The Woman


Her name was Andrea Winter, but to Blair Sandburg she would always be 'The Woman'.


Blair has always thought that what he had experienced as a 'fevered dream' was just that, a dream devoid of all reality. His worse nightmare was that he might have, in another time and place become a GDP officer. Now he was to learn that the membrane between realities was wafer thin and if the conditions were right it could be breached…


Another time and place.



For the Sentinel Clans of the Northern Territories of the Americas, New Cascade City was their Capital, it was here that their Senior Sentinel Prime and Senior Guide Prime  were based, to join the Panther Clan - the personal Clan of the Primes - was considered an honor. Only Sentinels and Guides that passed the personal vetting of the Senior Guide Prime were invited into the Clan.


Senior Guide Prime  was like no other guide, he was of the Dark calling, and had enough power to fry the brain of a sentinel, only his mate could handle the power,  and that mate was a Dark Sentinel. The myths of the Sentinel world had become flesh.


The Guide Liberation Front, had watched the development of the creation of the Clan with a mixture of fear and rejoicing, as certain rules governing the conduct of Guides where lifted. But the fact that  the Senior Guide Prime of Cascade and the Northern Territories, was a Commander in the GDP had caused fear to run through the Guide Liberation Front. 



The woman was tall in her late twenties with long blond hair which she wore  twisted up into a knot at the base of her neck.  She had formally approached the Senior Sentinel Prime with a request to study the Panther Clan of Cascade, the largest and most powerful of the Clans in the America’s.


Andrea Winter, stood up and shook hands with James Ellison the Senior Sentinel Prime, “Thank you for meeting with me and giving your permission to study the clan.”


Jim’s smile was warm as he waved her to a seat, “what exactly do you want to study?"


“The way it's evolving, in particular the direction of Guide liberation, now your Guide is a Commander in the GDP, how does his influence effect this, is he ruled…” Jim put his hand up to stop her.


“Ms Winter, I would suggest that you speak to Commander Sandburg, about this, my Guide is dedicated to the emancipation of Guides, the fact he is GDP only means that he understands what is happening from both sides of the street. As both a Guide and a GDP Commander, Blair is very accessible and I will certainly have a chat with him about discussing the Guide position with you.”


Their conversation gradually moved onto more general ground and at the end as Andrea thanked him, she smiled broadly, “Sentinel Ellison, can I buy you lunch?”


“Of course, but let me pay, Miss Winter.”


“Andrea, please.”







Two weeks later, Commander Blair Sandburg was rushed to the hospital, he had been attacked by a radical member of the Guide Liberation Front, when Jim arrived, it was with Andrea Winter clinging to him. Giving him the support he needed with his Guide in a critical condition.


Jim Ellison sat by his Guide’s bed; he was on a ventilator, his condition critical.

The Sentinel was holding his Guide's pale limp hand, his senses focused on the most important person in his life. 


But in another life time things were about to change.






The Present


Times were changing in Cascade,  guides were slowly starting to enjoy the emancipation that other citizens took for granted,  and the GDP was in the middle of culling its own ranks, the new GDP would be leaner, and morally answerable to their Director. But not everyone like it, or the two people held responsible for the changes Senior Sentinel Prime James Ellison, and Senior Guide Prime Blair Sandburg.


Blair had come into the apartment, and stopped dead in his tracks, the smell coming from the kitchen was mouth watering, he was puzzled though. He usually did the cooking - one of his jobs as a Guide was to look after his Sentinel - and luckily it was something he enjoyed. Jim could cook but he has only four meals in his repertoire and those he used to rotate through the week, if it was Tuesday it was ways meatloaf.


Putting his bag down he slipped off his coat - dropping his keys into the small basket near the door - and went over to the stove, lifting the lid on the nearest saucepan, and took a sniff, he was just raising the spoon to his mouth, when was given a light cuff around the back of his head.


"Down Chief, it’s not for you."


When Jim saw the look on his Guide's face he added quickly “Not that you're not welcome Blair, I just have visitors tonight." Jim shook his head, and swore under his breath; each time he tried to explain it worked out worse.


Jim shifted uncomfortable, “Look Sandburg, it’s just, this is” he paused.


Blair rested on hand on his Sentinel “It’s okay man, I understand.”


The older man saw the sadness in the blue eyes, and swore.

