the real one.


Even as he did it, the decoy Blair suddenly realized his mistake. He knew that Ellison was a dark sentinel, but to be honest all he thought that meant was the guy had better senses than most sentinels, but the look on the sentinel’s face almost made him wet himself. It did not look human, the breath caught in his throat, and he stumbled back chancing a look at Blair Sandburg. How the hell did the guide survive with that animal.


The Dark Sentinel grabbed the fake Blair Sandburg by the scruff of the neck and threw him out of the room, and after locking the door turned his attention to his guide.


In the monitoring booth Dr Woodward leaned forward, the camera’s were still rolling, he would never have condoned what Paul had done, but what was done couldn’t be undone, and there was still useful information to be gathered.  Blair had a safe word, and if he used it, the Doctor would flood the room with an odorless knockout gas, that would put the sentinel down.


The Dark Sentinel had dismissed the fake Sandburg the moment he was thrown out of the room. He had a Guide to claim, and that need overrode every other emotion.


Jim Ellison pounced on his guide, pinning him to the wall and lifting him so that they were nose-to-nose. 


Blair saw the way his sentinel’s jaw was clenching and unclenching the aggression radiating from the sentinel was off the scale, and it battered against the empaths barriers.  A  hip pushed against him  to keep him in place his feet did not even touch the ground.  Held like this the sentinel was able to remove one hand. He brushed the back of his fingers against Blair’s face, then his hand suddenly pulled the shirt open, the buttons flying in all directions. The clothes stank of the fake guide and were a barrier that was stopping him from imprinting his guide.  Then dropping lower he was tugging at the waistband of the trousers.


One hand pressed to Jim’s chest, Blair tried to calm his sentinel down, it was like main lining red-hot lava.  “Easy man, easy, I’m here, yours only yours.” Blair paused as the larger older man leaned forward to snuffle at his throat. When he roared, Blair jumped, his head hitting the wall behind him with a thud.  “I can understand you want his scent off me, no problem big guy, but you have to back off.”


With his free hand Blair caught the larger man, pulling up and against him, showing that it was not force that was holding him in place. He could feel the aggression fading, then with the greatest care he was lowered to the floor. He pushed against Jim’s chest and the sentinel stepped back a bit.


The sentinel was pure primal, Blair felt a shiver run through him. This was not just the dark sentinel, this was the panther. He had seen it the first time in the apartment, when he had been attacked by a GDP traditionalist. Now it was back.


The Dark Panther Sentinel loomed over him again closing the distance between them. Blair met it’s gaze, the Dark Guide in him rising to the surface. He knew what was to happen, and part of him needed it as much as the sentinel, but at the same time, he was determined to remain in control.  Blair made no effort to stop the Dark Panther when he openly scented him, nose flared, inhaling deeply. With a snarl the Sentinel reached out and tore the rest of the clothes off him, leaving him only in his boxers, throwing the now rags across the room in his anger, in his need to get to the true source of his guide’s scent; his actions brutal.

Then the touch changed as with almost delicate care he reached up and stroked his guide’s face with the back of his fingers. The sensitive fingertips brushed across his lips, before moving up to pull the hair net off his head, and threw it in the same direction as the clothes, allowing the mass of dark curls to tumble down round his shoulders.  With ultimate care he carded through the long hair, leaning into the smaller body, to scent it.


Blair laid a hand on Jim’s chest as with a chuckle he said, “You like that don’t you big guy, always have.”




“Yes.”  The smaller man, saw the shake of the head, Jim hadn’t been asking him something, merely stating the fact, that it was him. The texture drew the sensitized sentinel back to Blair’s hair.


The sentinel’s hand moved from his head to stroked down his shoulder and flank, then slid round his waist and he was pulled close. Blair gave a gasp as the cold metal belt buckle touched his stomach.  In this primitive state, his sentinel looked round, making sure there was no threat to his soul mate, then tugged him closer.


There was an audible click, “Blair are your all right,” and it was the voice of a very concerned Dr Woodward.


Sian, swore. The old coot had spoiled it all. She had pressed record without him noticing and was just about to get a recording of what had promised to be a very unusual bonding, and he had spoiled it. //Damn him.//


Blair caught Jim’s face in his hands, at any time the sentinel could have pulled free, but he luxuriated in the feel of his guide. He dipped his head to scent his hand, and rubbed his face like a giant cat against them. The growl had developed into vibrating purr.

“You can put the cat back in the cage, Jim he’s not needed there is no threat here, just a bunch of academics that you could break in two with one hand behind your back, big guy.”  Blair leaned his head forward nose to nose with his sentinel, his friend and smiled, as he saw the layers pull back. He caught his breath as he saw the dark sentinel look back at him, then it became Jim again.


“What happened Chief?”  There was an edge of panic, as he pulled back from his guide, so that he could sweep his senses over the smaller man, first sight then touch. Running his hands over his guide’s head and shoulders, back and chest, flanks and thighs. Needing to know that he had not hurt him. 



Jim saw the camera and with a roar the primal sentinel returned, grabbing a chair he swung it round so that it hit the glass of the monitoring room. Doctor Woodward grabbed Sian’s arm and pulled her out of the room, the re-enforced glass had held but he was not sure for how long it would.  Sian’s hidden camera continued to record.



Only then did the sentinel return to his guide, his eyes sweeping over him, With a smile twisting his lips, Jim reached out to pull him close his arms round his guide, savoring his warm scent. Then Blair shivered.



For a moment it hung into the balance would the sentinel or the man take the lead, then the man returned, and Jim shook his head as if to clear it, and his expression was almost comical quickly he slid off his jacket and pulled it round his guide, covering his near nakedness, the old man colored as he remembered what he had done.


With a chuckle Blair patted his chest, “It’s okay big guy, no harm no foul, and you can fuss over me tonight promise.”


“Sentinel night” Jim’s voice had a slight shake to it.


“Yeah Jim, Sentinel night, and I am all yours.”





Dr Woodward found the student in the corridor, and he had no time for small talk, “Mister Stewart what were you playing at in there? It has taken weeks of work to get the Senior Sentinel Prime to come in for testing and your stupidity has endangered that.  I will certainly be getting in touch with Dr Morris, to let him know, and believe me this is the last time that I will be using you.”


He turned round as Sentinel and Guide left the room, Blair was walking behind Jim, but so closely that he was almost plastered across his sentinel’s back, his fingers gripping into his shirt, and with his other hand he kept the jacket in place. 


Dr Woodward, grabbed Paul Stewart and pushed him against the wall, moving in front of him, as he saw the look on Jim Ellison’s face. The only thing that stopped him dismembering the fake Sandburg, was the real one.  “Come on man, its a bit chilly here.”


