New Abilities

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Date: 3/6/03

Rating: R for language

Category: AU crossover QAF/ The Sentinel

Disclaimer: Queer As Folk is the property of Russell T. Davies and has been adapted with permission for U.S. television by Lipman and Cowen for Showtime. Pet Fly Production owns The Sentinel. Susan Foster owns GDP

I want to thank my beta reader: Corona_nova

Summery: After the bashing Justin's empathic abilities come out, and the clan of Cascade wants to takes him in, along with Brian who seems to be a Sentinel.


New Abilities 1

Pittsburgh, PA

ST. James Academy

Graduation Dance, 10:00 p.m.

Justin was standing with his back to the door watching the other kids dance when his friend Daphne started pulling on his coat sleeve. "What is wrong with you?" Justin asked, pulling away from her. 

"Turn around." Daphne whispered, with a smile. 

Turning around Justin saw the man he loved with his entire heart walk through the doors, and he was even wearing a suit. With a huge smile on his face he walked up to meet him, and without saying a word they went onto the dance floor. As the song began they started to dance causing everyone else to slowly move off of the dance floor. The dance lasted about thirty minutes, and then Justin walked Brian to his truck all the while dancing with joy. 

"I'll meet you at the loft." Brian said. 

"Ok, see you then." Justin said, before walking away. 

As Brian was getting into the truck he looked in the wing mirror and saw Chris Hobbs coming up behind Justin. With no thought to him self he slid out of the truck and ran toward Justin yelling, "Justin!" 

When Justin heard his name, he turned around and was immediately hit with a baseball bat sending everything black. He didn't see Brian grab the bat and hit Chris in the back of the knee, didn't see Chris fall. Brian dropped to his knees and cradled Justin to himself. He missed Chris hobbling painfully away. 

It must have been thirty minutes later but it felt more like hours before the ambulance arrived and took Justin to the hospital. While Brian was waiting for the ambulance he called the family to tell them what had happened. As the ambulance was taking Justin and Brian to the hospital, the family was also on their way. When the ambulance arrived they took Justin to the ER right away, but they made Brian wait in the lobby for the news. 

As Brian was waiting Michael and then the rest of the family showed up and sat with him until they knew something. It was two hours later when the doctor walked out of the ER. 

"Are you the family for Justin Taylor?" The doctor asked, as he walked up to them. 

"Yes," They all answered. 

"The immediate family." Specified the doctor

"That would be me." Said Jennifer. "I'm his mother, are you the doctor? How is he?" 

"Yes, I'm doctor Franklin. It seems that the blow to your son's head caused blood to collect internally, but we drained it and right now he's in a coma." Answered the doctor. 

"Oh, God!" Cried out Jennifer. 

"Mrs. Taylor he is going to be fine, his brain just needs rest." Doctor Franklin said, in a reassuring voice. 

"When do you think he'll wake up?" Asked Debbie Novatny. 

"Could be any day now." Answered Franklin. 

"Can we see him?" Asked Debby. 

"I'm sorry, only the immediate family." Answered Franklin, looking at Brian. 

"Go, give him our love." Deb said, giving Jen a push. 

As Jennifer walked into Justin's room and saw him lying there with his head bandaged she began to cry. Sitting down, she took his hand, and began to talk to him about anything and everything. However, in the back of her mind she was blaming Brian for what happened to her baby. 

(Where am I, why do I feel so strange?) Justin thought, as he slept. That’s when he began to receive strange impressions and feelings from people. The feelings started to come, one after the other, just bombarding him with emotions that he didn't know what to do with. "No, make it stop!" Justin yelled, as he woke up. 

"Honey calm down, everything is going to be fine." Jennifer said, trying to soothe him. 

"Make it stop!" Cried Justin. 

"Make what stop honey?" Jen asked, in a confused voice. But Justin couldn't answer her; he was fighting all the feelings he was getting; which caused Jennifer to become worried. Taking the call button she pressed it until a nurse came in, she took one look at Justin and knew right away what was wrong. 

Leaving the room she went for the doctor. "Doctor Franklin, we seem to have a problem." Said the nurse. 

"What is it Carol?" Asked the doctor. 

"It seems Mr. Taylor has empathic abilities." Answered Carol. 

"Are you sure?" Franklin asked, in a surprise. 

"Yes, he's crying for us to make the emotions go away." Carol answered, giving the doctor a sour look. "You know what we have to do?" 

"Yes, but let me tell his mother first." Franklin said, hating this part. As he walked to the Taylor room, he thought about how that boy was going to be treated. As Doctor Franklin walked into Taylor's room he saw the man that had come in with Taylor. 

"Shhhh, everything is going to be ok." Brian whispered, as he held Justin. 

"Mrs. Taylor may I talk with you?" Asked Franklin. 

Getting up Jennifer followed him out of the room. "What is it doctor?" Asked Jen. 

"We know what's wrong with you son?" Franklin said carefully. 

"What's wrong doctor?" Jen asked, with fear in her voice. 

"It seems your son is an Empath." Taylor answered, with a sad voice. 

As soon as the word empath came out the doctor's mouth, Jennifer's world spun out of control. At first she didn't know what to do, her baby was going to be taken away from her, and given to a stranger to do with, as they wanted. With that thought in her mind Jennifer couldn't help but start to cry. 

"Jen, honey what's wrong?" Deb asked, walking up to Jen when she saw her crying. 

"J…. Justin's an empath!" Jen said shakily. 

"What do you mean he's an empath?" Deb asked, in a surprised voice. 

"It seems that when he was hit, it triggered his abilities." Jen answered, with tears in her eyes. Turning to the doctor Deb asked. "What's is going to happen now?" 

"I have to contact the GDP and tell them about Justin." Franklin said. Privately wishing that they would leave all the empath's alone. 

"Do we have to?" Asked Deb. 

"Yes, because if they find out on their own they'll consider him a rogue." Franklin said, remembering the stories about Senior Guide Prime Sandburg. 

"What are they going to do to him?" Asked Lindsay. 

"I really don't know." Franklin answered. "What I do know is that I'll have to contact the GDP about Justin." 

"Can we be there when you talk to them?" Asked Mel. 

"I don't see why not." Answered Franklin. 

"When are you going to call them?" Asked Brian. (Can I handle him being taken away? Do I want everyone to know about my abilities?) Brian thought, as he remembered how his family reacted when his Sentinel abilities came on line. (What have the drugs I've taken for so long done to my own abilities?)

Cascade, Washington

GDP Headquarters

7:00 p.m.

Dan Slater was sitting at his desk going over reports when his telephone range, (please if there's a God, don't let it be someone calling to complain about Sandburg.) Dan thought to himself before picking up the phone. "Slater." Said Dan 

"Hello Mr. Slater, my name is John Franklin. I'm calling from Pittsburgh, and it seems that one of my patients has developed empathic abilities." Said the doctor. 

"I'm sorry to tell you this doctor, but people don't develop empathic abilities they either have them or they don't." Answered Dan. 

"I understand that Mr. Slater, but this case is very unusual." Said Franklin. 

"It seems that after being hit on the head with a baseball bat, his abilities came out." Closing his eyes Dan took slow breaths trying to picture someone who didn't know about their abilities suddenly having all those emotions. 

Just then there was a knock on his door before he could say anything Jim, Blair, Hunter, and Sarah walked in. "We need to go to Pittsburgh." Said Blair. 

"How do you know that Blair?" Dan asked, in a surprised voice. 

"I felt an empath awaken." Blair answered; giving Dan a look that told him he should know this by now. 

"Why does an empath in Pittsburgh concern you?" Asked Dan. 

"Steven's son is showing signs of being a Sentinel and we want to set him up early." Answered Jim.

"Don't you think he's a little too young, especially for someone who's around eighteen?" Asked Dan. 

"Steve has an older son around 15 who's just getting his abilities." Answered Jim. 

"If you're sure, then we'll go today." Said Dan. Then he picked up the phone and began to dial. "I want to contact the GDP in Pittsburgh and have them find out everything they can about Justin Taylor." 

"That'll be fine. We'll meet you at the airport." Blair said, before they walked out Before they could leave Dan asked. "What if he already has someone?" 

"Then we'll help them get established into the clan." Answered Blair.

 "Blair not a lot of Sentinel and Guides want to be in the clan." Said Dan. 

But they did want to join, because they would have help with the GDP. Blair just gave him a smile, knowing that Sentinels and Guides wanted to join for the safety that the clan provided. After a while clans from other states joined, that's when they held a tournament for who would be High Ranking Senior Sentinel and Guide Prime of the US. At the end of the tournament Jim and Blair had won because of them being the only dark Sentinel and Guide around. 


New Abilities 2

Cascade Airport

8:00 p.m.

As Jim, Blair, Hunter, and Sarah arrived at the airport, Jim called the Senior Pair in Pittsburgh to meet them at the airport, so they would know the truth about the new empath. After making the call they waited for Dan to arrive, which was an hour later. It was around six p.m. in Pittsburgh when they arrived, where they were met by the GDP and the Senior Sentinel and Guide prime of Pittsburgh. 

"Welcome to Pittsburgh Sentinel Ellison, Guide Sandburg." Said a man that was standing near the Sentinel, Guide pair. 

"Who are you?" Asked Jim, in an icy voice. He didn't like the feel of the man. 

"I'm the head of the GDP here." The man answered, wishing he'd never come. 

Not giving the man another thought Jim and Blair both turned toward the pair, "What did you learn?" Asked Jim. 

"His name is Justin Taylor, he's graduating from St. James, he's gay, and has a lover older than him by 12 years." Answered the Sentinel Prime. 

"Is his lover a Sentinel?" Asked Blair, in a surprised voice. (Who would ever imagine that a guide could be gay?)  

"No, but his lover has had every guy in Pittsburgh who's gay and some who aren't." Answered the guide. 

"What about Taylor himself?" Asked Dan. Dan had become a spokesman for the clan after testifying against his father at a clan trial regarding Blair. He then became part of the clan after saving Sarah from a GDP officer, who wanted to test her and see if they could take her away from Hunter. 

"He's eighteen, lives with his lover, and wants to be an artist." Answered Sentinel David Cruz. 

"Where is he now?" Asked Dan. 

"Dan, where do you think he is?" Blair asked, giving Dan an annoyed look. 

"I guess we're off to the hospital." Said Blair. 

They were getting into the truck that Hunter had leased, but when the GDP was going to get in behind them they were given cold looks, which made stop in their tracks. 

"Guys why don't you take your own car." Dan said, when he saw what had happened. It was around seven o'clock that they all arrived at the hospital, they walked straight to the nurse’s station. "I would like to see Doctor Franklin." Said Dan. 

"You name sir?" Asked the nurse. 

"My name is Dan Slater and I'm from the Head of the GDP." Answered Dan. 

"One minute please." The nurse said, as she picked up the phone to call for the doctor. 

A minute later Doctor Franklin came out. "Hello, are you from the GDP?" 

"Yes, I'm Dan Slater, this is High Senior Sentinel Prime Jim Ellison and his guide Blair Sandburg. We’re here to see Justin Taylor.”

“Please follow me.” Doctor Franklin said, as he began to lead them towards the room Justin was staying in. 

As they entered they saw people everywhere, but before Doctor Franklin could say anything Blair, Sarah, and Jack all walked over to Justin and took his hand. It was a few minutes later when all three guides turned away from Justin and walked to their Sentinel’s. 

“He should have no problems with his abilities for a while.” Blair answered, when he received strange looks. 

“Can we take him home?” Asked Deb. 

“No, after he recovers from the beating, we’ll be taking him back to Cascade.” Jim answered, while giving Brian a strange look.

“You just can’t take my son.” Jen said, in an upset voice. 

“I’m sorry Ms. Taylor, but we can. An empath belongs to the GDP; they train them and then give them to a sentinel.” Dan said, giving Jennifer an apologetic look. 

“Ms. Taylor, you should be proud to know that your son will be given to my nephew.” Jim said, while looking at Brian. 

“And why is that?” Asked Deb. 

“I’m High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America.” Jim answered, with a smile. 