Blair pulled back taking a quick step back, his back knocking into the kitchen counter, he had felt his Sentinels anger strike out at him. He had over the last couple of weeks realised that he was feeling Jim emotions outside of the bond; it was as if the Sentinel was projecting them to him. The small voice at the back of his head mutters what if it’s you that’s changing. Blair pushed the thoughts back, as he realised that Jim was taking to him. 


Concerned Jim put a hand out, at his touch his Guide flinched back.


“It’s a date Blair, I have, well..”


It was then Blair saw the look of apprehension on his Sentinel's face.


“I understand…” then added reassuringly, “I do understand Jim, and I don’t want to play gooseberry." He paused, “remember the lectures?.”


Exasperated Jim shook his head, “It’s a first date Sandburg,  and it’s not like I am going jump straight in to bed with her.”


“Sex and the Sentinel.”


“Chief” then louder ‘SANDBURG.’ He paused “Okay I get the message” Jim glanced at this watch.


Blair got the hint.

As he opened the door to leave, he came face to face with a woman. Her hair was long and twisted up into knot; she was good looking with a figure to kill for.


Jim was immediately at his side, “Come in Andrea, and let me take your coat."


Andrea looked Blair up and down, “This must be your flat mate?"


The Sentinel nodded “Yes, sorry, Andrea Winter, Blair Sandburg, my cousins son, second marriage, he’s just on his way out” the last was said with a change of tone that indicated that Blair better be on his way out.


“Yeah sure, pleased to meet you” Was all Blair managed before the door was closed behind him.  He turned back to look at the door, and made a mental note to speak to Jim about this later. The fact that Jim Ellison was denying the Sentinel in him was not good. He had done that once before and it had nearly ended in tragedy.


The phone rang in the loft at 1.00 in the morning; the exchange was short and sharp.


GDP Officer Paul Shore put the phone down, and looked the Guide in front of him up and down. “It seems your Sentinel is rather busy, so it looks like you're going to be spending the night here, Guide." 

Blair was staring at the telephone, he couldn’t believe that Jim would do that… ignore him, okay getting arrested with members of the Guide Liberation Front wasn’t exactly the most intelligent thing he had ever done.

The GDP officer brought his hand down hard on the counter. Making Blair jump. Now he had Blair's attention the officer put the overall on the counter, it was correction facility orange and he could see the round black circle on the back of them.  “Strip and put your clothes in a pile on the counter, now” ordered the Officer.


Embarrassed, Blair looked around, along from him, leaning near the machine two GDP guards were enjoying their coffee, and further along the counter a Sentinel was being reassured about his Guide. “Every thing…” the Officer prompted.


Blair had to fight the shivering, trying to keep his mind locked on one thing and one thing only, this was not Wilson and his cronies, these officers would not harm him. Only now did the officer ask “Your barriers Guide are they high or low?”


“High Sir”


The overall hit him in the face, “Now get dressed.”


The material was coarse and Blair had to fight to keep panicking. Jim would come, he knew Jim would come.


Sentinel Phillips looked across towards the Guide and tensed, he recognised him - Senior Guide Prime Blair Sandburg, he had only seen him once before and then it had been fleeting, but he knew that changes were on the way and that Ellison and Sandburg were at the bottom of it.  He knew Officer Paul Shore, he was a good man, but he was by the book, he would implement the new laws, but he would do them to the letter.


Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his cell phone, and moved away began to dial.  “Prime Edwards, my apologies Sir, I do realise that your Guide has an exam tomorrow. But it’s Senior Guide Prime Sandburg, he’s in GDP Station 12, he’s being processed Sir.”  The paused then added, “Sentinel Phillips Sir, I understand the watch is mine."


George Phillips felt the touch of his Guide, and met her gaze as he told her,  “Sentinel Prime Edwards is on his way over here” He shifted uncomfortably, “We're not even Clan members and..."


Softly Tammy Burns spoke to her Sentinel, “You are doing what is right Sentinel, and that is all that matters” Her hand brushed his arm, and she was pulled close to him, as they made their way to the chairs to wait.




Prime Edwards arrived at the GDP station with his Guide in tow; David had argued his Sentinel to a stand still that Blair would need him. So reluctantly Edwards had given in.


Shore looked up from his paperwork as he heard the raised voices at the front counter.