Only then did the sentinel continue on his way.




As Blair sat in the truck; picking the lint of the pair of trousers, he was thoughtful. Jim had been hovering round him, all the time he showed and dressed as if worried that someone would try to take him away.  He had been in full Blessed Protector Mode all the way to the truck and now the guide  had to make it right.


Jim needed to know that he was his guide. Once they were back at the loft he would prove it, and hopefully he would have time to get back to the Hall later on, and collect the tapes. He was sure the doctor had had the recorder running when Jim went primal. There was some information there he would need.


A warm hand on his arm, brought him back to the present, and he saw worried eyes watching him, he smiled “I am okay, Jim. Just want to get home.”






Once in the loft, Blair didn’t waste any time, he could feel the emotions of his sentinel building, he had almost been bundled into the lift, and Jim had been all over him. Thankfully no one else had been around to see it.


Blair quickly pulled the cushions off the sofa and laid them on the floor, then reached out both hands to his sentinel, drawing him close.


He placed his hands on Jim’s shoulders and then slowly his eyes never leaving his sentinel’s face moved down his body, until he knelt in front of him, then leaning forward placed his head against Jim’s thigh, submission the beta to the alpha.  But there was nothing weak in Blair Sandburg, this was just a tool to bring the sentinel to the bond, and there he would be controlled.  The guide had control of the bond, a little truth some of the GDP didn’t like him making public.


Jim’s hand dropped to rest on Blair’s head, stroking the long curly hair, only then did the sentinel settle down on the cushion, and with strong hands ease Blair down onto his side.  Then he spooned up behind the smaller man, his arms round him.  Blair leaned back into the warm body and snuggled against him, rolling his head to one side so that Jim could nuzzle at his throat, the lick of the tongue against his skin made him jump, but he was held close with one hand, as with the other the sentinel stroked down his body, his sensitive fingers ghosting over the compact muscles, stroking across his stomach, then back up to his chest, his hand never stopping as he opened all his sense and reinforced his imprint on his guide, his brother, his lifeline, his salvation.


The bond under Blair’s control now mellowed and the harmony of sentinel and guide was achieved.


From his position Blair could just see the clock, once Jim was calmed down, he would be able to slip out, and then he would be in for the night.


He could see an evening of comfort food, bonding, and petting in his near future.




Four hours later.

Blair pulled through the entrance to the University. He had been lucky to get out, and only his pleading, and the fact that Jim was really relaxed and mellowed allowed him to get permission to collect his papers from the lab. He had a tight schedule if he was a minute late, Jim would be down here, and he didn’t want to see the explosion.




Sian was angry, she had been unable to get back into the testing suite earlier to get her camera. All she needed was some lab assistant to open it up and she would be out on her ear.  Sitting in her car she watched the last of the students and TA’s leave the Hall.  Only then did she get out and make her way through the back door, it was common knowledge on the campus that the cleaner left it open when he worked. More than one forgetful TA has been pleased to get in and out again without being noticed.


Her dark clothing merging well into the darkened halls, she pushed open the door to the observation room, and with a soft cry of triumph snagged her bag.  When she turned her heart went into her mouth as she saw Blair Sandburg standing there.


His eyes fixed on her as he stalked across the room, and pulled the bag from her hands. Yanking the zipper open, he grabbed the camera.


“I was talking to Doctor Woodward and he said something about your bag, the way you wouldn’t let anyone touch it, and I began to wonder about Stewart, so I had a little chat with him. You know what he told me Sian, that you had paid him for that little display in the room. Now why would you do that?”  Blair took another step forward; “Maybe because you know that a Sentinel in BP has to bond, and that is what you wanted isn’t it, to catch Jim and me on tape.

When I am finished Sian, you’ll be lucky to get to sit your stats at elementary school.”


Sian had moved forward to grab it, but she fell back. The hatred that burned in the man’s blue eyes was almost like a physical blow.


“Uncle Daniel would never believe you, Guide,” she spat the last word as an insult, but if she expected Blair to back down she was mistaken.


“Uncle Daniel won’t want to soil his hands with this, so don’t even bother.  You should know the bond is sacred and you violated about every regulation.”


Sian made a move to grab the camera, only to have Blair drop it so that it crashed onto the floor. He ducked under her fingers as with a screech she went for his eyes with her nails.


Then he brought her down onto floor, her arm twisted high up her back, her face pressed against the flooring,  “Try that again Sian and you’ll regret it,” Blair snarled as the Dark one came through. “You don’t like that do you, on your knees unable to move because someone is holding you down, next time you GDP scum abuse a Guide remember that.” 


With a hard push he sent her sprawling on her side, then he picked up the camera, tugged out the cassette, dragged out the magnetic tape and tore it.


Sian’s eyes opened wide and she shuffled back away from him.




Jim was sitting in the loft waiting for his Guide to return, Blair had told him it was important to collect the data from the lab.

After the excitement of the day, Jim had been of a mind to come on the heavy Sentinel with him, the lord and master, ordering him to stay home, but then the man had kicked in. He had promised Blair his own life and he would give him that.


When the phone rang, Jim scooped it up, the smile faded and his features began to harden.  The phone was slammed down into the cradle, and he grabbed up his coat and swept out.


Commander Slater was stood in the room, his heart was pounding, and his eyes were fixed on the smaller figure under the blanket.


Captain Simon Banks gave his shoulder a squeeze, it was times like this that he hated his job, when he saw Jim come through the door, he moved quickly to block the Sentinel.


“Its alright Jim, its not Sandburg.”


“I know, I would have felt the change in the bond. Who is it?”


“Sian, she’s a TA at Rainier, and she’s Dan’s niece,” Simon lowered his voice his eyes showing compassion, then the professional took over, “she was found strangled.”


“Blair was here this morning with one of his blasted tests” Jim rubbed a hand across his face, “it did not exactly go as planned.”


Simon shook his head, “The Sentinel pair that worked the scene said they picked up Blair’s scent and it’s very recent, less that an hour old.”  Looking past Jim, Simon questioned, “Where is Blair, Jim?”


“You don’t think that Blair would...?”  Jim left the question hanging in mid-air. Challenging his Captain to finish his question, ready to defend his guide.


“The cleaner Ozzy Mitchell, said that he heard Sandburg arguing with the girl, accused her of having a camera on during your bonding, if that makes sense.”


“We were doing a test for Sandburg earlier, she must have been recording it.”  There the beginning of anger building in Jim’s voice, so Simon continued hoping to avoid an Ellison vent.