“And that means what?” Asked Brian. 

“That means that no one will be able to touch him.” Blair answered, seeing a lion, a bay cub, and fox walk out of the wall. "He will be in one of the highest ranking families in the clan." 

"Where would they be living?" Asked Mel. 

"Since they're still in their teens, they'll be living with my brother." Jim answered, also seeing a lion, a cub, and a fox walk out of the wall. 

"No, you can't take Justin away!" Yelled Brian. 

"Brian, what is wrong with you?" Michael asked, in a surprised voice. 

"He's my guide, I've been waiting for him for twelve years." Brian said, with tears running down his eyes. 

"Bri, how can you be a Sentinel; I've known you since we were twelve?" Michael asked, in a stunned voice. 

"My parents made me suppress my abilities." Brian answered, look at Justin with love. 

"It's ok, Jim knows how you feel." Blair said, giving Brian a reassuring smile. 

"They now accept him." 

"My family never wanted me, so they'll never except these abilities." Brian said, with hate in his voice. 

"That's ok, you'll have a new family." Sarah said, with a smile. "The clan is one big family and they take care of you." 

"But first you'll have to get off the drugs." Hunter said, after taking a quick sniff. 

"Is being a Sentinel hereditary?" Asked Lindsey, thinking about Gus. 

"Yes." Answered Blair, seeing the scared look in her eyes. "I'm sure your son is too young for you to worry about." 

"He's five months old." Lindsey said, trying not to worry. 

Taking out a card Jim handed it to Lindsey. "If he starts to show signs of his abilities call me." 

"Will he be taken away from us?" Asked Mel, she sounded worried. 

"No, he'll be trained and paired up with a guide." Blair answered, in a soothing voice. "

Which clan will he be in?" Asked Brian. 

"If you stay here, you'll be in Senior Sentinel Prime Cruz's clan. If you come to cascade you'll be in Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards clan." Answered Jim. "But know this, I lead the clans of North America." 

Before Brian could say anything in response a sound came from the bed, when everyone turned around they saw that Justin was awake. "Oh, damn where am I?" Justin asked, in a drowsy voice. 

"Hello Justin, I'm High Senior Guide Prime Blair Sandburg and you're in the hospital." Blair said, giving Justin a friendly look. 

At first that was the only person he saw, but then he heard his mother calling his name so turning toward her voice he saw the rest of the people in the room. "What's going on?" Justin asked, looking around. 

"Justin, baby I have something to tell you." Jen said, taking his hand. 

"What is it mom?" Justin asked, getting a strange feeling coming off his mom. "Well you see honey…." 

Before Jen could finish Blair interrupted her, "You were hit over the head with a baseball bat, which activated your empathic abilities." 

"What does that mean?" Justin asked, knowing he was going to hate the answer. 

"It means that you’re a guide, and must be paired with a Sentinel." Answered Dan. 

"Who the fuck are you?" Asked Justin. 

"My name is Dan Slater and I'm the head of the GDP." Answered Dan. "We train Sentinel and Guides and then pair them off." 

"So I'm one of those freaks?" Justin asked, trying not to show his fear. 

"Justin we aren't freaks, it's just that we have abilities that other people don't have." Jim said, trying not to loss his temper. 

"Jim, calm down he's young and doesn't know any better." Blair said, taking Jim's arm. "Don't you remember Sarah, when her abilities came on line?" 

"Sarah was more respectful." Jim said, looking at Justin. 

"She was more respectful because she knew about Sentinels and Guides." Blair said, giving Justin a smile. 

"Excuse me I'm still in the room." Justin said, in an annoyed voice. 

"Sorry Justin." Blair said, with a smile. "Now, as soon as you get better, we'll be taking you back to Cascade for your training." 

"I ain't going anywhere with you." Justin answered, giving them an evil look. 

"If you don't come with us. The GDP will take you, train you their way, and then stick you with any Sentinel." Blair said, in a calm voice. 

"And if I go with you?" Asked Justin, trying not to show he was scared. 

“We train you and help you find a Sentinel that is already established in the clan, but doesn’t have a guide.” Answered Blair. 

“What will the clan do for me?” Asked Justin. 

“Give you security, protect you from those who don't like different people." Sarah answered, giving Justin a smile. 

"Will I be able to see my family?" Inquired Justin. 

"After a couple of months or until your bond with your Sentinel is strong enough." Answered Blair. 

"I hope you tell the Sentinel that gets me that I'm gay, and I have a lover." Justin said, and looked at Brian. 

"Well that's going to be up to your Sentinel, if you can see your lover." Blair said, looking at Brian. 

Without saying a word Brian just walked out of the room, unable to face the prospect of not being allowed to see Justin. When Brian walked out, Blair saw a look come over Justin that spoke volumes. 

Blair looked at Jim, "Go after him and have a talk." Blair whispered, Sentinel soft. 

Jim gave Blair a look that said anything but that, but Blair just smiled at him. "Go he needs someone who understands." Whispered Blair. 

With a sigh Jim grabbed Hunter's arm and they both went after Brian, "Why are you dragging me along." Hunter asked, as he tried to pry his arm from Jim's grip. 

"Because you know how he feels." 

"Why don't we just arrest him for drug possession?" Asked Hunter. 

"Because he was trying to suppress his senses." Jim answered, giving Hunter a dirty look. 

"I suppressed my senses without using drugs." Said Hunter. 

"That's because you're a cold hearted bastard." Jim said, giving Hunter a smile. 

"You're one too." Hunter came back, with a smile of his own. 

"See, so you should understand why he was taking drugs." Jim said, in a serious voice. 

Before Hunter could say anything, they bumped into Brian who was standing by the elevator looking out into space; "Do you think he's zoned?" Asked Hunter, when they saw him. 

"Don't know, let's check." Jim said, walking up to Brian. 

He took Brian's hand and felt for a pulse. As he took Brian's arm, Jim saw a lion with a drowsy look on his face. 


New Abilities 3

"Well?" Hunter asked, seeing the far away look in Jim's eyes. 

"He's high." Answered Jim. 

"What do you think we should do?" Asked Hunter, knowing that a Sentinel on drugs was going to have a hard time coming down.

"Take him and Taylor back to Cascade and detoxi them both." Jim answered, as he helped Hunter with Brian. 

“Do you really think he’s a Sentinel?” Asked Hunter. 

“Blair thinks so.” Jim answered, helping Hunter drag Brian into the bathroom. 

As they began to wash Brian’s face he came back, “Fuck what are you doing?” 

“Trying to get you out of a zone.” Jim answered; holding Brian while Hunter finished washing him. 

“Leave me alone!” Brain yelled, trying to get away from both men. 

“Listen to me, if you don’t stop the drugs they will leave you in a zone-out that will kill you.” Jim said, grabbing Brian’s chin. 

"What the fuck is a zone-out?" Brian asked, wishing they would just leave him alone. 

"It's when you concentrate too much on one sense for too long and you lose yourself in it." Jim answered; trying to find out if Brian was hurt anywhere. 

"Look leave me alone, I'll be fine." Brian said, trying to get away from the two Sentinels. 

"Brian listen to me, you're a Sentinel and there's nothing you can do about it." Jim said, trying to control his temper. 

"I can always continue like before." Brian answered, with a conceited smile. 

"You could, but what about Justin?" Asked Jim, knowing he was Brian's ace in the hole. 

"What about Justin?" Brian asked, trying not to show he cared. 

"You don't care that he's going to spend the rest of his life with someone else, sharing all his triumphs and failures?" Hunter asked, catching on to what Jim was doing. 

"Love is for straight people." Answered Brian. 

"This is bigger than love and more intimate." Jim answered, remembering how he felt the first time he bonded with Blair. 

"I don't care how big it is, I'm not going to be stuck with anyone having to depend on me." Brian said, finally getting away from both men. 

"Ok, it's your choice." Jim said, with a shrug. "You might as well say goodbye to him, because you'll never see him again." 

"Who do you think he'll be paired with?" Hunter asked, deciding to change the subject. 

"If he gets a high score, we'll pair him up with Peter." Answered Jim. 

"Wow, isn't that a little prestigious?" Hunter asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Why, just because he's my nephew?" Jim said, with a shrug.

"Jim, you're the High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America and you want to bond a new guide with your nephew." Said Hunter, in a surprised voice. 

"What's wrong with that?" Inquired Jim. 

"Do you think he has the ability to bond with your nephew?" Wondered Hunter. 

"We'll test him and find out." Jim answered, with a little smile, picking up Brian's racing heart. With a smile of his own Hunter asked. 

"What's going happens if he's a low level empath?" He'd noticed the heartbeat himself. 

"Then we'll find him a low level Sentinel." Jim answered, returning the smile. 

"I think there's one in my department." Hunter offered. 

"Is he a good man?" Asked Jim, knowing the answer already. 

The man Hunter was talking about was not part of the clan, and he followed GDP protocol. "He seems nice, but since he's GDP I really wouldn't know." Hunter answered, with an evil smile. 

"Stop talking like I'm not here!" Yelled Brian. 

"Oh, sorry." Jim apologized. "It's just that we have to decide now before Justin's abilities get too much for him." 

"But we understand, you're not the responsible sort." Hunter said, trying not to smile. 

Meanwhile in the hospital room, Justin was having problems controlling all the emotions that were hitting him all at once. He tried to tell them that he was hurting from all the emotions that people were creating, but the pain was so unbearable that it was hard for Justin to talk. But after a while it became so bad that Justin yelled out from the pain. 

"Justin, are you alright?" Deb asked, rushing towards him. But before she could get to him, Blair was already there looking him over. 

"He needs a sentinel now." Blair said, after a while. 

"There are no Sentinels" Said Dan. 

Turning toward Senior Sentinel Prime Cruz, "Do you have a Sentinel that needs a guide?" Asked Blair. 

"The only Sentinel that would maybe be compatible with him is still in training." Answered Sentinel Cruz. 

"What do you mean compatible?" Blair asked, trying to control his temper. 

"I mean in his level of ability." Cruz answered, hoping he didn't upset the High Senior Guide Prime. 

"That's the problem we don't know what his level is." Said Dan. 

In the meantime, Brian's senses were spiking and he kept getting a strange feeling that he couldn't explain when out of the wall a lion and fox appeared, but there was something about the fox that made Brian certain something wasn't right. Brian tried to dismiss the feeling and the spirit guides, but wherever he turned they were there, even when he closed his eyes he saw them. 

"You can't ignore them." Jim said, seeing Brian trying to ignore the spirit guide. 

"What does it want?" Brian asked, trying to figure out what the strange feeling was. 

"They're trying to tell you something." Answered Hunter. 

Brian was about to ask what, when the most excruciating pain he had ever felt hit him, causing him to bend over from it. At first Jim and Hunter didn't know what had happened, but then Jim felt the panic coming from Blair. 

"There's something wrong, Blair's in a panic." Jim said, feeling the Dark Sentinel trying to come out. 

"It's Justin." Brian said, picking up his emotional turmoil. "He can't control all the emotion hitting him. 

"Brian, listen to me this is very serious. If you don't become his guide and we can't find one in 24 hours he's going to go insane." Jim said, in a serious voice. 

"What do I have to do?" Brian asked, knowing that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if Justin went crazy. 

"You have to bond with him." Jim answered, as they walked toward Justin's hospital room. 

"What do you mean bond?" Brian asked, but deep down inside he knew what it meant. 

“You know what I mean, it’s inside you.” Jim said, as the Dark Sentinel came out. 

(Hearing that voice Brian got a flash of someone who looked liked him someone who looked like Justin wearing furs and they were standing next someone who looked like Hunter and his guide. //We're here to join B'ian and J'itan in a bonding. If anyone thinks these two don't belong together say something now. // Jeme asked the crowed standing around the ritual site. 

//I object. // Said a voice. 

//Who objects? // Jeme asked, looking around. /

/I M'itchel of the Otter clan. // A man said coming out of the crowed. 

//Why do you object? // Asked Blaer. 

