Angel of Death Series

This story continues from Angel of Death Two.


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Warning for adult implied situation.

Angel of Death 2 Epilogue


It was early morning and Blair Sandburg lay awake, trying to process just what had happened to him over the last few hours. First his sentinel had gone primal on him, demanding that he share his territory with him. He had reacted violently when he had found the chemical suppressant, but instead of taking it out on him, Jim had acted by bringing him closer, treating him as if he was the most treasured of his possessions. Blair moved slightly to get more comfortable and gave a soft sigh. He was warm and shielded and for once his mind was not being overloaded by the emotions of the people around him.

On reflection, he counted himself lucky that he had not been hurt in the emotional release. If he had been, it was his own fault and his alone. He had been denying his sentinel the very thing he needed to keep his senses anchored. But then, he could hardly have believed that an Alpha Sentinel would deign to take a Clone as his Beta.

His thoughts churned around in his head, transmitting themselves to his sentinel, and Jim began to wake. Blair found himself pulled closer, the sentinel burying his face into his hair, snuffling at his neck.

Gently, he stroked his sentinelís face with his fingertips, and Jim quieted. Softly, he said, "Itís okay, big guy. I get the message." He yawned and then closed his eyes, allowing sleep to take him.


Dr. Phil Curtain got out of his car and looked up towards the top floor apartment, complete with balcony. Why wasnít he surprised? It was typical of a sentinel to pick an area where they could look out across their territory.

The phone call from James Ellison had been out of the blue. The last time he had met the ex Ranger Captain was in hospital after he had been rescued. Ellison had carried him to the pick up zone, refusing to leave him behind even at the risk of his own life. Here was a man that lived the Ranger creed. So he had owed the man his life and was only too happy to be able to help him now. Especially with the enigmatic guide that now shared his life.

The guide was very much an unknown factor. In this case, from what Jim had said, he must be a strong empath, which was a good sign to a successful bonding. A weak empath could cause problems if the sentinel was much stronger and out-stripped the guideís ability. But the fact that the guide was also a clone put an unknown factor into the mix.


Jim lay with his guide, his senses more alive than at any time in his life. Even asleep, Blair was his baseline; he pushed them out further, marvelling at what he could hear, even with his guide passive.

The Shortsí cat was picking at the garbage cans; there was a whiff of stale food as its claws shredded a plastic bag and some of it fell out. Then he picked up the footsteps. He tracked them to the front door of the building, then moving inside, and into the elevator. Jim counted off the floors and then the steady tread towards their front door.

Gently, so as not to wake his smaller guide, he eased out from under him and then settled him back on the pillows. Blair began to make a soft, distressed noise. With the tips of his fingers, Jim calmed him down and back into sleep.

The young guide curled around his pillow, pulling it to him in a full body hug and burying his face against it. With a soft smile that would have puzzled anyone in the Major Crime bullpen, who firmly believed that he was unable to express any caring emotions, he turned on his heels and started down the stairs.

Jim took the stairs two at a time. He opened the door before the doctor could knock.

"Hi, El. How are you doing?" Phil greeted him warmly.

"Better now. Keep your voice down, heís still sleeping." Jim looked up to the sleeping area and tilted his head. There was no need to ask who "he" was.

The doctor had to keep from smiling. Newly bonded sentinels could be unpredictable where their guides where concerned, so Phil kept still while Jim checked on his guide, knowing that the wrong move could see him kissing the carpet.

Finally satisfied, Jim said, "Coffee," and moved over to the kitchen island.

"Thanks." He waited until Jim had poured them both a drink and then took a sip as he tried to decide how to break the news to him. "Okay, I found out some details about your guideís clone group, the B346, but youíre not going to like this."

Jim settled his back against the counter. "So talk to me."

"The B346 was classed as a pleasure clone. Very expensive, anyone could be brain washed to give pleasure, but the B346 was different. They made them impulsive and spirited in the bedroom, the perfect mate. They were programmed to give themselves to their owners fully, their empathic ability enabling them to know what their master or mistress wanted before they asked. The model was very popular in the brothels, but very soon problems began to appear. With independence came freedom of will and they began to question their place in life. After some rather spectacular incidents, the whole of the B346 clones were recalled and those lacking empathic abilities over a grading curve of 8 were put to sleep and their organs used for transplants.