“Can I help you?”


Edwards turned on a fresh target “You have Senior Guide Prime Sandburg in holding."


“I have Guide Sandburg here,” Shore corrected, he didn’t believe in this new nonsense of granting the Guide the luxury of his Sentinels title. The man after all was still nothing more than a tool for his Sentinel's use. And although he believed that they should be allowed more freedom, he had seen the flip side tonight. “SENIOR SENTINEL PRIME ELLISON” - Shore made sure that Edwards knew he was paying the right respect to the Sentinel - "was contacted, I was told to keep his Guide  here, now that is his right or would you like to re-write that as well?"


“Ellison” Edwards covered up quickly but was stunned, Jim would never leave Blair in lockdown knowing what he did of his past. Pulling himself up to his full height, and looking down on Shore, his voice level but cold.  “Under the law of Clan, as Senior Prime, I can claim SENIOR GUIDE PRIME SANDBURG, and that is what I am doing now. Do you challenge the will of the clan?” Edwards smiled and he was pleased to hear Shore’s heart beat go up.


Shore was stuck, the clan was all-powerful. “I have done nothing wrong, the paperwork…”


“I am sure is correct, but this ends now.”


Edwards followed Shore down to lock down, the rooms were sensory free zones. All the doors had boards on them, some had times and names chalked up on them, others were wiped blank. Shore paused in front of one of the doors; Sandburg was stencilled on the black board. And he unlocked the door, Edwards came in slowly, not wanting to frighten Blair, the Guide was huddled in one corner, he was rocking back and forward, blood was running down his fingers from cuts to this forearms where his nails had cut into his flesh.

David stumbled backward, and Edwards put a hand to his head, the emotions lashed round them, Sandburg was projecting, this was nearly unheard of. No empathy had the strength to do that. Only now it looked like one had Blair Sandburg, and he was out of control.


David steadied himself, and approached carefully, kneeling down to avoid looming over the other young man, he put a hand out. The curly head snapped up and blue eyes locked on his, and he swayed. There was nothing in the eyes that reminded him of Blair, this was anger, power and something more.  The anger in Senior Guide Prime, Commander Blair Sandburg was barely controlled, the last thing he remembered was some bitch attacking him with a syringe and then he woke up here, in GDP holding in overalls as if he was some rogue guide. Heads would roll for this insult to his rank and position. He recognised David, and his mind wrapped around that of this Senior Guide, and his eyes opened wider, as he muttered to himself. “We're not in Kansas anymore Toto”. It seemed his fevered nightmare had taken flesh.  But he was still Senior Guide Prime, and here or there, they, the GDP and the Clans, would learn just who they were dealing with.




When Blair got to his feet it was with the sensual grace of the dark Guide, Blair put a hand to his neck and slowly worked the cricks loose. The man that looked at David was not the emotionally scared rogue Guide that had been thrown into the holding cell. He glanced down at the clothes he was wearing; the voice at the back of his head was pushed to one side. He knew now  the history and the background of the man who’s body his consciousness now inhabited.


“Get me out of here.” It was not a request it was a command from a man use to being obeyed.


David stepped back his face showing his fear, the emotions coming off Blair were all wrong, yes dark Guide, he had met that incarnation before, but this time there was something else, the smile, the eyes, there was something different, and it was then he felt the emotions wrap around him like a Boa Constrictor. It tightened on his mind, and then relaxed. A show of power that this Blair was giving him. “You're with me.” the words were given not as a request but as a command. He had a Sentinel to find and claim.








When they stopped at the Loft, Blair got out and was heading in to the building before Edward even got this car door open. It was then he realised what had been riding him, Blair’s scent was different, sharper.


As much as he hated the idea, Edwards got back into the car and picked up the radio, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror, a loyal member of the clan he didn’t like involving outsiders but Dan Slater might be the only person to make sense of what was happening now.




Blair came through the door of the loft and looked around, just as Jim Ellison was coming down the stairs in his bathrobe, he stopped and looked at Blair as if seeing him for the first time.


Then took a step back as his normally placid Guide was in his face, with a finger poking his chest, “What the fuck do you think you were doing Ellison, leaving me with the GDP all night. Were you worried I would spoil your date with that whore of yours?”