“Well the kid was filming it, what we think is that Blair caught up with her, the tape was found smashed on the ground.” He dropped his voice, “you don’t think the other one would have come out to play, he’s not exactly the…”


“No he would not, never.”


“Then I suggest you find your Guide and find him fast, because I need answers.”


Jim turned on his heels and then paused before crossing to Dan Slater.

“Dan I am sorry,” then he added, “Blair would never have hurt her, you have to believe that.”


Dan lifted his eyes from the covered body, “The doctor at the hospital warned me that Blair was psychotic, unstable, I didn’t believe him.”


The Sentinel had to force himself to keep calm, “Blair is as sane as you or me, he would never hurt another living soul, in the light or in the dark, remember that Dan, and don’t buy into that crap they keep on trying to put around about him.”  His hand hovered over the GDP Commander’s shoulder then he headed out.


Dan watched him leave, //the light or the dark, the Dark Guide, Jim didn’t think that he would do it even then, but he has seen the feral dark guide and it had sent him cold.//




When Blair woke up; he was lying on his back on a mattress on the floor, his hands chained above his head with cuffs.  The room was in near darkness; he tried to make out the figure moving around towards the back of the room.


Then the man switched on a small light and Blair saw him for the first time.


He wore the overalls of a janitor but his smile was pure evil. The evil of a diseased soul. “Who am I now Blair?”


Blair breathed one word, “Lash.”




Rafe and H arrived quickly, what they had could not wait.  H caught hold of Jim’s arm, and let go quickly as the Sentinel turned on him with a growl, “You need to hear this, Jim.”


Rafe waited for Jim to join them “We got a call over to the Housing 45 complex, the neighbors got worried about one of the tenants.  He was always helping everyone out and had just disappeared.  His name’s Ozzy Mitchell, he works as a janitor at Rainier.  We just got back to the car when we heard the call and came over. One of the uniforms said a witness called Ozzy Mitchell called it in.  Well that’s impossible because Ozzy Mitchell has been dead for a least four days.”




The Campus Security Chief had arrived on the scene. Nancy Chan was all too aware that she had a very delicate situation on her hands, and that she was going to have both the police and the GDP breathing down her neck. 


A small woman and young for the position, she had won the respect of the hardened professionals, she had once been a police officer before a trauma had made her give up the badge.


She carried some videotapes with her, “These cover the access to the lab, and the time frame you’re looking at Jim.”


The tape was pushed into the nearest VCR.


The angle of the camera from the corner was pointing down slightly and to the right.  Nancy forwarded, and sure enough Sian arrived, looked round, then entered the lab.  There was a time lapse then Sandburg arrived, he was walking, almost bouncing, and then slowed as he approached the lab.  The third person arrived a little later, he was moving along with a cleaning cart, and kept his head down as he came level with the camera.  Leaning forward, Jim hit the freeze button on the video, and concentrated, his eyes tightening in focus. 


Jim suddenly started, and found himself looking at Simon, “I wasn’t zoning.”


Simon shook his head, “You were doing a damn good impression of one.”


“I saw his face reflected on the steel bucket. It’s Lash, David Lash.”


He pressed the button, there was a long delay and then the cart came back out again, and Jim stabbed the freeze button again, pointed to the left corner of the cart where just hanging out was part of a hand, the fingers nearly dragging on the floor.  “He had Blair in the cart.”


Slater was staring at the tape, “David Lash, the killer from the Sanctuary?”


“Yeah, a Vampire Guide, he violates their minds, and leaves them in a coma.  We have to find Blair now.”  Dan Slater saw the change come over the Sentinel Prime, and he knew that he was looking at the Dark Sentinel.

And the Dark Sentinel was on the Hunt.




“Lash would have had to transfer Blair to a car or van, we need to know when they left the Hall.” Jim’s eyes didn’t leave the now frozen picture, “I want this bastard, and he’s going to pay for this,” the last words were said with a snarl. 


Simon walked away from the sentinel and pulled out his cell phone, and began to talk to control, he spoke quickly getting an APB out on Blair Sandburg, adding that if found, the man with him was to be considered dangerous and a that there was a possibility of a hostage situation developing.  He turned to watch Jim Ellison as he spoke, his concern for his friend very real.  His friend’s sanity now depended on finding Blair Sandburg and finding him alive, and he was not going to let him down.


Jim went through the tapes, every fiber of him wanted action, but he knew that if he rushed and missed a clue he could lose his Guide forever.  Looking up he saw that Dan was hovering round him.  The GDP Commander was beginning to grate on his nerves, but Slater had lost a loved one, and that was the only thing that stopped the sentinel from handing the man his head on a plate. When he spoke it was with a snap, but he had pulled back and it was down to a dull roar.


“What are you waiting for?” 


“Simon’s worried about the zone out factor, I am going to watch your back, I might not be Sandburg or a Guide, but I know enough to help you, and remember,” Dan paused, “I have a personal interest in wanting Lash.”

Slater knew that the sentinel would understand his right of revenge. But even so he received a warning.


“Just keep out of my way Dan, and we’ll get on, but no one puts Blair in danger. If you do anything to endanger him, I will put you down.”


His attention went back to the VCR and with an oath Jim sat back, “Lash, never left the building, I want this place searched top to bottom, and shut all the white noise generators off.”


Simon sent the uniforms out to each floor and threw the switch, turning white noise generators that insulated the rooms off. The bubbles of silence vanished to be replaced by the noise of electric equipment humming and buzzing.


Looking at Jim, Dan knew what he was going to do, this was dangerous without Sandburg’s back up, but he knew that he could not talk the man out of it.  So Dan waved the others back from the now grim faced sentinel, as Jim opened his senses up wide, and began a sensory sweep of the Hall.  The GDP Commander moved to his elbow careful not to touch him, “keep talking to me Jim, and tell me what you have.”


“People on the ground floor, three heart beats, move up to eight at the entrance,” each floor was detailed.  Then Jim froze and for a moment Dan was worried that he had zoned.


“Are there any passageways linking the buildings?”


Nancy nodded, then swore and pulled out her radio.


By the time they got to the other entrance of the other service tunnel Lash was long gone and the cleaning cart was empty.




Lash looked down at his prisoner, “You really think that rogue fodder like you should be bonded to a Senior Sentinel Prime like James Ellison?  He’s too good for you, a corrections facility whore. How many did you put it out for Sandburg?”  He picked up a tape and waved it in front of his prisoner’s face.  “Three of them at once Sandburg and you liked it,” he sneered “all that crap about you being a victim.  Shit, once I saw you I knew that you were a hot little slut, and you got Ellison to believe your lies.  So he’s going to get better than you. Me.”