Those over 8 where pinned down and used as lab rats. My guess is that your guide was one of those, but I would need to test him."

Phil took a breath and watched Jim very carefully. He could see the anger building behind that stoic face but as of yet he was not sure which way it was going lash out.

"A group of activists attacked the facility, trying to rescue the clones in the labs, and the place got burned to the ground. It was not arson, but pretty close to it. The genetic coding for the B346 was destroyed as was their records.

There might be a few of them around in personal ownership, but that is about all." Phil did not add that he would normally have been looking forward to doing some checks on the guide; at this rate he could have got a paper out of it. But he pushed that back; this guide was claimed by a friend and therefore was very much off limits for any investigation.

Jim swore violently. The coffee mug hit the counter and Phil pulled back as the hot liquid slopped over the wood. "They were treating them like animals and no one did anything to stop them." The anger was not aimed at the guide, but at the people who had hurt him and his kind.

"It was legal, Jim. They refunded their clients and so they had sole ownership of the clones."

"And that made it right, Phil?" The sentinel was growling.

"Of course not." The doctor could see that Jim was working his way into blessed protector mode.

Whatever Jim was about to say was forgotten as he tilted his head, his senses fixed on Blair. He took a steadying breath as he scented his guide. Blair was safe and in his territory; no one could harm him, no one was going to take him away from him and live. Jim forcibly reminded himself that Phil was a friend and he was not to blame for anything.

"Sorry, Phil, none of this is your fault. I know you shouldn't kill the messenger. But it explains why he wakes up screaming in the night."

Phil nodded. "Emotionally, heís volatile. You need to be aware of that fact. But if he bonds deeply enough, I think you can control him. Do you know who his first owner was"? This was going to be a sensitive area.

"No. He mentioned the man was an anthropologist. That would explain his background knowledge of the subject."

"More than likely they didnít bother to wipe his memory when they took him back in. They didnít think it worthwhile; after all they had no plans for ever letting him see the light of day again. To be honest, El, he was sentenced to death the moment he set foot in that lab."

Jimís voice took on a hard edge. "Could they take him off me?"

"I did some work on that for you. I thought it might come up. If youíre correct," he added quickly "and Iím sure you are, your guide has been free for several years which means that he becomes free claim. Because he has never come forward and declared his clone status, he has not signed the bill of emancipation, which would make him his own person. He could still be legally taken by them; they would simple by reclaiming their property."

"How can we stop this"?

"Blair fills in this form, which we witness. This confirms his clone status, make and facility of origin. We legally state that he has been free of ownership for the last three years and then heís a free man."

" His previous sentinel parted with Blair because his father threatened to have Blair exposed as a clone."

"Would you part"?

"No." The word was barely human, the blue eyes burned into the doctor like a laser.

Phil had to suppress a shiver. The possessiveness in that one word was staggering. This was going to be one hell of bond.

"Once emancipated, heís a citizen of Cascade. He can go to university, become a police officer, and pay his taxes. Nothing is closed to clones. Well, in theory; we all know that there are jerks out there. He will be safe, but first he has to sign the paper."

For a moment Jimís mind drifted, //Blair would be safe from the labs, but not the Council of Assassinís, once the paperwork hit the computer database, it would be picked up by the Guild, and they would have Blair terminated with extreme prejudice. A clone would be seen as a slur against the honour of the Guild. It was time that the Iceman, the Grand Master reclaimed his seat of the Council. No one would threaten his guide//

Phil started to put a hand out, "Jim, you okay?"

The sentinel pulled back, "I'm fine, just thinking." He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and then looked up as he heard the increase in the heartbeat from the bedroom.

Blair was waking up. He took the stairs two at a time; he didnít want Blair to panic, finding himself on his own. The kid was full of insecurities.