//I wish to claim B'ian, his family promised him to me. // Answered, M'itchel

//I don't know what you're talking about, I was raised by the Senior Sentinel Prime of the hawk clan. // B'ian said, giving M'itchel a hateful look. //Besides I never knew my family, they gave me up when they learned I was going to be a Guardian. // 

Realizing that his lie wouldn't work, M'itchel was about to take out his spear when the guards grabbed his arm. Looking at M'itchel, Jeme was trying to decide what to do for this attempt at killing one of his men. 

Turning toward Blaer, //What do you think his punishment should be? // Asked Jeme. 

//A trial by all the clans. // Answered Blaer. 

//The Otter clan has no Sentinels, they were all thrown out when their abilities came online. // Said an old Sentinel. 

//How do you know this great one? // Jeme asks, in a respectful voice. Even though he was Senior Sentinel Prime, he had great respect for the older sentinel because they knew the laws of old. /

/They didn't want any of the politics involved with Sentinels or the responsibility of finding them a Guide. // Explained the old Sentinel 

//What if they have a Guide born to them? // Asked Blaer. 

//They never had Guides born to their clan, and that is another reason they don't want Sentinels. //) 

That was when the vision ended, and Brian felt as if his world had turned upside down from everything he had learned. He couldn't believe that he was the reincarnation of someone from the dark ages. "Does everyone who's a Sentinel remember that time?" Brian asked, as they walked toward Justin's room. 

"Those that remember that time, were part of the clans back then." Jim answered, still in his Dark Sentinel persona. 

"So what was Hunter?" Asked Brian. 

"I was the Senior Guide Prime's Shield then and now." Answered Hunter. 

Before Brian could ask what a shield was they had reached Justin room, as they walked in they could feel Justin's pain from all the emotions coming at him all at once. As Brian walked in he had an overwhelming need to protect Justin from all the emotions coming at him; so he walked toward him, got into bed with him, and began to murmur in a soothing voice. 

"What is he doing?" Asked Michael. 

"They're bonding." Blair answered, with a smile. [Now that they are bonded we have to get them to Cascade.] Blair sent to Jim. 

[Why, they have a clan here?] Jim sent back, in a surprised voice. 

[Look at his friend, he's going to be a problem.] Blair said, as he looked toward Michael. Opening up his empathic abilities Blair picked up some very heavy jealousy from Michael that almost knocked him off his feet. 

Before Blair could fall from the overwhelming emotion coming off of Michael, Jim caught him, [What happened?] Asked Jim.

[His jealousy is so overwhelming that it knocked me over.] Blair sent back. 

[Do you think he would try to hurt Justin?] Jim asked, while looking at Michael. [If he got half the chance.] Answered Blair. 

[Hunter I want you to protect the new pair, until we leave for Cascade] Jim said, Sentinel soft. [Why?] Asked Hunter.

[Blair's picking up some heavy jealousy coming from Brian's friend.] Answered Jim. 

[We'll look after them.] Hunter said, as he turned to look at Michael. [Where are you going?] Asked Hunter.

[To make all the arrangements.] Answered Jim. [Everything is all set.] Jim sent to Blair. 

He then turns toward Dan and told him, "We'll be taking Brian and Justin back to Cascade for training."

"What do you mean you're taking them back to Cascade?" Deb asked, in a surprised voice. 



New Abilities 4

Jim and Blair didn't even acknowledge that Deb had said anything they just gave a nod to Sentinel Cruz and walked out. That was when Dan realized that it was up to him to explain what was going on, and he hated them for it. Turning toward the people in the room Dan took a deep breath. 

"They are taking them to Cascade so they can be trained by the highest ranking Sentinel and Guide pairs there are." Explained Dan. 

"What do you mean high ranking pair?" Asked Michael. 

"Well you have High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US, which is Jim and Blair, then there's the Shield that protects the High Senior Guide Prime. Then you have the Senior Primes of Cascade, Pittsburgh, New York, and so on. After that there are the Primes and after them the rest of the Sentinels of the clans." Explained Dan. "They have their own laws, which supersede the laws of the US or the State they are from. 

"Isn't that being a little presumptuous?" Asked Michael. 

"Trust me, you don't want to get on the wrong side of a Sentinel when he's in BP." Said Dan 

"What's BP?" Asked Emmett. 

"Blessed Protector, that’s when they revert to their most basic instincts." Answered Dan. 

"Will that happen to Brian?" Asked Mel. 

"Yes, and he'll also be very protective of his family." Answered Dan. 

Meanwhile, Jim, Blair, and Hunter were with the doctor getting everything ready to move Justin to Cascade. While Jim and Hunter were talking with the doctor, Blair went to call Doctor Sentinel Harvey to make sure she would be prepared for their arrival. As they were getting everything ready Sarah was with Justin and Brian watching over them and listing to what Dan had to say. 

Lindsey walked over to Sarah. "Hi, my names Lindsey, what's yours?" She asked, in a friendly voice. 

Opening her pathway to see if Lindsey was sensitive, Sarah only got a friendly feeling. "Hi, I'm Sarah." She answered. 

"How long have you been a guide?" Asked Lindsey 

"About three years." 

"How old are you?" Lindsey asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Twenty-one." Sarah answered, waiting for the repercussions to come. When nothing changed in Lindsey's emotions, Sarah was surprised. [Vince, she doesn't care that you're older than me.] Sarah sent to Vince. 

[Did you open your self up?] Vince asked, trying to hold his temper. 

[I wanted to know how she would react, when she found out that I was your guide.] Answered Sarah. 

[It doesn't matter how she feels about you being my guide; we aren't going to be here long.] Said Vince. 

[I know but she's so nice.] Answered Sarah. 

[I’m sure she is, but we aren’t here to make friends.] Hunter said, before disconnecting. 

“Are you all right?” Lindsey asked, seeing Sarah’s far-away look. 

“Yes, I was grounding my self.” Sarah answered, with a shy smile. 

“What do you mean grounding yourself?” Lindsey asked, in an interested voice. 

[Don’t tell her anything, she’s not part of the clan] A voice said in her head.  [But Blair she's so nice.] Said Sarah. 

[Don’t argue with the High Senior Guide Prime.] Vince said, in a stern voice. 

[Yes, Vince.] Said Sarah. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you.” Sarah said, before walking away. 

“Now that was rude.” Mel said, as she watched the girl walk away.

“I think it has something to do with their clan.” Lindsey said, as she also watched Sarah walk away.

 “Fine but she doesn’t have to be so rude about it.” Said Mel. 

“Imagine giving your life away to someone else, because if you’re not with that person you’ll go insane.” 

“How do you know that?” Mel asked, in a surprised voice. 

“I read it somewhere.” Lindsey answered, trying to remember where. 

“What do you think is going to happen now?” Asked Mel, as she watched Justin and Brian on the bed.


At the same time, Blair was talking with the rest of the clan in Cascade, making sure everything was going to be ready for there arrival. As he was talking with David in Cascade Blair picked up the communication between Sarah and Vince. Making sure that Sarah understood that no one was allowed to know anything about Sentinels and Guides if they weren’t in the clans. When he was sure that Sarah knew that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about Guides, he went back to talk to David. While Blair was getting everything ready, Jim, Hunter, and Dan were driving toward the GDP office


It took them about an hour to reach the headquarters and fifteen minutes to get through security. 

“Can I help gentlemen?” Asked the Receptionist. 

“Yes, we would like to talk to John Springer.” Said Dan. 

“Can I ask your names?” The Receptionist asked, trying to remain pleasant. 

“My name is Dan Slater, this is High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US Jim Ellison and this is the High Senior Guide Prime’s Shield Vince Hunter.” Introduced Dan. 

“One moment sir.” The receptionist said, in a quiet voice. Picking up the phone she dialed Springer’s extension. (My god the high senior sentinel prime is here.) She thought to herself.  

“Yes?” Asked Springer. 

“Sir, Dan Slater, Jim Ellison, and Vince Hunter are here to see you.” Announced the Receptionist.

 “I’ll be right out.” Answered Springer. In less than a minute he was standing before them. “Can I help you gentlemen?” 

"Yes, we're here to notify you that there's a new Sentinel/Guide pair and we'll be taking them back to Cascade for training." 

"They can be trained here." Springer said, trying not to squirm from Jim and Hunter's look. 

"They're going to be initiated into the clan after their training." Dan answered, trying to keep Jim and Hunter from going after Springer.  There was something in their eyes that told Dan that either Springer was hiding something or there was something about him that both Sentinels didn't like. 

"Will they be coming back?" Asked Springer, trying not to show his anxiety. For some reason the High Senior Sentinel's stare was giving him a strange feeling. 

"It'll be up to them." Answered Dan. 

"Dan we have to go.” Jim said, still watching Springer. 

“Thank you for seeing us Commander Springer.” Dan said, as he got up. 

“Commander Slater, can I talk with you?” Springer asked, watching the two Sentinels get up. 

“Of course Commander.” Dan said, then turned towards Jim and Vince. “Jim, Vince can you wait for me outside?” 

As soon as Jim and Vince walked out of the office Commander Springer turned back to Slater. “Commander, why do you let them dictate to you?” Asked Springer. 

“Sentinel and Guide laws have been around longer than our laws. Besides, without them we wouldn’t have the GDP.” Slater said, before leaving. 

As Dan walked out of Commander Stringer’s office he saw that Jim and Hunter were standing there, not even hiding the fact that they were listening, “Why didn’t you tell him that without Sentinels and Guide’s there would be no law enforcement, which would mean there would be no law.” Said Jim. 

“I didn’t want to scare him any more than I had to.” Dan said, as they left the office. 

At the same time Blair was finishing his discussion with Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards and his Guide David about making sure that everything would be ready for Brian and Justin when they arrived in Cascade. 

He turned toward Sentinel Cruz, "I'm ready to go back, thank you." Blair said, in his dark guide voice. 

"Right away High Senior Guide Prime." Said Sentinel Cruz. (I'm from the old school when Sentinel's thought Guides were only good for helping with senses, but for some reason I feel that the way it is now is right.) Cruz thought to himself, as he walked Blair back to the room. 

Meanwhile, in the hospital room Brian was in Blessed Protector mode, threatening whenever someone tried to get close to Justin. He was just about to attach Michael when Senior Sentinel Cruz walked in and gave him a command in a low voice. 

"What happened?" Blair asked, when he walked in. 

"Sentinel Kinney was about to attack that man." Cruz said, as he pointed toward Michael. 

"Please don't come anywhere near them at the moment. They haven't bonded yet, and Brian is in Blessed Protector mode, which is very dangerous." Explained Blair. 

Just then Jim and Vince walked in with stern looks on their faces. "We want you all to leave, NOW!" Jim said, in a stern forceful voice. 

When they didn't leave fast enough to suit him, he got tougher. "Sentinel Cruz please show these people out." Said Jim. 

"Right away High Senior Sentinel Prime." Cruz said, taking out his cell phone. 

“You will leave now or be shown out.” Jim said, as men walked in. 

“When will I be able to see my son?” Jennifer asked, before leaving. 

“When they’ve bonded and when Sentinel Kinney says you can.” Jim said, before they left. 

As they were being shown out, "Are you able to see your family?" Jennifer asked, one of the guides. 

"It took awhile, but after my sentinel and I had bonded." He answered carefully. 

Jen then turned toward Debbie. "Do you really think they'll let me see him again?" 

"I'm sure when Brian and Justin are ready, we'll be able to see them." Debbie said, in a reassuring voice. But deep down inside she felt like she'd lost both boys. Being shown out they passed by Dan. 

"Mr. Slater, what gives them the right to take them away from their friends?" Asked Michael. 

"You have to understand something, they have their own laws and they only tolerate ours." Dan said, giving them a sympathetic look. 

"What do you mean they only tolerate ours?" Mel asked, in an inquisitive manner. 

"Their laws are older than ours, it's more in the line of a pack or clan than anything else. Besides, you don't want to get on the wrong side of a Sentinel they can make your life a living hell. They also have their own way of dealing with someone who breaks their laws in a certain clan, depending who the Senior Sentinel Prime is." Explained Dan.  "It used to be that clans would keep to themselves, but when Jim Elision's Sentinel abilities came out and everyone learned that he was a Dark Sentinel all Sentinels came to Cascade to be in his clan." 