Blair snarled back at him, “You could not ever have him, you’re not good enough Lash.  Poor Lash, what’s the matter, doesn’t a Sentinel want you? You’re a pathetic, you can’t support anyone’s emotions, and all you can do is steal them.”  All Blair knew was that he had to get the other man to connect with him, as at the back of his mind the other, the Dark Guide began to prowl.


Lash closed the distance between them; he caught Blair’s hair and slammed his head back. stunning him.  His mind began to force its way into Blair’s, then Lash’s expression changed as pain started to rip through his mind, his fingers tightening on Blair’s hair and shoulder.  Enraged, finally Lash pulled away and struck out at the guide who dared to resist him.  No one had ever stopped him before. The blow was hard enough to knock the smaller man out, and with disgust Lash let go of the long hair, and Blair’s head lolled to one side.


The anger still burned through Lash, and as he stood up, he kicked out, his toe connecting with a thud into the unconscious man’s side. Sandburg was stronger than he looked.  He had pushed into the kid’s mind, greedy to take all that he could find, but instead had been thrown out.  And he knew that could not be right. 


For a moment he looked down at the pale face with the trickle of blood running down from the forehead, and reaching to his belt took out the leash, letting it run through his fingers gaining pleasure from the feel of the leather.  It would be so easy to kill Sandburg now, but that would achieve nothing. Once he had seen the Guide Porn tape in the shop and recognized the star, he knew that it had been a sign that he was destined to replace Blair Sandburg. He’d spent hours watching the tape, rewinding it then playing it again, and his anger had built. A cheap little slut like Sandburg didn’t deserve the prize that had fallen into his hands.  So he had good barriers, well all barriers fall, and he had the answer to that, and his face lit up with an unholy light as he remembered the drug from his days as a cadet.


All he had to do was get to the office on Richmond Street, and once he had the drug Sandburg’s mind would be stripped bare and he would feed on it like a choice morsel.


But first things first, humming he began to apply the leash, a nice little reminder if Sandburg woke up before he got back. He gave the still body one last kick, turned on his heels, closing the door behind him and locking it into place, before switching on the white noise generator.  Sandburg was his prize and no one was going to take it away from him.





At the moment that Lash tried to enter Blair’s mind, Jim Ellison stopped dead in his tracks, it was as if he was zoning, his eyes took on a blank look, and then his head went back and he screamed.  It was the most primal noise that a human could make, the sound of a great predator in torment.  The Sentinel’s knees buckled and he fell forward. Dan only just managed to catch the man before he hit the floor, staggering under the dead weight.  Then with a shuddering breath the Sentinel came back to himself, he pushed Dan away almost violently, and when he looked round it was the Dark Sentinel that burned from his eyes.


The laser sharp blue eyes sliced through Dan Slater, and he felt himself weighed and found wanting, it was as if every sin he had ever committed against a Guide was written on his soul and this man had read it.


Jim Ellison snapped back, and looking at Dan, nodded towards the door, if the GDP Commander wanted to come then he could, but without a word being said.  Dan was well aware that he was on sufferance and that Jim was walking a very fine line, balancing the Dark Sentinel, the Cop and the Man, and at any minute he could lose it.


It was with some relief that he saw Edwards arrive. The SWAT Officer was the second in command of the Clan; as usual his guide was with him.

The younger man stood at his sentinel’s shoulder as he was filled in on what had happened.  He had always considered the young guide to be almost fragile, so when he moved forward, and laid his hand on Jim’s shoulder he expected to see the guide being carried away in a body bag, either from Ellison or his own sentinel.


Ellison bristled then calmed, his arms closing round David, as he lowered his head and inhaled his scent, rubbing his face against David’s hand as the young man petted Jim’s face.  Dan knew body language and he would see the guide relax in the hold, his own Sentinel was standing guard over the two of them.


Reluctantly, Jim eased David back, his thumb brushing the Guide’s cheek affectionately.  “Thank you.” then to the young man’s own Sentinel added “Edwards,” and nodded to him as he handed David back. So much said in just one word. The SWAT officer collected his guide close, the pride in him plain for all to see.




Dr Maggie Speke sat in the car and watched as Dan Slater and James Ellison came out of the building. She watched the way the Sentinel stopped for a moment and pulled himself upright, she could almost see the way he re-enforced himself against the outside stimulation of a world that could send him into a zone out. 


The report had been forwarded to her on the disappearance of Blair Sandburg.  This was what they had been waiting for; a chance to sever what the Doctor considered an un-natural bonding. 


Ellison was the most powerful of his kind, a Dark Sentinel, and somehow Sandburg, a rogue Guide had been allowed to bond with him.  He had taken his perverted ways and tried to corrupt Ellison. All you had to do was look at Sandburg’s mother’s record with the GLA to know what a risk he was. Doctor Amy Jenson has a lot to answer for.


Sandburg was sexually promiscuous, and god knows what he did in the bond to an innocent inexperienced Sentinel.  This was what they had been waiting for, and she was not going to let opportunity go by.


One thorn in the flesh was Commander Dan Slater, her former partner but then he could be made to see that this was for the good of the GDP and the good of the Sentinel Community.  After all they had been partners at one time before Sandburg has started to re-write the handbook and could be again.




Blair pulled at the leash and swore; he was securely held.  From the little light that seeped in the room he knew that he was in a basement, in the background he could hear the sound of a railway, almost hypnotic in its steady beat as it passed over the points. 


Blair’s mind only briefly considered his own fate, what worried him was what Jim was doing, he knew that he would be looking for him, but he was also frightened for him. The last time he had been threatened the Panther had come out with the Dark Sentinel, if that happened again, then Jim would be at his most dangerous. He had to escape; he had to get to Jim.


This time when the dark one pushed forward, Blair instead of fighting began to let go, allowing the dark one to become the dominant persona. Now all he needed was Lash to return, the smile that touched his lips was sinister, if Lash wanted to enter his mind then he would, and Welcome to the Sandburg Zone.





Dan’s cell phone went off and he clawed it out of his jacket when he saw the look that Jim gave him, though the ringer was on mute, it was an irritation to the Sentinel.  He turned away shielding it.


“Commander Slater.”  He paused then spoke quickly, “get the tape and bring it over now. Don’t let anyone touch the crime scene. I want a Sentinel and Guide pairing to scan it first.”