“Blair.” Jim’s voice dropped to a warning tone. “Andrea is not a whore, she’s a…”


“She's a what JIM?” Blair’s voice was rising. “You forget the bond…” He gave Jim another hard poke in the chest,  “…what are you thinking.”


The anger was beginning to slow burn in the Sentinel, guilt fuelled it. He was angry that he had forgotten about Blair, but last night had been something special, and he couldn’t actually remember going to bed. He had assumed that his Guide had come home late. Only now did he realise that he hadn’t heard his Guide’s heart beat. For some reason that hadn’t mattered. So guilt turned to anger.


Jim pushed back hard, sending Blair stumbling backward the back of his legs hitting the arm of the sofa and he landed on the seats on his back. Then the Sentinel was on him, a large powerful hand clamped round his throat, not hurting but showing who was the dominate one here. He was the alpha to Sandburg’s beta.


‘I will not be questioned about my relationships, and especially not by you GUIDE,” the emotion behind the angry word ripped through Blair’s mind. 


“I am your Guide, the G Fucking D P had me, do you even care about that?" his anger matched the Sentinel's.


Jim’s mouth opened and closed.


“You’re my SENTINEL MAN, WHERE WERE YOU?” Blair shouted. The world around Jim Ellison began to spin, the air seemed too thin to breathe and he fell into a zone out.


When he came around his head lay on a cushion on Blair’s lap, his Guide's hand was ghosting over Jim's shoulder and head, the voice a soothing balm to his senses.


“What… happened?” Jim stuttered as he sat up, and looked into the frightened eyes of his Guide. Although Blair would not admit it, all he could remember was being in the GDP Station and then nothing else, it was as if he woke just now with Jim’s head on his lap. For the first time in his life he had blacked out and it scared him.


“Jim, I don’t know,” for all his care the panic showed in his voice.


The Sentinel closed his eyes, and he took a deep breath and then reached for his Guide and pulled him close. As Jim said softly “we'll work it out Chief," then everything else was forgotten, except the need to bond.



Two weeks later


Simon Banks put the letter down, and then looked at the coat it had been cut to ribbons. With latex gloves on his handed the evidence to Edwards, the Sentinel with David balancing him, extended his senses. He nodded.


“The scent is Blair’s there's no mistaking it.” He passed it onto Jim “Sorry”


Jim took a deep breath and seemed to sink down in the chair, “How long has this been going on?”


“Andrea Winters came to me yesterday, she has kept diary of incidents, I have three taps taken from her answer phone, the tech lab have identified the voice on it as belonging to Blair, I am sorry Jim. But he is stalking her.”


“What's he saying?”


“Calling her a whore, saying that she is out to break his bond, that he will kill her” Simon paused knowing how hard it was for Jim to take it onboard, “I know, personally I would never believe that Blair would do that, but Edwards and Dan Slater have both seen him, and they said that he hasn’t been himself. I have spoken to Dan about having Dr Neill look at him” he put a hand up to stem Jim’s protests.  “Jim it’s for his own good, we both know about the Dark Guide persona, it’s possibly a form of split personality."


“He…” Jim started.


“He has been through so much, the rapes, the abuse - direct and indirectly aimed at him, it’s broken him.” Simon shook his head “I don’t want to believe it, but Jim look at the evidence. He needs help. Let the GDP help him."


The door opened and Dan Slater walked in, with him  two  plain clothed GDP officers, one introduced himself as Dr Neill. When Jim led them to Blair he felt he had betrayed his Guide. 



New Cascade.

Another time and place.


Commander Blair Sandburg had come off the ventilator, and was making a slow steady recovery. Blair slowly looked around the room, a doctor stood by his bed reading his medical records, Blair saw clearly inscribed on it was 'Command Blair Jacob Sandburg, GDP'  It had so thrown him off balance that his heart had begun to race and he had gone into a panic attack.  When the doctor reached for a  syringe, he had screamed at the doctor to take it way, and to his surprise the doctor had backed off. At his yell two GDP guards had come into the room, large powerfully built men, one had immediately caught the doctor and pulled him away, as the other had taken a position of protection between the Blair and the doctor, even as he spoke into the microphone of his head set.