"What's a Dark Sentinel?" Asked Michael, not liking the sound of it. 

"It's a Sentinel whose abilities are still rooted in the old ways." Answered Dan. He then turned around to see that Jim was standing there looking at them. "I think you better go." 

Turning around Michael saw the look Jim was giving them, and it sent shivers down his back. The look was dark, primal and spoke of consequences if they didn't leave right away. "I think Mr. Slater is right, we should be going." Michael said, not being able to keep eye contact with Jim. 


New Abilities 5

"He wants Kinney." Jim said, after the group walked away from Dan. 

"How do you know that?" Dan asked, as he also watched them walk away. 

"I can smell his desire, and Blair picked up his jealousy." Answered Jim. 

"Will they be able to see their friends?" Asked Dan. 

"If they want to." Jim answered, before turning around and walking back into the hospital room. "Is everyone ready?" 

"Yes, Sentinel Ellison." Answered Sentinel Marcus. 

Double-checking to make sure that everything was ready; Jim was satisfied and gave the go ahead for them all to leave. Around two o'clock they reached the airport and after showing the security guard his badge, they were all let through onto the airplane. After getting Brian and Justin settled in the clan of Pittsburgh left the plane. Fifteen minutes later the plane took off for Cascade, which caused Brian great pain because he didn't know how to turn down his senses, so he wouldn't feel the pressure of the take off. With permission from Jim, Blair helped Brian turn down his senses so they could continue with their flight.

Cascade, Washington

4:00 p.m.

As the plane landed at the airport Brian began to stir from a strange sensation in the pit of his stomach. The sensation caused Brian to wake from his sleep, which also woke Justin, bringing out Brian's protective instincts. "Sentinel, you will stand down." Jim said, in his dark Sentinel voice.

"There are others here, who would hurt my guide." Brian said, sentinel soft.

"They won't hurt your guide, you are now part of this clan." Jim said, in a soothing voice.

“Vince, Jim why don’t you go out and tell the clan we’ll be out in a minute.” Blair suggested, as he picked up Brian and Justin’s uncertainty.

As soon as Vince, Sarah, and Jim left, Blair turned to the pair, “You will learn and you will grow into your bonding.” Blair said, in his dark guide voice.

“Will I be able to control my abilities?” Justin asked, in a tired voice.

“Yes, and with your abilities you’ll be able to help your Sentinel with his. The both of you will be as one.” Explained Blair.

“Are they ready?” Jim asked, coming back from telling the clan about the new pair.

“Yes, is the clan ready?” Asked Blair.

“Yes, and they're very eager to meet them.” Jim said, giving the new pair a smile.

Taking a deep breath everyone got off the plane and were met by at least 60 people, all in Sentinel/Guide pairs, which made the total 30 pairs. As they walked off the plane Justin felt a strange sensation in the pit of his stomach that he wished would go away.

“Don’t worry, it’s just your abilities remembering the old days.” Blair answered in response to Justin’s feelings.

“Welcome back High Senior Sentinel Prime.” A man said, as he stepped away from the rest of the clan.

“It’s good to be back.” Jim said, as he shook the man’s hand. “Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards, I would like you to met Sentinel Brian Kinney and his Guide Justin Taylor.”

“Welcome to the Jaguar Clan, come, let me introduce you around.” Said Edwards.

“Senior Sentinel Prime, I would like Sentinel Doctor Harvey to take a look at them.” Said Blair, as he walked up behind Jim.

“Why do we need to be looked over?” Asked Brian.

“Just to make sure that everything is fine.” Answered Jim.

“We’re fine, there’s no need for anyone to be checked out.” Brian said, uneasy.

“Everyone gets an exam.” A woman said, from behind them.

Turning around Brian saw a tall woman in her middle years, “We just need rest.” Said Brian.

“From what I understand your guide was hit on the head with a baseball bat. Why is that?” Asked the Doctor.

“Because I’m gay and he hated to be reminded that I jerked him off.” Answered Justin.

“Why did you jerk him off?” Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

"Because I thought he was cute, and he didn't stop me when I started." Justin answered, in a defiant voice.

"Your sexual preference is your own business, but when you represent this clan you will behave in a civilized manner." Jim said, in his Dark Sentinel voice.  "Is that understood Guide?"

Not being able to defy Jim, "Yes, High Senior Sentinel Prime." Justin answered, in a dutiful voice.

"That goes for you too Sentinel." Jim said, looking directly at Brian.

"Yes, High Senior Sentinel Prime." Said Brian.

"Good, now that we have that settled, you’ll be shown to the bonding suite. After you're bonded we’ll begin your lessons." Said Jim.

Both men were shown into the bonding suite, where they were left so they could bond on their own. Walking into the bonding suite Brian grabbed Justine and began to sniff him, trying to get his scent into him. As Brian was sniffing Justin he also began to take off his clothes, so he could be closer to him. When Brian started, Justin also needed to feel Brian’s body next to his, so he began to return the favor. While Brian and Justin were bonding the rest of the clan were in a meeting, trying to decide what to do about Justin’s beating.

“High Senior Sentinel Prime, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but he was hit while a civilian.” Said a young sentinel.

“That’s true, but he’s a guide now and their laws are not going to do anything. One he’s gay and two he’s now a guide.” Answered Jim.

 “How are we going to do this?” Asked Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards.

“As High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US, Jim has to announce that he wants to deal with Chris Hobbs under clan law.” Said Blair.

“Don’t they both have to be either Guide or Sentinel?” Asked Sentinel Prime Johnson.

“No, only one needs to be either a Sentinel or Guide.” Answered Blair.

“So we all agree, Jim goes to Pittsburgh and asks that the clans put Chris Hobbs on trial for hitting a guide.” Said Senior Sentinel Prime Edwards.

“Does that mean I have to go back to Pittsburgh?” Jim asked, in a tired voice.

“Yes, but not today.” Blair answered, with a smile.

"We should contact Dan and have him make all the arrangements." Suggested Hunter.

"That's a great idea Vince." Blair said, giving him a smile.

"If that's it for now, I adjourn this meeting." Jim said and got up.

After the meeting ended Blair called Dan with their decision, "This is Blair Sandburg and I would like to speak with Dan Slater please." Blair said, trying to control his Dark side.

A second later he heard a click, "How can I help you Blair?" Dan asked, with trepidation in his voice.

"The clans have decided to take action against Chris Hobbs for his own actions against Justin Taylor." Said Blair.

"He was already prosecuted." Dan said, becoming very scared for this Chris Hobbs person.

"Yes he was but by your laws, now we want it by our laws." Said Dark Blair.

"I want you to contact Mr. Hobbs and tell him that the Jaguar clan that Justin Taylor is now a part of wants to try him by Sentinel/Guide law."

"Blair, please be reasonable the boy is only eighteen years old." Dan said, trying to reason with Blair.

"That didn't stop him from bashing Justin upside the head with a baseball bat. Dan you do it, or I'll have one of my Sentinels do it and I'll get someone who hates normal people. I expect an answer from you by next month." Blair said, before hanging up. Taking a deep breath Dan picked up the phone again and called the GDP in Pittsburgh.

“GDP, how may I help you?” Answered the Secretary.

“This is Commander Dan Slater, I want to speak with to commander Springer.” Said Dan.

“One moment sir.” Said the Secretary.

A minute later Dan heard the click, “How can I help you Commander?” Asked Springer.

“The Jaguar clan demand a trial for Christian Hobbs for hitting Justin Taylor.” Announced Dan.

“Commander, I really don’t think…..”

He didn't let Springer finish. “Commander we don’t have a choice. I don’t think you want to see Sentinel on a hunting part. Trust me I’ve seen them on one and it wasn’t pretty, so I suggest you get me his number.” Dan said, before hanging up.

Knowing he had no choice Springer contact the police department for their help in getting the Hobbs family number. As soon as that was done Springer made a call that he knew was not going to be an easy one to make. But he knew that if he didn’t make the call then the clan was going to send one of their pairs and it wouldn’t be a nice meeting. Sentinel/Guide pairs had developed a dislike of normal humans that didn’t understand them and their ways.

“Hobbs residence, how can I help you?” Asked a female voice.

“Yes hello, my name is Commander Springer from the GDP.” Springer introduced himself.

“How can I help you Commander?” Asked Ms. Hobbs, in a curious voice.

“Ms. Hobbs, it seems the boy your son hit with the baseball bat is now a guide.” Answered Springer.

“What does that have to do with us?” Asked Ms. Hobbs. She'd heard that if a Sentinel clan felt slighted they would ask for a trial.

“The boy Justin Taylor and his Sentinel were adopted by the High Senior Sentinel Prime Jim Ellison of the US and his clan. It has been decided that a trial will be held for what your son did to one of their guides.” Announced Springer.

“They can’t do this!” Yelled Ms. Hobbs.

“I’m sorry Ms. Hobbs, but they can. Their laws supersede ours.” Springer said, in a soft voice.

"Is there anything we can do?" Ms. Hobbs asked, in a scared voice.

"Get him prepared before your trip." Advised Springer.

"Can we have it somewhere neutral?" Asked Ms. Hobbs.

"You should contact Commander Dan Slater, and work everything out with him." Suggested Springer. He then gave her Dan's telephone number, and before hanging up. "Good luck ma'am."

After hanging up the phone with Commander Springer, Ms. Hobbs just sat on the couch and began to cry. As she was crying her husband and son walked in and went towards her to find out what was wrong.

"Laura, what's wrong?" Asked Mr. Hobbs.

"Oh Paul, I just got a call from Commander Springer from the GDP. It seems that after Christian's attack on Justin Taylor his empathic abilities came out. He's now a guide with a sentinel and they've both been adopted into a clan." Laura answered, with tears in her eyes.

"What does that mean?" Chris asked, in a scared voice.

"The clan is demanding a trial with their laws." Answered Laura.

"Can they do that?" Asked Chris.

"Yes, it seems that the clan that has taken them in is one of the most powerful in the states."

"Do you know who runs the clan?" Asked Paul.

"No, but I was told to contact Commander Dan Slater to get the details. If we don't, then they'll send a sentinel/guide pair who hate normal people." Answered Laura.

"Maybe we can talk them out of it." Paul said, as he took the number from his wife and called Dan Slater.

"GDP, how may I help you?" Asked the secretary.

"Yes, I would like to speak to Commander Slater." Said Paul. 



New Abilities 6

Pittsburgh, PA

2:00 p.m.

"May I ask who's calling?" Inquired the secretary. 

 "My name is Paul Hobbs, I'm the father of Chris Hobbs." Answered Paul. 

 "One moment sir." Said the secretary

 A minute later Paul heard the line switch, "Thank you for calling me Mr. Hobbs." Said Dan. 

 "It's not like I had a choice." Paul sounded angry and he knew it. 

 "Mr. Hobbs you have to understand that Sentinels and Guides follow different laws concerning their own.  “Isn’t there any way to convince them…” 

Dan didn’t let Paul finish his sentence. “Mr. Hobbs, you have understand. Their laws have been around longer than ours have. Consider their clans as a pack, they look out for each other.” Explained Dan. 

 “So anytime that they feel they've been slighted they take it out on someone else?” Asked Paul. 

“No Mr. Hobbs only when it has to do with something terrible.” Answered Dan. 

“Can you tell me about the clan that wants to put my son on trial?” Asked Paul, realizing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere. 

"It's not one clan it's all the clans in the US." Said Dan. 

"Can you at least tell me who the leaders are?" Asked Paul. 

"That's the Jaguar clan, the most powerful of all the clans. For one, the High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US is there, two they have two Senior Sentinel Primes and one of them is the shield for the High Senior Guide Prime of the US. Then they have four Primes, which have different duties, and over 20 Sentinels." Explained Slater. 

"What's the name of the High Senior Sentinel and Guide Prime names?" Inquired Paul.