He pushed the phone in back in his pocket.  “Jim we have had a sighting of Blair,” he held a hand up, “he was caught on tape breaking into the drug depository at GDP Central.  How he got in we have no idea, but the drugs he took are worth at least 1 million on the black market.”


“Blair would never do that.”


“I know, so it had to be Lash, if he ‘s doing his copy cat routine, then usually....”


“The person is dead.”  Jim finished the sentence. “Only difference is Commander,” the way Jim said the name made it hostile. “I would have known through the bond if Blair was dead, and if he was, I would follow him.”


“You mean....”


Jim’s voice dropped lower, “Eat a bullet, without Blair there is no life.  Understand me, I would live to take his killers down, and for nothing more.”


“Another Guide?” 


“There are no other Guides.” Jim paused, “but that is moot because Blair is still alive, remember that.”




Lash walked into the basement, he grinned down at his prisoner,  “See I make a good you,” he did a slow turn, but then his face hardened,  “How can I be you, if you don’t let me in Sandburg, but that doesn’t matter, this is going to open you wide, and then everything you have will be mine.”


He broke open the white package, tugged out the disposable syringe and carefully filled it with white liquid from the vial.  Tapping it to make sure there were no bubbles he then knelt on the struggling body and pulled Blair’s jeans down to his hip before injecting the contents. 


Lash stood up, he had two more vials of the drug if it was needed, and no one could fight against that dosage.  He turned his back on his prisoner and walked away. He had time for a beer while it kicked in.  Sandburg would already be experiencing the first effects of the drug. In another hour his barriers would fall, and his mind would be ripe for picking.


For a moment Lash looked at himself in the mirror, and tugged the long curly wig, once he was all that Blair Sandburg was, he would claim his own Sentinel, Jim Ellison would be his and only his.




Jim began to shiver, and then a pain began to claw at his stomach, and he just managed to get to the side of the road before he was sick.  With the nausea came a splitting pain in his head, a violent migraine, he could hear Dan talking to him and felt a cool hand resting on his arm, he shrugged it away, and looked past Dan Slater into the distance.


He could not put it into words all he knew was that Blair had to be found and found fast.




Blair rolled onto his belly; he had voided the content of his stomach by the side of the mattress.  He was breathing hard, but tried to calm himself as he felt another wave of sickness curl up from his stomach. However it was too late, and he began to retch again. How long it went on for Blair had no idea, but he could feel his barriers coming down, he was now too weak to hold them up.  He remembered now all too clearly Wilson using the same drug on him. Lash was stripping his barriers. 


He never heard Lash enter, all he felt was a heavy foot pressing him down, and then water hit him, washing off the side effects of the drug.



Blair began to buck and twist as he felt Lash moving over his body, hands running over him, as if he were a Sentinel trying to map him.  All he could feel were Lash’s twisted emotions, the joy of the kill, and the almost sexual pleasure he took in inflicting pain on his victim. Taking everything they had, and leaving nothing but a shell behind.


Lash’s mind penetrated Blair’s, trying to get deep, tearing through the now paper-thin barriers.


“So he loves you, this Sentinel of yours, takes you to his bed.”  Lash leaned over and whispered harshly, “He fuck you as well Sandburg. Is that your hold on him?  Because there is no other reason he would have you.”


Lash’s jealousy was like poison as it seeped through.  Blair began to struggle even harder, not wanting to give up any memories of what he shared with Jim, to this monster.  Blair’s mind met Lash’s head on, and the two empaths began a battle of wills. 


But then the Dark Guide came forward from where he had been waiting.


Lash gave a low moan, as he felt another force enter into their battle. This was darker than Sandburg. It was violent and primal, and it began to wrap round his own mind.  At first it was just like a gentle pressure, flexing, but when he tried to break free, it enforced its hold on him. For the first time in years Lash was afraid.


It was almost as if this was what the power, the force was waiting for. He could hear the voice now, it was like Sandburg’s, but lower, “You wanted to taste me, then Lash, you will, take all that you want, and may you live with what you find.” There was a chuckle that echoed through his mind, “No matter how long that is.”


The hold on his mind began to contract. He tried to draw the breath to scream, but the pain was now all that he knew.  In his mind he saw the flames, red and yellow.  They began to eat through his pathways like a fire, burning and moving on.  Like a domino effect the first of his victims, David Lash, was standing before him, and the pain he had caused the man began to vibrate through his mind.  He tried to push the emotions away, but they just returned, burrowing deeper into his mind, as they did it opened up the way for the next of his victims.  With each victim that returned a little more of what was now called Lash died. 


As his mind became a firestorm, he saw the last man. This was Blair Sandburg, but it wasn’t.  He wore all black, and over his shoulder was a two handed sword.  It was drawn slowly, and then the blade moved fast. Lash gave a shuddering breath and his body went limp, as the sword had severed the last of his pathways.  Lash was nothing now but a husk, his empathy was gone and his mind was stuck in a loop of pain, as he relived the agony of his victims.  Only death could free him from the torment.


Lash collapsed over the smaller man.


The Dark Guide twisted the body off him, then focused on his secured wrists.  Twisting them he found the one that was loose, and began to pull his hand through the leash. Twisting it back and forward, he bit back the pain as the leather cut into his wrist and the blood began to flow.  It acted as a lubricant, and he managed with a groan to pull his hand free of the leash.  For a moment he breathed hard, then stripped off the leash.

His attacker was as good as dead, every pathway in his body had been fried, and blood ran from his nose and mouth.  The Dark Guide snarled, then took the stairs from the basement two at a time. 


The Dark Guide was free.


It took a while for him to find his bearings. He knew that the PD would be looking for him, but all he knew was that he had to find Jim first. For a moment he was lost then he recognized the railway stations that dominated the skyline and began to jog towards the loft.


Blair halted as he saw the two men watching the front of the building, his eyes sweeping over them. The car was a standard GDP model. Then he saw the truck pull up into its usual parking space and Jim got out. Blair’s face hardened as he saw Dan Slater with him.  His anger bubbling to the surface as he saw Slater put a hand out and touch the Sentinel’s arm. This was his Sentinel!  He pulled back as he saw the men get out of the car and head towards them.


“Jim, look out,” Blair yelled the warning and his Sentinel’s head snapped round, then Jim screamed, his hands going to his head, his knees buckled and he fell to the ground.  Slater was by his side, and Blair was just breaking from his cover when he saw Slater being taken down by an electric charge.  His Sentinel had been caught, and it was up to the Guide to rescue him now.  Blair pulled back under cover and he could not do that if he was caught. 


A blacked out van pulled up and the unconscious men were bundled into it.