"Itís all right, Blair, I am here," he called as he took the stairs. Blair was sitting up in the bed, his eyes still misty with sleep. The noise he was making deep in his throat was one of distress and fear. His barriers were down and he was feeling the emotions of the people around him. Jim did not hesitate; he immediately collected his younger guide to him, shielding him with his touch and his mind. Blairís arms went around him and he buried his face into Jimís shoulder; he felt cold in his arms. The sentinel held the smaller man to him as with his other hand he rubbed his shoulders and back, trying to get some warmth into him. When that failed, he leaned back against the rails and pulled the comforter around them both as Blair tried to burrow even closer.

Gently, Jim rocked him until he felt Blairís mind settle in his. Only then did he say, "A friend of mine is downstairs; heís a doctor."

He never got any further. Blair began to struggle against him. "Jim. Noó"

"Itís all right, heís a doctor." But that only seemed to make it worse.

The sentinel had to make a grab for his guide as Blair twisted out of his hold and tried to scramble over him, trying to make a run for it. But Jim caught him, twisting around and pinning the smaller man on the bed.

"Easy, Blair, easy. Heís a friend. I need to know that youíre all right." Jimís weight had him pressed down on his stomach; the older manís breath brushed his ear. Blair began to struggle, pushing up against the weight that pinned him, trying to dislodge Jim. He was not listening; his panic was blotting everything out.

"You are not going to run, Blair. If you run, I will go after you. I will hunt you down. If needs be, I will handcuff you to the bed. Youíre mine and only mine." The emotions behind the words got through to the younger man.

Blair let his headrest against the bed cover. He could feel his sentinelís emotions; there was no lying in the bond. Warmth coiled up through his body as his sentinel said he was Jimís. He arched his neck up as he felt Jim nuzzle at the back of his neck. Where his body was covered by the larger one, he could feel the heat increase. It was as if Jim was merging with him; the need to bond was like quick fire in his mind.

He could not help a soft cry of disappointment as Jim, with a nip to his neck, carefully straightened up off him, giving Blair the opportunity to try and bolt for it. But this time, he didnít. He slowly turned onto his back and then reached up a hand.

Jim pulled him up, holding him for a moment, reassuring him.

Then, reaching over, he took off his own dressing gown and helped Blair into it. Too many times, Blair had been on display. This time, he had to know that his privacy would be respected. He knotted the cord and then pulled on a sweatshirt and pants. Keeping a firm arm around his guide, he escorted him down.

Blair could feel the body warmth of the larger man and hugged it closer to him.

"Phil, this is my guide, Blair Sandburg. Blair, this is Dr. Phil Curtain, an old friend."

Phil smiled gently and put a hand out. "Nice to meet you, Blair. Jimís needed a guide, he just couldn't seem to find someone to put up with him. I would wish you luck, but it seems you already have him under control."

Blair smiled back. This doctor didn't seem like the ones at the lab, cold and clinical. They shook hands and Jim tugged him to the sofa, sitting down so that he was between them. Blair could feel the Blessed Protector mode bubbling to the surface. His hand rested lightly on Jimís arm. At his touch, the sentinel turned to him. "Itís all right, Jim." Blair felt his sentinel relax.

"Jim did speak to me last night. He was concerned about your use of the suppressants and I will tell you the same as I did him. Natural is always best. I would like to examine you. Jim can be here if you wish. You do look underweight, Blair." Phil waited, knowing that the choice had to be Blairís.


"I am here, Chief. No one is going to hurt you." Lightly he rubbed Blairís back and received a nod in reply, the words said sentinel soft.

"Okay, Phil." Jim put it into words.

"First, could you tell me how your barriers are"?

"Fairly h-h-high."

"Thatís good. Now if they start to drop, just tell me. First I want to check your blood pressure."

Phil kept up a running commentary during the examination. He chatted about the Jags, and the season, and prompted Blair when he needed to. But Jim had caught the look and shake of the head as he had worked.

"Apart from being underweight and slightly run down, there is nothing wrong with you. I am sure that Jim can soon fatten you up. I am going to give him a list of vitamin supplements, which you will need to take. And I want to see you again in two weeksí time, to make sure that youíre gaining weight. No Wonderburgers. Healthy food and plenty of rest and early nights."