"The High Senior Pair is Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg who are Dark Sentinels and Guides, the Senior Primes are Sentinel Edwards and Guide David, and the second Senior Prime pair is Vince Hunter and Sarah Johnson." Answered Dan 

“Ellison sounds very familiar.” Paul said, trying to place the name. “And what is a Dark Sentinel and Guide?” 

“A Dark Sentinel and Guide have more control and are more powerful in their abilities.” Explained Dan. “And the reason that you know the name Ellison is because Jim Ellison is also the son of William Ellison of Ellison International.” 

“Is that how they became High Senior Primes?” Asked Paul. 

“No, Jim had to fight his way to the top. It didn’t hurt that other Sentinel’s already respected him.” Answered Dan. 

“Would it do any good if I talk to William Ellison?” Paul asked, in a desperate voice. 

“No, his son’s status as High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US has given Mr. Ellison and his company advantage of other companies. Also his other son has children who are sentinels and have gotten guides that are the best.” Answered Dan. 

“Isn’t there any way I could talk to him between fathers?” Inquired Paul. 

“Mr. Ellison doesn’t get involved with his son’s active.” Dan said, wishing he wasn’t having this conversation. 

“What if I talked with the Guide?” Paul asked, in a hopeful voice. 

“It was Blair’s idea to put your son on trial.” Informed Dan. 

“Is there any way out of this?” Paul asked again. 

“No, I’m sorry Mr. Hobbs. Your son has to be in Cascade in a week, and trust me if he doesn’t show up they will go after him.” Said Dan. 

“Can you tell me what will happen?” Asked Paul, but really not wanting to know. 

“They will hold a trial, just like any other trial. But in this trial if you lie they will know about it, which will cause them to find your son guilty.” Informed Dan, in a warning voice. “What I’m telling you is that your son mustn't lie.”  

“I understand, thank you Commander Slater. When do you want us there?” Asked Paul. 

“Next month, after Justin and Brian have bonded. They should be ready for the trail.” Explained Dan. 

“Alright, and thank you again.” Paul said, before hanging up. 

“Well?” Laura Hobbs asked, while holding her breath. 

“It seems that the Justin Taylor has been adopted into a very important clan, that's run by a High Senior Prime Pair of the US.” Answered Paul. 

“The High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US is also the son of William Ellison of Ellison International.” 

“Could we contact Mr. Ellison and talk to him?” Asked Laura. 

“No, Commander Slater says that he doesn’t interfere in clan matters.” Said Paul. 

“Let’s just call him anyway.” Suggested Laura. 

Not knowing what else to do Paul called around for the number for William Ellison, which took him about two hours.

As soon as he got the number Paul made the call, “Ellison residence.” Answered a woman. 

“Yes, hello my name is Paul Hobbs. May I speak with Mr. Ellison?” Asked Paul. 

“One moment.” Said the woman. 

A minute later another voice cam on the line. “How may I help you Mr. Hobbs?” Asked William. 

“Mr. Ellison, I don’t know if your son told you or not but his clan adopted a Sentinel/Guide pare….” 

He wasn't allowed to finish. “Mr. Hobbs I’m sorry to tell you this but I can’t and don’t interfere in my sons Sentinel business.” Said William. “But I do know what is going on, their guides have told me. I was also informed that the boy Justin Taylor became a guide after your son hit him over the head with a baseball bat because he was gay.” 

“Mr. Ellison, my son knows he did something wrong and he’s working on it.” Said Paul. 

“Mr. Hobbs, he could have killed Justin. I’m sorry, even if I could talk my son out of putting your son on trial I wouldn’t.” William said, before hanging up. 

Christian and Laura didn’t have to ask how it went, they saw everything on Paul’s face which caused Laura to break down and cry, “Honey don’t cry, everything is going to be fine.” Paul said, as he tried to comfort his wife. 

“How can anything be fine, my son is going on trial again!” Laura cried, as she hugged her husband. “And this time by Sentinels!” 

“Honey, listen to me. If he tells them the truth everything will be fine.” Paul said, in reassuring voice. Laura turned toward her son. 

“Why did you hit Taylor with that bat?” she asked desperately. 

“After months of him displaying his boyfriend and his sexuality the final straw was when his boyfriend came to the dance. I just couldn’t take it anymore.” Chris explained.


Cascade, Washington

GDP Headquarters

5:00 p.m.

"GDP, how may I help you?" Asked the secretary. 

"Yes, I'd like to speak to Commander Slater." Said Paul. 

"May I ask who's calling?" Inquired the secretary. 

"My name is Paul Hobbs, I'm the father of Chris Hobbs." Answered Paul.

"One moment sir." Said the secretary. “Commander there’s a Paul Hobbs on the line for you.” 

“Thank you, Susan.” Dan said, and accepted the call. "Thank you for calling me back Mr. Hobbs." Dan said. 

"It's not like I had a choice." Said Paul. 

"Mr. Hobbs you have to understand that Sentinels and Guides follow different laws concerning their own. “Isn’t there any way to convince them…” 

Dan didn’t let Paul finish his sentence. “Mr. Hobbs, you have understand. Their laws have been around longer than ours have. Consider their clans as a pack of wolves that look out for each other.” Dan explained 

“So any time that they feel they've been slighted they take it out on someone else?” Paul accused. 

“No Mr. Hobbs only when it has to do with something terrible.” Dan answered. 

“Can you tell me about the clan that wants to put my son on trial?” Asked Paul, realizing very quickly that he wasn’t going to get anywhere. 

"It's not one clan it's all the clans in the US." Said Dan. 

"Can you at least tell me who the leaders are?" Asked Paul. 

"There's the Jaguar clan, that is the most powerful of all the clans. For one the High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US is there, two they have two Senior Sentinel Primes and one of them is the shield for the High Senior Guide Prime of the US. Then they have four Primes, which have different duties, and over 20 Sentinels." Explained Slater. 

"What are the names of the High Senior Sentinel and Guide Prime?" Inquired Paul.


"The High Senior Pair is Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburge, a Dark Sentinel and his Guide, the Senior Primes are Sentinel Edwards and Guide David, and then second Senior Prime pair consists of Vince Hunter and Sarah Johnson." Answered Dan 

“Ellison sounds very familiar.” Paul said, trying to place the name. “And what is a Dark Sentinel and Guide?”

“A Dark Sentinel and Guide have more control and are more powerful in their abilities.” Explained Dan. “And the reason that you know the name Ellison is because Jim Ellison is also the son of William Ellison of Ellison International.” 

“Is that how they became High Senior Primes?” Asked Paul. 

“Yes, but Jim also had to fight his way to the top. It didn’t hurt that other Sentinels already respected him.” Answered Dan. 

“Would it do any good if I talk to William Ellison?” Paul asked, in a desperate voice. 

“No, his son’s statues as High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US has given Mr. Ellison and his company advantage over other companies. Also his other son has children who are Sentinels and have received Guides that are the best.” Answered Dan. 

“Isn’t there any way I could talk to him between fathers?” Inquired Paul. 

“Mr. Ellison doesn’t get involved with his son’s activities.” Dan said, wishing he could just end this conversation. 

“What if I talked with the Guide?” Paul asked, in a hopeful voice. 

“It was Blair’s idea to put your son on trial.” Informed Dan. 

“Is there any way out of this?” Paul asked again. 

“No, I’m sorry Mr. Hobbs. Your son have to be in Cascade in a week, and trust me if he doesn’t show up they will go after him.” Said Dan. 

“Can you tell me what will happen?” Asked Paul, really not wanting to know. 

“They will hold a trial, just like any other trial. But in this trial if you lie they will know about it, which will cause them to find your son guilty.” Informed Dan, in a warning voice.  “What I’m telling you is that your son must not lie.” 

“I understand, thank you Commander Slater. When do you want us there?” Asked Paul. 

“Next month, after Justin and Brian have bonded. They should be ready for the trial.” Explained Dan, before hanging up and exhaling. 

“Susan do you know where Sentinel Ellison is today?” Dan asked his secretary. 



New Abilities 7

“He’s with his father.” Answered Susan. “Do you want me to call them?” 

“No, that’s alright I’ll call them myself.” 

Meanwhile, William Ellison was having dinner with his sons Jim, Vince, and Steven, their wives Julia and Carolyn, their children, and their Guides when the telephone range. 

A minute later Lucy walked in, “Excuse me William, but there's a call for you.” 

“Thank you Lucy, I’ll take it here.” William said, as he took the call. “How may I help you Mr. Hobbs?” Asked William calmly. 

“Mr. Ellison, I don’t know if your son told you or not but his clan adopted a Sentinel/Guide pair….” 

Before Paul could finish, William interrupted. “Mr. Hobbs I’m sorry to tell you this but I can’t and don’t interfere in my sons Sentinel business.” Said William. 

“But I am aware of what is going on, their Guides have told me. I was also informed that the boy Justin Taylor became a Guide after your son hit him over the head with a baseball bat because he was gay.” William looked at his children. 

“Mr. Ellison, my son knows he did something wrong and he’s working on it.” Said Paul. 

“Mr. Hobbs, he could have killed Justin. I’m sorry, even if I wanted to talk my son out of putting your son on trial I wouldn’t.” William said, before hanging up. 

“What was that about dad?” Asked Steven. 

“That was Mr. Hobbs, Chris Hobbs father he wanted me to talk to Jim about stopping the trial.” Answered William.

“What did you tell them William?” Asked Blair. 

“I told him that I don’t interfere in my sons business.” William answered, giving them a smile.

 Not being able to help himself Jim began to laugh, “I’m sorry dad but you always interfere, but I still love you.” 

“Jim, what’s going to happen to that Hobbs boy?” William asked, in a serious voice. 

“He’s going to stand trial dad.” Jim answered, in a serious voice. 

“I understand that, but what's going to happen if you find him guilty?” William asked, again. 

“That’s up to Justin.” Answered Blair, in a serious voice. 

“Do you really think you should leave a decision like that up to a child?” Asked Steven, as he watched his own children. 

“Yes, but he now has a responsibility in taking care of a Sentinel, so he should be able to make a decision after the trial.” Said Jim. 

“I understand that, but giving him that kind of responsibility will do him more harm than good.” William said. 

“What kind of choices will he have?” Asked Steven. 

“The choices will be jail-time, being banned from anything remotely to do with Sentinel/Guide association, and/or he has to pay Justin monetary damages.” Answered Blair. 

As the adults were talking one of Steven’s children began to get a headache, “Uncle Blair, my head hurts.” A voice said, from the other end of the table. 

“How does it hurt sweetheart.” Blair asked, in his guide voice. 

“I don’t know, but when Uncle Jim got angry I could feel it.” Answered the little girl. 

“Amy has this happened before?” Blair asked, while looking at the rest of the family. 

Not seeing the shocked look on assorted faces she continued. “On and off, but this time when grandpa got sad I felt it.” Amy answered, not realizing that she just told everyone that she was a guide. 

“Amy honey, there’s nothing wrong with you it just seems that you’re a Guide.” Blair said, with a smile. 

“Does that mean that I’m like you Uncle Blair?” Amy asked, trying not to sound scared. 

“Yes honey, but don’t you worry no one is going to hurt you.” Blair said, in his dark guide voice. 

“You promise Uncle Blair?” Amy asked, in a scared voice. 

“I promise honey.” Blair said, with a loving smile. 

“Amy sweet, why don’t you go upstairs and get some rest.” Her mother Linda said. 

"Ok, mommy." Amy said, as she got up from the table. 

After Amy had left conversation continued. “Do we have any guides in the family tree?” Asked Steven. 

“On your mother's side, her grandmother.” William answered, in a sad voice. “Don’t worry dad, we’ll get her a really nice and good sentinel.” Promised Jim. “I know but I’m scared for her, she’s so young.” Answered William. 

“We’ll protect her.” Said Vince. 

Meanwhile, Brian and Justin were in the bonding suite connecting with each other and their spirit animals. As they where bonding a very strange feeling overcame them, opening their eyes they found themselves in a jungle. 

(//Welcome young ones. // A voice said, from behind them. 