Blair moved to the GDP car and slid behind the wheel, the fools had left the keys in it. He gunned the engine to life and pulled out, following the van, narrowly missing another van.


By the time they reported the car stolen he would have found out what he needed to know.  Keeping back, the Dark Guide kept track of the van as it made its way out of the city and headed towards the mountains. 


Only when the van pulled off the main road onto a track, did Blair come to halt.  If he followed them he was in danger, a dead end, no other vehicles would go up there, and he would be exposed.  Better to hide the car and go up on foot.


As the time passed on the hunt, Blair Sandburg’s knowledge. experiences, and skills were being united with the darker skills of the Dark Guide. His soul mate had been taken and those responsible for it would pay the price.


The Dark Guide looked at the complex, studying it carefully. It hurt him to turn his back on where his Sentinel was being held, but for this he would need help, and when he returned no one would escape his wrath.




William Ellison was at his desk at the house when there was a buzz of the intercom and then security came on.


“Sir, I have Blair Sandburg at the gate.”


William looked puzzled, he had heard the news of Blair’s abduction, so why was the younger man at his door?


“Have him sent through Hogan.”


William watched the car pull up and noted the GDP license plate,


“Now that's interesting.”  Then his eyes widened as he saw the young Guide get out of the car, he prided himself on being able to read body language, as it was a trump card in his business negotiations.  This was Sandburg but the body language was different, there was an almost feline grace to him.  The eyes, when they looked into his face, had a power crackling behind them. He felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck. This was certainly something he was going to talk to James about.


“Hello Blair, Jim’s looking for you.” He tried to keep it friendly since the young man was clearly on edge.


“Jim has been kidnapped by the GDP, along with Slater,” it was stated calmly as if the most natural thing in the world.  “But we are going to get him back.” Blair’s voice had taken on a sinister tone, cool and deadly.


“Blair, are you all right son?”  William put a hand out, but the young man moved just out of his touch, and shook his head.


“No” he warned, “ I don’t want to hurt you.”  He paused, making no effort to explain. Then added “We need to call the clan.”


William nodded and escorted the younger man into his office, watching as the Guide made the phone call.  He talked quickly then put the phone down.


“The Clan is on their way, then we get Jim back.”  Blair stated as if it was written in stone.


Time seemed to stretch out as Blair paced up and down the office, William could almost feel the energy pouring off the smaller man, he could not rest he had to be in constant motion.  Suddenly Blair halted and his lips twisted into a smile that was chilling, and William shuddered, there was something not of this world about Blair at that moment.



“The clan is here.” 


Although William could not hear any cars,  he didn’t doubt the guides words, if Blair said they had come then they had come, and god the men that held his son. Because in Blair Sandburg they would find no pity.


Hogan sat at his post monitoring the gate security system, as the fifth car pulled through the gate.  All of them he had waved through, and all carried two to four people in them. He suppressed a shudder. Sentinel and Guides, it had to be, there was no mistaking their type.


The first to arrive was a tall man, William guessed straight away ex-military, and the penny dropped, Edwards, the SWAT officer and ex-Marine.  And at his side his Guide, the blond young man that had received an award for bravery the night Jim had become Officer of the Year.


Edwards closed the distance to Blair and reached out for him, his fingers lightly stroking down the Senior Guide Prime’s face.  Blair was on a hair trigger that was for certain.


When Edwards hand rested against Blair’s heart, David covered his Sentinel’s hand with his own, and opened their connection, allowing their minds to become one with the Senior Guide Prime.


Blair snarled as he felt the shadow of Jim’s mind in David’s.  He began to strike out; ready to destroy anyone that would threaten his link to his Sentinel.


David felt the tension, “Blair, Jim had need of balance, I helped him, nothing more,” then to show his submission to the Senior Guide Prime, he allowed his barriers to fall, opening himself to an attack from the Prime that would fry him.


His hand tightened on his Sentinel’s, reassuring him as he felt Blair’s mind whirling round him, and then it calmed.


“Thank you David.”  Blair’s voice was a little strained, and his hand was shaking when he curled his fingers round David and Edwards’ joined hands.


Now the other Sentinels came forward, as in turn they all became one with their Senior Guide Prime.  Only when the Clan was once more united could they go forward.


Simon Banks had received the call from William Ellison, and had come straight over with Rafe, H. and Joel.  He was fuming that they had been left out of the loop on this one, and he promised himself that one long-haired Guide was going to hear about it. The GDP was going crazy. The kidnapping had been witnessed and called in by an off duty GDP Officer, and then it had hit the fan. 


It was then he had realized that the Clan was on the move, but without the phone call from William he wouldn’t have been able to catch up with them.


He pushed past the Clan members that would have blocked him, caught hold of Blair by the shoulder and spun him round, “Okay Sandburg, what the hell is...”


For Simon it was as if he was main lining electricity, a shock to his system that made his hand goes numb, and it dropped from the young man’s shoulder.  He swallowed hard as he saw the Dark Guide looking back at him, the same guide that he once hit, and who he had given to Hudson for training, even though it had been in a misguided attempt to help Jim. He had made mistakes and for a moment he saw the power rippling through the smaller man.  Blair’s voice dropped to a harsh whisper, “You don’t touch me Simon. You never touch me, or it will be the last thing you ever do.”  Then turning to face the Clan, the Senior Dark Guide Prime ready to lead.


Simon cradled his hand, as feeling began to return, all he could remember at that moment was the Chronicle of the Ancients, when another Simon had faced a Dark Guide and had nearly died at his hands. 





Jim came round slowly to a touch on his arm, and the feeling of ice sliding into his mind.  With a roar he tried to sit up only to find that he was held down by restraints.  He was looking up into the face of a woman. For a moment he just stared at her, then a name came, Guide Day, the former Guide of Sentinel Prime Hudson, a GDP Sentinel who had been the last Sentinel Prime of the City.  She smiled and her voice dropped to a soothing timber that she knew was pleasing to a Sentinel.


“You’re perfectly safe James, you overloaded and we had to bring you here to recover.”


“Blair, where is he?”


“Your Guide Sentinel Prime is still missing, we think the worst. Lash is a killer, but we all live in hope that Sandburg will be found alive.”  Her hands moved over Jim’s arm and then across his chest.


“Don’t even think about it.”


The growl in those words made her jump back.  “Blair is my Guide, claimed and marked,” and with that Jim turned his face away.  “Now let me go.”


Mary Day, didn’t answer she just walked out of the room; once the door was closed she swore as she turned to Maggie Speke. The doctor was not happy.  They had taken a big risk in bringing Ellison to the complex and they could not afford to waste it. Her voice was harsh so different than the guide tone she had used earlier.