Blair had fought to calm himself down, it was then that Jim had come into the room, he immediately sort out his Sentinel with his empathy, and the shadow of a smile on the Jim’s face showed he had felt it, and opened his shields to welcome him in. The next minute he was gathered up into a strong embrace. Pulled up against a powerful body, arms wrapping around him as his Sentinel scented at his throat, a low-throated rumble, vibrating through his chest.

Whatever was wrong with this world, Jim was still his Sentinel, and he felt loved and cherished, now he had to try and figure out what was going on here.


The doctor began to explain to Jim about the panic attack and that his Guide had seemed unsure of who he was.


Jim had eased back so  Blair could meet the concerned blue eyes levelly. Then he tucked his Guide back against him in a protective embrace.  Blair let out a silent sigh; he had passed the first test, now he needed answers.

His nightmare had just taken flesh, he was GDP.





The Present.


Dan Slater wasn’t happy, Jim Ellison had in the beginning chewed him out, needing to see his Guide, then suddenly he had stopped, it was as if Blair suddenly didn’t exist any more. The Sentinel  by law had to take 'Sentinel leave', but something was very wrong, for the first time Dan Slater began an in depth investigation. And the more he learned the more he began to worry.


Dr Neill had taken charge of the Guide, but as soon as they arrived at the facility he had signed Blair over for re-training. He had no belief in Dark Guides as far as he was concerned they were nothing more than a myth. Blair could be trained to be functional a look at his records show that the training had never been completed.

While he was shocked at the history of sexual abuse, he believed that properly controlled correction would soon right any deviances in the Guide's make up.

After all, there was no smoke without fire.  He had examined the tapes and it seemed that Blair had put his sexual history onto the girl. An innocent woman.

With the medication that he had prescribed and the training, Blair Sandburg would be a better-disciplined and more useful Guide, than he was now.




The GDP officer looked down at the man leashed on the floor, rogue empathy, he shook his head. He looked down at the open file and ran a finger across a line of text as if highlighting it.  Then he picked up the file, folding the cover back to make it easier to carry and walked around the man on the floor. At the door  two guards stood ready to block any escape -  not that any Guide had ever escaped from a leash.

As he did so a picture fluttered down, landing right in front of the Guide.


“Your Sentinel was very concerned about your behaviour, and so he should be. In the past Sentinel Prime Ellison, had been very tolerant of your deviant nature, but I am pleased to see that he had finally acknowledged your need to be trained."  The Officer made a great play of noticing the picture, Blair tried to look away only to have the officer grab him by the hair and force the picture in his face, it was a still from one of the illegal Guide pornography tapes, “your Sentinel had to live with this filth day in and day out,” the officer was yelling in his face, the spit hitting Blair “a Senior Sentinel Prime's Guide should be well trained and a credit to the Guides he represents. But you, look at that picture” He pulled Blair’s hair hard until he opened his eyes “Look” then to the guard he ordered, “Muller, put the disc on."


“No” Blair managed to stutter the one word.


Blair's image filled the large media screen and over the loud speakers he could be heard begging… pleading to be fucked… to be taken. His voice was slurred with the drugs, but it didn’t matter, the GDP officer's voice was taunting him. Then for Blair everything went black.


GDP officer Matt King, caught the Guide as he pitched forward, slowly he lowered him to the floor, checking Blair’s pulse he shook his head indicating the guards to stand back. Then looking up into the observation gallery, Major King, addressed the GDP cadets. “As you can see, this is an extreme session. The Guide here was rogue and then taken in, his influence on his Sentinel, especially one of such high standing has been a course of concern for us for some time. His Sentinel had understood the need for him to be corrected. Now it may seem extreme, and you might be worried, it shows that you have the compassion for your calling.

But remember, compassion should be tempered with understanding that this is only, I repeat only done in extreme conditions. Now can any one tell me which of the new legislation allows for forced training on Guides. Remember the older section have recently been taken off the books.

Behind him the film was still running.

Major King turned back and froze the picture, “My apologies for having to expose you to this, but to understand the methods of our treatment like a doctor you have to see the symptoms of the illness." He paused “Now Mr Harmon, can you tell me."


Blair’s head dropped forward he felt as if he was falling into a dark tunnel a void, tumbling over and over. he opened his eyes, and a low growl came from his lips, his blue eyes flashing with anger. The guard stood at the door, frowned, as he saw the Guide moving, he came forward, concerned. The Major didn’t seem to think that they needed to check on the Guide, but he wasn’t too sure.