Turning around they saw a man standing before them with a black jaguar and a wolf beside him, but before they could ask a question a lion and a fox walked out of the jungle. //These are your guides into the spirit world. They will help you make decisions, when decisions are hard to come by. // Explained the man. 

//Why are we here? // Asked Justin. 

//You will have a decision to make, and with their help it will be easier. // Answered the man. 

//With these spirit guides you must also have a name that represents them. You Sentinel will be called León and your guide will be known as Sollucir. You must always go to the High Senior Guide Prime, he is also a Shaman who is able to explain dreams to you. // 

//What do they mean? // Asked Justin. 

//That’s up to you to find out, but remember this, your guides are here to help you. // The man said before disappearing.) 

As they came out of their dream, “Brian, what was that?” Justin asked, in a confused voice.

“I don’t know, we’ll do what the man said and ask the High Senior Guide Prime.” Brian answered. 

“Brian, I’m scared.” Justin said, with tears in his eyes. 

“Of what baby?” Brian asked, holding Justin closer. 

“When we leave here, they’ll be putting Christian on trial. I’ll have to make a decision on what to do with him.” Answered Justin. 

“And the decision you make will be the right one.” Brian answered, trying to reassure Justin. 

“Brian can we make love?” Justin asked, in a shy voice. 

“You never have to ask that.” Brian said, as he began to kiss Justin. 

At the same time, Dan Slater was in his office making all the arrangements for the trial that would begin in another three weeks. As he was making the preparations, his mind began to wonder about how anyone could hurt a sweet child like Justin. He seemed like such a nice boy. Even if he was gay, there was no reason for someone to hit him with a baseball bat.

Just then the telephone rang, “Slater.” Dan said into it. 

“Dan, Amy’s abilities have appeared.” Announced Jim. 

“When will you bring her in?” Dan asked, trying to control his shock. 

“We won't, the clan will train her and find her a Sentinel.” Answered Jim. 

“They why did you call me?” Asked Dan. 

“I was being polite.” Jim said, before hanging up. 


New Abilities 8

Pittsburgh, PA 
2:00 p.m. 

Meanwhile, the Hobbs family contacted their lawyer to see what kind of options they had regarding the trial.
“There’s not much I can do.” Said John Franklin. 

“What do you recommend we do John?” Asked Paul Hobbs. 

“Get in contact with the GDP in Cascade.” Answered John, in a serous voice. 

“They have lawyers?” Paul asked, surprised. 

“Yes, and hopefully they’ll be able to help you.” Answered John. 

“How are we going to contact them?” Laura Hobbs asked.

“I believe that you should contact Dan Slater and have him help you.” Answered John. 

“Would you contact him for us?” Asked Paul. 

“Of course.” John said, as he took out his cell phone and dialed the GDP. 

Dan Slater was at his desk when the telephone rang,
“Hello?” Answered Dan. 

“Mr. Slater, my name is John Franklin. I’m Paul and Laura Hobbs lawyer.” 

“Yes Mr. Franklin, how may I help you?” Asked Dan. 

“My clients Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs want to know if there’s anything that can be done. If not is there a lawyer
that you can recommend?” Asked Franklin 

“What they have to do is get a lawyer that specializes in Sentinel and Guide cases.” Answered Dan. “You're
lucky because we do have a Sentinel/Guide pair that are lawyers.” 

“When will you be able to get them here?” Asked John. 

“They’re not going there, they’re going to have to come to Cascade, that's where the trial will be.”
Answered Dan. 

“When should they be there?” Asked John. 

“I’ll give you a call as soon as I know something.” 

“Thank you Mr. Slater. Please call me at 347-555-2222” John said, before hanging up. He then turned toward
the Hobbs family. “He says he’ll give me a call back and tell me when we should head to Cascade, Washington
and meet with the lawyers.” 

“Why do we have to go there?” Laura asked, in an indignant voice. 

“I don’t know, I’ll ask Mr. Slater when he calls back?” Answered Franklin. 

“When do you think he’ll call?” Asked Laura, trying not to cry. 

“Don’t worry Laura, everything is going to be fine.” John said, as he patted her hand. 
After hanging up with John Franklin, the Hobbs family lawyer, Dan called the Sentinel/Guide pair that
practiced law. 

Johnson/Lovegood residence

“Johnson, how may I help you?” Answered Carl Johnson. 

“Sentinel Johnson, I have a client for you.” Answered

“Who are they sir?” Asked Carl. 

“The boys name is Christopher Hobbs and he’s going on trial for hitting one of his classmates over the head
with a baseball bat.” Explained Dan 

“Why come to me sir, shouldn’t it be handled by a regular lawyer?” Carl asked, trying to remember if he
knew anything about the case. 

"Yes, but it seems that after being hit, Mr. Taylor’s empathic abilities surfaced.” Answered Dan. 
“Why do you need a lawyer for that?” Carl asked, thoroughly confused. 

“The High Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes of North America have decided to put the young man on trial for
the bashing.” Explained Dan. “We need you to represent the boy.” 

“Why did you pick me?” Carl asked, in a surprised voice. 

“I picked you because you aren’t part of the clan, but they do respect you.” Answered Dan. (God, I hope I’m
doing the right thing in having him defend Hobbs?)

“Fine, but I want to talk to the Hobbs boy and also tell him about Sentinels and Guides.” Carl said,
wishing that he didn’t have to take the case. 

“I’ll see what I can do, but be ready to travel to Pittsburgh.” 

“When’s the trial?” Inquired Carl. 

“I believe some time next month.” Dan said. 

“Fine, but make sure that I talk to Hobbs.” Carl said, before hanging up. He then turned to his left where
his Guide was sitting. 

“What’s going on?” Asked Frank Lovegood, Carl’s guide.

“That was Dan from the GDP, there’s a new Sentinel/Guide pair in Pittsburgh.” Carl answered in a
tired voice. 

“So why did he call you?” Frank asked. 

“The Guide received his powers after one of his class mates bashed him upside the head with a baseball bat.”
Answered Carl. 

“Then how did the new pair get a trial so quickly?” Inquired Frank. 

“It seems that the High Senior Guide of North America felt the new Guide come online, so he asked his
Sentinel to take him to Pittsburgh.” 

“How did that happen?” Frank asked, in a shocked voice. 

“No one knows, but it did happen and now the High Primes of North America want the teen put on trial for
the assault.” Answered Carl. 

“The kids in deep shit now.” Frank said, when he realized what could happen to the boy, if he’s found
guilty. “How old are the boys?” 

“They're both eighteen or nineteen.” Answered Carl. 

“Carl, would they have the boy killed if he was found guilty?” Asked Frank. 

“I really don’t know, that's up to the High Primes.” Carl answered, wishing he knew the answer. 

“When are we going to Pittsburgh to see the boy?” Inquired Frank. 

“We’ll be going next week.” Answered Carl, as he began to eat. 

Pittsburgh, PA 
GDP Sentinel/Guide Headquarters 

As Jim and Blair walked into the Pittsburgh GDP headquarters, they were meet by the Senior
Sentinel/Guide Prime of Pittsburgh. “Welcome to the Sentinel/Guide headquarters, High Sentinel Prime."
Said Senior Sentinel Prime Paul Michaels.   "If there's anything that you need just ask one of the
Sentinel/Guide pairs and they'll help you. 

"How did you become Senior Prime?" Blair asked. (How did he become Prime, he isn't strong enough.) Blair
thought to himself, as he picked up Johnson's vibes. 

"I'm the oldest in the clan." Johnson answered, while looking at Jim. (How dare a guide ask me that, even if
he is High Senior Guide Prime?) 

“So what you're saying, is that you became Senior Sentinel Prime of Pittsburgh because you’re the oldest
in the clan?” Jim asked, in a shocked voice. 

“Yes. Why do you wish to know?” Asked Senior Sentinel Prime Michaels. 

“Well usually you become a Senior Prime by beating another Sentinel for the position.” Answered Jim. 

“Why would we want to do that? An older Sentinel knows more than a younger one.” Johnson said, in a quiet

“What do you do about disputes?” Inquired Blair. //This doesn’t feel right. // Blair sent to Jim. 

//I know, we’ll have to do something about this. // Sent Jim. “Sentinel Michaels, we would like to see all
of the Sentinel’s in the clan.” Jim said, in a voice that said refusing wasn't an option. 

“May I ask why?” Michaels asked, not realizing whom he was talking too. 

“I don’t need to give you a reason why, since I’m the High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America.” Jim
said, as his voice turned cold. 

Before Michaels could say anything else his Guide took his hand to indicate not to say anything, because he
could fell the rage coming off of Jim. 

Looking down Michaels saw that his guide Maxwell had a very scared look on his face. //What’s wrong Peter? //
Asked Michaels. 

//We need to be careful, they are very powerful.// Answered Maxwell.

//Will we be able to control our clan if they’re here?// Inquired Michaels. (I’m not about to lose my place
in the clan. If I have to kill them I will.) Michaels thought to himself. 

//I don’t know, but we’ll have to see. // Answered Senior Guide Prime Peter Maxwell. (God, I hope we’ll
have our clan when their finished.) Peter thought, as he watched Jim and Blair. 

When he tried to get into Blair’s mind he was blocked by a steel wall and then the most excruciating pain
that Peter had ever felt hit him. 

//You shouldn’t try to read someone who is more powerful than you. // Blair sent to Peter. He then
sent another powerful wave that literally drove Peter to his knees. 

“Peter, what’s wrong!” Paul cried, as he saw Peter fall. Turning toward Blair. “What did you do to him?” 

“I didn’t do anything.” Blair answered, with a smile. //What did you do? // Jim asked, while looking at
Peter //He tried to read my mind. // Blair answered, giving Jim a smile. 

Not realizing what might happen Paul grabbed Blair by the arm, but before he could do anything Jim grabbed
him and spun him around. “Don’t you ever touch my Guide again.” Jim said, as he punched Michaels. 

“Jim, let him go.” Blair said, in a calm voice. //You don’t want to do this now. // Blair sent in a calming

The calming voice didn’t have any affect on Jim at first, because his Dark Sentinel had come out. A
second later Blair’s Dark Guide came out to calm Jim’s Dark Sentinel. However, before the Dark Sentinel
calmed, Jim kept hitting Michaels until he passed out.

//Do you feel better? // Blair asked, watched Michaels.

//Much, now he’ll know better than to touch you. // Jim answered, with a snidely. He then turned to the
other Sentinel/Guides that had appeared during the one sided fight. 

“There will be a contest to see who will be the new Senior Sentinel Prime.” 

“You can’t do this.” Maxwell said, in a shocked voice.

“I can do anything I want. I am High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America.” Jim answered, letting out a
little of the Dark Sentinel. 

When Maxwell felt the Dark persona directed at him, he knew that Paul had no choice but to fight. Which meant
that he was going to lose his position as SeniorSentinel Prime of Pittsburgh. This realization made
him sick, because it meant he wouldn’t have the statusof being the Senior Guide Prime; which let him do
whatever he wanted, to whoever he wanted. 

//He’s realizing he's going to lose everything // Blair sent to Jim when he felt Maxwell’s defeat. 
//Good, now we just need Michaels to realize that he can’t win, and we have Pittsburgh. // Jim said, with a
smile. He then turned toward Maxwell. 

“Take your Sentinel to the hospital, and when he wakes up tell him what happened.” 

New Abilities 9

5:00 p.m.

After Maxwell had taken Michaels away. "Can you call the clan to us?" Jim asked Blair, as he watched Maxwell help Michaels.

"I’ll send out a summons to all the Guides, and they’ll tell their Sentinels." Blair replied, as he also watched the Sentinel/Guides walk away.

"Do it, tell them all to meet us here." Jim said, as he felt his dark side melt away.

"But make sure you don’t call Brian and Justin, Justin isn't ready."

Taking a deep breath Blair called up the Dark Guide and then sent out. //Guides of the Pittsburgh clan, the High Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes of North America request your presence at the GDP headquarters. Pass this along to your Sentinels. //

Then taking a deep breath Blair waited until his Dark side retreated. "Is it done?" Jim asked, when he saw the change in Blair.