“The only way he’s going to bond with me is if that little freak is dead, or flat lined.  Without Sandburg there is nothing we can do.”


“We flat line Ellison.” Maggie Speke put in levelly.  “That would break the Sentinel and Guide connection and you could bond.  And whatever hold Sandburg has on the man would be finished.”


The doctors gathered round her looked a little unsure, but they knew better than to argue with Dr Speke. She had single-handedly built this department, and their jobs were on the line.  They were already in too deep with some of the work they had done for the covert GDP.


Dan Slater pounded on the door to the room he had woke to find himself in, but no one came, leaving the GDP officer pacing up and down.  He remembered seeing the man who had shot him, and knew he was in serious trouble.  Lou Franklin was a traditionalist, and had already been suspended more than once for unlawful leashing and beating of a Guide in training.  What the hell did he want with them? He knew that he had not been the target, it had to be Ellison, and he had just been brought along for the ride.  He began to beat on the door and then froze.


The roar echoed through the small complex, a great creature in torment.


Maggie Speke watched from the observation booth as the doctors worked on Jim Ellison, there was always a danger involved in flat lining a sentinel, that was why normally it was the guide that was flat lined, but in this case it was the only way.


She leaned forward, pushing her hair back as it fell forward over her face.  James Ellison was a magnificent specimen he was in the Dark state, a primal Dark Sentinel.  With the right Guide he would be the perfect Senior Sentinel Prime.


The doctors moved round the larger man, her eyes went to the monitor and saw the flat line, then the doctors worked on returning the heart beat to normal.  When they stepped back the Sentinel was not moving, like this he was vulnerable and Mary Day entered the room now.  She moved Jim, placing one hand on his shoulder and the other resting on his forehead.  She leaned down, her lips brushing his face, as she opened her mind fully and tried to enter that of her new Sentinel.


Ellison didn’t move, his eyes never even tracked her; Mary jerked up, and glared at the observation booth.


“He’s got everything so tightly dialed down I can’t get in. You’re going to have to chemically kick start him, give me a way in, and we can bond.”


The doctors waited.  Maggie pressed the microphone.  “Give him 5cc every hour until the bonding is complete.”


She sat back in her chair and waited, it would have been better for nature to take its course, but if Ellison was stubbornly refusing to bond, even with his bond to Sandburg severed, then he would have to be forced.




Blair screamed, it was from the very soul, a soul that was in torment, and he went down onto his knees, his head nearly touching the floor, his body shaking violently, like a tree in a gale. As he lifted his head slowly, it was as if it was on rusty springs, small jerks, his eyes, burned now, his lips pulled back over his teeth. And he screamed Jim’s name like a banshee.


Edwards and the Clan stepped back, whatever this was, it was new. Simon’s mouth was open. Then William did what no one else dared to do, he stepped forward, and dropped to his knees so that he was level with Blair.


“Talk to me son, please let me help you.”


“Jim is dead,” his voice was a slight whisper; “I can’t feel him.”


William gathered Blair to him; even he had heard the intake of breath from the Clan, as he touched their Guide Prime.  Then closing his eyes, William concentrated on broadcasting his emotions to the young man he held.


When they had told him that Jim had died in Peru, he had known that his son was alive, they might have their statements and their proof, but he had known, and he knew now that Jim was still alive.  Blair would have known, but the kid was in empathic shock.


“Now listen to me Blair,” he gave the smaller man a shake to bring him back to the present.  “Jim is alive Blair, he might be your Sentinel, but he is my son. I know that he is alive, now I want you to bond with me.”


Blair struggled against the arms holding him, but was held tightly. He could feel the power building in the smaller man, but he ignored the danger, and ordered firmly. “I am Jim’s father, I am not going to hurt you, but you need to know what I know, feel what I feel.  Can you do that?”


There was shake of a curly head, “Blair!” William made his tone harder.


The Dark Guide pushed past the shock, in the moment of separation he had screamed his loss, and Blair had come through, now he pushed past the civilized man again, and took control. He would be needed.


William dipped his head down so that it rested against the long curls.  “Jim is alive and the people that took him will pay, you are family, and vengeance will be ours. They will pay for hurting you both.”


He felt Blair’s mind change and for a split second he felt the full dark force, then it had been curbed, and he felt the mind of the Guide in his, moving like a cool breeze.  His face took on a look of wonder as for the first time he felt just a fraction of what his son experienced.




Mary Day came into the room and looked down at the Sentinel, she ran her hand over him.  Now here was a Sentinel to be proud of. She had wanted him ever since he had defeated Hudson, her previous Sentinel.  Hudson had really thought she would stay with him, when he had lost, but he had had another thing coming, once defeated he had served his purpose as far as she was concerned.


But Ellison, she would tie him to her so tightly that he would never look at another woman.  She would be his Senior Guide Prime and his lover, and no one would stand in her way.


She smiled as Jim Ellison tilted his head up to scent at her hand.  The Sentinel wanted to bond.




In the Observation Room, Maggie finally breathed a sigh of relief, after a rocky start it looked as if her plan was going to work.




Mary slid into her soon to be Sentinel’s mind, and found that he was entering the bonding state.


“You can release him now.” She ordered the doctors.


“Guide Day?” The senior doctor made her name a question. He was not sure it was a good idea.


“Doctor Lom, I know what I am doing.”


The doctor shook his head, but in bonding the GDP Guide was law.


The man that was the cop was peeled back, and the Covert Operative and Dark Warrior was all that was left. He scoffed, did they really think that death could break his bond with Blair; their bond was eternal.


The Sentinel sat up, and reached for her.  His smile went cold in that heartbeat as the Dark Sentinel’s hand wrapped round her throat.  Mary only had time to croak, “You can’t, we’re bonding!”


The Dark Sentinel eyes flashed, “Sandburg is my one true Guide, you’re nothing.”  His hand moved, there was a snap and he let her body fall to the floor.  Any attempt to break his bond was punishable by death.


Maggie’s hand went to her mouth as she saw the Dark Sentinel leaving only death in his wake.




The Clan were in the trees overlooking the complex. With the expertise of the Tactical Teams they shared, getting into the compound was not going to be  hard.


Simon watched in something akin to shock as he saw Blair, peace loving Blair Sandburg, accept the automatic from Edwards, expertly check the magazine and slip it back into place before tucking the gun in the small of his back.


Turning to the Clan, the Dark Guide spoke so that they could all hear him, “As Guide to a violated Sentinel, and in the name of his Family and in the name of this Clan, I call Blood Vengeance down on them.”