He looked from sentinel to guide. "And that means, gentlemen, sleeping together."

Phil saw the way that Blair coloured and mentally kicked himself. Given the history of the clone, he could imagine what went through his mind.

"Like I said to Jim last night, Blair, you have to stay close to him to allow him to shield you. The drugs are a thing of the past, but your barriers are not strong enough to stay up at night. Jim has to extend his senses to wrap them around you and that is resulting in headaches that are only gong to get worse.

He needs you close, Blair, and you need to be shielded. Eventually, you will be able to move into your own bed in his room. But sentinel and guide must share the same sleeping territory. So, gentlemen, until I tell you differently, youíre bunkmates. Now, Blair, I need you to give me any of the drugs you have left. I need to check them, find out the purity, if you would prefer. I am sure that Jim will understand if we have a chat in your old room and, Jim, I will be using a white noise generator."

Blair looked down, picking at a dressing-gown thread. "Would you mind?"

"No." Jimís tone was far from happy, but when his guide looked up at him with nervous eyes, he patted his knee. "Itís all right, Blair, I understand."

The pop of the white noise generator caused him to wince. He took his frustration out on a kitchen counter, scrubbing almost invisible spots.

Phil came out first and then nodded towards the balcony, and closed the French doors behind them, a few moments later; Blair came out of the room and went up to his sentinelís territory.

"Whatís wrong"?

"Keep calm. Now normally, what passes between doctor and patient is in strict confidence. But with Sentinel and Guide pairings, the rules are slightly different. With the co-dependency of the union, your medical records are open to each other. There is nothing to worry about. Blair is in good general health, but you must be aware of his sexual history. This could cause problems that could manifest itself at any time and you will have to be patient. Blair has been forced to do things against his will, made to be nothing more than a sex slave. A toy for first his owner, then later at the Lab, and then to save his mother and pay for her medical treatment. He will need to know that he can say Ďnoí. Donít grab at him; if he wants to move away after the bonding, this is not rejecting you. It will simply be him testing the barriers. When he finds out that you will let him move in and out of your personal space, he will become more stable. Now, from what I understand happened last night, you took him and bonded, went the whole caveman routine."

Phil put a hand up to stop Jim, who was spluttering, "Caveman! I am not a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal!"

"Sure, Jim, but it's part of the sentinel make up. Just make sure that if the primal sentinel comes out again, Blair not distressed."


"I know, Jim. You had to claim him. It had been much too long. Try to bond regularly and you will find the old caveman is kept happy. Blair might be reluctant to ask for a bond; heís not been in a position where he can ask; heís always been told. So for Godís sake, try to understand. Youíre the alpha and heís the beta, but sometimes let him be the alpha when you bond. It will help with his insecurities and believe me; you might have a bonding that will be all the stronger for it. Remember, you have an impulsive and spirited guide; let him be all he can be and donít try to make him what you think he should be. This, after all, is what attracted you to him." Phil paused. "I want you to go up and bond. I will be down here. I am not a threat to him or the bond, so take that look off your face, sentinel. But I am here if I am needed." He saw the way that Jim was looking up the stairs to the bedroom, and his guide "Sentinel, claim your guide."

Jim crossing the room in long strides taking the stairs two at time. His mind fixed on one thing and one thing only -- his guide.



Blair was casting worried looks over the railing towards where his sentinel and the doctor were talking. He buried his head in his hands, no longer able to watch his sentinelís reaction to whatever the doctor was saying. It was then he heard Jim coming up the stair, heading straight towards him. He lowered his barriers and the breath caught in his throat, the need to bond was burning through the older man like wild fire. Blair rolled over the bed to put it between him and the sentinel. All he could see were the men that that scum Holland had made him service, the sentinels that beat him, and raped him, wanting to enforce an Alphaís right to unite sexually with their guide. It wasn't something they would ever do to their own guide it was a cheap thrill for men who didn't give a damn about an unbonded beta. Blairís mind was spinning, logic no longer making sense. He edged along the end of the bed, and the sentinel one of the nameless and faceless many tracked him, he was trapped. Blair watched as the sentinelís hand brushed the light switch, which put the bedroom into darkness. The soft purr of a motor told of the blinds at the skylight closing as well, the only light came from downstairs now.