"Yes, they should be here soon." Blair answered, a second later.

It was thirty minutes later when the Sentinel/Guides of Pittsburgh arrive at the GDP headquarters. Walking in they looked around for the Senior Sentinel/Guide primes, but the only people there were a Sentinel/Guide pair that no one knew except for the Senior Sentinel Cruz.

"High Senior Sentinel Prime, where are the Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes and who called us?" Inquired Sentinel Cruz." Senior Sentinel Prime Michaels had an accident, so his guide took him to the hospital." Answered Jim.

Then turning to the rest of the Sentinel/Guide pairs, "My guide called everyone here."

"May we ask why sir?" Inquired Sentinel Cruz.

"I have just found out that your clan is run by old men and not by strength. That will not do...."

Before Jim could finish his sentence.

"Who are you to tell us how to run our clan?" Asked a young Sentinel.

With out saying a word Jim looked at Blair and nodded his head. //Show them why. // Sent Jim. With a nod of his head Blair sent out a mind numbing pain to the Sentinels, which quickly caused their senses go haywire.

"Please stop!" Cried the Sentinel’s guide. "You’re going to kill him!"

//Blair, that’s enough. // Jim said, after a second. He then turned back to the Sentinel/Guide pair. "Now you know why we are High Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes of North America and why we wanted you here." Said Jim.

"What do you wish of us sirs?" Asked an elderly Sentinel.

"As we understand your clan is led by old Sentinel/Guide pair, we wish change this." Answered Jim.

"What kind of change?" Inquired a young Sentinel.

"We want this clan to be governed by a strong and powerful Sentinel/Guide pair, so that it may grow and prosper like the rest." Jim answered, with a smile.

"How are you going to find new Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes?"

"What is your name?" Asked Jim.

"Sentinel John Alvine."

"There will be a trial by combat, and whoever wins will be Prime." Answered Jim.

"But High Senior Sentinel, we are not combatants. This clan have become pacifists." Said a female sentinel.

"No Sentinel/Guide pair are ever pacifists." Put in Blair.

"So how do we change our ways?" Asked a young guide.

"What is your name?" Asked Blair.

"It’s Guide Laura Poll." Answered the guide.

//What do you want to do Blair? // Inquired Jim.

//I want to show them our past. // Blair answered, before opening up.

As soon as Blair opened his mind his power came forth coaxing all the other guides abilities to lock with Blair. (//Welcome young ones, you are here to see, feel, and learn what all Sentinel/Guides are and can become. I am Dark Guide B'ian and this is my Sentinel Jeme. We are here to show you what Sentinel/Guides can be and what they can do .//

//Where are we?// Asked Senior Sentinel Cruz, while looking around.

//You are in the realm of spirits.// Answered Jeme, just before turning into a black jaguar. A second later he flickered into a human being.

//Where are we and how did you do that? // Demanded Sentinel Cruz.

//You are all in the spirit plane where you will learn about our past, future, and your abilities.// B’ian answered quietly.

//Why must we do this?// Inquired an older Sentinel.

//We do this to keep all Sentinel/Guide clans prosperous.// Answered B’ian. //Besides you shall soon have a Senior Sentinel Prime that will take this clan to the very peak //

//What about our other Senior Sentinel/Guide Prime pair?// Inquired Guide Poll.

//Don’t worry about them, everything will be taken care of. Now lets begin. // Jeme said, with a small evil smile.)

Pittsburgh Hospital

5:00 p.m.

While Jim and Blair were teaching and training the Sentinel/Guide pairs, Justin and Brian finally left the hospital. As they are walking out, Michaels and Maxwell were walking in they collided awkwardly.

"Watch it!" Said the former Senior Guide Prime.

He had neither the time nor the inclination to look closer. Brian was about to tell the guy off when he felt a hand on his arm. Justin just looked at hi with tired eyes. Seeing the tired and haunted look in his Guide’s eyes, Brian decided to take him home.


GDP Headquarters

7:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters the Sentinel/Guide pairs had come back from the spirit realm, knowing about their past and what they were capable of. As they came out of their trances.

"Now that you know your capabilities, there will be a competition for new Senior Sentinel Prime of Pittsburgh." Said Jim.

"When are we having the competition?" Inquired Sentinel Cruz.

"As soon as the new Sentinel/Guide pair have bonded and can compete." Blair answered, as he felt the beginning of a bond between Brian and Justin.

"Who are the new pair?" Asked Senior Guide Prime Santos.

"I’m sure you heard of the attack that happened at St. James Academy?" Asked Blair.

"Yes, it was all over the new paper. Are you telling us that the boy has become a guide?" Santos asked, in a surprised voice.

"That’s exactly what we’re saying." Responded Jim.

"Since they are part of the clan now, what’s going to happen with the boy who hit him?" Asked Sentinel Cruz.

"He’s being put on trial." Answered Jim.

"Before you ask, it’s going to be in Cascade, Washington."

"Are all the clans in the US going to be there?" Inquired Guide Santos.

"No, the only clans there will be yours and mine." Answered Jim.

"When’s the trial?" Asked a Sentinel.

"We’re not sure yet. The head of the GDP has to get back to us." Answered Jim.

"That reminds me." He said, as he took out his cell phone dialled quickly.

"Vince." Answered Vincent Hunter.

"Hunter have you heard from Slater?" Inquired Jim.

"No, I thought he was going to call you?"

"He might have." Jim said. He then told Hunter what Blair and he had done and how they had awakened the clan’s powers and why.

"We've made them stronger."

"What‘s going to happen now?" Asked Hunter.

"I’ll call Dan and see how everything’s going." Jim answered, before hanging up. He then called Dan Slater and the GDP of Cascade.

"Dan Slater, how may I help you?" Dan said, as he answered the phone.

"Slater, this is Ellison. What's happing with the trial?" Inquired Jim.

"The Hobbs have found a lawyer for their son and they’ll be here in a month." Answered Dan.

"Fine, we’ll be back in 3 weeks." Said Jim.

"Why?" Asked Dan.

"We’re staying here until this clan has new Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes." Informed Jim.

"What was wrong with the old primes?" Dan asked, in a confused voice.

"That’s what was wrong, they were old. This clan needs tough, fit, and strong leaders." Answered Jim. Before Dan could ask another question. "I have to go Slater, but I’ll explain when we come home."

"What did Dan say?" Asked Blair.

"The Hobbs family have a lawyer to represent their son and they should arrive in Cascade in a month." Jim answered, in a distracted voice.

"When do you want to go home?" Inquired Blair.

"After we find new Senior Sentinel/Guide Primes." Answered Jim.

"Do you know how we’re going to do it?" Asked Blair.

"Let the Sentinels fight in a competition." Answered Jim.

"That’s at least twenty Sentinels." Blair said, in a shocked voice.

"Actually that’s ten Sentinels. See only those who are 20 to 35 are allowed to compete." Jim said, with a smile.

"When do you want to have the competition?" Blair asked, with a smile.

"We’ll have to talk to Brian and Justin and see how he is. I want Brian to participate."

"Maybe you should ask him first before signing his name up." Said Blair.

"I’m not going to sign him up, but I will ask him." Answered Jim.

"When do you want to go see them?" "Next week, let them rest and bond."

"Do you think a week is enough?" Inquired Blair.

"They already bonded, when they became lovers, so I don’t think it will take long." Informed Jim.

"How did you know they were lovers?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

"I could smell it on them. "Besides, Brian went to Justin’s prom." Answered Jim.

"I’m hunger, lets get something to eat." Blair said, after a second.

"Sure, lets go." Jim said, and picked up his stuff.


New Abilities 10

Kinney’s Loft

Brian and Justin arrived at the loft around eight o’clock, and the first thing they did was take a
shower together before they went to bed. “How are you feeling?” Brian asked, as they got into bed.
“I’m tired and I think we need to bond.” Justin said,in a tired voice.

Without saying a word Brian positioned Justin in the bonding position and then laid down next to him. As soon as Brian was next to Justin, he snuggled closer and then opened his pathways up and let Brian in and they began to bond. They were bonding when there was a knock at the door. At first they tried to ignore the knock, but it was persistent, so Brian got up and went to see who it was.

Opening the door he saw Michael standing there.
“Mikey, what are you doing here?” Brian asked, in a surprised voice.

“I haven’t seen you since Justin’s accident.” Answered Michael.

“Mikey, I can’t see you yet.” Brian said, as he feels a pull in his head.

“Why?” Michael asked, trying not to sound hurt. What Michael didn’t know was that Brian could now tell is he was lying, hurt or upset.

“Brian, where are you?” Justin asked, in a whisper.

“I’m out here, give me a second.” Brian called back, as he tried to show Michael out. “Mickey you have to go.”

“But Brian, we haven’t spent any time together.” Whined Michael.

Realizing that Michael wouldn't leave quietly, Brian grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him out the door and then simply closed it. After making sure that the door was shut, Brian went back to the bedroom where Justin met him.

“Who was it?” Justin asked, in a sleepy voice.

“Michael, but I showed him out.” Brian answered, as he got back into bed.

Shocked at first Michael didn’t know what to do, (How dare he kick me out like that!) Michael thought to himself. Getting over his shock, Michael decided to go see his mother, maybe she could understand what was going on.


Debbie’s House
8:30 p.m.

Arriving at his mother’s house thirty minutes later, Michael walked in to find his mom Debbie, his Uncle Vic, Emmett, Ted, Mel, and Lindsey there and they were all talking.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked, as he walked in.

“Mel has been telling us about Sentinel/Guide pairs.” Deb said, as Michael sat down.

"How do you know about Sentinel/Guide pairs?" Michael asked, in a shocked voice.

"A friend of mine's brother is a Sentinel and he has a guide. So I called her and asked her to fax me over some info." Mel answered, as she passed a couple sheets of paper to Michael.

Taking the paper Michael looked down and began to read the information that was given to them. A second later he looked up with a stunned look on his face. "Is there anything that we can do?" Inquired Michael. (I have to get Brian away from him, before its too late.) Michael thought to himself. “

“Just be there for them. If we take away Justin from Brian, it will cause him to go into a zone and kill him. If anything should happen to Justin, Brian’s going to hurt the person.” Answered Mel.

“So what you're saying is that if anything should happen to Justin, it would kill Brian or he will hurt the person who had hurt Justin.” Michael asked, to make sure that he understood what Mel had told them.

“That’s what my friend told me, so we should all be careful about how we treat Justin from now on.” Advised Mel.

“So we’re all in agreement that we are going to help Brian protect Justin.” Said Lindsey.

“Yes.” Agreed everyone.

(I have to do something, or I’ll loss Brian forever.) Michael thought to himself.

“Michael are you alright?” Deb asked.

“I’m sorry what did you say mom?” Michael asked, after a minute.

“Where were you Michael, I’ve asked you the same question five times?” Asked Deb.

“I’m sorry Ma, I was thinking. What did you ask?”

“Why are you here so early?” Deb asked, again.

“I went to Brian’s to see if he wanted to go out…”

Before Michael could finish his sentence, “Michael didn’t you hear what Sentinel Ellison said about disturbing the bonding?” Lindsey asked, in a shocked voice.

“I didn’t believe him, ok.” Michael said, trying not to whine.

“Michael, if the High Senior Sentinel Prime of North America finds out what you did, he will ask for your hide or even for a blood hunt.” Explained Mel.

“He can’t do that, we have laws.” Michael said, trying not to sound scared.”

“Yes he can. They have their own laws.” Explained Mel.

(Shit, now I can’t get rid of the annoying brat.) Michael thought to himself. (What the hell am I going to do know? If I lost Brian, I don’t think I would live.)

“So we basically have to protect them both.” Said Lindsey.

“Yes, but we can’t tell them that we’re going to protect them.” Said Mel.

“So we’re all in agreement that we help Brian and Justin?” Said Lindsey.

“Yes, we’ll look out for them.” Agreed Debbie.

Looking at her watch Lindsey said, “Mel, it’s time to go.”

“You’re right.” Mel said, as she stood up.


GDP Headquarters
8:00 p.m.