“William what the hell is that?”  Simon hissed.


“It’s a death sentence Simon, and may they rot in hell.”


Blair would enter the building and link with his Sentinel while the Clan started to take out the guards.


The Dark Guide entered the building carefully, he had seen the weakness in the defense easily, and had come through an air conditioning duct.  He twisted round and kicked the vent out into the locker room.  Donning one of the white coats he found in a cupboard, he quickly pulled his hair back into a ponytail, then frowned, it was not quite right.


The door to the locker room opened and a man came in; he saw the vent grate and started towards it only to hear the locker room door close with a click.


He turned and took a fist in the stomach, and as he went down a knee caught him under the chin, the clipboard he was carrying went up in the air as he fell.  Dark Guide caught it in mid air and tucked it under his arm as he bent and retrieved the authorization badge pinned to the now unconscious man’s white coat.  He pushed it into his pocket and then dragged the man towards a laundry chute in the corner and manhandled him down it.  Removing the badge from his pocket and pinning it in place, with one look in the mirror, he straightened it and walked out.


The Dark Guide paused and lowered his barriers; he could feel his Sentinel, and his heart soared, then he snarled in anger.  His Sentinel was hurt and in pain. He quickened his pace.  He came flying round the corner and saw Maggie Speke in front of him with two guards.  But she was past him so quickly that he didn’t think she had had time to recognize him.


Maggie, paused in mid-sentence, and then spun round, “Sandburg!”


The Dark Guide spun round the gun already in his hands perfectly balanced he beat the guards and two shots brought them down as he aimed for the vests they wore, at that range they would not be moving very quickly very soon.  Speke dived round the corner before the gun swung on her.  In Blair Sandburg she had seen her death.


Turning Blair began to track the carnage, the first bodies were twisted like puppets with their strings cut, he recognized the unit badges, and could not mourn their deaths, that unit had been disbanded two years ago for brutality, so how the hell could they still be here.  He pushed that thought away, it could wait.


He reached for a door and jerked it open flattening himself against the wall, the gun held at the ready, whimpering in the corner was a receptionist, she was pale faced and scared, and he could smell the bitter scent of urine, as she huddled into a small ball.  The Dark sentinel had been here, but had left the innocent.


“Stay here until the others come, don’t move and you’ll be all right.”


When the tear-stained face nodded, he continued, he could now feel his sentinel.




A hand shot out and latched onto him. He was pulled sideways and thrown into a storage room, then the primal sentinel was on top of him.


The Dark Guide hit the wall with oomph.  Twisting he grabbed for the automatic, only to find that he was pinned, and Blair was looking up into the face of his Dark Sentinel, blue eyes met blue, and the power was arching between them.

The Primal Dark Guide growled his consent as the Dark Sentinel bent to mark him, to lay claim to his guide.



The door to the Storage Room was pulled open, and the Dark Sentinel and Dark Guide reacted immediately to the threat of the armed guards.  Two guns snapped up aimed at the doorway, sentinel and guide firing as one, The Dark Guide hitting them in the chest as the Dark Sentinel’s bullet took them in the head.  The double impact throwing them backwards out of the room.


Pushing the gun in his waistband, the Dark Sentinel raised his hand and pushed his guide’s gun down. The threat had been destroyed and they were united.


The Dark Sentinel’s senses were wide open and they told him that for the moment they were alone.  He turned back, rubbing his face against that of his Guide, and only then did he reach out and catching his Guide’s wrist give him a tug towards the door. 


“The Clan is here.”  The Dark Guide, spoke only to his Sentinel.  “Blood Vengeance is called.”


The Dark Sentinel roared his approval.




Maggie was taking to her heels. She had seen the guards die and it was time to escape. This had blown up in her face, but there was still a possibility that she could survive. 


She climbed into her car and then froze as she looked into the rear view mirror and saw a young woman with long blond hair, “Hello Dr. Speke, I see you remember me,” the woman tapped the Maggie’s shoulder with her gun, “Police scanners are such a useful invention.”




Simon watched as the remaining guards and medical personal were rounded up, some walking wounded, but other bodies lay unmoving as they were brought out.  His eyes moved on to Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, then looked away.  Jim had Blair pushed up against the side of a car, his hands moving freely over the smaller man who had his arms wrapped round the Sentinel as Blair seemed to be trying to cover every inch of Jim with his own body.  The other Sentinel and Guides were totally ignoring them.  He caught the look that William gave him and shrugged.  Then Simon swore as part of the Ancient’s Chronicle came back to haunt him, The Darkest Bond, not now, it could not be.


William approached them slowly, “Jim.”


No reply, all he had on his mind was his Guide.


“JAMES,” William barked his son’s name, and tried not to flinch at the look he received as his elder son’s face turned towards him.  There was nothing  human in the look.


He looked to Blair and saw the same hunger and feral flare in his eyes.


“The Cabin is only six miles away.”  He didn’t get to finish, as he saw his son and his Guide exchange a look. Jim’s hand snapped up as he caught the keys that Simon threw him, then he was bundling Blair into the car.


Dan Slater was leaning heavily on Edwards as he came out of the complex with David supporting him on the other side, he was pale and shaking. 


“We found him in one of the cells, they planned to kill him once Jim had bonded with that bitch Mary Day. He got clubbed but he should be okay.” Edwards added.  “you best take him Captain Bank, I have the Clan to see too, there is much still to be done here.”


Simon did not argue, he gently took hold of the GDP Commander, and helped him to one of the patrol cars, he gazed round him, he just knew that the paper work on this one was going to be creative at best, and a bitch at worse.




The next day Dan Slater, was seated in Simon’s office. “They found Maggie Speke this morning.  She was in her car, one wound to the head, her service revolver was found in the foot well of the car.  They are calling it suicide.”


Simon shook his head, “They’re in a hurry to close the file, but I think we will keep it a open a little longer, you see some of it doesn’t jell. But until the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed it will stay an ongoing case.” The Captain paused then added, “But then again anyone that tries to break that partnership is committing suicide.” The GDP Commander didn’t argue.




Richard Travis, shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, and looked at the woman who was now dominating his life.  All he had had to do was go to his Captain and admit that he had lied, that Pet Barnes, or rather Blair Sandburg, had tried to save his partner, not him.  He was a fraud; he was not the hero they thought he was.  But then a voice would tell him just how much he had to lose and that voice was always female.


The woman, settled down on the sofa next to him, and ran a hand down his arm and across his thigh.


“Now Pet, we are going to look at the security at the Museum, that Mummy is worth a cool million, and you’re going to help me get it.”


The end.