Phil picked up one of the magazines from the table and began to flick through it. The sentinel would never harm his guide, but a few nips and scratches might result from the Alpha bond. //On second thoughts I might be safer behind the kitchen island, just in case they take the game of possession down here!// He snagged a cushion from the sofa, and pausing only to pull the curtains to plunge the room into semi darkness, he made himself as comfortable as possible.

//Let the game begin...//

Blinded, Blair back up against the wall, trying to make out the half shadows, one of which was the sentinel hunting him.

The sentinelís eyes adapted to the half-light, sharpening to make out his guide, deepening to see his heat pattern.

Then he stopped, the fear scent was growing thicker and was souring. Blair was scared, and that could never be allowed. Phil was wrong, Blair had been hurt too many times. The Alpha could not force his guide to bond.

When he sat on the bed, Blair pulled back; he was trapped in the corner, almost blind in the darkness. Jim clicked the bedside light on, he reached out a hand, leaving it stretched out in the air. "Blair, please -- bond with me."

Blair strained to see, his voice was shaky "Jim". This was no unknown man, this was his own sentinel and he needed him, he was almost pleading with him to bond.

For a moment Blair stayed still just staring not sure, from his studies he knew that an Alpha sentinel in the throes of bonding took, and did not ask. Yet here was Jim asking him. Slowly he inched out towards the bed, any minute expecting the sentinel to pounce on him but he didnít move. Just gradually drew Blair closer, guiding him down to sit next to him, but did not let go of his hand. He could feel the thundering heart-beat, under his fingers and the sound echoing in his ears.

"You wonít want to bond with me," there was a tremor to the words,

"Your doctor friend must have told you about me, my kind." Blair forced himself to hold Jimís eyes, wanting to see the exact moment he was rejected.

"If you mean that youíre a B346..."

"The brothel model, Jim, say it, man, itís the truth."

"Blair," Jim put it a little harsher than he meant. He felt the hand jerk in his, but he closed his fingers tighter around it. "You didnít ask to be programmed, and if I ever find your first master, they'll be making dog food out of him." Jim took a steadying breath, letting the anger go, he could see Blair almost sink in on himself. "You are intelligent, and you have an energy and life force that I have never experienced before. Youíre my guide, and there will never be another, we are bonded for life, and you are a welcome addition to that life." He paused making sure the Blair understood him, "What is mine is yours, sentinel and guide one unto death and beyond."

"Death and beyond," Blair said the words softly.

With great care, as if he was made of glass, Blair felt himself being collected close, then hands holding him, firmly enough so that he felt safe, but he knew that he could pull free, but he didnít want to. His barriers picked up Jimís emotions easily, which told of total acceptance.

When he was eased back onto the bed he didnít fight it, because he knew that Jim would not hurt him, he looked up at the stern face looking down at him.

But the features softened, and the bigger man settled down a strong arm round his waist. The other arm pillowing his head. Last night the bond had been intense, the primal alpha reclaiming his guide, Jim had not hurt him, but he had felt the full strength of the man, dominating him. But this was different, the strength was there to protect him, he could feel that through their link.

It was not because the sentinel did not think that he could fend for himself, but because he was loved, and with that came the need to protect.

Then with a shuddering breath he opened his mind, letting Jim in fully for the first time, opening up the one area that he had kept hidden. Blair heard the sentinel catch his breath, as in that split second he had seen all the Blair had endured. Then he felt a splash on his cheek, the silent tears running down Jimís face, as he was held tighter. "Sorry, Blair, so sorry."

"Jim, are you all right, man?" Concern coloured his voice.

"I should have been there for you, protected you."

"How could you have known? It's all right, man, I'm here now. Thatís all that matters." With a shaking hand he wiped away the tears, and tugged Jimís face against his neck where he could scent him, and know his guide was safe.

Gradually the larger man relaxed as his sense automatically grounded themselves on the smaller man he held in his arms, and their minds moved together, as the bond became mellow, and they achieved balance.

Sentinel and guide became one.

The End

25th January 2002