Senior Sentinel Prime Ellison, may have let his Guide go for extreme training, but they were still fully bonded, and explaining to the Sentinel that his Guide had been hurt wasn’t something he was looking forward too.


Softy so not to disturb the lecture, he leaned over, “Sandburg," frowning he waved his partner over. At his touch the Guide turned, it registered that the Guide's hands were free a split second before a fist put him out. Before his partner could react a foot in the groin put him down and a kick to the head laid him out cold. Commander Blair Sandburg, looked down at him in contempt, if this was the best they could do, this realities  GDP needed all the help they could get.


Matt King spun round, and watched as the Guide shook off the leash.  The smile on Sandburg’s face was chilling, a slight tilt to the head, as he looked up at the screen. “Never did get my good side," he turned on his heel.


King seemed to come out of his shock, and started forward. “Sandburg...”


The Guide turned, and King’s hands came to his head, he felt as if his mind was being torn to shreds, and he dropped to his knees. But not before he saw the Guide’s eyes burning bright red.  Then Sandburg was gone.




Dan Slater looked around the crime scene, and shook his head. Senor Guard Gibbs came over. “Major King is in hospital, we should be able to speak to him later today Sir.” He looked at the frozen picture on the screen, and shook his head. “The Major’s paper work is in order, Senior Sentinel Ellison, gave written authorisation for his Guide to be brought in for extreme training. It appears that his behaviour had been getting more disturbing, and” He paused. “Sir there is not way that Ellison would allow this to happen is there” Gibbs was one of the few GDP guards that Blair was ever comfortable with, and he had seen the Sentinel and Guide together. Ellison was protective of his Guide to the point of being homicidal to anyone who looked at his Guide wrong.


“Have all the paperwork checked and for god's sake find Ellison,  I want him here now."


“And Sandburg?”


“Have a medical APB put out on him, and no mention of his being a rogue, I want this handled unofficially until I know what’s going on."




Ellison couldn’t be found, and Dan got into his car, he was getting the feeling this was spinning out of control.


Suddenly he felt as if he was about to throw up he leaned forward on the steering wheel and when he looked up he jolted, leaning on the back of his seat was Blair Sandburg, his eyes red, looking at him, with an amused look.


“Hello Daniel” the way he caressed his name, made Dan shiver, there was a sensual tone he had never heard before. Wildness was the only way he could describe the look in Blair’s eyes, and the colour – dear god, it was…. He swallowed hard. Hoping that his voice was level, “Blair you have to come with me.”


“And you a married man, tut tut, Commander." Sandburg cooed. But there was a steel in his voice as he said “But we will talk, and if you're nice…" Blair smiled and it was ice cold, “…I might not fry your brain."




“Commander Blair Sandburg GDP Dark Guide." It was about time they knew just who they were dealing with. He was fed up hiding behind the persona of this  realities Blair, the man had power he just had to learn how to use it. And he wasn’t afraid to show them.


It was then Dan knew, he had read the chronicles of the ancients, Simon Banks had trusted him with them. Even thought Jim and Blair would never have. It had made him understand the nature of the Dark Guide. But in referring to himself as a Commander, he was reminded of a fevered dream that Blair had had. But his mind spun what if the dream was more than touched with reality. What if the dark Guide persona had fused with another? The training must have caused such  terror in Blair that he had stepped back, and Blaer had come through. Which raised the problem, it appeared that the Dark Guide could project empathy, the threat to fry his brain was suddenly was no longer an empty threat. Jim and Blair had to be gotten back together, only a dark Sentinel could handle this much power and curb the D ark Guide and hopefully regain Blair Sandburg. But first he had to know what was happening.


“Drive” The command was backed up by a nudge to his mind.


When they arrived at the Loft, Blair was out and running, all he knew was that he had to get to his Sentinel





The days since his enforced leave had passed in a haze for the Sentinel. He knew he had to check on Blair, he was sure he had, Andrea had said she would help. But some how he hadn’t been across yet to see Blair.  All he knew was that the pull of Andrea was getting stronger.