At the same time Jim and Blair were in the bonding suite when Blair felt such a sad emotion hit him that he came out of the bonding. “Blair what’s wrong?” Jim asked, when he felt Blair move away from him.

“I don’t know. One of the guides is feeling sad?” Blair answered, trying to pinpoint whose emotion that he picked up.

A minute later, “Are you getting anything?” Inquired Jim.

“No, but let me try something else.” Blair said, as he closed his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Blair opened up and let the Dark Guide out. He scanned the Guides of Pittsburgh. It was thirty minutes later when Blair found the Guide whose emotions he'd felt.

“I’ve found him.” Said the Dark Guide.

(//Who is it? // Jim asked, trying to keep the Dark Sentinel in.

//It’s Justin. It seems that one of Brian’s friends came over and was harassing him to go out. // Answered B’ian.

//Do you know who it is? // Jim asked, as he felt the Dark Sentinel come out.

//No, but we’ll ask Justin who bothers Brian the most. // Answered B’ian.

//I think we should ask them now. // Said Jeme.

//We can’t, they’re bonding. // B’ian reminded Jeme.

//Ask him if we can come over? // Said Jeme.

//Ok, give me a moment. // B’ian said. He then closed his eyes and sent out the request to Justin.)

Brian Kinney’s Loft

At the same time, Brian and Justin were bonding when Justin felt a slight push against his mind. The push pulled Justin from his bond with Brian who at first didn’t understand what had happened.

“Why did you pull away?” Asked Brian.

“Someone’s trying to contact me.” Justin answered, as he opened his pathway.

(//Who’s trying to contact me?// Sent Justin.

//Justin, its me B’ian. I’m calling to find out if everything ok? // Sent B’ian.

//Why would think something was wrong?// Asked Justin. Shocked that Blair could pick up his emotions from so far away.

//Why are you shocked? I’m a dark guide and I can pick up emotions from very far away.// Explain B’ian. //Now tell me what’s wrong? //

//An hour ago one of Brian’s friends, which I believe was Michael came over and disturbed our bonding.// Answered Justin.

//Very well, we’ll take care of it.// Said B’ian.

//Please don’t hurt him, he’s Brian’s best friend.// Asked Justin.

//I have to talk to Jeme first, and then we’ll know.// B’ian said, before retreating from Justin’s mind.)

A minute after Blair ‘s essence withdrew from Justin; Justin came out of his trance. “What happened?” Brian asked, when he saw that Justin was no longer staring into space.

“Somehow Blair knew that we were disturbed while bonding, so he wanted to know who it was.” Answered Justin.

“Did you tell him who it was?” Brian asked, in a suspicious voice.

“How can I tell him who it was?” Asked Justin.

“So what did you tell him?” Inquired Brian.

“I told him I thought it was Michael, and asked him not to hurt him.” Justin answered, in a whisper.

“What did he say to that?” Brian asked, trying to hold his temper.

Looking away from Brian, “He said that he’ll talk to Jim and they’ll get back to us.” Justin explained, with tears in his eyes.

Realizing that his guide was upset. “Please don’t cry. I’m not mad at you.” Brian said, as he took Justin in his arms.

“But it’s going to be my fault if something should happen to Michael.” Justin whispered, as he cuddled next to Brian.

“No, it’s not your fault. It was Michaels fault, he was told not disturb us.” Said Brian, as he kissed Justin.

“You’re right.” Justin said, giving Brian a smile.

“But what are we going to do, if they decide to put him on trial or just decide to put out a blood hunt?” Inquired Justin.

“Nothing.” Answered Brian.

“Brian, he’s your best friend.” Justin said, in a shocked voice.

“I know, but you’re my life.” Brian answered, as he kissed Justin.

With a loving smile Justin return the kiss, and then moaned when he felt Brian’s hand on his cock. “Are you sure we’re allowed to do this?” Moaned out Justin.

“Who's going to stop us.” Brian answered, as he continued kissing and fondling Justin and his cock.

"You're always right." Justin answered as he kissed Brian back.


New Abilities 11

“I want you to know something. Whatever happens, I will always be there for you.” Brian said, as he kissed Justin.

“I know and I love you.” Justin said, as he returned Brian’s kiss. “What do you think we should do if Jim and Blair go after Michael?” Inquired Justin.

“The only thing we can do is stand by the head of the clans.” Answered Brian.

“God I love you.” Justin said, as he kissed Brian.

“I love you too.” Brian answered, as he kissed Justin back.

In the act of kissing and caressing Justin, Brian began to slowly run his hands down Justin’s torso, and over his groin, locating his cock. As he stroked him, Brian also pressed his face against his lover's neck inhaled his scent. Justin felt himself responding to his lover’s motions, stiffening as the blood rushed to his cock. In a few minutes a wet spot would appear over the head and soon after that he'd have to come out his pants because his erection wouldn't have it any other way.

Sliding his hand inside Justin’s shirt, Brian tweaked his nipple and heard the man gasp. He continued to pinch and tease the nipples until it drew into a hard nub. Leaving that one, he turned his attention to the other nipple until it too stood out from Justin’s chest. He then pressed his hand against the inside of Justin’s underwear and began to play with his cock.

His own was stirring, growing heavier and more sensitive. Like a rutting animal, he rubbed his crotch against Justin’s and sighed, the sensation going through him like an electric current. As his cock was being stroked Justin couldn’t help but moan with the sheer delight of it. He started rubbing against Brian in return, wanting to feel closer to him than before.

Brian, with the help of Justin began to take their clothes off, between hasty kisses. Justin then went down to his knees and took Brian’ cock into his mouth making him moan in ecstasy. Justin sucked Brian’ cock until he came, then he stood up and began to kiss him again letting Brian taste himself.

“Make love to me.” Justin whispered, trying to catch his breath.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Brian said, walking with Justin to their bed.

“I bet you’ve seen more beautiful people than me.” Justin said, getting into bed.

“No, you’re the most beautiful.” Brian said, kissing Justin. He kissed his mouth, his neck, and then took Justin’s nipple into his mouth. Hearing Justin moan

Brian sucked harder on his nipple until Justin began to whimper, “P…. please…. make love to me.” Moaned Justin.

“How much do you want it?” Brian asked, grabbed Justin’s cock and slowly began to massage it. “I… I… w… want it so much.” Justin moaned, feeling so good it was almost unbearable.

Brian knelt astride Justin, spread open his legs and kissed his inner thigh, making him moan and sigh from the pleasure. Taking a pillow from under Justin’s head he placed it under the young man’s hips making sure he could see his bud. The beautiful orifice called out to him, taking the lube from under the pillow he worked it into the hole and then his cock. He then aligned his cock with the hole and pushed in, causing Justin to moan out loud.

Brian began to thrust in and out of the warm heat of Justin’s body, rotating his hips to get better access. The rotation was causing havoc on Justin, who was trying to stay sane while his mind felt in danger of melting. They began to move together as one, until Brian stopped and just lay there looking at Justin, watching him moan and writhe, wanting Brian to move. Looking down he pulled out and then shoved his cock back in hard. Neither could keep that pace for long and within minutes they both began to shudder their release.

“God, that was wonderful.” Justin said, after a minute of trying to catch his breath.

“Thank you. So what do you want to do now?” Brian asked, smiling.

“My, you’re self assured. Let’s take a nap and then decide on how we’re going to tell everyone about your new job.” Justin said, yawning before falling asleep.


GDP Clan

As Brian and Justin where making love, Justin accidentally lowered his barriers and started to broadcast his feelings and emotions to all the guides in the clan. At first the guides didn’t understand what was happening to them, until they heard and felt the moans, groans, and the actions of Justin. The intense feeling caused the guides to lower their shields; which opened them up to the world.

Some guides were at home with their sentinels, which kept them from being overwhelmed. While other guides where out causing them to feel other people’s emotion while still experiencing everything Justin was feeling. Both emotions overwhelmed the guides; which caused all of them to faint from the experience. The mass fainting caused all the Sentinels to go into Blessed Protector mode, especially when anyone tried to get near the guides so they could help.

“What the hell is going on?” Jim yelled, as Blair passed out.

“We don’t know High Senior Prime, but it’s happing to all the guides.” Answered one of the GDP guards.

“I want you to find out who’s doing this and bring them to me!” Jim yelled, as he cradled Blair.

“No don’t. I know who did it.” Whispered Blair.

“If you know who it is, let the guards bring them in and we’ll have a clan trial.” Jim said, in a soothing voice.

“T…tell t…them to leave.” Blair whispered, trying to push down the pain of all the emotions in the room.

“Everyone leave.” Jim said, as his dark persona began to come out.

As soon as everyone left, “This was Justin’s doing. He didn’t mean to.” Blair whispered, while trying to push away the pain.

“What do you mean its Justin’s doing?” Jim asked, in a surprised voice.

“H…he w…was h…having sex w…with Brian, and accidentally l…lowered his barriers.” Answered Blair.

“What do you mean it was an accident?” Jim asked in surprised voice. Taking a deep breath.

“They were making love and Justin accidentally let his barrier slip.” Answered Blair, in a tired voice.

“What do you mean they were making love?” Jim asked, in a shocked voice.

“Jim calm down. They were lovers before they became Sentinel/Guide pair, so I don’t see why they can’t continue.” Said Blair.

“What going to happen to them when the GDP find out? You know that they aren’t going to let this continue.” Answered Jim.

“They wont be able to do anything, since you’re the High Senior Sentinel Prime of the US and they’re in your clan.” Blair answered, as he felt his dark side coming out.

“Do you really think its proper to have a Sentinel/Guide in a relationship?” Jim inquired, in a shocked voice.

A second later Blair’s dark side came out, //Jeme, times are changing and we must change with them. // Said B’ian.

//But will the others change? // Inquired Jeme. //Everyone changes, especially when it’s their leaders. // B’ian said, with a smile.

//What do you mean their leader? How do you know they’re going to be the senior entinel/guide primes? // Jeme inquired, in a suspicious voice.

//Trust me, they have what it takes to be senior primes. // B’ian answered, with a smile.

//How do you know that they’re going to win? // Inquired Jeme.

B’ian gives Jeme a smile, //Don’t worry everything will be taken care of. // Answered B’ian.

//Whatever you’re thinking about doing don’t. // Jeme said, in a warning voice

//I’m not going to do anything. // B’ian answered.

Taking a deep breath Blair settled his dark side, “Jim you have to understand that they were lovers way before they became Sentinel and Guides.” Said Blair.

“I understand, but Justin has to learn how to control his barriers if he wants to make love to Brian.” Informed Jim.

“Don’t worry I’ll teach him to control his abilities.” Blair informed Jim with a smile.

“Do you think he’ll be able to learn that kind of control?” Inquired Jim.

“Yes, he’s powerful and smart so I’m sure he’ll learn very fast.” Blair answered, with a smile.

“I guess if you’re going to teach Justin control, I should teach Brian control so he can help Justin.” Jim said, in a distracted voice.

“So we’ll talk to both of them tomorrow.” Blair said, wanting to change the subject.

“No, I think we should talk to them today and explain what happened before someone else figures it out.” Jim said, as he helped Blair up.

“Ok, but first let me make sure that the other guides are all right.” Said Blair. He then closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then opened up his pathways.

//Guides of the Lion clan how are you doing? // Broadcasted Blair.

//We are fine, but do you know what happened? // The guides sent back. //One of the new guides doesn’t have very good control of his abilities yet, but don’t worry my Sentinel and I are going to him and talk .// Blair sent back.

//What was he doing that caused him to lose control? It felt like he was having sex. // Said one of the guides.

//I don’t know, but don’t worry we’ll take care of everything.// Blair answered, before disconnecting from the other guides.

A minute after disconnecting from the other guides Blair took a second or two to catch his breath and restore his barriers. Jim was standing guard over him in BP mode scared something was going to happen to his guides.

Two minutes later Blair opened his eyes, “I want to bond first and then well go see Brian and Justin.” Blair said, as he looked straight into Jim’s eyes and then walked away toward the bonding suites.


New Abilities continued