Jim yawned and cuddled the warm body near him and inhaled the scent. His eyes flew open, and he looked down into the face of Andrea, puzzled he tried to remember what had happened. Gazing around the room and judging by the rumpled bed, scattered cloths and the distinct scent of sex a lot had happened. But he had no memory of it. His first concern was that he had zoned, but he pushed that away, no he couldn’t have.  Jim’s nose twitched, as he smelt the perfume, his lips broke into a smile as he woke Andrea with a kiss,  his body moved over her, and with a smile of satisfaction she pulled his hard body close.





Blair opened the door of the loft, and looked around, moving to the kitchen area he noted the dirty pots and pans, and raised an eyebrow, very unlike James 'I keep my leftovers colour coded' Ellison. Moving over to the sofa he picked up a bra and then looked up at the rail of the bedroom. Anger ran through him like a fever, his Sentinel. Blair took the stairs two at a time. Andrea was straddling his Sentinel, her legs around his waist his hands on she hips. Before Jim could react Blair had her by her long hair, pulling her off his Sentinel and onto the floor. She landed with a cry of pain, and shock, only to have her head lifted up arching her neck.

Blair hissed, “You ever touch him again, and I’ll kill you."


She gasped in shock as he backhanded her, releasing his grip on her hair so that she went sprawling on her back.  It was then she scooted backwards as he took a step further.


Jim started up only to have Blair turn on him.


“You sit the fuck down Ellison.” Blair snarled the words, spitting venom at him, with the full force of a dark Guide, infused with the authority of a Commander in the GDP, and Senior Guide Prime of the Northern Territories. A position that Blair in this time has yet to take, but which this other Blair had and used to the full.


Jim’s legs buckled and he sat down.


“So how did you do it, bitch” he slowly circled Andrea, he tapped his chin with his finger, “let me guess” Blair up turned the purse on the table and took out a perfume spray and took a sniff of it. Immediately, Jim’s head snapped around focusing on it. Blair’s smile was chilling. “Pheromones” he paused, “Now you’re to dumb to think up a plot like this on your own aren’t you. So GDP has to be” He circled around her, Jim watching him like a hawk his attention on the bottle in Blair’s hand. “This added to your scent brings him into heat, and since you can’t bond, sex." He paused again.

Looking straight at Andrea, she suddenly gasped in pain her hands clutching at her head, as emotions ripped through her, she bit her lip to prevent screaming.  “Well, well, well, you’re a Guide, limited, and you really think that you could control Dark Sentinel’


“They don’t exist except in your mind freak” Andrea spat at him.


“Really” Blair cooed, “Then meet the myth… darling”


Blair put a hand out his eyes still locked on Andrea, he beckoned with his hand and Jim was on his feet and behind him, one powerful arm wrapping around the smaller Guide, Jim's head bending to nuzzle at his Guide's neck. Reaching up with one hand Blair petted the short hair, and powerful neck. Leaning back slightly as a strong hand burrowed in his hair.


Andrea started to move only for Jim’s head to come up and he growled at her low and threatening, the Dark Sentinel or rather the feral Dark Sentinel had been unleashed, answering the Guide in his arms command.


They would bond now, and she would see the strength of the bond.


Andrea started forward, grabbing hold of Jim’s arm she tried to plead with him, a sweep of a hand, not done in malice but to push her away, send her flying onto the bed, she bounced off and landed on the floor. Her hands went to her head, the emotions in the loft were so intense, and she could feel her pathways begin to over load.




When Dan Slater crashed through the front door of the Loft, Andrea lay unconscious on the floor; the emotions of the dark bond had over loaded her limited ability. Jim sat on the edge of the bed his automatic in his hand; Blair knelt behind him, an arm round his chest, his head resting on Jim’s  shoulder. His eyes burning with the light of the darkest bond. 


“Next time you should knock Dan” Blair said softly, a twist of his lips matching the sarcasm in his voice. As he reached past, the light pressures of his hand making his Sentinel lower the gun. The dark Sentinel watching Dan like a hawk, ready to protect what was his.


Dan stood their just shaking his head what the hell had happened.




New Cascade Hospital

Another time, another place




Blair was trying to read through the files that he had ordered, trying to get a handle on who the hell he was suppose to be.  He remembered a dream when he had lived as a GDP Commander, now it looked like either it was his worse nightmare relived or it was something more bizarre, some how he had or rather his consciousness had crossed to anther parallel existence. 


The Nurse come in, she put the tray down and prepared the syringe, it was his injection - he hated them, but Jim had been made sure Blair understood that he had to take them - she made  sure there were no bubbles in it. She swabbed his arm, and then went to inject, it was in the moment that her hand touched him that he felt emotions run through him. He barely had time to grab the tray and swing it round, as the needle pieced his skin she pushed the plunger, just as the tray knocked her out. Blair pulled the syringe and only had time to press the emergency call button before he passed out.


Cascade Hospital

Simon looked through the observation glass of the Sentinel ward and shook his head. “You have any idea who was behind this Dan?"


The GDP Commander nodded “a splinter section of the force. They thought that they could get Andrea into place with Jim, that sexual bonding would or rather could with artificial help over take the bond that Jim shares with Blair. The last time they tried to break the bond it failed, this would not break the bond, but supplement it. Blair would take on a roll of …"  He paused  “…rejected Guide, the odds are given their close relationship, he would withdraw and overload and then just fade away”


“Jim would never allow it…” Simon began.


“The drug was a powerful narcotic, I replayed the message to the GDP and have run the voice patterns, and it was Jim Ellison ordering that Blair be kept in holding. Jim has been going out with this girl for three months, monitoring what you said and what I have seen, his whole attitude to Blair has been changing,” Dan shook his head, “they were brain washing him, they wanted a senior Sentinel prime that would follow the party line. The doctors are keeping him in until the drug is flushed from his system, his Sentinel condition can’t rule out complication.


“And Blair”  Asked Simon


“I have no idea, but this is not our Blair, god help us but I have no idea who he is, he has the knowledge, but… “ Dan shook his head thoughtfully as his voice trailed off.




Jim stared up at the ceiling of the hospital room; the guilt was pushing him down. He had learned just what he had done to Blair over the last few weeks, the way he had treated him, allowed him to be leashed.

All because he had allowed his sense to rule his mind.


“Hi big guy” Jim moved the arm he had thrown cross his eyes, a smile twitched his lips as he recognised the voice.  Blair Sandburg stood there leaning against the doorjamb; he dropped the cigarette to the floor and rubbed it out with his toe.


“No smoking Chief”


“Who’s smoking now’ Blair came across, leaning over he ran a hand over Jim’s head and shoulder, revelling in the connection that flared through his mind at his touch.


“It's time to leave you, James” He caressed the name.




“You know this isn’t my time, I have to get back to my Sentinel, My James, you knew that when we bonded.” Blair closed his eyes, and his legs buckled, Jim only just managed to grab him and pull him onto the bed. Reaching for the nurse call button he began calling for Blair to wake up. Slowly the eyelids fluttered and he found himself looking into the eyes of his Blair. He hugged him close.





New Cascade

Another Time and Place.


Senior Sentinel Prime James Ellison sat holding the hand of his Guide.

He had slipped into a coma after an assassination attempt, the assassin had admitted that he had been employed by a splint group of the Guide Liberation Front to remove the threat of a Senior Guide Prime that was also a high ranking member of the GDP, fearing what that would bring.

The drug had been constructed to break the bond, and for a short time, James had lost the connection or rather the bond had faded, he had spent the time with his Guide, and had woke to feel the power surge back.


The eyes flickered and opened. A hand was lifted weakly and caught holding it so that the fingers could touch Jim’s face.

“What happened James”? Blair croaked

James Ellison carefully supported his Guide so that he could feed him some water, then eased himself onto the bed and pulled Blair into his arms, tightening his grip, burying his face into the dark curls.

“I thought I had lost you Chief”

“Never James, this world and the next” Blair said softly, his slender fingers clutching the linen shirt, yawning Blair closed his eyes and he drifted off into a natural healing sleep.


Dan Slater came through the door, “How is he?”


“He woke for a while, he’s asleep now”


‘The assassin?”


“Clan justice, hold her until Blair is well, and then she will die at the will of the Clan."




The Sentinel said nothing more dismissing the GDP Officer.  There was nothing more to be said.


Dan left with a heavy heart; he didn’t know what had happened. But for a short time, Blair Sandburg had changed, there had been  compassion where before there had only been power. A humanity in the man, that he hoped would return, because that was the only thing that would save the girl now.


And at the moment other Blair Sandburg was Andrea Winters only hope of survival.


The end